UFC Sweden Media Notes by gusryan100


                                   ERICCSON GLOBE – SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2012 – STOCKHOLM SWEDEN
                                              ALL BOUTS LIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE
          Red Corner                                                                                    Blue Corner

                                              Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds
         Jason Young                                                                                     Eric Wisely
South East London, England – 8-5                                                                      Clinton, IA – 19-7

                                              Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds
      Simeon Thoresen                                                                                  Besam Yousef
     Oslo, Norway – 16-2-1                                                                        Gothenburg, Sweden – 6-0

                                               Lightweight Bout 3 Rounds
         Reza Madadi                                                                                Yoislandy Izquierdo
   Stockholm, Sweden – 11-2                                                                           Miami, FL – 6-0

                                              Middleweight Bout 3 Rounds
       Francis Carmont                                                                               Magnus Cedenblad
Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 17-7                                                                   Stockholm, Sweden – 10-3

                                            Light Heavyweight Bout 3 Rounds
         Cyrille Diabate                                                                               Tom DeBlass
Rueil Malmaison, France – 18-8-3                                                                   Forked River, NJ – 7-0

                                              Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds
          Papy Abedi                                                                                    James Head
    Stockholm, Sweden – 8-1                                                                        Oklahoma City, OK – 7-2

                                              Bantamweight Bout 3 Rounds
        Brad Pickett                                                                                   Damacio Page
   Coconut Creek, FL – 21-6                                                                        Albuquerque, NM – 12-6

                                              Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds
     DaMarques Johnson                                                                             John Maguire
   Salt Lake City, Utah – 18-9                                                                Cambridge, England – 17-3

                                              Featherweight Bout 3 Rounds
       Dennis Siver                                                                                     Diego Nunes
  Mannheim, Germany – 19-8                                                                         Los Angeles, CA – 17-2

                                              Welterweight Bout 3 Rounds
         Paulo Thiago                                                                            Siyar Bahadurzada
      Brasilia, Brazil – 14-3                                                              Amsterdam, Netherlands – 20-4-1

                                              Middleweight Bout 3 Rounds
         Brian Stann                                                                                  Alessio Sakara
      Scranton, PA – 11-4                                                                          Miami, FL – 19-8-0, 1NC

                                            Light Heavyweight Bout 3 Rounds
    Alexander Gustafsson                                                                                Thiago Silva
   Stockholm, Sweden – 13-1                                                                  Sao Paulo, Brazil – 14-2-0, 1NC



The Octagon lands in Sweden for the first time
For the first time in UFC® history, the Octagon® is in Sweden. The Ultimate Fighting Championship - the world's premier
organization for mixed martial arts – sold out this event in a European record three hours. The first European UFC event of
2012 will be held in the prestigious Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, adding yet another highly- important market to
UFC’s global expansion.

In the main event, the precociously talented Swede Alexander Gustafsson takes on his most dangerous opponent to date in
the form of Brazilian Thiago Silva.

“Sweden has been on our radar for a long time and on April 14, we’re excited to finally bring the UFC to Stockholm,” UFC
President Dana White said. “European fans really get behind their fighters, and I know a lot of fans in Sweden believe
Gustafsson can go on to do big things in the division. He’s got a lot of pressure on his shoulders and Thiago Silva is nasty
and is coming here looking to send a lot of fans home unhappy. I can’t wait for this fight.”

Gustafsson said: “This is a dream come true for me. To headline a major UFC card – and in my hometown – is something I
dreamed about when I was young. I started boxing aged 10 and used to imagine winning a world title – this is as close as I’ve
got yet to achieving this dream and I cannot wait to go out there in front of my family and friends and perform.”

Family tragedy puts word ‘loss’ in perspective for Stann
Middleweight contender Brian Stann suffered a crushing reversal in his last fight, when he was dominated and submitted
inside two rounds by No.1 contender Chael Sonnen last October. However, the term ‘loss’ was put into an awful perspective
when a family tragedy struck Stann and his wife two days before Christmas.

The American explained: “Two days before Christmas my wife lost her little brother, Louie, in a very violent death. He was
only 26 years old and it was horribly unexpected.

“It also really put the notion of loss into perspective for me. My last professional loss, to Chael Sonnen in October, wasn't a
testing time at all in retrospect. That was just a defeat in a sport. I lost a fight. What could have gone wrong did go wrong.
That was all. Nobody got hurt and there was no irreparable damage.

“Unlike the Sonnen loss, the death of my brother-in-law was a genuinely trying situation. I remember the moment I heard the
news like it was only yesterday. We were in baggage claim when I got the call. It was our first time home in Pennsylvania,
where we planned to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families. I had to tell my wife the news as we landed
in Pennsylvania. There is nothing worse than watching the woman you love be completely devastated and heartbroken by a
piece of news you've delivered to her. It was one of the lowest points of my life.

“Fighting has always been a release from the toughest parts of life for me. When I fight, there’s a moment of complete
clarity, and training has been a great distraction for me and my wife. My brother-in-law was a huge supporter of my MMA
career, and I will dedicate this win to him.”

For more information, or current UFC fight news, visit UFC.com.


What is Mixed Martial Arts?
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest sports discipline in the world. Two combatants compete against each other using a
mixture of martial art such as boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, judo, taekwondo (all Olympic sports) as
well as other traditional martial arts including kickboxing, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing. Contests last for three,
five minute rounds – or five rounds for UFC Title fights – unless a combatant wins inside the distance by scoring a stoppage
or submission.

If the bout lasts the distance, a winner is found via the scorecards of three ringside judges, who use the same ’10-point must’
system utilized in boxing, where the winner of the round receives 10 points and the loser of the round receives 9 or less. Each
judge’s scorecard is tallied up at the end of the final round and whichever the majority of the judges have adjudged to have
won the most rounds is declared the winner.

What is the Ultimate Fighting Championship?
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. Established in 1993 the
UFC is the Premier League or National Football League of mixed martial arts and boasts the world’s élite and most
experienced MMA athletes. In January 2001, under the new ownership of Zuffa, LLC, the UFC brand restructured MMA into
a highly organised and controlled combat sport. UFC programming is now available in a billion homes worldwide.

