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1. What’s your martial arts background? How did you get into MMA?
        a. I’ve watched a few of your MMA fights but can’t find a record for you, what is it or where can I find it?
        b. Are you still fighting?
        c. Was there any frowns in the staff room when other teachers heard you were fighting in MMA shows in
            your spare time?
        d. If they objected early on, has the staff room changed their views on MMA over the years?
2. What prompted you to take up refereeing?
        a. How many shows a year do you ref/judge at and how much has that number grown over the years
        b. Do you ref/judge in the UK?
3. I saw a post on where you said ex-fighters should be refs and judges as they really know what’s
    happening in a fight, is this something the US athletic commissions should consider?
4. Judging and ref’ing are increasingly put under the spotlight, is there any quick fix (maybe its ex fighters ref’ing) or
    is there anything you feel that if the starting doing “X” tomorrow there would be less chance of an unfair
        a. Is there a need for any rule changes? For example if you hold the cage preventing a takedown, fighters
            restart in the centre with the offender mounted.
5. How did you score the 1st round of the Edgar v Maynard title fight? I gave it 10-8 to Maynard but the more I
    watch the more I think it might have been 10-7?
6. In the Dunham v Sherk fight, Sherk kept shooting for takedowns but winding up in a guillotine. It appears the
    judges scored the takedowns but not the sub attempts for effective grappling, any views?
7. As someone close to the Irish MMA scene what’s your opinion of its progress since you began fighting and how is
    the future looking?
        a. Is there too many shows for too few fighters?
        b. Any fighters active at the moment that you think could feature on TUF or in the UFC at some point?

In case you’ve any doubts this isn’t going to be a ref/judge bashing article more getting the inside track from the
third man in the cage!!

Thanks a million!!

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