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                       Market & Trade Profile
                       Updated 2010

                                                                                           8. Product / Market Fit
                       Contents 1 – the Market                                             • What did overseas visitors actually do during their visit to UK?
                                                                                           • Products / Experiences identified as attractive
                       1. Market snapshot
                                                                                           9. Who is the swedish Visitor to Britain?
                       2. General Market Conditions                                        • Demographics
                       • Population / Languages                                            • Travelling Companions and key Travelling Group types
                       • Economics / Politics                                              • 1st Timers and Repeat Visitors
                       • Interest in UK University Education
                       • Holidays / Annual Leave                                           10. Caring for the swedish Consumer
                                                                                           • Language / Information Provision
                       3. Motivations and attitudes to holidays                            • Accommodation
                       • The Importance of Holidays in Life                                • Value for Money
                       • Attitudes Towards Holidays
                                                                                           11. reaching swedish Consumers
                       4. access overview                                                  • Deciding, Planning and Booking Patterns for Travel
                       • Political, Passport and Visa Issues                               • Online Environment / Internet Access
                       • Gateways / Access to Britain                                      • Media Habits
                                                                                           • Sources of Inspiration for Holidays
                       5. Market size, share, and Forecasts                                • Sustainability
                       • Current Volume / Value Statistics and Historic Trends for UK
                       • Key Competitor Destinations - Aspirational
                       • World Regions Visited and Forecasts for Growth
                       • The UK’s Market Share and Forecasts for Growth                    Contents 2 – the traDe / B2B
                                                                                           11. the trade
                       6. Market shape / Dynamics                                          • Overview of Trade Structure
                       • Purpose of Visit                                                  • Reaching the Trade
                       • Length of Stay
                       • Regional Spread / Regional Awareness                              12. Business Visits and events
                       • Seasonal Spread                                                   • Statistics and Trends
                       • Type of Accommodation – Where Do They Stay?
                       • Visiting the UK as part of a multi-country trip                   13. VisitBritain in sweden
                                                                                           • Working in Partnership with VisitBritain
                       7. Perceptions of Britain                                           • Overseas Contacts
                       • Britain as a Nation Brand                                         • London Contacts / Further Information
                       • Britain as a Tourist Destination Brand – DEPTH, HEART, VITALITY   • Information Sources Used to Compile this Report

                       1) Market Snapshot

                                                                                                                                 Who visit -54, 56% male.               ith othe
                                                                                                                                                                                 r (non-
                                                                                                                                  62% a
                                                                                                                                         ged 2           ne to  UK or w ,
                                                                                                                                              travel alo          s, family
                                                                                                                                  Likely to ults e.g. friend
                                                                                                                                   spousal) (2009).
                                                                                                                                                                  h m to v
                                                                                                                                                         ates tenebe found in thevpub
                                                                                                                                     What m edes c  otiv an oft                        er
                                                                                                                                                                              ure - o
                                                                                                                                                  w                   UK cult               ries
                                                                                                                                     V  isiting S igh opinion of             eum  s / galle
                                                                                                                                      but ha   ve a h              t to mus (e.g. castles)
                                                                                                                                                           ors wen
                                                                                                                                                 day visit d built heritage
                                                                                                                                       1/3 holi           isite
                                                                                                                                                  . 42% v
                                                                                                                                        in 2006 arks / gardens
                                                                                                                                         and 36   %p

                           Total Visit
                          Total Spe
                                    n d 2009                                604,000 (d
                                                                                                                         Market shape
                         Average S                                                         own 19%
                                   p    end per V                                                     , rank 14th
                                                    isit (AEV)             £253m (d                               )      Purpose of Visit
                         Average L                                                        own 29%
                                  e                              2009                              , rank 18th
                                      ngth of S                           £418 (do                             )         39% Holiday, 27% VFR, 25%
                        Market P               tay (ALS)                                 wn 12%)                                                   Bu       siness (2009)
                                opulation                   2009
                                           2008                          5 nights
                       Outboun                                                                                          Length of stay
                               d Market                                  9.0 millio
                                          Size 2009                                  n                                  51% of all visits are 1-3 nig
                       UK’s Mark                                                                                                                      ht sho
                                 et Share 2                             10.1 milli                                                                            rt breaks (2009)
                                            009                                   on
                                                                        6.0%                                            Quarter of visit
                                                                                                                        A similar proportion visit
                                                                                                                                                   in Spring, Summer, and
                                                                                                                        Autumn, with Winter (Ja
                                                                                                                                                  n-Mar) least popular
                                                                                                                       Top Towns
                                                                                                                       London, Glasgow, Edinbu
                                                                                                                                                    rgh, Manchester, Oxford

                                   al com                petitors                                                      94% visited the UK only
                        top 5 actu
                                                                                                                                                 and 6% stayed in anothe
                                                                                                                       country as well on their trip                     r
                         1. Spain
                         2. Norwa
                                   y                                                                                  Internet access
                                    ny                                                                                7.3 million users and 78%
                          3. Germa                                                                                    to broadband (June 2009)
                                                                                                                                                have access
                           4. Denma
                           5. France                                                                                  80.5% population
                                               irational de
                            top 5 asp
                             1. Austra
                             2. Scotlan
                              3. New Ze
                               4. Canada
                                5. UK

                                                               on                            31,000 UK residents had
                                                   s tatis o to:                             Swedish as their nationalit
                                                                                                                         y in
                                               test UK g        ips
                                          e la                                               2007 (ONS)
                                      r th to the
                                    Fo its            t a
                                       vis visitbri
                                       w ww

                       2) General Market Conditions

                       Population / Languages                                                       exchange rate:
                       The US Census Bureau puts the population of Sweden at 9.0 million            Since 2001, the rate of Sterling against the Swedish Krona has fallen. In
                       in 2008. The population is forecast to increase slightly to 9.2 million by   January 2001, £1 = 14.02 Krona, but it has gradually fallen to £1 = 11.43
                       2018 and will continue to do so by 2028. From then on, it will graduallly    Krone as of September 2009. The cost of the Sterling has decreased 18%
                       start to decline.                                                            since 2001. The favourable exchange rate for the Krona to the pound has
                                                                                                    received significant media coverage.Britain is being seen as a value
                       Long-term, the only growth is forecast to come from older age groups.        destination.

                       Language: Swedish (official), Sami and Finnish-speaking minorities.

                       economics / Politics
                       The four-party centre-right coalition government looks set to hold on to
                       power until the 2010 elections, but has become increasingly unpopular.
                       Tackling climate change is of great importance to the Swedish
                       government and with this in mind announced in early 2009 that it felt
                       new nuclear reactors should be built. Sweden is a strong supporter of
                       further EU expansion, being one of Turkey’s strongest backers.

                       Although not enjoying the highest per capita income within the Nordic
                       region Swedes remain comfortably well off in purchasing power parity
                       terms, with a similar standard of living to those in Canada. The public      Interest in Uk University education
                       sector accounts for around one-half of the nation’s Gross Domestic           There were 1,443 UCAS applicants from Sweden in 2008 to study at a
                       Product according to the Economist. However, Sweden has been by no           British university. 777 of these were accepted, representing a 54%
                       means immune from the global economic downturn and the International         acceptance rate.
                       Monetary Fund forecast that the country’s GDP will contract by more
                       than 4% in 2009, with no growth expected in 2010.                            holidays / annual Leave
                                                                                                    Swedish employees receive an average of 25 days annual leave.
                       This means that the unemployment rate in Sweden is forecast to climb
                       markedly from a low of 5% back in 2002, but there were signs in mid          Nordic people regard holidays as a high priority and many take three to
                       2009 that unemployment may have peaked at around 9%. Another                 four breaks during the year, which helps achieve seasonal spread targets.
                       positive signal would appear to be that consumer confidence has picked       Nordic domestic holidays are popular in the summer months.
                       up considerably from a low point in December 2008 and is more upbeat
                       than elsewhere in Europe as at August 2009.

                       In the first six months of 2009 Sweden represented the UK’s 15th most
                       valuable trading partner in terms of imports and 10th most valuable in
                       terms of exports.

