Questions for Dave Mullins Mar11 by gusryan100



1. What are the advantages of having a sports psychologist or mental skills coach to an athlete?
        a. Can you dispel any myths associated with sports psychology?
2. How did you get into sports psychology?
3. What athletes/sports have you in the past or are currently working with?
4. Why crossover into MMA?
5. How can a sports psychologist or mental skills training help an MMA fighter?
        a. Is there any specific techniques that are particularly relevant to solo sports?
6. Are you aware of any pro-fighters using sports psychologist or mental skills training?
7. Are there any instances in high profile fights that you point to mental skills training made a
    difference? (ones I can think of might be)
        a. At UFC 100 GSP told Jackson his groin was blown between rounds 3 and 4 and Jackson
            told him to hit him with it
        b. After beating Ed Ratcliff Donald Cerrone said in the post-fight interview he’d been
            working with his mental coach to start fights hard and finish hard
        c. Could a mental coach have helped Bisping against Rivera?
8. What do sessions with you involve and how much on-going work would you expect a fighter to
    put in between sessions?
9. How do you think MMA in Ireland is shaping up?

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