Solutions To Deforestation - Are There Really Any

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					Solutions To Deforestation: Are There Really Any?

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies and threats of all time is
deforestation. Since our rainforests provide us with various living
means, any form of peril to it should never be disregarded. Thus,
focusing on the issues and planning more for solutions to deforestation
is definitely a must.

Like all other problems, solutions come in a wide array of choices.
However, you get to pick one first at a time and see if it's capable to
yield good answers or not. In deforestation, it is admittedly quite
difficult to find solutions to the dilemma mainly because of the huge
scope that it encompasses. Remember, this act and its effects are
directed not only at a specific area. All other parts of the world have
gone through such act and all else have experienced how nature got back
at them.

The Traditional Solution

The conventional solution aims to target and fix poverty which they
consider to be the cause of deforestation. The government, together with
various organizations, sees development as the main key to cure.
Ironically speaking though, industrialization and further city
developments are also one of the causes of deforestation. This happened
to be the reason why the government has been buffeted by issues with
regards to the solutions that they tried to provide. Nevertheless, here
are the proposed (and mostly unrealistic) solutions the government has to

Tropical Forest Action Plan (TFAP) is one of the anticipated problem
solutions by the government. It operates through strategically
implementing to the people the value of our forests. This plan has
failed many times for obvious reasons. In fact, the government (as they
say) should have created a much clever plan to truly eradicate the
problem. Bringing up nonrealistic items over the table is just considered
to be a waste of time.

Sustained Yield Forestry is one of the projected ways to minimize the
output of timber in its yearly harvest. Issues have hovered around
corrupt officials who permit excess timber counts in exchange for money.
This solution therefore needs honest and responsible professional men to
lead along the way to change. The question is, when and where will you
see dignified men these days especially with the color of money around?

Reserve Strategies are also one of the seemingly impossible ways of
treating the problem. Hording of resources and keeping them for future
use is quite an impractical thing to do. It needs more practice, and thus
should be disregarded in cases where abrupt changes could be made.
Remember, the deforestation process is widely accelerating in number now,
and plans which are time bounded should be followed.

Lastly, International Biodiversity Program is also one of the seen
probabilities by the government to finish the problem of deforestation.
However, it works almost the same as TFAP which is also proven to be non-
beneficial. Traditional based planned strategies are all government
solutions to deforestation. It is up to your own criticism now as to
which will be judged the best.

The Realistic Solutions To Deforestation

The question on how to confront the problem is a bit daunting. It rather
involves challenges not only among the normal people; but it also
involves those who make the biggest decisions in our world. The
evaluation of the solutions is directed towards the response of the
people and of the other surrounding parties.

The realistic solutions to deforestation includes: timber labeling,
addressing the problems of landlessness, recognizing the rights of
indigenous people, and inequality and debt. Although these may be the
most realistic ways to halt deforestation acts, it needs the cooperation
of everyone else.

After all, a big plan cannot work if there is no full force addressed to