                       3) Motivations and Attitudes to Holidays

                       the importance of holidays in Life
                       VisitBritain sponsored a question on the Nation Brands Index (2009) to
                       understand how important holidays and other activites are regarded to
                       be by Swedes.

                       Approximately 500 online respondents were asked: “How important a
                       priority are each of the following for you in your life at the moment?”
                       Their answers are shown below.

                       Top priorities
                       Swedes’ professional development (career / self development &
                       learning) is considered to be quite important for many, but their top
                       priorities in life revolve around ‘softer’ aspects such as spending time
                       wtih family and friends, having time to relax, and having good quality
                       food & drink. This reflects their aspiration to have a balanced life with
                       plenty of time for looking after themselves.

                       Taking domestic holidays is at least ‘quite important’ for 65% and
                       ‘extremely important’ for 9%.

                       Taking foreign holidays is at least ‘quite important’ for a similar
                       proportion (63%) and ‘extremely important’ for 7%.

                       65% of online Swedes said that general browsing on the internet was at
                       least ‘quite important’ to them and 46% said the same for social
                       networking sites.

                       3) Motivations and Attitudes to Holidays (continued)

                       swedes’ attitudes towards holidays
                       VisitBritain sponsored a question on the Nation Brands Index (2009) to
                       understand more about Swedes’ attitudes towards holidays.

                       Approximately 500 online respondents were asked: “We would like to
                       ask you about your attitudes and opinions related to holidays. For each
                       statement please give your opinion on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is
                       STRONGLY DISAGREE and 7 is STRONGLY AGREE.”
                       Their answers are shown below.

                       Holiday influences
                       Online Swedes agree that that they choose destinations based on their
                       natural scenic beauty (57% agree), history & culture (48%), and weather
                       (45%). Many like to explore new places away from the crowds when on
                       holiday (68%), but seeing famous and well-known locations is also
                       important to 63%.

                       Swedes have differing needs from a holiday, with 39% agreeing that it is
                       more important that holidays are exciting than relaxing, whilst 27%

                       28% agreed (but not very strongly) that films they had watched have
                       influenced their choice of holiday destination, whilst 41% disagreed. For
                       music, only 15% agreed it had influenced their choice and 57%

                       Booking Travel
                       The internet is generally seen as a safe way to book travel, with far more
                       agreeing (59%) than disagreeing (9%). Using a travel agent for holiday
                       bookings is a useful alternative for some with 34% saying they prefer to
                       use an agent, although 30% disagreed.

                       Are Swedes Experienced Travellers?
                       36% agreed they were experienced international travellers, whilst 35%
                       disagreed. Many Swedes are not averse to travelling long distances; just
                       14% agreed that it is too much effort to travel for more than 5 hours for a
                       holiday. Despite this, Swedes like to take short breaks - 35% agreed they
                       prefer to take lots of short breaks rather than fewer long breaks. 17%

                       4) Access Overview

                                                                                                   Main Gateways Servicing Sweden
                       Political situation
                       No political issues currently exist to restrict travel to Britain.

                       Passport and Visa Issues
                       Swedish visitors do NOT require a visa to visit the UK.

                       Gateways / access to Britain
                       96% of visitors from Sweden travelled to the UK by air, 2% by sea, and 1%
                       by tunnel (IPS 2009).
                                                                                                   PIk -Two weekly                            eDI - 4 weekly routes from
                       Flights                                                                     flights from                               Stockholm (Skavsta)
                       Gothenburg                                                                  Gothenburg (Säve)                          Summerroute from
                       Prestwick and Stansted with Ryanair                                                                                    Stockholm (Arlanda)
                       Birmingham and Manchester with City Airline
                       London Heathrow with SAS
                       Manchester with SAS

                       stockholm                                                                    Man - Daily flights
                       Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick & Stansted with Ryanair            from Gothenburg
                                                                                                    (Landvetter) and                                      stn - Daily
                       (Skavstad Airport)
                                                                                                    Stockholm (Arlanda)                                   flights from
                       Heathrow with SAS & BA (Arlanda Airport)
                       Manchester & London City Airport with SAS (Arlanda Airport)                  LPL - 5 weekly                                        (Skavsta) and
                       Edinburgh and Bristol with SAS (Summer routes) (Arlanda Airport)             flights from                                          Gothenburg
                                                                                                    Stockholm (Skavsta)                                   (Säve)
                       London with Ryanair                                                          BhX - 11
                                                                                                    weekly flights
                                                                                                    and 4 daily
                                                                                                    flights from

                                                                                                                                                        LCY - Daily
                                                                                                                          Lhr - Daily flights from      flights from
                                                                                                                          Gothenburg                    Stockholm
                                                                                                                          (Landvetter) and              (Arlanda)
                                                                                                                          Stockholm (Arlanda)

                       5) Market Size, Share, and Forecasts for Growth

                       Current Volume and Value statistics / trends                              historic trends (Volume and Value of travel to the Uk)
                       2007 was the best ever-recorded year for visits from Sweden. For spend,   2005-2008 were strong years for travel from Sweden, but 2009 saw a fall
                       it was 2008 when £354m was recorded.                                      in visits and spend.
                                                                               Change year
                        IPs                               2008       2009
                                                                                 on year

                        total Visits                     742,502    604,327        -19%
                        Visits rank (League table
                                                            12         14     down 2 places
                        no. Visitors to Uk)
                        total spend                      £354m       £253m         -29%
                        spend rank (League table
                                                            12         18     down 6 places
                        £ spend in Uk)
                        average spend per Visit
                                                          £477        £418         -12%
                        average spend per Day
                                                           £99        £77          -22%
                        average Length of stay
                                                           4.8         5.4          13%
                        (aLs) - nights
                                                                                                 key Competitor Destinations – aspirational
                                                                                                 According to the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (2009), which surveys
                                                                                                 a representative n=1000 sample of the online population in Sweden, the
                                                                                                 UK is ranked 5th out of 50* destinations that the Swedish would be likely
                                                                                                 to visit for leisure “if money were no object”, but Scotland is ranked 1st.

                                                                                                  1         Australia             6          Ireland
                                                                                                  2         Scotland              7          Italy
                                                                                                  3         New Zealand           8          Japan
                                                                                                  4         Canada                9          USA
                                                                                                  5         UK                    10         Spain

                                                                                                 *Note: Not all potential destinations were asked about in this survey.

                       5) Market Size, Share, and Forecasts for Growth (cont.)

                       travel from sweden to Different World regions                              Forecast Visits to World regions 2009-2014
                       Tourism Decision Metrics estimates there were 10.6 million outbound        The chart below shows forecasts from Tourism Decision Metrics for
                       trips from Sweden in 2008. There are forecast to be 11.9 million such      travel from Sweden to each region of the world over the coming years.
                       trips by 2014 (a 12% increase).                                            The number of forecast visits relative to 2008 are shown.

                                                                                                  Outbound travel from Sweden is forecast to fall in 2009, with journeys to
                       As is the case for the vast majority of countries, outbound travel from
                                                                                                  other Western European destinations seeing the largest absolute
                       Sweden is largely intra-regional, with 67% of outbound travel going to
                                                                                                  declines in visitor numbers.
                       other Western European countries, with Spain and Norway the top
                                                                                                  In 2011, visits to Western Europe are forecast to have recovered to 2008
                       Emerging European destinations accounted for 13% of outbound trips in      levels, with over 1.1 million additional trips by 2014 (compared to 2008).

                       The UK’s Market Share and Forecasts for Growth
                       top ten Destinations Visited in 2008 (key competitors)                     Forecast top ten Destinations in 2014
                       Spain is the most frequently visited destination from Sweden, accounting   According to Tourism Decision Metrics, the UK is expected to maintain
                       for 10.4% of outbound journeys, followed by Norway (9.7%).                 5th place in the rankings by 2014, whilst Norway and Denmark are
                                                                                                  expected to rise up the rankings.

                                                                                                   1           Norway                6            France
                                                                                                   2           Spain                 7            Turkey
                                                                                                   3           Denmark               8            Greece
                                                                                                   4           Germany               9            Italy
                                                                                                   5           UK                    10           USA

                                                                                                  Visits to the UK are forecast to grow by 23% relative to 2008 with over
                                                                                                  150,000 additional visits by 2014 (representing an increase in market
                                                                                                  share to 7.6% for the UK).