Is the UFC “no-holds barred” fighting?
No. The UFC has an extensive set of rules and regulations including a list of over 32 fouls. ‘No holds barred’ is a
professional wrestling term which is inapplicable to the sport of mixed martial arts.

Are UFC fights safe?
Yes, the UFC makes every effort towards athlete safety, from medical and drug testing, to weight classes to prevent
mismatches, having trained referees and judges, consistent rules, standardised rounds, approved gloves and many other
elements necessary to protect the health and safety of the UFC’s athletes. After 19 years and over 1,600 UFC bouts, the most
serious injury suffered by an athlete is a broken arm. There has never been a life-threatening injury or fatality in a UFC bout.

Didn’t US Senator John McCain campaign against the UFC?
He did... in 1997! However, since 2001 and the implementation of further rules and regulations, the UFC has received
licenses from states throughout the US, including Nevada, California and New Jersey.

And, speaking in May 2007, Senator McCain said: “Many, many years ago I criticized extreme fighting, but I know the sport
has grown up, and that rules have been adopted to give its athletes better protections and to ensure better and fairer
competition. I hope the sport continues its focus on integrity, because its many fans deserve nothing less."

Why do the contests take place inside a cage?
The ‘cage’ utilized by the UFC is known as the Octagon™ and, as you would expect given the name, it is an eight sided
structure. The Octagon’s specific structure was designed for two main reasons:

    1. fighter safety, as the robust fence eliminates the chance of fighters tumbling out of the ring as sometimes happens in
       kick-boxing and boxing.
    2. The eight-sided structure is unique in combat sports and therefore eliminates the advantage enjoyed by a competitor
       well-versed in ‘cutting off the ring’ as a boxer or kickboxer does using adept footwork.

The UFC Octagon is a US registered trademark of Zuffa, LLC. Constructed with commission approved canvas, padding and
fencing, the Octagon has become symbolic with the highest standards of safety in all of mixed martial arts.

What kind of protective gear do competitors wear?
UFC competitors wear regulation 4oz gloves, a gum shield, a protective cup under their Thai boxing or MMA shorts and also
wrap their hands in gauze and a limited amount of medical bandages before putting on their gloves. They compete stripped to
the waist and barefoot. Unlike boxing gloves, MMA gloves are thumbless in order to better facilitate the grappling aspect of
mixed martial arts.

It is worth pointing out that boxing gloves are designed to protect a fighter’s hands, not his opponents face and body.
Moreover, because of the differences between the two sports, a MMA fighter will never be punched to the head hundreds of
times per bout as in boxing.

What are the weight divisions in MMA?
The UFC currently has eight weight divisions: Heavyweight (upper limit 265lbs), Light Heavyweight (205lbs), Middleweight
(upper limit 185lbs), Welterweight (upper limit 170lbs), Lightweight (upper limit 155lbs), Featherweight (upper limit
145lbs), Bantamweight (upper limit 135lbs) and Flyweight (upper limit 125). These weight divisions help ensure there are no
mismatches. There is one champion is each weight class with the Flyweight Champion yet to be crowned. Champions
defend their titles two or three times a year against the best available challengers.

What kind of pre-bout medical tests are UFC athletes required to take?
All UFC competitors are comprehensively examined by fully licensed doctors. In addition, they must undergo a dilated
ophthalmologic eye examination, a MRI scan, a cerebral magnetic resonance angiography, a HIV test and a hepatitis test
before they are allowed to compete in the UFC. The UFC – or the regulatory bodies the UFC works with – also tests for
performance-enhancers and other banned substances.

What medical precautions are taken?
Fighter safety is of paramount concern to the UFC and extensive medical precautions are taken during fight week. Two
doctors will be present at the weigh-ins, which take place 24 hours before the event. Four doctors will be present during the
actual event during each fight, two paramedic teams and two ambulances will also be on hand. The medical teams present at
UFC events are highly experienced in working on combat sports shows.

Local neurological and accident and emergency hospitals are fully briefed ahead a UFC event that a combat sport show is
taking place and are on standby.

JASON YOUNG                                                                     ERIC WISELY
NICKNAME: Jason “Shotgun” Young                                                 NICKNAME: Eric “Little Lee” Wisely
WEIGHT CLASS: Featherweight                                                     WEIGHT CLASS: Featherweight
AGE: 25 (6/28/86)                                                               AGE: 27 (7/25/84)
BIRTHPLACE: Lewisham, England                                                   BIRTHPLACE: East Moline, IL
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9” / 145 lbs.                                                  HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’8” / 145 lbs.
REACH: -                                                                        REACH: -
FIGHTING OUT OF: South East London, England                                     FIGHTING OUT OF: Clinton, IA
MMA RECORD: 8-5                                                                 MMA RECORD: 19-7
UFC RECORD: 0-2                                                                 UFC RECORD: 0-1
TRAINER/TEAM: American Top Team                                                 TRAINER/TEAM: Milletich’s, Morrison Wrestling, Team Conquest MMA
TWITTER: @Shotgun_Young                                                         TWITTER: @EricWisely

UFC HISTORY                                                                     UFC HISTORY
 L Michihiro Omigawa UFC 138           11/5/11    Unanimous      R3 5:00         L Charles Oliveira      UFC on Fox      1/28/12   Submission      R1 1:43
 L Dustin Poirier    UFC 131           6/11/11    Unanimous      R3 5:00

NOTES                                                                           NOTES
• Three wins by knockout, one by submission                                     • Pro since 2006
• On two fight losing streak                                                    • Seven wins by KO / TKO, three by submission
• Pro since 2006                                                                • Lost to Erik Koch early in his career (2007)
• All but two of his losses via submission                                      • Holds wins over UFC vets Hermes Franca (twice) and Matt Veach
• Win over Jorge Britto won Fight of the Year (The Score Fighting Series)       • Took decision loss against Pat Healy in lone Strikeforce fight, in 2011
• Worked as a plasterer before beginning his fighting career                    • Has won five of his last seven

