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					Vaughn Lee v Chris Cariaso

R1 All Lee, dominated the clinch, takedowns at will. 10-9 Lee

R2 Cariaso looks to bang, Lee responds in kind. Lee winging haymakers. TD Cariaso, to mount. Lee gets guard briefly.
Back to mount for Cariaso. 10-9 Cariaso

R3 TD Cariaso, to mount, to back. 10-9 Cariaso

29-28 Cariaso Correct

Chris Cope v Che Mills

R1 Cope on his toes. Big knee from Mills, drops Cope. Tries to get up as Goddard was about to stop it. Back to his
feet for another knee.

Michihiro Omigawa v Jason Young

R1 TD Omi. Looking to draw Young in for TD. Young found his range. Omi TD near the end. 10-9 Young.

R2 Omi TD, slick reversal back to feet. Omi trip TD. To mount, eventually. 10-9 Omi

R3 Omi TD. Ankle lock, back to feet. Front choke TD. 10-9 Omi Correct

Omi was thick like molasces after TD. Patient top game progressing enough to avoid the standup.

Rob Broughton v Phil De Fries

R1 TD De F 10-9

R2 DeF td. Broughton tries armlock, winds up in sidecontrol. DeF fishing for a kimura. Broughton gets crucifix, DeF
bucks out 10-9 Broughton

R3 DeF td. 10-9 DeF

29-28 De Fries, no interview, says it all about the fight

John Maguire v Justin Edwards

R1 |Eds drops Maguire, recovers with a td. Td off the fence. Maguire recovered, dominated the wrestling. 10-9

R2 more cautious, big td Maguire, to back, body triangle. Armbar attempt at the death. 10-9 Maguire

R3 dominated by Maguire, everywhere 10-9

30-27 Maguire Are you real?

Terry Etim v Eddie Faaloloto

Etim hasn’t taken his eyes off Faaloloto

R1 Guillotine 17 seconds! Spinning back kick nearly got him td’d, slapped on guillotine to prevent the slam. Done

Cyrille Diabate v Anthony Perosh

R1 Diabate picking off Perosh with ease. Reddened him up in the ribs. Td Perosh, but no attacks from top 10-9
R2 Perosh slips into mount from a weak td, to back. Head and arm attempts turn into heavy shots from the back.
Rear naked choke. Diabate looked lazy

Papy Abedi v Thiago Alves

R1 Abedi winning the striking, has Alves going backwards till he gets caught. Nearly out, nearly stopped, RNC Alves

Brad Pickett v Renan Barao

R1 Barao throws hard accurate punches and gets off just ahead of Pickett. Probably shading the round till a knee and
flurry of hands put Pickett down. Barao took the back so quick. Pickett tried to defend but RNC came in the end.

Chris Leben v Mark Munoz

R1 Munoz throws a lazy kick to tempt the take down. TD munoz. Td Leben. 10-9 Leben. Leben blowing hard between

R2 TD Munoz. Big shots. Another Munoz td. Doc checks Lebens eye. Munoz looks fine, Leben is being reviewed
between rounds, corner pulled him out.

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