                       The UK was the 5th most visited destination in 2008, attracting 7.0% of

                       trips from Sweden.
                                                                                                   All data is taken from Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics
                                                                                                   company. The Tourism Decision Metrics (TDM) model forecasts
                                                                                                   future international tourism flows, based on historic
                                                                                                   economic/tourism data and future economic forecasts. It assumes
                                                                                                   that there are no barriers to tourism growth (eg no limit to
                                                                                                   route/airport capacity, no new visa regulations) and, as a forecast, it is
                                                                                                   clearly subject to external shocks which may be natural or man-made,
                                                                                                   so should be taken as a guide only.

                       6) Market Shape / dynamics

                       Purpose of Visit                                                               regional awareness
                       Holiday visits overtook Business visits in 2004 and these still represent      In the Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index Wave 3 2006, we asked 1000
                       the largest single group of visits at 39%. 25% came for Business, falling      Swedish participants how well they felt they knew the regions of Britain
                       below the proportion coming to visit friends or relatives (27%).               – giving a score of 1-7 and taking into account any of the ways they had
                                                                                                      learned or heard about each region. 1 = never heard of the region and 7
                                                                                                      = know the region very well. See chart in next column.

                       The 2001 UK census finds that there were 22,366 UK residents that were
                       born in Sweden - an increase of 103% on the 1991 census. These
                       residents are mostly likely to be found in London and the South East of        The Swedish respondents were more likely to be aware of London than
                       England.                                                                       any of the other regions, even to the extent of claiming greater
                                                                                                      awareness than the UK respondents! Britain overall was also considered
                       Length of stay                                                                 to be known well. The respondents felt that they knew Wales the least.
                       The average (mean) length of stay (ALS) is 3 nights for Business, 4 for
                       Holiday and 8 for those visiting friends and relatives (VFR).                  Comparing the 52% of Swedish respondents who had visited Britain with
                                                                                                      those that had not, awareness increases for all regions except Wales,
                                                                                                      particularly for London (up to 5.77) and Britain as a whole (up to 5.28).

                                                                                                      VisitBritain’s recent youth research shows that Swedish youths have a
                                                                                                      reasonable awareness of Scotland and English destinations such as
                                                                                                      Liverpool and Oxford. However most people have only ever visited
                                                                                                      London. (VisitBritain European Youth Study 2009)

                                                                                                      seasonal spread
                                                                                                      There were a similar proportion of visits in Spring, Summer, and Autumn
                                                                                                      in 2009. The least popular quarter was Jan-Mar - with only 18% of visits.

                       In 2009, 85% of all Swedish visitors stayed in the UK for less than 8 nights
                       with over half of visitors (51%) coming for a short trip (1-3 nights).

                       regional spread / top towns
                       During 2009, 87% of visitors from Sweden stayed in England, and 57%
                       stayed in London. Visitors from Sweden are much more likely to stay in
                       Scotland (12%) than in Wales (3%). (IPS)

                                                                Visitors from      Visitors from
                                                                  sweden           all countries
                        totaL enGLanD                                87%                90%
                        *LonDon                                      57%                50%
                        *rest oF enGLanD                             34%                46%
                        ENGLAND'S NORTH COUNTRY                      10%                12%
                        CENTRAL ENGLAND                              12%                16%
                        SOUTHERN ENGLAND                             14%                22%
                        sCotLanD                                     12%                 9%

                        WaLes                                         3%                 4%

                       Top Towns for Swedish visitors in 2009 were London (335,000 visits),
                       Glasgow (32,000), Edinburgh (25,000), Manchester (21,000), and
                       Oxford (8,000).

                       6) Market Shape / dynamics (continued)

                       accommodation type
                       In 2009, 58% of all Swedish visitors stayed in a hotel or guesthouse when
                       they visited the UK, which accounted for 35% of nights spent. 72% of
                       Holiday visits and 79% of Business visits involved a stay in such

                       34% overall stayed as free guests with family or friends - accounting for
                       49% of nights overall (largely due to a high proportion of VFR visitors in
                       this accommodation category, who tend to stay for longer overall). 90%
                       of VFR visits in 2009 were as free guests with those family or friends.

                                                                                                    Visiting the Uk as part of a multi-country trip
                                                                                                    In 2007, a question was included on the IPS to understand whether
                                                                                                    visitors to the UK had stayed a night in another country before or after
                                                                                                    coming to the UK. The results are shown in the table below, with 94%
                                                                                                    visiting the UK only on this trip.

                                                                                                     sweden                                                  % of visitors
                                                                                                     Visited Uk only                                              94%
                                                                                                     Visited another country before the Uk                         2%
                                                                                                     Visited another country after the Uk                          3%
                                                                                                     Visited another country before & after the Uk                 1%

                       7) Perceptions of Britain

                       how swedes rate the Uk compared to other nations
                       The Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (2009) is an online survey of
                       approximately 20,000 respondents from 20 nations around the world.
                       Respondents are asked to give their opinion of 50 nations, including the
                       UK regardless of whether they have visited or not (so views captured can
                       be based on perceptions as well as experiences).
                       The chart below shows how the 1000 Swedish respondents rated the UK
                       for a number of different aspects compared to the other 49 nations. The
                       chart shows a) how Sweden ranked the UK and b) how respondents
                       from all countries ranked the UK.

                       The chart above shows that online Swedes generally have very positive           the Uk as a place to live
                       views of the UK, often more positive than the ‘average respondent’ from         Swedes rated the UK as the 3rd best place to study for educational
                       other countries.                                                                qualifications and 9th as a nation with a high quality of life – some
                                                                                                       Swedes would be prepared to live and work in the UK for a substantial
                       tourism                                                                         period (rank 4th).
                       If money were no object, the UK would (on average) be 6th on Swedes’
                       list of nations to visit. The UK is seen as being rich in built/historical      exports
                       heritage (5th position), with vibrant cities (2nd). It is not seen as being a   Swedes feel positive about purchasing a product that says it was made in
                       world-leader in terms of the richness of its natural beauty (28th), so          the UK (ranking it as the 7th best nation on this aspect) and view the UK
                       competitors have a big advantage here.                                          as quite a creative place in terms of its cutting edge ideas and new ways
                                                                                                       of thinking (7th).
                       Swedes view the UK as the most exciting country in terms of its
                       contemporary culture (eg. music, films, art, and literature). They also see

                       the UK as having a rich cultural heritage (6th).
                       The UK is seen to be strong at sports, in 4th spot.

                       For Swedes, the UK is seen as one of the most welcoming nations to visit
                       (rank 6th). Swedes would be positive about employing a UK national
                       (rank 4th) and they would be very open to having close friends from the
                       UK (2nd).

                       7) Perceptions of Britain (continued)
                       Cultural associations                                                    the Uk as a tourist Destination
                       Thinking of cultural products, Swedes most often associate the UK with   Given that Swedes frequently associate the UK with museums, it is not
                       music, pop videos, museums, films, and sports. Swedes have strong        altogether surprising that they see the UK as ‘Educational’. However,
                       knowledge of the UK’s contemporary culture (NBI 2009).                   they also see the UK as ‘Exciting’ and ‘Fascinating’. Although some
                                                                                                thought the UK was a ‘Relaxing’ destination, a similar proportion saw the
                                                                                                UK as ‘Stressful’ (NBI 2009).

                       7) Perceptions of Britain (continued)

                       Britain as a Destination Brand –
                       DePth, heart and VItaLItY
                       The Anholt - GfK Nation Brand Index (NBI) 2008 included questions to
                       measure Britain as a holiday destination on attributes related to Britain’s
                       brand values. VisitBritain’s brand questions were also asked in Wave 3
                       2005, Wave 3 2006, and Wave 3 2007.

                       It should be noted that as most participants in the survey have NOT
                       visited Britain these opinions are based on PERCEPTIONS and NOT

                       In the NBI 2008, 1000 Swedish participants rated Britain on a scale of 1-7,
                       where 1 was “poor” and 7 was “excellent” and overall they gave a range
                       of mean scores from 4.78 (relaxing and energetic) – 5.42 (lots of cultural
                       events and attractions) across the 16 attributes.