SIMEON THORESEN                                                                 BESAM YOUSEF
NICKNAME: Simeon “The Grin” Thoresen                                            NICKNAME: None
WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight                                                      WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight
AGE: 28 (3/14/84)                                                               AGE: 27 (3/25/85)
BIRTHPLACE: Sandefjord, Norway                                                  BIRTHPLACE: Al-Hassake, Syria
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1” / 170 lbs.                                                  HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 170 lbs.
REACH: 83”                                                                      REACH: 71”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Oslo, Norway                                                   FIGHTING OUT OF: Gothenburg, Sweden
MMA RECORD: 16-2-1                                                              MMA RECORD: 6-0
UFC RECORD: Debut                                                               UFC RECORD: Debut
TRAINER/TEAM: Frontline Academy                                                 TRAINER/TEAM: August Wallén
TWITTER: @SimeonTheGrin                                                         TWITTER: @BesamYousef

UFC HISTORY                                                                     UFC HISTORY
Debut                                                                           Debut

NOTES                                                                           NOTES
• Pro since 2006                                                                • Pro since 2008
• 14 wins by submission, one by KO                                              • Three wins by submission, two by KO
• Unbeaten in eight of his last nine                                            • Four first round finishes
• On two fight winning streak                                                   • Undefeated, six fight win streak
• Has trained with PRIDE, Dream, Shooto vet Joachim Hansen
• Has background in gymnastics

REZA MADADI                                                          YOISLANDY IZQUIERDO
NICKNAME: Reza “Mad Dog” Madadi                                      NICKNAME: Yoislandy “Cuba” Izquierdo
WEIGHT CLASS: Lightweight                                            WEIGHT CLASS: Lightweight
AGE: 33 (6/20/78)                                                    AGE: 28 (1/9/84)
BIRTHPLACE: Teheran, Iran                                            BIRTHPLACE: Havana, Cuba
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 155 lbs.                                      HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 155 lbs.
REACH: -                                                             REACH: -
FIGHTING OUT OF: Stockholm, Sweden                                   FIGHTING OUT OF: Miami, FL
MMA RECORD: 11-2                                                     MMA RECORD: 6-0
UFC RECORD: Debut                                                    UFC RECORD: Debut
TRAINER/TEAM: Hilti, Pancrase Gym                                    TRAINER/TEAM: Eric “El Tigre” Castanos, Manuel “Manolo” Lopez, Young
TWITTER: @RezaMaddog                                                 TWITTER: @YoislandyMMA

UFC HISTORY                                                          UFC HISTORY
Debut                                                                Debut

NOTES                                                                NOTES
• Pro since 2006                                                     • Pro since 2010
• Six wins by submission, two by KO                                  • Three wins by knockout, one by submission
• On six fight winning streak                                        • Three first round finishes
• Last three wins have come against UFC vets Junie Browning          • Served in the military in Cuba
(Submission), Carlo Prater (unanimous dec.), and Rich Clementi       • On six fight win steak
(unanimous dec.)                                                     • Holds CFA belt for Lightweight Championship in 2011, won 3rd Dan black
• Started off as a wrestler at the age of 10                         belt in Judokickbox 2012, and won ISKA Champion 2009
• Earned a Sport Teaching Degree

FRANCIS CARMONT                                                              MAGNUS CEDENBLAD
NICKNAME: Francis “Limitless” Carmont                                        NICKNAME: Magnus “Jycken” Cedenblad
WEIGHT CLASS: Middleweight                                                   WEIGHT CLASS: Middleweight
AGE: 30 (11/10/81)                                                           AGE: 30 (4/10/82)
BIRTHPLACE: Paris, France                                                    BIRTHPLACE: Stockholm, Sweden
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’3” / 185 lbs.                                               HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’3” / 185 lbs.
REACH: -                                                                     REACH: -
FIGHTING OUT OF: Montreal, Quebec, Canada                                    FIGHTING OUT OF: Stockholm, Sweden
MMA RECORD: 17-7                                                             MMA RECORD: 10-3
UFC RECORD: 1-0                                                              UFC RECORD: Debut
TRAINER/TEAM: Firas Zahabi, Olivier Reynaud, Norman Paraisy, Denis           TRAINER/TEAM: Omar Bouiche
Kang, Rory MacDonald, Nordine Taled, Alex Garcia, GSP, Tristar
TWITTER: @FrancisCarmont                                                     TWITTER: @MagnusCedenblad

UFC HISTORY                                                                  UFC HISTORY
W Chris Camozzi         UFC 137      10/29/11 Unanimous     R3 5:00          Debut

NOTES                                                                        NOTES
• Pro since 2004                                                             • Pro since 2007
• Teammate of Georges St-Pierre                                              • Started career out at 0-2; has since gone 10-1
• Eight wins by submission, six by KO                                        • On seven fight winning streak
• On six fight winning streak                                                • Six wins by knockout, three by submission
• Most recent pre-UFC win was a first round TKO of UFC vet Jason Day         • Seven first round finishes
• Has worked as a club security and has managed a restaurant                 • Earned a Physiotherapist Degree
• Holds a KSW tournament belt in Poland, and won SHC Light Heavyweight       • Nickname “Jycken” stands for “The Pooch”
belt in Switzerland

CYRILLE DIABATE                                                              TOM DEBLASS
NICKNAME: Cyrille “The Snake” Diabate                                        NICKNAME: None
WEIGHT CLASS: Light Heavyweight                                              WEIGHT CLASS: Light Heavyweight
AGE: 38 (10/6/73)                                                            AGE: 29 (5/14/82)
BIRTHPLACE: Celle Saint Cloud, Paris, France                                 BIRTHPLACE: New Brunswick, NJ
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’6” / 205 lbs.                                               HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0” / 205 lbs.
REACH: 81”                                                                   REACH: 75”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Rueil Malmaison, France                                     FIGHTING OUT OF: Forked River, NJ
MMA RECORD: 18-8-3                                                           MMA RECORD: 7-0
UFC RECORD: 2-2                                                              UFC RECORD: Debut
TRAINER/TEAM: Alliance MMA, Hendo & Team Quest, Snake Team                   TRAINER/TEAM: Ricardo Almeida, Mark Henry, Renzo Gracie Team
TWITTER: @CyrilleDiabate                                                     TWITTER: @TomDeBlass

