How to Craft a Tablecloth

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					How to Craft a Tablecloth

Tablecloths add cover to your table, which   can protect it from scratches,
dents, etc. To craft a tablecloth you will   need materials, finishing
sizes, gauge structure, and directions. In   view of the facts, we can
present to you a few steps so that you can   protect your table from

You will need a gauge start at 5 inches diameter or 2 ¾ inches in
diameter for the smaller motif clothes. You will need your finishing,
which should be around 35 inches times 35. Purchase crocheting thread
around 10, and 250 yards of spherical cream. Purchase the number seven
crochet hook made of steel.

Once you purchase your materials,   you can choose to make the small or
large motif. Use your 5 inches in   diameter to create 49 larger motifs. To
start add eight chain stitches to   meet with a slipstitch. Once you form
your sphere move to round one and   continue through to round eight, until
you come to the smaller motif.

To begin stitch five chains to meet with your double crochet and the two
chains you created. In your ring, double crochet and chain stitch two
rows working up to eleven stitches/doubles and slipstitch into the third
chain at the start of your first chain and leave three spaces as you work
to round two. Now, add a slipstitch to start another space, chain one
stitch, and three single crochets. Once you finish crocheting around the
space, add a slipstitch to the first single and the 36 single crochets.

Moving on chain one stitch and work into the back loops and add single
crochets in the other stitches. Finish with a slipstitch working it into
the starting single crochet. Continue to round four. Chain four stitches
into the first double and chain another stitch working it so that it
blends with the back loops. The following stitch, add a double and one
chain. Repeat your steps working around the slipstitches and to the third
chain stitch created at the beginning of your chain. Move ahead to round
five. Slipstitch so that it blends into the following space you will
create and add a chain stitch working another two single crochets into
the surrounding space. Slipstitch so that you meet your first single
crochets and moves to the next round.

Now, chain four stitches so that it meets with your first triple crochet.
Work the stitches into the back loops and triple crochet stitches so that
it combines with the following stitches. You will need to create four and
then chain five stitches, skip one, and triple the following five
stitches. Repeat and work around your slipstitch at the crown of your
starting chain. At this time, you should have grouped twelve of the five
triples as you work to the crown.

Continue add a chain stitch it toward your back loops. Single crochet up
to the five triple crochets you will create. In the five chain spaces
thereafter you will need to have created four singles, chains, and four
singles again before repeating your steps, working about the slipstitch
the created at the beginning single. Continue to create your first motif,
which is the larger part and then slipstitch so that you meet with the
following two stitches. Chain stitch into the single crochet that starts
the following two stitches and then chain five stitches working in your
double, four chains, and another double crochet within the four chains at
the loop. Chain two stitches and slipstitch to meet your loop that starts
your motif, Chain two stitches within the identical four chain loops on
the succeeding motif. Chain five stitches and skip up to five stitches on
the beginning motif. Repeat your steps as you did when creating the
initial motif. Continue up the ladder by creating your tablecloth. Now
you are ready to make your smaller motif and complete your tablecloth.

To begin create 36 motifs and join them into the facing of the larger
motif at the between lines. Chain eight stitches, add a slipstitch, and
begin moving your starting ring to repeat rounds when creating your
larger motif, i.e. rounds one through three. Next, chain stitch and work
into the back loops. Create four single crochets, while single crocheting
into the four, and add six chain stitches to join a single and the larger
motif. Add another six chains and skip one, make a single and work it
into the following single. Chain 4 and another single working until it
blends into four chain loops not joined with the larger motif.

Chain four stitches and skip one single. Repeat your steps, working about
the slipstitch that you created in your initial single. Now, complete
your tablecloth by fastening it.