                       This is a simplified diagram showing the relative strengths on the             However France and Italy outperforms Britain in areas of culture and
                       different brand attributes. Respondents were asked to rate Britain on          heritage and the US outperforms Britain in the contemporary culture
                       each attribute using a scale of 1-7 (where 1 =poor and 7=excellent). As        areas.
                       no country rated below 3, the diagram has a mid-point of 3 and an outer
                       rim of 7. Basically, the closer the shading to the outer rim, the better the
                       perception of Britain on that attribute!

                       DEPTH is the strongest brand value for Sweden overall - a combination
                       of interesting history, fascinating stories, discovery, and cultural
                       attractions. In addition to a strong heritage and culture dimension,
                       Swedes also rate Britain’s VITALITY highly, most noticeably its vibrant
                       and exciting cities. The Swedes feel that Britain offers lots of different
                       experiences in one destination and is fun. Perceptions of Britain as being
                       energetic and modern are weaker. Of the HEART values, the Swedes
                       appreciate Britain’s natural scenic beauty to some extent, but see other

                       nations as richer in natural beauty. Britain is seen as relatively friendly
                       and welcoming.

                       A VisitBritain study looking at attitudes of European youths towards
                       Britain found that youths rated the DEPTH attributes the highest (49%)
                       out of Britain’s brand values, followed by VITALITY (34%) and HEART
                       (16%). Britain is seen to be quite a traditional destination that has an
                       interesting history and heritage but it is also seen to be modern, vibrant,
                       cosmopolitan. Britain is also seen to a friendly destination.

                       8) Product / Market Fit

                       What did swedish Visitors actually do                                              Brand Index research said they would be very likely to explore the
                       during their visit to Uk?                                                          countryside on a trip to Britain (17% of Holiday visits involved coast /
                       In the IPS 2006 and 2007, visitors were asked if they had taken part in            countryside in 2006 - IPS).
                       certain activities during their visit to UK. The chart below shows the
                       percentage of visitors from Sweden who said they did each of the listed            nightlife
                       activities, compared to the average inbound visitor to UK.                         In the Nation Brand Index research, going to a pub comes top out of the
                                                                                                          list of activities Swedes say they would be most likely to do on a trip to
                       Almost half of visits overall, and three quarters of Holiday visits involved       Britain, closely followed by going to bars and clubs. 58% of Holiday
                       some Shopping in 2006 - only going to the pub is more popular!                     visitors went to the pub in 2007. Swedes are also keen on trying local
                                                                                                          and regional food and drink on a visit to Britain.
                       As you might expect, Holiday visits were more likely to involve these
                       types of activities. After Shopping, the most likely activities for the            Cities
                       Swedish Holiday market were Built Heritage (e.g. castles) - 42%, Parks /           London remains the most popular city destination outside the Nordic
                       Gardens (36%) or Museums / Galleries (35%).                                        region. Like other nationalities, Swedish people visit London to enjoy the
                                                                                                          multitude of attractions of a large city: shopping, cultural events, sports
                       On the whole, Business visits were clearly for working - with 64% of such          events and theatre.
                       visitors not engaging in any of the listed activities.
                                                                                                          Musicals in general are incredibly popular and the demand for tickets is
                       Products / experiences identified as attractive                                    extremely high. The Nation Brand Index research shows that 68% of the
                       history / heritage / Culture                                                       Swedes most likely to make a trip to Britain said they would be very likely
                       The Anholt-GMI Nation Brand Index research showed that Swedish                     to go to musicals when visiting.
                       people say they are very likely to go sightseeing around famous
                       monuments and buildings, museums and visit castles / stately homes if              sport and activity holidays
                       they were to holiday in Britain, but are less likely to visit art galleries. The   Golf, walking and cycling are popular activities for the Swedish traveller.
                       IPS figures support the popularity of these activities.
                                                                                                          In 2006 (IPS), 19% of Swedish Holiday visitors took part in sports
                       Swedish people also have a high opinion of Britain for its culture and             activities and 5% watched a sports event whilst in UK.
                       want to travel to Britain for the cultural experience in the broadest sense.
                                                                                                          According to the Swedish Golf Association, there are over 600,000
                       The Swedes rate Britain highly for having lots of cultural events and              golfers in Sweden - 7% of the population. According to the IPS, 13,000
                       attractions and they also place great emphasis on the friendliness of the          visits by Swedes included playing golf in 2007. The Swedes also rate
                       British people. Swedes view the experience as very important – many                watching football matches in Britain very highly indeed and 5% of visitors
                       want to engage in activities such as attending a live performance of a             watched a match in 2007 (IPS).
                       play or musical.
                       Landscape and Countryside                                                          During the summer months, Britain is mainly toured by car or by public
                       Along with Britain’s cultural attractions, the landscape and countryside           transport. The most popular areas are Scotland and the South of England.
                       also has strong appeal. Over half the Swedes interviewed in the Nation             33% of Holiday visits included ‘exploring other locations’ in 2007 (IPS).

                       8) Product / Market Fit (continued)

                       What did swedish Visitors actually do
                       during their visit to Uk?
                       In the IPS 2006, 2007, and 2008, visitors were asked if they had taken
                       part in certain activities during their visit to UK. The chart below shows
                       the percentage of visitors from Sweden who said they did each of the
                       listed activities, compared to the average inbound visitor to UK.

                       Swedes’ most common activity was eating in restaurants (78%), and over
                       half went to the pub (53%).

                       Shopping was also popular, with 48% shopping for clothes/accessories,
                       and 34% shopping for souvenirs.

                       Norwegians often went to Britain’s built heritage, 42% went sightseeing
                       famous buildings/monuments and 26% visited castles, churches,
                       monuments, and historic houses. Museums/art galleries were quite
                       popular (20%) too.

                       22% visited parks/gardens, whilst 26% explored towns, villages, and
                       other locations away from where they were staying. 14% went on a
                       guided tour.

                       11% went to nightclubs and 12% went to see the performing arts (eg

                       The following pages show the proportion of Holiday, VFR, and Business
                       visitors undertaking each activity, to give a more complete understanding

                       of what each get up to when they visit the UK.

                       8) Product / Market Fit (continued)

                       What did swedish holiday Visitors actually do
                       during their visit to Uk?
                       In the IPS 2006, 2007, and 2008, visitors were asked if they had taken
                       part in certain activities during their visit to UK. The chart below shows
                       the percentage of Holiday visitors from Sweden who said they did each
                       of the listed activities, compared to the average inbound Holiday visitor
                       to UK.

                       Holiday visitors’ most common activity was eating in restaurants (88% did
                       so), and pubs were also very popular, attracting 58% of Swedish Holiday

                       Traditional tourism activities were undertaken frequently, such as
                       sightseeing famous monuments/buildings (63%) and visiting castles,
                       churches, monuments, or historic houses (42%). 35% went to

                       Shopping for clothes/accessories (65%) or souvenirs (49%) was another
                       very common activity.

                       36% visited parks/gardens and 19% went walking in the countryside.
                       30% explored towns or villages away from where they were staying.

                       In the evening 14% ended up in a nightclub and 21% at the

                       8) Product / Market Fit (continued)

                       What did swedish VFr Visitors actually do
                       during their visit to Uk?
                       In the IPS 2006, 2007, and 2008, visitors were asked if they had taken
                       part in certain activities during their visit to the UK. The chart below
                       shows the percentage of VFR visitors from Sweden who said they did
                       each of the listed activities, compared to the average inbound VFR visitor
                       to the UK.

                       Eating in restaurants (79%) was the most undertaken activity by VFR
                       visitors and going to the pub (59%) was also common too.

                       Swedish VFR visitors can often be found shopping for
                       clothes/accessories (63%) or souvenirs (33%).

                       However, many VFR visitors also undertook traditional tourism activities,
                       with 43% sightseeing famous buildings/monuments and 30% visiting
                       castles, churches, monuments, or historic houses. 17% went to
                       museums/art galleries.

                       25% visited parks/gardens, making it the tenth most common activity for
                       VFR visitors. 36% explored towns, villages, and other locations away
                       from where they were staying, a higher proportion compared to the
                       world average for VFR visitors (23%).