UFC HISTORY                                                                  UFC HISTORY
 L Anthony Perosh         UFC 138    11/5/11    Submission   R2   3:09       Debut
W Steve Cantwell          UFC Live   3/3/11     Unanimous    R3   5:00
 L Alexander Gustafsson   UFC 120    10/16/10   Submission   R2   2:41
W Luiz Cané               UFC 114    5/29/10    TKO          R1   2:13

NOTES                                                                        NOTES
• Has won 11 of his last 14 bouts                                            • Pro since 2010
• Nine wins by knockout; five by submission                                  • Two wins by KO, two by submission
• Assistant coach for Team USA on season nine of The Ultimate Fighter        • Stable mate of former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar
• Pro since 1999                                                             • Earned a Bachelor Degree in Education and Special Education
• Has defeated UFC vets James Zikic, Lodune Sincaid and PRIDE vet Bob        • Worked as a school teacher until becoming owner of Ocean County
Schrijber                                                                    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which he currently still owns

PAPY ABEDI                                                                     JAMES HEAD
NICKNAME: Papy “Makambo” Abedi                                                 NICKNAME: None
WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight                                                     WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight
AGE: 33 (6/30/78)                                                              AGE: 28 (2/9/84)
BIRTHPLACE: Kinshasa Dem. Rep. Kongo                                           BIRTHPLACE: Highland, IL
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 170 lbs.                                                HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1” / 170 lbs.
REACH: -                                                                       REACH: -
FIGHTING OUT OF: Stockholm, Sweden                                             FIGHTING OUT OF: Oklahoma City, OK
MMA RECORD: 8-1                                                                MMA RECORD: 7-2
UFC RECORD: 0-1                                                                UFC RECORD: 0-1
TRAINER/TEAM: Nexus Fight Center                                               TRAINER/TEAM: Lovato’s School of BJJ, MMA & R1-MMA
TWITTER: @TeamMakambo                                                          TWITTER: @TheJamesHead

UFC HISTORY                                                                    UFC HISTORY
 L Thiago Alves       UFC 138        11/5/11   Submission    R1 3:32            L Nick Ring             UFC 131      6/11/11   Submission    R3 3:33

NOTES                                                                          NOTES
• Pro since 2006                                                               • Pro since 2006
• Five wins by knockout, two by submission                                     • Four wins by knockout, two by submission
• Last pre-UFC win was back in October of 2010 against Nathan Schouteren       • Making welterweight debut
which ended in a first round submission                                        • Last pre-UFC victory was February 2011 decision win over UFC vet Gerald
• Eight fight win streak snapped by loss to Thiago Alves                       Harris
                                                                               • Only pre-UFC loss is via decision in 2009 to UFC vet Jesse Forbes
                                                                               • Earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering from
                                                                               University of Missouri-Rolla

BRAD PICKETT                                                                 DAMACIO PAGE
NICKNAME: Brad “One Punch” Pickett                                           NICKNAME: Damacio “The Angel of Death” Page
WEIGHT CLASS: Bantamweight                                                   WEIGHT CLASS: Bantamweight
AGE: 33 (9/24/78)                                                            AGE: 29 (9/30/82)
BIRTHPLACE: East London, England                                             BIRTHPLACE: Albuquerque, NM
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6” / 135 lbs.                                               HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6” / 135 lbs.
REACH: 68”                                                                   REACH: 66”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Coconut Creek, FL                                           FIGHTING OUT OF: Albuquerque, NM
MMA RECORD: 21-6                                                             MMA RECORD: 12-6
UFC RECORD: 0-1                                                              UFC RECORD: 0-1
TRAINER/TEAM: Mickey Papas, Team Titan, American Top Team                    TRAINER/TEAM: Lil’ John Dodson, Nick Urso, Leonard Garcia, Diego
                                                                             Brandao, Travis Marx, Team Jackson
TWITTER: @One_Punch                                                          TWITTER: @DamacioPage

UFC HISTORY                                                                  UFC HISTORY
 L Renan Pegado          UFC 138      11/5/11   Submission    R1 4:09         L Brian Bowles            UFC Live      3/3/11     Submission R1 3:30

WEC HISTORY                                                                  WEC HISTORY
W Ivan Menjivar           WEC 53       12/16/10 Unanimous     R3 5:00         L Demetrious              WEC 52        11/11/10 Submission R3 2:27
 L Scott Jorgensen        WEC 50       8/18/10 Unanimous      R3 5:00           Johnson
W Demetrious              WEC 48       4/24/10 Unanimous      R3 5:00        W Will Campuzano           WEC 43        10/10/09   Submission   R1   1:02
   Johnson                                                                   W Marcos Galvão            WEC 39        3/1/09     KO           R1   0:18
W Kyle Dietz              WEC 45       12/19/09 Submission R2 4:35            L Brian Bowles            WEC 35        8/3/08     Submission   R1   3:30
                                                                             W Scott Jorgensen          WEC 32        2/13/08    Unanimous    R3   5:00

NOTES                                                                        NOTES
• Pro since 2004                                                             • Pro since 2005
• Nine wins by submission, six by knockout                                   • Has won two of his last four
• 3-1 WEC record                                                             • On two fight losing streak
• Worked in the fashion industry at Maharishi in London                      • Johnson fight was his first in a year due to injury
• UFC debut fight against Renan Barao was awarded Fight of the Night         • Six wins by KO, five by submission
                                                                             • Lost 2006 bout to Genki Sudo in K-1 Dynamite show in 2006
                                                                             • Win to Marcos Galvao won Knockout of the Night
                                                                             • Attended Cerritos Jr. College, earning his Associates Degree

