move on emotionally by davidtigapuluhapril


									Divorce, move on emotionally '

Divorce is one of the major chances of life that you may be affected by.
You may suddenly feel like your whole world is collapsing. You need to
deal with certain issues like the money, the children, your personal
changes, and how you can adapt to divorce. First, you have to realize
that there is life after marriage. You can bring a new life and not be
tied down a marriage that just can't work. You need to start the divorce
process by admitting that it is truly happening to you. You need to get
out of your denial stage and accept that things will be different. Don't
expect your mate to come running back, because they have made their
decision. Why should you let them come back if they are able to cause you
so much pain? If someone can cause you that much pain then they aren't
worth it.

To get moving onto something better, you need to learn when grieving is
acceptable and when it is not. Take your time grieving. There are many
steps that you will have to go through to get to the point of acceptance.
You will be shocked, then confused, then angry, and then so on. You
should take months to lie in bed and contemplate where your life is
going. You can spend a weekend in bed, and then on Monday get up and go
to work and hold your head up high. You need to take just a little bit
of time to examine your life and then you have to focus on your life and
your children.

You can't just stop being a mother; you have to focus on the children.
You got to get things together or you will never be happy. You need to
make sure that you are productive during your days. Once the divorce is
final, you do what you need to do to be happy and focus on the things
that matter in your life. Don't just give up.

Once you have accepted your fate, you do not need to be so negative about
it. You can be single at any age and still find true love or happiness.
You need to take the negative things and then turn them into something
positive. Leave the past in the past and focus on the present and future.
Enjoy what you have and look forward towards the future. You should not
hold grudges, because it will effect the children. You want to make sure
that your children will be able to make a smooth adjustment. You will
also want to forget about regret. You shouldn't regret your marriage
because there were so many good memories that you had. If you had
children as a result of the marriage, then you obviously wouldn't want to
regret them.

To start the moving on process you need to be a bigger person. Even if
you want to yell and curse and be difficult, remember that you have
children and ask yourself what they would think of you if they saw you
acting like that. You need to be a role model for your children. You
can't show them that you are upset, because they look at you as their
guardian and protector.

Once you have regained yourself you can then begin to plan your new life.
You can purchase a new home, buy a new car, and rebuild a life that is
completely what you want. You have complete control over everything. You
have so much freedom and you should advantage of the freedom. Change your
appearance, redecorate the house, do whatever it takes to find yourself.

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