                       8) Product / Market Fit (continued)

                       What did sweden Business Visitors actually do
                       during their visit to Uk?
                       In the IPS 2006, 2007, and 2008, visitors were asked if they had taken
                       part in certain activities during their visit to UK. The chart below shows
                       the percentage of Business visitors from Sweden who said they did each
                       of the listed activities, compared to the average inbound Business visitor
                       to UK.

                       Almost two thirds of Swedish Business visitors enjoyed eating in
                       restaurants and more than four in ten went to the pub (42%).

                       16% went shopping for clothes/accessories and 18% socialised with the
                       locals. 15% went sightseeing famous monuments/buildings and 7%
                       visited built heritage (eg castles).

                       9) who is the Swedish Visitor?

                       Demographics                                                                 key travelling Group types
                                                                                                    To overcome the fact that a mix of different travel companions could be
                                                                                                    in each group, five mutually exclusive “group types” have been created.
                                                                                                    In Sweden, the proportion of visitors in each type are as follows:
                                                                                                     Traditional Family Of Spouse / Partner & Children                      8%
                                                                                                     Spouse / Partner But No Children In Travel Group                       18%
                                                                                                     Children In Group But No Spouse / Partner                              10%
                                                                                                     not alone, But no Children or Partner In Group                      33%
                                                                                                     travelling alone                                                    31%

                                                                                                    Swedish visitors are likely to be found travelling alone or in groups made
                                                                                                    up of “other adults” - be they friends, family or colleagues.

                                                                                                    Holiday visitors are far less likely to be alone than VFR or Business
                                                                                                    visitors. They are most often found in groups with other adults or in
                       62% of visitors from Sweden were aged 25-54 (IPS 2009).                      couples with their spouse / partner but no children.
                       Overall, 56% of visitors were male and 44% were female, with males
                       having a slightly older age profile.                                         Youth research
                                                                                                    In December 2008, VisitBritain conducted research into the youth
                                                 Male %                 Female %                    market (18-30 year olds) in 9 European countries which included
                         0 -15                   4                      6                           Sweden. The aim of the research was to gain a greater depth of
                         16-24                   10                     17                          understanding of the youth market in terms of general travel behaviour
                                                                                                    habits, attitudes towards Britain and preferred information sources.
                         25-34                   19                     18
                         35-44                   24                     22                          Some of the key findings are outlined below:
                         45-54                   22                     19
                                                                                                    General Travel Behaviour habits
                         55-64                   16                     12                          Beach holidays (74%) and city breaks (62%) are the most popular type of
                         65+                     5                      7                           holidays for Swedish youths, this is followed by visiting friends,
                                                                                                    adventure and cruise holidays. It is expected that these types of holidays
                       travelling Companions                                                        will continue to be Swedish youths preferred types of holidays over the
                       In the IPS 2009, we asked visitors to tell us more about their travelling    next three years. Some of the main reasons Swedish youths travel
                       companions. We asked who accompanied them on their visit, excluding          abroad is about having fun and enjoying themselves. However travelling
                       UK residents they may have visited during the trip.                          is also about relaxing with friends and family and treating themselves.
                                                                                                    However, they are less inspired to learn a new skill or about the history of
                       The chart below shows the percentage of visits which included each           a country whilst travelling.
                       category of travel companion (multiple responses allowed as the
                       categories are NOT mutually exclusive). The profile for Sweden is            In terms of the travelling party, their partner is the person Swedes have
                       compared to that of the Total World i.e. the average overseas visit to UK.   most often travelled with, followed by friends. The research shows that
                                                                                                    the number of people travelling with their friends, partners and travelling
                                                                                                    with their own families (including children) will increase over time -
                                                                                                    which makes sense as they move onto their next lifestage.

                                                                                                    Hotels and motels are the most popular choice of accommodation (85%)
                                                                                                    having used them in the last three years, this is followed by self catering
                                                                                                    accommodation choices such as rented flats/apartments and houses,
                                                                                                    villas and chalets. Staying with friends and relatives is also a popular
                                                                                                    choice when abroad.

                                                                                                    The general trend amongst Swedish youths is to take medium length
                                                                                                    holidays with most being between 4 - 7 nights. Of those that had
                                                                                                    holidayed in Britain, 4 out of 5 of those holidays were between 4 to 7
                                                                                                    nights. However, the importance of the British short break market
                                                                                                    shouldn’t be forgotten as three quaters of youths that had been to Britain
                                                                                                    had taken a break of 1- 3 nights in Britain.

                       Swedes are slightly less likely than the average overseas visitor to be
                       travelling alone - and somewhat more likely to be accompanied by
                       business colleagues.

                       CAUTION: The results do need to be treated with some caution, as even
                       if a respondent says they are travelling with “Spouse/Partner” and
                       “Child(ren) aged 5-11”, we don’t know from this how many children
                       were in the group, or even that the children were those of the
                       respondent (e.g. they could be grandchildren, nieces / nephews, or
                       even no blood relation at all)...

                       9) who is the Swedish Visitor? (continued)

                       Travelling to and Perceptions of Britain                                      1st timers and repeat Visitors
                       The main reasons for Swedes to travel to Britain is largely driven by         In 2009, 81% of visitors from Sweden (and 73% of Holiday visitors) had
                       city breaks. Key drivers are interesting cities and towns, shopping,          visited the UK previously within the last ten years (IPS)
                       value for money and to visit famous buildings and monuments.
                                                                                                     61% of Swedish youths had previously visited Britain, with 59% of
                       The main barrriers to visit predominately revolve around cost - this          these having visited within the last three years. Of those that have
                       not only involves the of being in Britain (i.e the cost of eating out,        visted Britain previously encouragingly 87% say they were satisfied
                       accommodation, attractions etc) but also the cost of getting here.            with their trip to Britain and 86% say they would recommend Britain
                       The weather was also seen to be a factor. Some respondents said as            as a holiday destination. (VisitBritain’s European Youth research
                       they had been here before there was no reason to come back whilst             2009).
                       other said they prefer a different types of holiday.

                       The types of factors that influence Swedes destination choice are
                       weather, good value, safty, good food and restaurants. In terms of
                       considered visitation Britain fares well, ranking second out of 7
                       countries. Spain, Britain, Italy and France are the countries that
                       Swedes would most like to visit.

                       In addition the research shows that Germany and Britain are popular
                       destinations with this target segment - in that two thirds of people
                       interviewed had been to one of these countries recently or a some
                       time ago.

                       Britain is seen to be a good place for interesting cities, towns and
                       villages, famous buildings as well as a good place to go shopping.
                       However, Britain is not seen to represent good value, have good
                       food or restaurants or good accommodation - which are key drivers
                       in attracting the Swedish youth market to Britain.

                       10) Caring for the Swedish Consumer
                       Language / Information Provision                                              transport
                       Nordic people have a good command of the English language and                 The European Youth research found that three quarters of youth visitors
                       generally don’t mind receiving information, or brochures, in English.         used public transport whilst in Britain. The research also shows that
                       However, if you take the trouble to get your brochures translated you will    visitors find the British public transport system easy to use and therefore
                       create an enormous amount of goodwill!                                        find it easy to get around.

                       note: It is better to offer print/web content in English rather than
                       Norwegian, Finnish or Danish.

                       In general, Nordic people like to seek detailed information and plan their
                       holidays before setting off to foreign countries. They like to get close to
                       the ‘natives’, they are adventurous, and like to go off the beaten track.

                       Nordic people are often very conscious of environmental issues, so any
                       efforts on the part of the British supplier to show how much they care for
                       the environment will help.

                       A warm welcome is considered important, especially as the British are
                       seen as very friendly.


                       When it comes to accommodation, Nordic people are used to very high
                       standards of facilities and cleanliness. En-suite bathrooms are essential.
                       Tiled bathroom floors and wooden floors in the bedrooms are certainly
                       preferable to carpeted ones. Smoke-free rooms are also very much

                       Value for Money
                       The Swedish are also price-conscious, expecting value for money and

                       11) Reaching Swedish Consumers

                       Deciding, Planning and Booking Patterns                                Motivations for travelling
                       A European Commission report into attitudes of Europeans towards       The European Commission’s survey shows that the main factors
                       tourism shows that recommendations of friends and colleagues and the   influencing Swedes to choose their main holiday in 2008 were visit to
                       Internet are the most important factors when making a decision about   friends and family, sun/beach and rest/recreation.
                       travel plans.