DAMARQUES JOHNSON                                                                 JOHN MAGUIRE
NICKNAME: DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson                                            NICKNAME: John “The One” Maguire
WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight                                                        WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight
AGE: 29 (6/28/82)                                                                 AGE: 28 (5/19/83)
BIRTHPLACE: Salt Lake City, UT                                                    BIRTHPLACE: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1” / 170 lbs.                                                    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’9” / 170 lbs.
REACH: 75”                                                                        REACH: 69”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Salt Lake City, Utah                                             FIGHTING OUT OF: Cambridge, England
MMA RECORD: 18-9                                                                  MMA RECORD: 17-3
UFC RECORD: 4-3                                                                   UFC RECORD: 1-0
TRAINER/TEAM: Jeremy Horn, Matt Pena                                              TRAINER/TEAM: Robbie Olivier, Pro-Am Fight Centre
TWITTER: @damarques_Ufc                                                           TWITTER: @MaguireTheOne

UFC HISTORY                                                                       UFC HISTORY
W Clay Harvison         UFC on Fox1     11/12/11   KO            R1   1:34        W Justin Edwards     UFC 138          11/5/11   Unanimous   R3 5:00
 L Amir Sadollah        UFN 24          3/26/11    Submission    R2   3:27
W Mike Guymon           UFN 23          1/22/11    Submission    R1   3:22
 L Matt Riddle          UFC on VS       8/1/10     TKO           R2   4:29
W Brad Blackburn        UFC 112         4/10/10    TKO           R3   2:08
W Edgar Garcia          UFC 107         12/12/09   Submission    R1   4:03
 L James Wilks          TUF 9           6/20/09    Submission    R1   4:54

NOTES                                                                             NOTES
• Win over Garcia was UFC 107’s Submission of the Night                           • Pro since 2006
• Win over Blackburn was UFC 112’s KO of the Night                                • Nine wins by submission, three by KO
• Has won four of his last six                                                    • On six fight winning streak
• Fought UFC / WEC vet Brock Larson in third pro fight, losing via                • Defeated TUF9’s Dean Amasinger by submission in February of 2011
submission in the third round                                                     • Worked as an industrial boiler erector
• Pro since 2005
• Eight wins by submission, six by TKO / KO
• Has never gone to decision in his seven career UFC fights
• Served in the United States Army and National Guard

DENNIS SIVER                                                                         DIEGO NUNES
NICKNAME: None                                                                       NICKNAME: Diego “The Gun” Nunes
WEIGHT CLASS: Featherweight                                                          WEIGHT CLASS: Featherweight
AGE: 33 (1/13/79)                                                                    AGE: 29 (11/30/82)
BIRTHPLACE: Omsk, Russia                                                             BIRTHPLACE: Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande so Sul, Brazil
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’7” / 145 lbs.                                                       HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’6” / 145 lbs.
REACH: 70”                                                                           REACH: 67”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Mannheim, Germany                                                   FIGHTING OUT OF: Los Angeles, CA
MMA RECORD: 19-8                                                                     MMA RECORD: 17-2
UFC RECORD: 8-5                                                                      UFC RECORD: 2-1
TRAINER/TEAM: Team Kiboju, MMA Spirit, Alliance BJJ                                  TRAINER/TEAM: Rafael Cordeiro, Kenny Johnson, Pedro Munhoz, Rafael
                                                                                     do Anjos, Carlos Eduardo Rocha, Coaches Yukka and Sarabia, Lyoto
                                                                                     Machida, Roger Gracie
TWITTER: @DennisSiver                                                                TWITTER: @TheGunNunes

UFC HISTORY                                                                          UFC HISTORY
 L Donald Cerrone       UFC 137     10/29/11 Submission           R1 2:22            W Manvel Gamburyan        UFC 141     12/30/11 Unanimous       R3 5:00
W Matt Wiman            UFC 132     7/2/11   Unanimous            R3 5:00             L Kenny Florian          UFC 131     6/11/11 Unanimous        R3 5:00
W George                            2/27/11 Unanimous             R3 5:00            W Mike Brown              UFC 125     1/1/11   Split           R3 5:00
                        UFC 127
W Andre Winner          UFC 122     11/13/10   Submission         R1   3:37          WEC HISTORY
W Spencer Fisher        TUF         6/19/10    Unanimous          R3   5:00          W Tyler Toner             WEC 51      9/30/10    Unanimous     R3     5:00
 L Ross Pearson         UFN         3/31/10    Unanimous          R3   5:00          W Raphael Assunção        WEC 49      6/20/10    Split         R3     5:00
W Paul Kelly            UFC 105     11/14/09   TKO                R2   2:53           L LC Davis               WEC 44      11/18/09   Unanimous     R3     5:00
W Dale Hartt            UFC 99      6/13/09    Submission         R1   3:23          W Rafael Dias             WEC 42      8/9/09     Unanimous     R3     5:00
W Nate Mohr             UFC 93      1/17/09    TKO                R3   3:27          W Cole Province           WEC 37      12/3/08    Unanimous     R3     5:00
 L Melvin Guillard      UFC 86      7/5/08     KO                 R1   0:36
 L Gray Maynard         UFN         1/23/08    Unanimous          R3   5:00
W Naoyuki Kotani        UFC 75      9/8/07     KO                 R2   2:04
 L Jess Liaudin         UFC 70      4/21/07    Submission         R1   1:21

NOTES                                                                                NOTES
• Has won eight of his last 10                                                       • 4-1 in the WEC with wins over Cole Province, Rafael Dias, Raphael
• Won KO of the Night for wins over Mohr and Kelly                                   Assuncao, and Tyler Toner
• Submission of the Night for win over Winner, and Fight of the Night in Loss        • Lone WEC loss was via decision to LC Davis
to Pearson                                                                           • Loss to Florian broke three fight winning streak
• Featherweight debut; has also fought at lightweight and welterweight               • Six wins by submission, five by knockout
• Nine wins by submission, five by KO / TKO                                          • Teammate of UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo
• Has fought in Germany, Australia, Sweden, England, Slovenia, and the
United States
• Pro since 2004
• German Kickboxing Champion in 1997, and Freefight Champion in 2003 –
2004 (FFA)

