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  AQuic k Sa le . c om Ltd. Marlb o ro ug h Ho use, Westminster Place,
                  York Bu si ness Park, Yo rk, YO 2 6 6 R W
A Q U I C K S A L E The Leading Property Franchise

             Established since 2003, becoming a property expert is easy with an A Quick Sale property
             franchise. Our network of franchisees operate across the UK, helping people who want to sell their
             property quickly.

             We've bought or "traded" over 5,000 properties since we started. The four Owners are all, first and
             foremost, Property Investors themselves, with a combined portfolio of c.300 properties. We believe
             every stage of the property cycle creates opportunities, but that to capitalise on these, we need to

             “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the
             most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”.
                                                                                                   Charles Darwin

             In addition to A Quick Sale, the Owners also founded National Property Group (see
    in 2010. This is the only truly national Property Management
             company that centrally manages properties across the UK. This provides an extra string to our (and
             our franchisees’) bow as we can offer rental and management solutions as well as sales solutions to
             our clients.

             As an A Quick Sale franchisee, you will have an unrivalled range of tools at your disposal to enable
             you to nd solutions for your customers. You can buy the property yourself, pass on to another
             Investor, or arrange “Rent to Buy” agreements to set up a sale in the future. In the current climate
             selling via the specialist A Quick Sale Estate Agency is often the best solution for the customer.

                                                                           Just as important as the tools is the AQS
                                                                           environment. We’re a committed, enthusiastic and
                                                                           tenacious group of people and we promise you
                                                                           that you’ll learn more from us and your fellow
                                                                           franchisees than you will from seminars and
                                                                           courses - and earn money at the same time.

                                                                           Whatever their situation, we aim to be a “one stop”
                                                                           solution for anyone with a “property problem”.

   AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e , We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W
          You have the freedom to be your own boss, start a home based business, and as you grow your
          property franchise, have the bene ts of an experienced support team with many years of experience
          to help you develop your franchise. The Directors are all experienced property people – with a
          combined 40 years experience, over 500 personal property transactions, and a current portfolio of
          c. 300 properties. All our support and advice is based on hard earned personal experience, which
          we share with our franchisees.

          In an age when over 90% of people now search for property to buy online, there is no longer a need
          for a local presence through a High Street of ce. In fact, it’s an expensive bit of advertising, although
          few traditional Estate Agents are moving with the times. Without this overhead, we (and you) can
          invest in giving people a high level of personal service, with a “personal agent” building strong
          relationships and delivering results to a small number of clients at any one time. This is the way the
          USA property market has been for many years, and which the UK is only slowly adapting to.

          Unlike many companies, the viability of our business does not depend on selling franchises for large
          amounts of money. We make the vast majority of our income when you do – when a transaction
          completes. We believe this is the right way to run a franchise, as our mutual aims are aligned, and
          it’s in our interest to help you to be successful. We
          support you, to help you succeed. Induction training,
          weekly online training, individual mentoring, an online
          discussion forum and national conferences are all part of
          what you can expect as an A Quick Sale franchisee.

          We also provide all the additional support you
          need, including centrally generated leads, a
          bespoke lead management system, Estate
          Agency software, stationery and business
          cards, and marketing materials and templates.

AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e , We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W
to get your Property franchise started!
             A Quick Sale provides you with an excellent support structure to help you develop your property
             franchise. Everything you see below is included within the initial Franchise fee and/or the monthly
             Marketing & Support fee – with no “hidden extras”. This includes:

             Exclusive territory
             • Exclusive regional territory, typically 100,000 households, built around your preference,
             with speci ed postcodes
             • A strong brand image with stationery, signage, marketing materials and advertising templates
             • A three year agreement, renewable for a further three years

             Initial and on-going training
             • Extensive training on our bespoke lead management system and property upload software
             • How to find the best solution for each lead, from the range of options available to you
             • An experienced franchisee as a personal mentor for the first six months
             •Weekly online training modules covering the buying and selling process, negotiating, marketing
             and legal matters
             •Franchise manual

             Software and IT
             •Two customer facing websites to generate enquiries – and
             • Lead management software to help you to run your business efficiently
             • Exclusive franchisee discussion forum
             • A Quick Sale email address with automatic forwarding

             Start up pack
             • Stationery
             • Business Cards
             • “For Sale" & “Sold” boards

             Of ce support
             • Automatic and immediate lead allocation with email and sms notifications
             • Automatic and immediate notification of viewing requests
             • 24/7 vendor and buyer freephone number
             • Central office to handle all telephone enquiries, paperwork, and processing of monies collected

   AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e , We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W
to get your Property franchise started!

             Marketing Support
             • Properties upload to the A Quick Sale website and property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla,
             FindaProperty, Primelocation, Globrix, etc
             • Centrally generated leads
             • Pre-designed direct mail campaigns
             • Advertising templates
             • Public Relations templates

             Legal Support
             • In-house support from Legal Director (ex-Lawyer)
             • Property Sales Ombudsman membership
             • Personal Indemnity insurance (statutory requirement)
             • Public Liability insurance

W H AT D O E S I T C O S T ?
             The initial franchise fee is £8,995.00 + v.a.t. based on a territory of 100,000 households (charged
             pro-rata). There is also an additional one-off cost of £995.00 for a contribution to training and
             mentoring over the initial 12 months. As this is a home based business, overheads will be minimal.

             We do however suggest you allow for a monthly local marketing spend of between £200 and £500.

             You then have a choice of paying the
             standard monthly rate for Marketing
             & Support, or the discounted rate.
             Depending on which one you choose,
             your fees are charged at the relevant rate.

             See next page.

   AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e , We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W
                                           Discounted Fee                                                              Standard Fee

                      Marketing             Support             Insurance           Total               Marketing             Support           Insurance    Total

Year 1                  £50.00              £50.00              £19.00              £119.00             £247.50               £247.50           £19.00       £514.00

Year 2                 £100.00              £100.00             £19.00              £219.00             £247.50               £247.50           £19.00       £514.00

Year 3                 £150.00              £150.00             £19.00              £319.00             £247.50               £247.50           £19.00       £514.00

Estate Agency                                                                         40%                                                                      60%
Sale Commission

Rent To Buy
Commission                                                                          £499.00                                                                  £499.00
(in addition to Estate
Agency Sale Commission)

Finders Fee On Purchases                                                              2.5%                                                                   1.95%

Own                                        Listing Fee         Sale Fee             Total                                   Listing Fee           Sale Fee   Total
Sale Fee                                     £100.00           £400.00              £500.00                                 £100.00               £400.00    £500.00

All amounts subject to V.A.T. at applicable rate.
Marketing and Support fees are based on a territory of 100,000 households, and adjusted pro rata for the actual number of households in the territory.
Franchisees have the option to change from the Discounted fee to the Standard fee (or vice versa) at any time during the 3 year contract period.

                 AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e ,
                 West minst e r P l a c e , York Bu si n e ss P a rk , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W

        In addition to earning income from selling properties, and creating equity in any properties you buy
        for yourself, there are a range of referral income opportunities you can benefit from by enrolling clients
        in the Customer Club. Insurance, Removals, Mortgage brokering, Utilities, EPC’s, to name a few.

A R E Y O U S U I TA B L E ?
        Our experience has shown us that the pro le of successful franchisees is as follows:

        • A genuine interest in property, ideally with some experience in Estate Agency and/or ownership of Buy
        to Let investment(s).

        • An entrepreneurial attitude. This business is very different from many franchises where success is often
        down to slavishly following the franchise system. The A Quick Sale franchise is more of a framework than
        a prescriptive template. Because every “property problem” you come across is unique, you need to be
        able to think creatively and find solutions to these problems.

        • You need to be driven and determined to succeed. You can, if you wish, run this franchise, at least
        initially, alongside other business commitments, as long as you are prepared to take it seriously and have
        the flexibility to respond to the opportunities presented. However if you treat this as a sideline you will
        almost certainly fail.

        • A willingness to share ideas and information. Related to the above point, very often a solution might be
        created by a franchisee sharing a problem on our internal discussion forum and benefitting from other’s
        input. Unsurprisingly, those who are willing to help invariably receive help from others when they need it.

                               • Not buying a “job”. Many typical franchisees in other organisations have used
                               redundancy money or savings to buy a franchise, to provide an ongoing income. A
                               Quick Sale is not a franchise where you can expect to work steadily to slowly
                               increase your income up to a reasonable level. Your earnings might be erratic at
                               times. One good deal could earn you several thousand pounds, but you should be
                               aware that this is not like most other franchises where you effectively sell your time,
                               and can to a large extent control your earnings (up to a limit). With A Quick Sale,
                               it’s your attitude, expertise and skills that are leveraged. This does mean though
                               that there is no ceiling on what you can earn, and our top franchisees earn far more
                               than typical franchisees in typical companies! In addition, if you choose to buy
                               some properties for yourself you can build a portfolio with significant built in equity
                               from day 1.

                               • Competent IT skills. We’re a modern business that uses
                               online systems both internally and externally.

                                                                                 AQ u i c k Sa l e . c o m L t d . M a r lbo ro ug h H o us e,
                                                             We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k, YO2 6 6 R W
            • A genuine willingness to help people, and the ability to create relationships based on trust. For many
            people, selling their house is the biggest decision of their life. They need good advice from someone
            they can trust. You therefore need to be at ease with people from all walks of life. You also need to be
            able to empathise with people in stressful situations. Whilst you will at times need to be persuasive to
            help people to make a decision, “hard sell” is counterproductive.

            • Able to deliver on promises. Franchisees who deliver (or over-deliver) are successful. Those who
            don’t, won’t succeed.

            • An ethical approach. Our industry does not have the highest reputation as the potential rewards
            attract too many people who seek to prey on the vulnerable. A Quick Sale has an impeccable
            reputation built up over the years which we work hard to protect. All franchisees are required to
            undergo a CRB check prior to joining and are also credit checked. Clearly this is in the interests of
            existing franchisees as well as the company.

           We’ve found that only around 20% of the people interested in and capable of running an ordinary
           franchise are suitable to become A Quick Sale franchisees. If we think you’re unsuitable, we won’t
           invite you to join, as it’s in neither of our interests to have round pegs in square holes.


           Note: don’t confuse our guarantee with those offered by some other property companies
           which are practically impossible to claim on, due to the restrictions and conditions within
           the small print. Our Guarantee is so simple, it’s just one sentence long:

           “If you don’t wish to continue, for any reason,
           after the initial 12 months, you can terminate
           the contract and we’ll refund your Franchise Fee”

           With a guarantee like this you can see why we’re careful about who we select as
           franchisees, and why we’re so committed to helping them succeed!


           If you think you meet the pro le outlined, register your interest in a speci c
           territory here. We’ll then contact you to discuss further. Following an initial
           telephone discussion, if both parties are interested in talking further, we’ll
           invite you to visit us at our of ces in York. We’re happy to talk to you about
           the nancial opportunities, and give examples and illustrations of how you
           can achieve nancial freedom. Prior to joining we also require you to
           discuss the opportunity with two of our existing franchisees.

 AQuickSale . c om Ltd . M a rl borou gh Hou s e , We s t m in s t e r Pla c e , Yo r k B u s in e s s Pa r k , Yo r k , Y O 2 6 6 R W

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