                        Most important information source when making a              %                                         EU 27 Average %           Swedes %
                        decision about travel/holiday plans
                                                                                               Rest/recreation                        37                    21
                        Recommendations from friends and colleagues                 33

                        The Internet                                                28         Sun/beach                              20                    24

                        Personal experience                                         15         VFR                                    16                    24
                        Catalogues, brochures (non-commercial)                       8
                                                                                               City trips                              7                     6
                        Guidebooks and magazines (commercial)                        6
                                                                                               Culture/religion                        7                    10
                        Media (newspaper, radio, TV)                                 5

                        Travel/Tourist Agencies                                      4         Nature                                  6                     8

                                                                                               Sports-related                          3                     5

                                                                                               Wellness/health treatment               3                     1

                                                                                              The survey also looked at the types of attractions that have a major
                                                                                              influence over the choice of destination. Swedes are heavily influenced
                                                                                              by culture and heritage when choosing a holiday destination - which is
                                                                                              good news for Britain given its strong heritage offering.

                                                                                                                               EU 27 Average %           Swedes%

                                                                                               The Environment                        31                    30

                                                                                               Cultural heritage                      24                    31

                                                                                               Entertainment                          15                    10

                                                                                               Gastronomy                              7                     6

                                                                                               Art                                     5                     4

                                                                                               Festivals and other events              5                     5

                                                                                               Others                                  8                    13

                                                                                              There were several factors that were considered to be important when
                                                                                              deciding where to go on holiday. Swedes seem to be primarily driven by
                                                                                              value for money and social considerations which is demonstrated in the
                                                                                              below table. (European Commission study into attitudes towards tourism

                                                                                                                                                           essential %
                                                                                               Value for money                                                   19
                                                                                               Social considerations                                             17
                                                                                               Price                                                             14
                                                                                               Safety/security                                                   14

                                                                                               Environmental considerations                                      12
                                                                                               Quality of service                                                11

                                                                                              Additionally, the VisitBritain’s European youth study tells us that good
                                                                                              weather, feeling safe, good food and value are considered the most
                                                                                              important factors that influence Swedish youth’s choice of holiday

                       11) Reaching Swedish Consumers (continued)

                       Decision to travel Lead times                                                      companies’ websites. There is a high tendency to book hotel rooms
                       In 2005, 34% of visits to the UK from Sweden were decided between one              directly via hotel chains’ websites. Online intermediaries play a
                       and three months before travelling to the UK (IPS).                                seriously less significant role than in other European markets and are
                                                                                                          used mainly for comparing prices not a real marketplace.
                                                                                      % of Visits
                        Day of/day before departure                                         1           Mobile Phone Usage
                                                                                                        The Swedish Institute also found that mobile phone ownership in
                        2 days, less than a week                                            8           Sweden is exceptionally high, with over 95% of the population owning a
                        1 week, less than a month                                          30           mobile telephone.
                        1 month, less than 3 months                                        34           SAS has stated that it is the first airline to offer Internet services to
                        3 months, less than 6 months                                       17           passengers via their mobile phone. Through SAS MobilePortal,
                                                                                                        passengers can check in, check flight times and their EuroBonus points.
                        6 months, less than a year                                          7
                                                                                                        Travellers can also book rental cars, read the latest news and even order
                        1 year or more                                                      3           flowers. By surfing in at on their mobile phone, SAS
                                                                                                        customers can access the entire range of services from a single site online.
                       online environment
                       ETC New Media Review has a                            Information sources
                       wealth of further facts and figures on the Online Market in Sweden.              The Internet is by far the most important tool as a source of information
                       Some highlights from that and other sources are included here:                   to Swedish youths. They use the Internet, more than any other source,
                                                                                                        throughout the entire planning and booking process. However word of
                       There were 7.3 million Internet users in Sweden (representing 80.5% of           mouth is also important, although not to the same degree. Youths talk to
                       the population) in June 2009, according to Internet World Stats. 78%             friends and family when choosing a country to visit or a specfic location
                       now have access to broadband compared to 44% in 2005. Almost every               and use travel agents to plan and book accommodation and transport.
                       third person now goes online with a wireless connection, according to
                       Statistics Sweden. Most often a portable computer is used with a                 Media habits
                       wireless network outside the home or at work. Surfing on mobile phones           Sweden has a good range of newspapers and magazines covering almost
                       and hand-held computers has also become more commonplace.                        every interest, including travel trade and travel magazines. Major daily
                                                                                                        newspapers and lifestyle magazines have travel sections.Many
                       Swedes ages 60 and older are sending digital photos over the Internet,           newspapers and magazines are also available on the Internet, which is
                       downloading music, shopping online and reading blogs, according to a             becoming an increasingly important media.
                       survey by TeliaSonera. A few years ago, these activities were dominated
                       by younger Internet users. Now:                                                  Main media (newspapers and magazines) and circulation figures:
                       • About 80% of Swedish people aged 60 and older send digital photos or           Dagens Nyheter, 368,100
                         film clips to family and friends. Over a quarter say that they will start to   Svenska Dagbladet, 186,400
                         use a Webcam in 2007.                                                          Göteborgs-Posten, 250,200
                       • Nearly 1/4 of Swedes aged 60 and older download music, and movie               Dagens Industri, 115,000 (business, top management)
                         downloading is becoming more popular with the demographic as well.             Metro, 234,000 (Stockholm), 135,000 (Göteborg), 120,000 (Malmö)
                       • Half of respondents aged 60 and older said they plan to shop online            Aftonbladet RESA, 450,000
                         more in 2007, up from 39% in 2006.                                             Allt Am Resor, 40,000
                       • A quarter of Swedes (both young and old) are regular blog readers.             RES, 35,000
                       • TeliaSonera indicated that they are actually a little amazed to see how        Vagabond, 34,300
                         fast seniors are starting to develop behaviour patterns resembling
                         those of teenagers a few years ago. (eMarketer, March 2007)                    trade Press:
                                                                                                        Meetings International, 13,000
                       46% of Swedes have used the Internet to search for travel or                     Affärsresenären, 82,000
                       accommodation according to a research conducted by EuroStat in                   Konferensvärlden, 19,000
                       2008.Because of high IT and Internet usage, it is common practice to
                       shop online. Holidays – whether last minute short breaks or longer               There are a number of travel shows on terrestrial television as well as on
                       charter holidays – are among the most popular commodities purchased              cable and satellite TV. There is also a separate Swedish satellite travel
                       online. Customers often book direct with carriers and hotels. The                channel mostly featuring international reports.
                       proportion of Internet business is expected to increase as tour operators
                       and airlines frequently reward Internet booking with price reductions.           Consumer Fairs
                                                                                                        TUR is Scandinavia’s leading trade and consumer travel exhibition and is
                       Eye for Travel (2007) make some observations about Nordic e-travel:              ideal for those companies who are only able to participate in one of the
                       • Generally, Nordic e-travellers are the most active in Europe with nearly       Scandinavian shows. The event takes place in Gothenburg in March.
                         27% of their travel booking through online channels. Growth drivers in         Over 54,000 people visited the 2009 event, with 1,280 exhibitors and 99
                         the region include excellent IT infrastructure, a well-developed               countries being represented.
                         domestic e-economy, high computer literacy and users’ trust in the e-
                         payment system and general e-economy.                                          Britain Your Way: nordic Consumer e-newsletter

                       • Compared with the rest of Europe, Nordic countries show the highest            VisitBritain’s e-newsletter is mailed to 160,000 Swedish leisure travellers
                         Internet use population plus the highest broadband penetration rate            each month. The e-newsletter provides those interested in travelling to
                         related to population and the greatest percentage of booking travel            Britain an incentive to do so by marrying lifestyle interests with
                         and accommodation online.                                                      destination information such as carrier and accommodation deals.
                       • A good broadband penetration rate plus increasing LCC flight
                         movements has helped boost the e-travel market. The SAS airline
                         online booking policy plus a huge demand for the cheapest airline
                         tickets and consumer willingness to go online has also contributed.
                       • Almost 94% of the overall online package is booked directly via

