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					Event Preview :- Battlezone 4 – Night of Champions

With the UFC experience still swimming around in our head JOE is off to Battlezone this weekend for
another hit of MMA. We caught up with Andy Ryan, the main man behind Battlezone.

With the promotion staging its fourth show this weekend Ryan is delighted with where Battlezone is
placed in the Irish MMA landscape. “I’m delighted to say Battlezone is flying as a promotion. We
want the show to be all about the fighters; we try and make a fuss over them. We want to give them
a good stage and make it something people want to get involved in. For us, its all about treating the
fighters and coaches as well as we can and rewarding them as much as we can afford to.”

Hardly surprising then that Battlezone has attracted some serious talent to its card. So much so
Battlezone 4 – ‘Night of Champions’ is able to schedule 4 title fights.

The title fights include a middleweight scrap between John Redmond from Rush Fight Academy will
take on Straight Blast Gym’s John Michael Sheil. With Redmond having been previously beaten by
Sheil and more recently by his SBG team-mate Chris Fields at Cage Contender, the Rush man will be
looking to make a statement.

Also in search of gold will be ‘Dynamite’ Dean Bray, returning to Ireland to battle Ali Maclean for the
lightweight title. Bray, from Team Titan in London, was victorious at Battlezone 3. Maclean, who is
the current Cage Wars lightweight title holder and a veteran of the UK MMA circuit, will offer stiff
opposition for the flamboyant Bray.

Check out Bray’s last fight at Battlezone below

To demonstrate how much Battlezone has grown since its first show a year ago, Ryan has secured a
2 event deal with Setanta Sports. “We’re delighted that Battlezone is going to be shown on TV. It’ll
help the sport and obviously the promotion, develop in Ireland.” Ryan feels its premature to assume
MMA has garnered mainstream acceptance in Ireland though. “If you look at the UK I can only think
of UCMMA, BAMMA and Cage Warriors as promotions that are on TV but there are probably
another 5 or 6 promotions of the same size over there. So its great that the UFC is pushing
boundaries for the sport but we’ve a long way to go in Ireland and Europe for that matter.”

Ryan has recently been announced as Head of Operations in Ireland for Cage Warriors Fighting
Championships. A UK based promotion, Cage Warriors has been very active in breaking into new
markets having held shows in Ireland, Jordan, USA in addition to the UK. “My job will be to give more
Irish fighters a chance in Cage Warriors and not just the Irish show that’s planned for May.”

For Irish MMA fans Battlezone and other Irish promotions offer a chance to sample the excitement
of a live event. While the UFC may return to Ireland it could take some time before the event
actually happens. And a lot of fans will be left disappointed as the O2 can only fit maximum of
10,000. You can still get tickets for Battlezone 4 ‘Night of Champions’ through any of the fighters or
clubs involved or through The event takes place at the Regency Hotel on the
Swords Road, Dublin. If you cant get along to Battlezone, keep an eye on Setanta Sports for a

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