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1. You signed to fight Sheila Gaff and Jessica Eye in quick succession. How did you feel after the loss to Gaff
    knowing you’d to head out to the States for a title fight?
2. With regard to diet, training, mental preparation - did you change anything, work harder on anything after the
    Gaff fight?
3. With only 3 fights on her pro record was it hard doing your homework on Eye? Does prior knowledge of an
    opponent matter to you?
4. What was it like to come out to a hostile reception in Ohio? Was it the first time you were boo’ed?
5. How does the North American Allied Fight Series rank among the promotions you’ve dealt with?
6. Did the fight go to plan? Was there a plan? Who was in your corner?
7. The reports I’ve read gave the first round to Eye, did you take any significant damage in the first? What was the
    corner telling you at the end of the first?
8. Talk us through the rear naked choke finish?
9. How was Eye with you before and after the fight?
10. You wrote a few times on de facebuke when you were out in Ohio that every now and then you’d realise that
    you were living your dream. Is waking up back at home NAAFS 125lbs champion better than what you’d dreamt?
11. Did you get to speak to Bjorn Rebney or Sam Caplan? From what I’ve read Eye was being tapped up to fight for
    Strikeforce, have you had any offers?
12. Any fights in the works? Have NAAFS given you an idea of when they expect you to defend the belt?
13. Anyone you want to thank??

Thanks a million for taking the time to do this!!

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