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How To - Using Link Exchanges For SEO


Learn how to get more valuable links for free. Know more about the proper way of exchanging links.

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									      HOW TO USE
           FOR SEO
 “Get business partners and non-competing
          business to link to you.”

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Every website owner knew about the old strategy of
having link backs from other website to increase daily
traffic and to help a website be search engine friendly.

Link exchange is very important because it makes a
website build its online credibility to make them
recognized by search engines.

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The only problem is that people do
it the wrong way!

Instead of being recognized, the
website are considered doing spam

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You can spend for paid link exchanges or softwares for
automatic submissions, however you can’t fool search
engines. It knows if you are increasing the number of
links in a legal way.

You will never be reputable in this way!

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The proper way to do Link Exchange is by
communicating directly with website owners!

Tell them about who you are and how you can both help
one another. It could take a few weeks or months or
even years, still it is the most recommended approach.

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Here are some things you know to successfully
exchange links:

1.) You need to have an identity.

Popular website owners won’t exchange with you
unless you give them enough reasons to exchange
links. You need to create an identity of who you are
and how you can contribute.

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2.) Focus on contributing to their needs.

 As you exchange links, don’t make them feel that you
need them to help your business grow. The main
reason why you are communicating is because you
have something to make improve their business.

3.) Best links are not paid.

Don’t buy links because you can be banned in search
engines. It is better to have increasing number of links
on a continuous basis than have links all at once.
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4.) Exchange with valuable websites.

What newbies do is communicate with fellow newbies
for link exchanges. How will it affect if both of you are
starting up?

Make sure that you exchange with website owners
that are constantly increasing their rank in search
engine. You can exchange to any website owner as
long as you give them enough reasons.

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5.) Prepare your website (make it better).

Although you can personally impress people with
words and other offers, however you also need make
your website look better (along with valuable
information posted). Do something to make your
website appealing for others!

Always remember that what’s important is not the
first visit but the regular visit to your site.

(Give your readers a reason to come back)
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6.) Promote them first.

The best way to approach other website owners is
after you promoted their site or added their link on
your main page or one of your posts. They will
appreciate if you will give them unsolicited product or
company reviews on your site and through your email

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7.) You need to know the page that will be promoted
for you.

Sometimes, the homepage is not the best page to
promote. Promo page or opt-in page is the perfect
way to effectively get instant results from the viewers
they referred.

However, there are instances that website owners
don’t exchange links if you are after the subscribers!
Plan carefully.

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