PAULO THIAGO                                                                      SIYAR BAHADURZADA
NICKNAME: None                                                                    NICKNAME: Siyar “The Great” Bahadurzada
WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight                                                        WEIGHT CLASS: Welterweight
AGE: 31 (1/25/81)                                                                 AGE: 27 (4/17/84)
BIRTHPLACE: Brasilia, Brazil                                                      BIRTHPLACE: Kabul, Afghanistan
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 170 lbs.                                                   HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5’11” / 170 lbs.
REACH: 72”                                                                        REACH: 76”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Brasilia, Brazil                                                 FIGHTING OUT OF: Amsterdam, Netherlands
MMA RECORD: 14-3                                                                  MMA RECORD: 20-4-1
UFC RECORD: 4-3                                                                   UFC RECORD: Debut
TRAINER/TEAM: Master Ataide Junior, Rodrigo Aguiar, Edmundo, Alex                 TRAINER/TEAM: Fighting Factory Carbin (F.F.C.), Martial Arts Academy
Nacfur, Lula Guerreiro, Rafael Alejarra
TWITTER: @PauloThiagoMMA                                                          TWITTER: @SiyarTheKiller

UFC HISTORY                                                                       UFC HISTORY
W David Mitchell           UFC 134     8/27/11 Unanimous        R3 5:00           Debut
 L Diego Sanchez           UFC 121     10/23/10 Unanimous       R3 5:00
 L Martin Kampmann         UFC 115     6/12/10 Unanimous        R3 5:00
W                                               Tech
    Mike Swick             UFC 109     2/6/10                   R2 1:54
W    Jacob Volkmann        UFC 106     11/21/09 Unanimous       R3 5:00
L    Jon Fitch             UFC 100     7/11/09 Unanimous        R3 5:00
W    Josh Koscheck         UFC 95      2/21/09 KO               R1 3:29

NOTES                                                                             NOTES
• Member of Brazilian special operations police force, Bope                       • Pro since 2002
• Eight wins by submission (three by arm triangle, one each by rear naked,        • On six fight winning streak
triangle, guillotine, anaconda, D’Arce)                                           • 10 wins by KO, six by submission
• Win over Mitchell snapped two fight losing streak                               • Holds wins over John Alessio, Derrick Noble, Evangelista Santos
• Win over Koscheck was one of the biggest knockouts and upsets of 2009           • Born in Afghanistan, and moved to the Netherlands with his family when he
• Loss to Sanchez was Fight of the Night, KO of Koscheck was Knockout of          was 15
the Night, and Submission of Swick was Submission of the Night                    • Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Languages
• Pro since 2005

BRIAN STANN                                                                  ALESSIO SAKARA
NICKNAME: “All American” Brian Stann                                         NICKNAME: Alessio “Legionarius” Sakara
WEIGHT CLASS: Middleweight                                                   WEIGHT CLASS: Middleweight
AGE: 31 (9/24/80)                                                            AGE: 30 (9/2/81)
BIRTHPLACE: Yokota Airbase Japan                                             BIRTHPLACE: Rome, Italy
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1” / 185 lbs.                                               HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0” / 185 lbs.
REACH: 74”                                                                   REACH: 72”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Scranton, PA                                                FIGHTING OUT OF: Miami, FL
MMA RECORD: 11-4                                                             MMA RECORD: 19-8-0, 1NC
UFC RECORD: 5-3                                                              UFC RECORD: 6-5-0, 1NC
TRAINER/TEAM: Winkeljohn, Team Jackson                                       TRAINER/TEAM: American Top Team, Camp ATT
TWITTER: @BrianStann                                                         TWITTER: @SakaraLegio

UFC HISTORY                                                                  UFC HISTORY
 L Chael Sonnen            UFC 136     10/8/11   Submission     R2   3:51     L Chris Weidman          UFC Live     3/3/11     Unanimous      R3   5:00
W Jorge Santiago           UFC 130     5/28/11   TKO            R2   4:29    W James Irvin             UFC Live     3/21/10    TKO            R1   3:01
W Chris Leben              UFC 125     1/1/11    TKO            R1   3:37    W Thales Leites           UFC 101      8/8/09     Split          R3   5:00
W Mike Massenzio           UFC Live    8/1/10    Submission     R3   3:10    W Joe Vedepo              UFN          9/17/08    KO             R1   1:27
 L Phil Davis              UFC 109     2/6/10    Unanimous      R3   5:00     L Chris Leben            UFC 82       3/1/08     TKO            R1   3:16
W Rodney Wallace           TUF         12/5/09   Unanimous      R3   5:00    W James Lee               UFC 80       1/19/08    KO             R1   1:30
W Steve Cantwell           UFN         9/16/09   Unanimous      R3   5:00     L Houston                             9/8/07     TKO            R1   1:01
                                                                                                       UFC 75
 L Krzysztof                           4/18/09   Submission     R1   3:53        Alexander
                           UFC 97                                            W Victor Valimaki         UFC 70       4/21/07    KO             R1   1:44
                                                                              L Drew McFedries         UFC 65       11/18/06   TKO            R1   4:07
WEC HISTORY                                                                   L Dean Lister            UFC 60       5/27/06    Submission     R1   1:20
 L Steve Cantwell          WEC 35      8/3/08    TKO            R2   4:01    W Elvis Sinosic           UFC 57       2/4/06     Unanimous      R3   5:00
W Doug Marshall            WEC 33      3/26/08   KO             R1   1:35    NC Ron Faircloth          UFC 55       10/7/05    No Contest     R2   0:10
W Jeremiah Billington      WEC 30      9/5/07    TKO            R1   3:07
W Craig Zellner            WEC 28      6/3/07    TKO            R1   4:57
W Steve Cantwell           WEC 26      3/24/0    KO             R1   0:41
W Miguel Cosio             WEC 21      6/15/06   TKO            R1   0:16

