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									> SEPTEmBER 2012
                              32 European Congress

Club business
                              43 IHRSA Summit Recap
                              48 Staff Training DVDs

InternatIonal                 55 7 Purchasing Tips
                              69 F.I.T. Extra: Bikes   ®

      Technogym’s nerio
      AlessAndri hAs plAced
      A big beT on The
      indusTry’s fuTure
     WHY IT WAS DESIGNED                      HOW IT WAS ACHIEVED                       WHAT IS MYRIDE+?
We wanted to give users, instructors    Through spectacular forward-motion       Myride®+ is a beautifully designed
and business owners a flexible and      video, pioneering hardware and virtual   console to control video exclusively for
more engaging way to experience and     programming, we achieved an effective    indoor cycling. It makes classes more
present indoor cycling.                 balance of valuable features.            physically and socially engaging.

                                                           Join the Myride+
                                                           revolution. Scan to watch
                                                           our latest movie or visit

             Contact ICG® at:     North American Sales: Matrix Fitness 866.693.4863
The Perfect Fit for Any
Facility of Any Size

Combine indoor cycles with Krankcycle for a full body         Personal trainers can use the Krankcycle to work
workout that is well balanced, increases strength, improves   one-on-one with their clients for a more focused
cardiovascular fitness and incinerates calories.              Kranking experience.

Done in a small group setting on the main cardio floor,       Infuse new life into a traditional circuit or boot camp class
Krank Express is highly visible and very accessible. No       by adding one or two Krankcycles.
need for music or a microphone.

        Contact Matrix Fitness at:     North American Sales: Matrix Fitness 866.693.4863
The ultimate member
engagement tool.
  Step 1                                      Step 2                                     Step 3
 Member fits                  Live data is displayed when in the                     Workout data is
belt and starts             gym. Exercise away from the gym is                   wirelessly uploaded at
  workout.                                recorded.                                     the club.

What is MYZONE®?                                       How to make money with
A never seen before way to accurately track,           MYZONE®.
measure and monetize your members’ workouts -
                                                       Clubs can monetize MYZONE by incentivizing
whether they train inside or outside your club.
                                                       new members with a MEPs target during the “on
                                                       boarding” process and therefore extending the
Why does MYZONE® work?                                 average members length of stay. Additionaly clubs
MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device          can use MYZONE as a tool to sell premium yield
that wirelessly uploads exercise data. Not only can    memberships and further, prove the calorific value
it measure calories and heart rate, it also measures   of enhanced training services such as PT. Member
effort using MYZO
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