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1. You’ve mentioned in interviews you were a troubled kid and were involved with drugs, losing 6 years to crystal
    meth, what can you attribute the downward spiral to?
2. On a GFight video you mentioned you were possibly a bus ride away from prostitution and that MMA saved your
    life, how/who/what was the intervention that got you out of your downward spiral?
        a. What if you hadn’t found MMA?
3. How long were you training when you decided to give the pro fight game a try?
4. When you started fighting pro in 2003 did people/your family think this was another self-destructive pursuit?
5. What was the MMA scene like for female fighters when you started out considering MMA was still considered
    too dangerous by most?
6. Where do you train and who do you train with? Any other pro fighters at your gym?
7. Is fighting your sole source of income or do you teach/manage other fighters?
8. Your fight record reads like a who’s who of women’s MMA, what have been the stand-out fights/moments for
    you in your career so far?
        a. Best win, biggest high
        b. Worst loss, worst injury
        c. One that got away………… for example I reckon you were robbed against Carina Damm!!
9. From your fights I’ve seen you have a very aggressive, combative fight style. I was talking to Aisling Daly and she
    reckons some fighters might duck fighting you because of your prepared to go to war. Any comments or views?
10. In the post-fight interview in Cork you were quite emotional and talked about possibly giving up. Was there
    some frustration over losing another decision as you’ve lost 7 on the judge’s scorecard?
        a. Are there any of those decision loses you think were particularly unfair (like the Damm result)?
11. The picture on your Facebook page standing beside Hiroko Yamanaka is incredible, was this a catch-weight fight?
        a. I think I read somewhere you blamed Guinness or Smithwicks for signing that fight, did you take it while
            in Ireland?
        b. How was your time in Ireland? Did you stay long after your fight with Aisling?
12. What does the future hold?
        a. How long more do you think you’ll be fighting?
        b. What would you like to do after you’ve finished fighting?
        c. Will we ever see a UFC women’s division?

Thanks a million!!

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