                       11) Reaching Swedish Consumers (continued)

                       sources of Inspiration for holidays                                         sustainability
                       In 2008, VisitBritain sponsored a question on the NBI survey focussing      Sweden is at the forefront of ‘green’ promotion. Examples of these are
                       on the usage and perceived reliability of different sources of holiday      as follows:
                       information. Questions relating to sources of information that are used
                       covered the entirety of a ‘holiday journey’ from getting ideas about        Scandinavian Airlines was the first in Europe to commence trans-Atlantic
                       where to go, booking, planning what to do before and during the trip        green flights. SAS Scandinavian Airlines concluded Europe's first
                       and those used after the trip was over.                                     commercial trans-Atlantic green approach trial in December 2007, which
                                                                                                   is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. SK904, an Airbus A330,
                       Below is a scatter-plot showing how often sources are used for              from New York's Newark airport arrived at Stockholm Arlanda Airport,
                       ‘inspiration/ideas’, and how reliable those sources are seen to be.         following a successful Continuous Descent Approach (CDA).
                                                                                                   With this initiative, SAS is the first airline in Europe to materialise its

                       The two most reliable sources of information were also perceived as         commitment to the emissions and noise reduction program AIRE
                       being the most inspiring – almost half (49%) were inspired by               (Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions). AIRE is a joint
                       conversations with friends or family and 39% were inspired by travel        initiative from the European Commission and the US Federal Aviation
                       programmes on television.                                                   Administration. SAS is carrying out the CDA program with partners
                                                                                                   Stockholm-Arlanda airport, Airbus and the Swedish state-owned aviation
                       Media reference points like articles in a newspaper (37%), articles in a    service company LFV.
                       magazine (35%), advertisements in a magazine or newspaper (33%) and
                       printed travel brochures (30%) were also used quite frequently for ideas    SAS has already carried out over 2000 A-CDAs (Advanced Continuous
                       but were not seen as being overly reliable. Perhaps these adverts can       Descent Approach) on flights in Sweden with a Boeing 737 and is the
                       best be viewed as triggers that encourage viewers to look for more          only commercial airline worldwide to have invested in the
                       information elsewhere.                                                      environmentally conscious program and tested it during a number of
                                                                                                   years. A trans-Atlantic green approach with an Airbus A330 is estimated
                       Other sources were seen as far more reliable, such as, travel               to save initially approximately 150 kilos of aircraft fuel and 470 kilos of
                       guidebooks and travel agents or tour operators but were used less often     carbon dioxide (CO2).
                       as sources of inspiration.
                                                                                                   svanen Certification - Svanen Miljomark, translated the Swan
                       An important point to note is that survey findings are weighted to mirror   Environmental Label, is Scandinavia’s official environmental certification
                       the on-line population of each country, and as such web-based tools are     label. The goal for the system is the establishment of a sustainable
                       likely to be over represented in the results, although with web access      society enabled by sustainable consumption. Certification is awarded

                       increasingly common (especially amongst those with the means for            after the product, service or technology is evaluated using a rigorous set
                       international travel), this is becoming less of an issue.                   of criteria based on principles of full lifecycle impact, function and
                                                                                                   The Handelsman Flink Restaurant at the Handelsman Flink Hotel, Flatön
                                                                                                   achieved the Svanen Certification in April 2008 and works hard at
                                                                                                   recycling and composting, serves locally produced food, uses energy
                                                                                                   saving products, and works with ecological products where possible.

                                                                                                   Koster Islands in West Sweden is almost completely car free. Visitors
                                                                                                   travel by ferry to the island, and travel by foot or bike once on the island.
                       11) Reaching Swedish Consumers (continued)

                       reaching swedish Visitors in the Uk                                        58% of visitors from Sweden watched British TV and 43% read British
                       In 2008 VisitBritain sponsored a question on the IPS to understand what    newspapers. 41% used the internet and 20% listened to the radio.
                       proportion of visitors from each country engaged with different forms of
                       media when actually in the UK.                                             When just looking at Holiday visitors, 61% watched British TV, 48% read
                                                                                                  British newspapers, 32% used the internet, and 20% listened to the radio.

                                                                                                  VFR visitors were slightly more likely to engage, with 68% watching
                                                                                                  British TV, 55% using the internet, 50% reading British newspapers, and
                                                                                                  29% listening to the radio.

                                                                                                  45% of Business visitors watched British TV, and 45% used the internet.
                                                                                                  29% read British newspapers and 13% listened to the radio.

                       12) The Trade

                       overview of trade structure                                                  swedish travel agencies
                       Sweden’s official travel trade association (RTS) was founded in 1992 and     Most retailers come into contact with Britain only through the sales of
                       has a membership of some 500 travel-related companies.                       Swedish tour operator packages. Very few will seek a direct contact with
                                                                                                    a British supplier to serve their clients, as they will always be looking for
                       Most of these companies have branch offices so the real membership is        the easiest and quickest way to sell a product. Approaching retail agents
                       approximately 1,500 offices.                                                 is therefore not usually advisable.

                       The most striking feature of the Swedish travel industry lies in its         reaching the swedish travel trade
                       concentration; the business and leisure sectors are both dominated by a      exhibitions
                       few very large interests. The independents are also often members of         tUr, Gothenburg: The first two days of TUR are reserved exclusively
                       alliances.                                                                   for the travel trade.

                       Main types of Britain packages sold through the travel trade:                sales Calls – top tips
                       • London air packages offering flight and hotel accommodation                Speak to VisitBritain in London before your visit for the latest information
                       • Special interest packages, e.g. golf, language schools, culture, self-     on the Nordic region and details of which organisations to target.
                         catering, group sports visits (football)
                       • England/Scotland/Wales coach tours                                         Cold calling is not advised, so before arriving you must make
                       • Fly-drive tours including air travel and rental car. Accommodation         appointments with the people you want to meet. VisitBritain can provide
                         vouchers might also be included                                            a list of trade contacts and give you advice on whom to call. Make
                                                                                                    appointments one to two weeks in advance and reconfirm them a few
                       swedish tour operators                                                       days before.
                       Many larger operators have worldwide or Europe-wide brochures
                       incorporating Britain programmes (heavily skewed towards London city         The most important thing to remember is whether your products are
                       breaks). We are witnessing fewer operators with distinct UK                  easy to sell and are popular. The trade looks for volume and simplicity.
                       programmes – suggesting that many consumers are now arranging their          Commission varies but is normally 7%-10%.
                       own weekend breaks to Britain online or direct with airlines.
                                                                                                    The typical working day in the travel trade is approximately 0900 to
                       Coach tour operators                                                         1700, with a lunch break of between 30 minutes to one hour.
                       The coach market is strongest in southwest Sweden because of its close
                       proximity to continental Europe. The market shows signs of growth for        In the summer, from mid-June to August, many people will be away on
                       both domestic and international traffic.                                     holiday, and others may leave the office as early as 1500. Also try to
                                                                                                    avoid arranging appointments on Friday afternoons.
                       special interest operators
                       Sweden has specialist agents operating in youth, sports, culture, seniors,   Easter is a major holiday time. Visits in the spring should also be carefully
                       self-catering and canal boat holidays. With a few exceptions, most           planned, as there are several public holidays in these months (see Public
                       notably the youth market, they tend to be small, privately run businesses    Holidays).
                       serving niche markets.
                                                                                                    Sales calls are necessary, particularly for hotels and handling agents who
                                                                                                    wish to make a mark, at least once a year and preferably twice if you are
                                                                                                    serious about the market. Once you make an appointment, try and stick
                                                                                                    to it and do not be late, punctuality is expected.

                                                                                                    Always respond to emails and faxes within 24 hours, even if it is just an
                                                                                                    acknowledgement (a quicker response is often expected to an email).

                                                                                                    Meetings should be used effectively. It is considered impolite not to be
                                                                                                    prepared. Try and use the first part of the meeting to find out as much as
                                                                                                    possible about your client’s needs and those of their customers.

