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					What you need to know about weight gain

Today, more and more people are into weight gain. It can be for aesthetic
reasons or for health purposes. To know if weight gain is bad or good for
you, it is always best to conduct a research about its indicators as well
as of its advantages and disadvantages so you will have an idea if you’re
into the right thing.

What experts say

As defined, weight gain refers to the increase in a person’s body weight
brought by intake of too many calories, lack of physical activity such as
regular exercise, or a side effect of certain types of medication.
However, it can also be a result of a certain set of workout routine—such
as those in bodybuilding—wherein muscles tend to increase in terms of

Experts say that weight gain is usually done by people because of two
reasons. One, they want to build muscles for a fit body. This is very
common to people who need big and bulging muscles for their jobs such gym
instructors, fitness gurus, bodybuilding coaches, bouncers, bodyguards,
weightlifters, and the like. Today, weight gain through body building has
also become popular with the emergence of various bodybuilding contests
where contestants are required to show off their muscles. The second
reason why people gain weight is because of their health.

Weight gain is highly recommended to those people who have lost so much
body fat due to dieting and especially to those who have developed
various eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. People—especially
women who are believed to suffer more from this condition—are advised to
gain weight to recover from all the body fats and nutrients they have

To know if you are gaining some weight, check for its symptoms such as a
rounder belly, certain increase in the fat percentage of the body,
increased mass of muscles and increase in the level of body’s hydration.

Experts say that it can be hard to determine if a person’s weight gain is
good or not. This is because people have different individual needs that
need to be paid attention to. Although knowing the ideal weight for a
person’s height can be a god indicator, it is always best to consult with
a physician to avoid further complications.

If you are preparing for a routine for weight gain, here are some helpful
1. Focus on set of workouts routines that   can help you increase your body
fat and muscles. Experts say that this is   one of the most effective ways
of gaining weight without having to worry   about obesity. Since you burn
only the unnecessary fats, you are paving   the way for your muscles to
gain weight.

2. Eat a balanced diet. This is very important if you are aiming for
weight gain because it serves as your guide on what kind of food you
should eat and the proper amount to get the weight that you desire.

Having a balanced diet will not only ensure weight gain but also the
development of good eating habits in you.

3. Spend enough time for your target weight gain. Just like in losing
weight, weight gain also requires utmost time and dedication. If you are
into weight gain, make sure that you are serious about it so you will
achieve the results that you want.

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