NOTES                                                                        NOTES
• 3-1 at middleweight                                                        • Has won three of his last four bouts
• Win over Massenzio, was awarded Fight of the Night honors; Santiago        • Win over Vedepo was awarded Knockout of The Night honors
bout was FOTN as well                                                        • Fought for vacant IBF youth cruiserweight title in 2005 and lost
• 5-2 since beginning training with Greg Jackson                             • Left boxing with six round decision win over Nabil Haciani in December of
• Former WEC light heavyweight champion – beat Doug Marshall for the         2005, but then returned in 2009 with victories in March and May
title in March of 2008                                                       • Swift and accurate striker
• Stann is 2-1 in three fights with Cantwell                                 • Pro since 2002
• All but three of his wins have come by TKO / KO
• Has ended three fights in less than two minutes
• Former linebacker for the US Naval Academy
• Ended active duty in the US Marine Corps as a Captain in May of 2008
• Awarded Silver Star medal in March of 2006 for his actions and bravery
in combat during Operation Matador in Iraq; all 42 of his men made it
• Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Economics at the United States
Navy Academy

ALEXANDER GUSTAFSSON                                                            THIAGO SILVA
NICKNAME: Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson                                     NICKNAME: None
WEIGHT CLASS: Light Heavyweight                                                 WEIGHT CLASS: Light Heavyweight
AGE: 25 (1/15/87)                                                               AGE: 29 (11/12/82)
BIRTHPLACE: Arboga, Sweden                                                      BIRTHPLACE: Sao Paulo, Brazil
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’5” / 205 lbs.                                                  HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’1” / 205 lbs.
REACH: 78”                                                                      REACH: 74”
FIGHTING OUT OF: Stockholm, Sweden                                              FIGHTING OUT OF: Sao Paulo, Brazil
MMA RECORD: 13-1                                                                MMA RECORD: 14-2-0, 1NC
UFC RECORD: 5-1                                                                 UFC RECORD: 5-2-0, 1NC
TRAINER/TEAM: Team Alliance, Nexus Fighter Centre                               TRAINER/TEAM: American Top Team
TWITTER: @alexthemauler                                                         TWITTER: -

UFC HISTORY                                                                     UFC HISTORY
W Vladimir Matyushenko         UFC 141     12/30/11   TKO          R1   2:13    NC Brandon Vera        UFC 125        1/1/11    No Contest     R3   5:00
W Matt Hamill                  UFC 133     8/6/11     TKO          R2   3:34     L Rashad Evans        UFC 108        1/2/10    Unanimous      R3   5:00
W James Te-Huna                UFC 127     2/27/11    Submission   R1   4:27    W Keith Jardine        UFC 102        8/29/09   KO             R1   1:35
W Cyrille Diabaté              UFC 120     10/16/10   Submission   R2   2:41     L Lyoto Machida       UFC 94         1/31/09   KO             R1   4:59
 L Phil Davis                  UFC 112     4/10/10    Submission   R1   4:55    W Antonio                             5/2/08    Submission     R1   2:24
                                                                                                       UFC 84
W Jared Hamman                 UFC 105     11/14/09   KO           R1   0:41        Mendes
                                                                                W Houston                             11/17/07 TKO             R1 3:25
                                                                                                       UFC 78
                                                                                W Tomasz Drwal         UFC 75         9/8/07    TKO            R2 4:23
                                                                                W James Irvin          UFC 71         5/26/07   TKO            R1 1:06

NOTES                                                                           NOTES
• Nine wins by TKO / KO, three by submission                                    • 11 wins by TKO or KO; two wins by submission (one due to strikes)
• Has finished nine fights in the first round                                   • Has finished two opponents in under a minute
• Pro since 2007                                                                • Six fight win streak snapped by loss to Steve Cantwell
• UFC Debut in 2009 against Jared Hamman                                        • Had three-year run where nine of 10 wins from 2006 – 09 came in the
• Had nine fight win streak snapped by Phil Davis but has now won last four     first round
                                                                                • Only career losses came at the hands of former light heavyweight
                                                                                champion – Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida
                                                                                • Pro since 2006


27 – Most UFC fights – Tito Ortiz (Ortiz set new record at UFC 140)
4068 – Record number of days between UFC fights, held by Royce Gracie, from UFC 5 draw v Ken Shamrock in ’95 to UFC 60 loss to Matt Hughes in ‘96)
18 – Most UFC wins – Matt Hughes
18 – Youngest fighter to compete in Octagon, Dan Lauzon, aged 18
66 – Most career takedowns, Georges St-Pierre
10 – Most UFC Knockouts – Chuck Liddell
11 – Most UFC Submissions – Royce Gracie
8 – Number of Brazilian fighters to win a UFC title (Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Mauricio Rua, Murilo Bustamante, Jose Aldo, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira,
Lyoto Machida and Junior dos Santos)
3 – Number of The Ultimate Fighter season winners to win a UFC title (Forrest Griffin, Matt Serra, Rashad Evans)
5 – Number of UFC world titles won by Randy Couture, three at heavyweight, two at light heavyweight
38 feet – Exterior size in diameter of the UFC Octagon
10 – Record number of post fight bonus awards, won by Chris Lytle
45 years – Age of the Oldest UFC Title Holder – Randy Couture
51 years – Age of the Oldest UFC Fighter – Ron Van Clief
23 – Age of the youngest titleholder in UFC history, Jon Jones was 23 when he beat ‘Shogun’ Rua for 205lbs belt at UFC 128
84.5 inches – Jon Jonesʼ reach, the longest in UFC history

Most Significant (Power) Strikes Landed in UFC Career
St-Pierre – 977
Penn – 834
Bisping – 776

1. UFC FN 3 Duane Ludwig VS Jonathan Goulet KO :06                    13. UFC 39     Phil Baroni VS Dave Menne             KO :18