                                                                                                    Finally, follow up after your visit. Renew contact with both those you did
                                                                                                    see and those you were unable to see. If you can, keep VisitBritain
                                                                                                    informed of the results of your visit – both good and bad.

                                                                                                    Public holidays 2010
                                                                                                    1 Jan            New Year´s Day
                                                                                                    6 Jan            Epiphany
                                                                                                    2- 5 april       Easter
                                                                                                    1 May            Official Holiday

                                                                                                    12 May           Whit Monday
                                                                                                    18 June          Midsummer’s Day
                                                                                                    24 Dec           Christmas Eve
                                                                                                    25 Dec           Christmas Day
                                                                                                    26 Dec           Boxing Day
                                                                                                    31 Dec           New Year’s Eve

                       13) Business Visits & events

                       Business Visits statistics
                       25% of travel from Sweden to the UK was for business purposes, and this
                       accounted for 27% of spend in 2009 (Source IPS). Swedish business
                       visits were made up of 23% Conferences, Large Meetings, Trade Fairs or
                       Exhibitions and 77% individual business travel.

                        Business Visitors sweden                      Visits 2009 (000)          Business Visits (%)     spend 2009 (£m)           Business spend (%)
                        Trade Fair / Exhibition*                                6                        4%                       4                          6%
                        Conference / Large Meeting*                            30                       19%                       13                        19%
                        Other Business*                                       118                       77%                       52                        75%
                        All Business Visits                                   153                      100%                       69                        100%
                        Business Visitors sweden                            aeV (£)                   aeD (£)               aLs (nights)
                        Trade Fair / Exhibition*                              690                       201                      3.4

                                                                                                                                                                                (Source: IPS)
                        Conference / Large Meeting*                           438                       164                      2.7
                        Other Business*                                       438                       133                      3.3
                        All Business Visits                                   448                       141                      3.2

                       *CAUTION - low sample sizes for types of business visitor mean that AEV
                       / AED / ALS figures should be seen as indicative only.                            For this type of buyer, Britain is in competition with the domestic Swedish
                                                                                                         market, other Nordic / Baltic destinations and Eastern Europe.

                                                                                                         One thing that the above have in common is that they both crave
                                                                                                         value for money.

                       Business Visits trends                                                            Overseas group travel includes both conferences and incentives.
                       shIe is the major meetings and incentives fair in Stockholm (held in              However, incentive participants are subject to heavy taxation so trips are
                       January). For more information see:                                   often disguised as a conference or have some token meeting element.
                                                                                                         within the incentive.
                       The most important factors Nordic buyers take into account when
                       choosing a destination are quality of accommodation, total cost, easy             Nordic people view the experience as very important. They want to
                       access, safety and attraction / excitement of the venue.                          engage in a wide range of activities and the level of accommodation is
                                                                                                         often sacrificed for this.
                       The manufacturing and consulting sectors in particular arrange events
                       overseas and these are mainly training, meetings and incentives.                  Activity conferences or incentives, where participants must be involved
                                                                                                         in physical adventure activities, are very popular, especially for groups
                       There are two broad types of Nordic meetings and incentive buyers:                aged under 40.

                       the affluent Buyer                                                                Experiences and a positive atmosphere are very important as a break
                       Always uses an intermediary agent (independent consultants, travel agents         from the routine environment. This aspect is likely to become even more
                       and meeting bookers). Budgets per delegate range from an absolute                 essential as desk-bound IT jobs increase. One thing for certain is that all
                       minimum of £390. The average is currently between £615 and £925. More             content needs to be clearly specified in proposals.
                       exclusive groups generally have budgets of between £1,385 and £1,540
                       per delegate. This type of buyer needs to be inspired to choose Britain           A strong rationale is always required for the meeting to take place.
                       against direct competitors (Spain, France, Italy, Germany and long haul).         Companies are becoming more aware that travel generally and
                                                                                                         particularly meetings and incentives should be effective and worthwhile,
                       the ‘DIY’ Buyer                                                                   and are therefore trying to cut out meetings which do not communicate
                       Is prepared to put together their own conferences or events and are               the right message.
                       nearly always on a very restricted budget. They will use budget airlines
                       and accept three-star accommodation.                                              Conferences are therefore being organised more professionally
                                                                                                         according to set objectives and are often evaluated following the event.
                       Intermediaries are often by-passed as they feel they can get the best
                       deals direct or on the Internet. Information gathering is done via the
                       Internet and through frequent calls to VisitBritain. This type of buyer
                       rarely has a budget over £460 per delegate.

                       14) VisitBritain in Sweden

                       Working in Partnership with VisitBritain                                  Johannes karlsson
                       There are many ways of working in partnership with VisitBritain. In       Press & PR Manager, Nordic Region
                       agreement with our strategic partners – VisitScotland, Visit Wales,       Tel: +46 (0)8 440 17 06, Mob: +46 (0)702 58 64 53
                       VisitEngland and Visit London, we operate the Overseas Network as a       Fax: +46 (0)8 21 31 29
                       platform for the five brands and will continue to deliver the following   E-mail:
                       activity in all these markets on behalf of these brands and the travel
                       industry:                                                                 London Contacts/Further Information
                                                                                                 For any further information relating to the Swedish market, please
                       travel trade:                                                             contact:
                       • Account management of key carriers and major tour operators
                                                                                                 nikki Buckley
                       • Management of a travel trade e-crm programme
                                                                                                 International Partnerships Consultant - Europe
                       • Staging of B2B missions and events
                       • Familiarisation visits to major trade shows in Britain
                                                                                                 T: 020 8563 3048
                       Media relations:
                                                                                                 Alternatively, visit VisitBritain’s dedicated website for the UK tourism
                       • Account management of key contacts in print, broadcast and online
                       media                                                                     industry and a searchable database of all VisitBritain’s Marketing
                       • Database of publications and journalists                                Opportunities:
                       • Media briefs and press releases
                       • Distribution of Britain Calling                                         Why not sign up to our Industry e-newsletter, or register with
                       • Assisted press visits programme                                         VisitBritain to be kept up to date with all that’s new in sweden
                                                                                                 and other markets worldwide?
                       Provision of Insights and Market Intelligence:
                       • Market profiles                                               
                       • Market insight reports
                                                                                                 Information sources Used to Compile this report
                       Public Diplomacy Management:                                              • International Passenger Survey figures (IPS) (Office for
                       • British Council                                                           National Statistics)
                       • FCO
                                                                                                 nB: Data from International Passenger Survey has been made
                       Britain marketing will be delivered as specified:                         available by the Office for National Statistics and has been used by
                       VisitBritain leads on marketing Britain and signposts strategic partner   permission. The ONS do not bear any responsibility for the analysis or
                       brands. There is a strong focus on building the long term value of the    interpretation of the data reported here.
                       Britain brand and educating consumers about the constituent brands.
                                                                                                 • Anholt-GMI Nation Brands Index - 2006 & 2007
                       For more details on these and other diverse opportunities in markets of   • Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index - 2008 & 2009
                       interest to you, please visit our UK Industry Website and read our        • Eye for Travel European Online Travel Report 2007
                       worldwide marketing prospectus, or contact your VisitBritain              • VisitBritain Foresight – April 2006 & October 2004
                       representative in London or overseas.                                     • IMF / Economist / US Census Bureau
                                                                   • CIA World Fact Book
                       overseas Contacts                                                         • BBC Websites
                       VisitBritain – stockholm                                                  • Tourism Decision Metrics, Tourism Economics
                       VisitBritain                                                              • UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation)
                       Klara Norra Kyrkogata 29                                                  • FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
                       103 62 Stockholm, Sweden                                                  • UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)
                       Fax: 00 46 8 21 31 29                                             
                                                                                                 • ETC (European Travel Commission) and ETC New Media Trendwatch
                       Leif Leganger                                                             • Internet World Stats 2008
                       Marketing Manager B2B                                                     • VisitBritain Sweden Business Plans, Insights and Intelligence Reports
                       Email:                                      • Swedish Golf Association
                       Tel: 0046 8 4401 703                                                      • SAS Scandinavian Airlines
                                                                                                 • Handelsman Flink (
                                                                                                 • European Commission study looking at attitudes towards tourism
                                                                                                 • VistitBritain Research


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