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									                    A Big Hit: Thanks to You

By: Twila B.

Whenever you hear the word Apple, what
comes to your mind? Of course, there’s the
usual fruit that is either green or red.
Sometimes you may imagine it in yellow, but
that’s not exactly an apple anymore. That
would be a pear. But that isn’t actually the
point. Back to the question: What comes to
your mind first? Would it be New York City,
for its other well-known name, “the Big
Apple”? For some of you, and maybe, for
most of the gadget lovers out there, one thing
comes to your mind: The multi-billion dollar
company. Of course, it would follow that you
would remember Steve Jobs, who was the co-
founder of this company.

He and Steve Wozniak built this company and made technological history. They changed the world,
together with other people who have contributed to taking this company to the top of the business
food chain. But sadly, the business tycoon, who captured the hearts of millions of fans around the
world, passed away in October last year. On October 19th of 2011, the company created a special
event in dedication to him and in commemoration of his life’s work and all the information that he
shared with the world. This event was filmed live at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California.

But the company knew that he would want them to carry on, and to strive as hard as they used to in
building and creating better technology for all the people who have remained loyal to their creations.
Today, Apple Incorporated maintains its reputation as a renowned technology trend-setter. Just in the
last quarter of 2011, the latest model for iPhones, the iPhone 4S, was sold to over thirty seven million
smartphone users, making Apple the top smartphone selling company in the world.
Alongside all of its other innovations like the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, the iPads, iMac and all
other Apple technologies, their company continues to flourish and be the best of the best. And with
every victory, they never forget their undying fans and supporters around the world. And they have
come up with another exciting race-to-the-end promo, all for the love of the Apple aficionados.

Thanks to you, loyal followers, the number of all applications exclusively for Apple devices are almost
at twenty five billion. And as a token of their appreciation, they will be giving away a ten thousand
dollar app Store Gift Card tothe lucky person who downloads the 25 billionth app! Amazing, isn’t it?

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to your day. Grab your iPhones, iPads and any other iGadget you have and start downloading the
newest, coolest applications you can find. It’s a race for the grand prize! And on behalf of the Apple
Company, a million, nope, scratch that, a billion thanks to you all!

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