2. UFC140      Chan Sung Jung VS Mark Hominick KO :06.2

3. UFC 102     Todd Duffee VS Tim Hague              KO :07           14. UFC 6      Tank Abbott VS John Matua             KO :20
                                                                          UU ’96     Don Frye VS Mark Hall                 SUB :20
                                                                          UFC 29     Dennis Hallman VS Matt Hughes         SUB :20
4. UFN 13      James Irvin VS Houston Alexander      KO :08               TUF1 F     Mike Swick VS Alex Schoenauer         KO :20
   UFC 8       Don Frye VS Thomas Ramirez            KO :08               UFC 129    V. Matuyshenko VS Jason Brilz         KO :20
                                                                          UFC 67     Roger Huerta VS John Halverson        KO :19
5. UFN 11      Gray Maynard VS Joe Veres             KO :09
   UFC 6       Oleg Taktarov VS Anthony Macias       SUB :09          15. UFC 102    Nate Marquardt VS Demian Maia         KO :21
                                                                          UFC 5      Dave Beneteau VS Asbel Cancio         KO :21
6. UFC 38      Mark Weir VS Eugene Jackson           KO :10               TUF2 F     Josh Burkman VS Sam Morgan            KO :21
                                                                          UFC 123    BJ Penn VS Matt Hughes                KO :21
7. UFC 28      Jens Pulver VS John Lewis             KO :11               UFC 126    Kyle Kingsbury VS R. Romero           KO :21
   UFC 34      BJ Penn VS Caol Uno                   KO :11
                                                                      16. UFC 16     Joseph Sandoval VS Nick Denis         KO :22
                                                                          UFC 16     Frank Shamrock VS Igor Zinoviev       KO :22
                                                                          UFN 1      Mike Swick VS Gideon Ray              KO :22
8. UFC 87      R. Emerson VS M. Gamburyan            KO :12
                                                                      17. TUF 6 F    Roman Mitichyan VS Dorian Price       SUB :23
9. UFC 8       Gary Goodridge VS Paul Herrera        KO :13
   UFN 10      Anthony Johnson VS Chad Reiner        KO :13           18. UFC 49     Dave Terrell VS Matt Lindland         KO :25

10. UFC 4      Joe Charles VS Kevin Rosier           SUB :14          19. UFC 1      Gerard Gordeau VS Telia Tuli          KO :26
    UFC 12     Justin Martin VS Eric Martin          SUB :14
    UFC 67     Terry Martin vs Jorge Rivera          KO :14           20. UFC FN     Joe Stevenson VS Melvin Guillard      SUB :27
                                                                          UFC 132    Chris Leben VS Wanderlei Silva        KO :27
11. UFC 55     Andrei Arlovski VS Paul Buentello     KO :15
                                                                      21. UFC 11     Brian Johnston VS Reza Nasri          KO :28
12. UFN 13     Marcus Aurelio VS Ryan Roberts        SUB :16              UFC 20     Ron Waterman VS Chris Condo           KO :28
    UFC J      Frank Shamrock VS Kevin Jackson       SUB :16
                                                                      22. UFC 101    Johny Hendricks VS Amir Sadollah      KO :29
13. UFC 80     Antoni Hardonk VS Colin Robinson      KO :17
    UFC 15     Mark Kerr VS Greg Stott               KO :17           23. UFC 2      Pat Smith VS Scott Morris             KO :30
    UFC 138    Terry Etim VS Edward Faaloloto        SUB :17              UFC 22     Brad Kohler VS Steve Judson           KO :30
                                                                          UFC 30     Tito Ortiz VS Evan Tanner             KO :30
* F: TUF Finale card; FN: Fight Night; UU: Ultimate Ultimate card


Most successful title defenses
A. Silva 9                                                                   Most Championship Fights Lost
Hughes 7                                                                     Couture 6
Ortiz, St-Pierre 6                                                           Sylvia, Penn 5
Liddell, F. Shamrock, Miletich 4                                             Ortiz, Florian, Hughes 3

Most successful consecutive title defenses                                   Most Championship Rounds Fought
A. Silva 9                                                                   Couture 44
St-Pierre 6                                                                  Penn 42
Hughes, Ortiz 5                                                              St-Pierre 37
Liddell, F. Shamrock, Miletich 4                                             Ortiz 28
Penn 3                                                                       Hughes, A.Silva 27

Most Championship Fights                                                     Most Knockouts in Championship Fights
Couture 15                                                                   A.Silva 6
Hughes 12                                                                    Liddell, Couture, Hughes 5
St-Pierre, Penn 11
A.Silva 10                                                                   Most Submissions in Championship Fights
Ortiz, Sylvia 9                                                              F. Shamrock 4
                                                                             Hughes, A. Silva, Penn 3
Most Championship Fights Won                                                 Jones, Miletich 2
A.Silva 10
St-Pierre, Couture, Hughes 9
Ortiz 6
Penn, Liddell, F. Shamrock, Miletich 5

Fighters who have fought for UFC titles in more than one weight class
Randy Couture (HW and LHW)
Evan Tanner (LHW and MW)
BJ Penn (WW and LW)
Dan Henderson (MW and LHW)
Sean Sherk (WW and LW)
Gil Castillo (MW and WW)
Vitor Belfort (MW and LHW)

Fighters undefeated in UFC title bouts
Anderson Silva 10-0
Frank Shamrock 5-0
Jens Pulver 3-0
Murilo Bustamante 2-0
Frankie Edgar 3-0-1
Jon Jones 3-0
Josh Barnett 1-0
Dominick Cruz 3-0
Jose Aldo 2-0
Junior dos Santos 1-0

Multiple UFC Championship Winners
Randy Couture – Five-time UFC champion (Three-time heavyweight champion, Two-time light heavyweight champ)
Matt Hughes – Two-time welterweight champion
Georges St-Pierre – Two-time welterweight champion
BJ Penn – Two-time UFC champion (welterweight champion, lightweight champion)
Tim Sylvia – Two-time heavyweight champion

Multiple Division UFC Champions
Randy Couture – Three-time heavyweight champion, Two-time light heavyweight champion
BJ Penn – Two-time UFC champion (welterweight and lightweight champion)


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