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									ABOUT BZ

Senkai Promotions was established in 2010 with the view to providing the Irish Mixed Martial Arts
community a premium outlet for their talent. Created by life-long martial artist Andy Ryan, he has
assembled an experienced team to deliver a quality show worthy of everyone’s efforts, especially
the fighters.
"Battlezone has always been about offering fighters and their clubs an opportunity to showcase their
talent. Whether you're making your debut or you're a seasoned pro, we can promise you a good
match-up on a good card at a sold-out venue and the possibility of your fight being broadcast around
the world on TV"
 - Senkai Promotions CEO, Andy Ryan.
Having gained a wealth of knowledge from his own career as judo national champion, an
international BJJ champion, an MMA fighter, an MMA coach and now MMA promoter, Ryan has
seen the sport from every angle
"Battlezone is basically a partnership between the clubs and Senkai Promotions. They (the clubs)
give us talent and we give them a quality stage to get exposure. Our goal is to provide a platform for
fighters and the sport of MMA to be able to develop. If we end up being the biggest promotion in
Ireland, that would be good too. Our main focus though is doing right by the fighters."
 - Senkai Promotions CEO, Andy Ryan.
If you’re interested in having a fighter on a future Battlezone card, please contact Andy at

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