Benefits of EPoS System in Wholesale Business

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					                             Benefits of EPoS System in Wholesale Business

Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) systems are complete systems which are used to manage and control
cash flow and inventory status system of small and middle level businesses. EPoS systems have emerged
as an excellent means of saving time and money in business operations and increasing business
efficiency. EPoS Solutions are a best alternative to old cash registers which are used to take a lot of time
and labour for managing them.

Here are some of the benefits which businesses can avail by replacing cash registers with EPoS systems.

EPoS systems can be used to track record of products available in stock and update status of inventory
with number of products sold on daily basis.

EPoS software can be used with handheld scanners. Such hand held scanners can be used to read
barcodes on products and aid in speeding up check out time. This helps in offering better customer
satisfaction as customers do not have to wait to stay in lines for their turns during checkout process.

EPoS systems also provide feature of barcode labelling of new products coming into the inventory which
makes it easier to track number of products sold and number of products available in stock.

EPoS solutions are also useful in improving business efficiency as one can easily trace ones business
performance and sales during various months of year. EPoS systems provide a much deeper insight into
business than cash registers and business efficiency can be easily compared to last months with the help
of graphs and charts.

EPoS systems also assist in tracking number of repeating customers through customer loyalty cards
which contain information about customers’ phone numbers, names and addresses. Thus loyal
customers can be offered special discounts for being regular customers of business and loyalty of
customers can be increased through EPoS software.

Nowadays many EPOS systems are available with an enhanced feature of integration with popular
accounting software packages. Thus data updated in EPoS software can be easily imported into
accounting packages and accounts reports can be easily generated without making double entries of
data at various places. This helps not only in keeping records much more accurately but also saves
business resources in managing accounts and other records.

EPoS solutions also assist in keeping track record of bulk purchases made from different manufacturers
and wholesalers. This would allow you to see that from which supplier you purchased what products
and at what prices. You would be able to compare prices offered by different suppliers and choose the
best suppliers for you among all those suppliers.

Many a retailers, wholesalers and other businessmen are still hesitant to install and operate EPoS
systems for running and managing their business operations due to their high costs as compared to cash
registers but in the long run such Point of sales (PoS) systems prove to be much cheaper as such EPoS
solutions are best source for reducing time and labour which can be better utilized in managing sales
and purchases, inventory handling, offering better customer services and tracking employees

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