How-To-Put-Weight-Gain-On-Women by davidkurniawan


									How To Put Weight Gain On Women

Have you ever been told that you are too skinny or just underweight?
Surely, you have heard some people joke about it behind your back or you
may have said that about someone. But it’s not their fault that they are
underweight. Sometimes, it’s in the genes or they are simply not eating
right. If poor eating habits are the culprit, the good news is that you
can help yourself or that person.

The first thing you to do is step back and think about what you are
eating regularly. Are they healthy? Does it have any nutritional value at
all? If there is none, then remove it and replace these with what experts
deem as nutritional.

There are three things to keep in mind when we want to eat healthy. This
is the number of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that the body is
ingesting. None of these come from junk food so if you want to know what
the right ones are, read on further.

Carbohydrates can be compared to gasoline as this is what gives us
energy. Without it, the body will have to find a new source of energy by
tapping into fats and proteins that will not help you gain weight but
rather lose it. You get carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole

Fat is also needed and the healthiest around is omega 3 fatty acids
because this is not produced by the body. You can get this from eating
fish and other marine life. It has also be found in nuts and certain

Protein is what the body uses to produce hormones, body chemicals and
helps repair damaged tissue. You can find this lean meat, poultry and

Now that you know what the three important essentials are, it is time to
make a plan. A dietitian can help in the beginning but one thing you have
to learn is how to monitor the number of calories you take in from these

Each one has a corresponding calorie count which you can look up in books
or online. By calculating how much you need daily and then distributing
this during the different meals of the day, you are able to practice good

Also, instead of eating three full meals a day, it is better to divide it
into 5 or 6 smaller meals so you never feel overstuffed. Each one should
consist of a main dish with 2 or 3 side orders consisting of different

Enough about food. Now its time to talk about proper exercise. The type
of exercise program for you depends on your physical condition which is
why you have to see a doctor first who will be able to say which is safe
for you to try.
If you are in good shape, then you can try aerobics, cycling, jogging,
running or walking. You simply have to get a good pair of shoes and do
this at home or sign up in the gym. While you are there, you can also
check what other anaerobic exercises similar to those mentioned can help
you gain weight.

Eventually, you or the friend you have helped will attain their ideal
weight. But you shouldn’t stop there. You must be able to maintain it by
continuing your routine as you may lose weight again or gain too much
making you overweight.

Is it easy? No, it will take some hard work and dedication since its up
to you whether you still want to be underweight.

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