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					                    Press Release    The MMA League joins forces with “The Machine”

MMA League founder and Chairman Mark Leonard got in touch with JOE to update us on a major development for
the League.

2011 is going to be a year of regeneration for the MMA League. Created in 2004 the MMA League allows amateur
fighters build experience and test their skills before graduating on to bigger shows. Due to the increasing popularity
of the MMA League, Leonard has made some developments this year in search of the next level. In January the
League announced a new sponsorship deal with Ultimate MMA Supplies, a rule change and in addition to the
individual titles a new team format.

Ever the perfectionist Leonard has been back on to JOE with further improvements. Firstly, the website
( has received an overhaul, including a new “Video of the Week” feature where MMA League
participants get the opportunity to submit footage of them in action.

Secondly, with all the improvements it seems only right that more fighters get the chance to compete. Round Two
will feature dual events at opposite ends of the country, on the 9th of July in Colaiste Criost na Ri in Cork and a week
later on the 16th of July in Long Tower Youth and Community Centre, Derry.

And last but not least the Leonard is proud to announce the prize for the winning club in the team competition. After
Round 4 the club with the most points accrued by it’s fighters will win a seminar with European MMA pioneer Ian
“The Machine” Freeman!

A former doorman and plumber, Freeman has fought on promotions all over the world including Cage Rage,
Pancrase and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He was the first fighter from the UK to fight in the UFC. Freeman’s
finest hour came in front of his home crowd at UFC 38 in London with the utter destruction of Frank Mir.

Leonard explains that Freeman is a fan of the MMA League and a firm believer in the value of amateur competition
“If you want to live the dream and make it to the UFC, then the MMA League is the right place to start” commented
The Machine. “I’ve seen a lot of events all over the world and when it comes to a safe, fun competition the MMA
League is one of the best”.

“There are a lot of clubs in the League who support us in huge numbers, this is our chance to pay them back”, says
Mark Leonard. “Ian was one of the first MMA fighters to be successful on the world stage, and his seminars are
wildly popular. It will be a real treat for the club that wins and we are delighted to be able to make that happen.”

Giving the opportunity to train with a European MMA great was also the inspiration to add the extra events in Cork
and Derry. “There is such an amazing prize on the line, I wanted all the clubs in the country the chance to compete
for it. I felt it was time to return to Northern Ireland, but I didn’t want to exclude the clubs further south and that’s
how the Cork event came into being.” Leonard said.

Currently two clubs in the North West are top of the MMA League Club Leaderboard; Evolve from Derry in first
place, Rillion Gracie Academy, Letterkenny in second, followed closely by Dublin club Xtreme Fitness and Limerick
based Pankration Academy. “The North West has the advantage at the moment, but I am expecting a lot of coaches
to do something about that for the next event. If the League follows the patterns of previous years, this event will go
down to the last point in the last event, and I can’t wait!”

Any fighter currently training and looking to explore the option of amateur competition can get more information at
                   Press Release   The MMA League joins forces with “The Machine”

If anyone is curious about amateur MMA competition or interested in supporting the sport at a grass roots level you
can drop along to an event close to you.

      Round 2 Munster - Cork July 9th Scoil Criost Ri, Cork
      Round 2 Ulster - Derry July 16th Long Tower Youth and Community Centre, Derry
      Round 3 Dublin - September 24th Loughlinstown Leisure Centre, Dublin
      Round 4 Dublin - November 26th Loughlinstown Leisure Centre, Dublin

Fergus Ryan, May 2011

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