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JOE P4P Top10 Apr11


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									JOE’s Pound4Pound Top 10 MMA Fighters
Its no change for the top 2 but all change further down the order. BJ Penn and Shogun Rua make way for Gilbert
Melendez and Dominick Cruz. Though they may be out of the top 10 but both fighters have secured their legacy. Of
the 10 Shields is the only fighter without a belt.

Rank              Fighter
(Previous Rank)
1 (1)             Anderson “The Spider” Silva         We had hoped for a war but after 95 seconds Belfort lay prone to a
                  UFC Middleweight Champion           Steven Segal inspired front kick by Anderson Silva. Next defence is
                  Record: 28-4                        against Okami at UFC Rio in August. Beyond that a potential super-
                                                      fight with GSP. A move to 205 seems required now more than ever.
2 (2)             Georges “Rush” St. Pierre           Jake Shields is supposed to offer GSP his toughest challenge yet at
                  UFC Welterweight Champion           UFC 129 but we’ve heard this before. Zuffa may need to fast track a
                  Record: 21-2                        showdown with Nick Diaz as the UFC welterweight division has been
                                                      cleaned out. 2012 should see a GSP at middleweight whether The
                                                      Spider is there or not.
3 (10)            Jon “Bones” Jones                   The comprehensive destruction of Shogun justified Jones inclusion
                  UFC Light Heavyweight Champion      in any P4P Top 10. His first defence against Evans is off; it will be his
                  Record: 13-1                        biggest mental test battling his former training partner. If victorious
                                                      what about Jones versus Anderson Silva?
4 (9)             Nick Diaz                           His recent victory over Paul “Semtex” Daly represented Diaz’s 3
                  Strikeforce Welterweight Champion   win over fighters considered more powerful strikers than him. Lack
                  Record 25-7                         of viable opposition in the Strikeforce division could see a title
                                                      unification sooner rather than later. Keeping Diaz interested in MMA
                                                      seems to be his toughest test at the moment as a boxing bout
                                                      appears to have his interest next.
5 (4)             Alastair “The Reem” Overeem         Overeem’s Strikeforce heavyweight tournament bout with Werdum
                  DREAM and Strikeforce Heavyweight   has been postponed till June. With Werdum’s star on the rise after
                  Champion                            dethroning Fedor, the Brazilian offer Overeem his sternest test for
                  Record: 34-11                       some time. Overeem can confirm his MMA status with victory.
6 (5)             Jose “Scarface” Aldo                It’s been over 5 years since Also last lost in the MMA ring. Inactivity
                  UFC Featherweight Champion          and injuries are hardly the greatest preparation for hard hitting
                  Record: 18-1                        Canadian Mark Hominick. Aldo will also have to contend with
                                                      making his UFC debut, defending the UFC title for the first time and
                                                      55,000 Canadians cheering on one of their own.
7 (6)             Cain Velasquez                      A torn rotator cuff has side-lined Velasquez till the 2 half of 2011.
                  UFC Heavyweight Champion            Once healed he’ll face the winner of Lesnar v Dos Santos. The strong
                  Record: 9-0                         work ethic that propelled him to heavyweight title holder will be
                                                      needed more than ever when he returns.
8 (8)             Jake Shields                        A multi weight, multi promotional champion, Shields can boast
                  Record: 31-4                        victories over UFC middleweight contender Yushin Okami,
                                                      Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Dan Henderson and a who’s
                                                      who of welterweight contenders. The performance as much as the
                                                      result against GSP will prove how good Shields is.
9                 Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez          Melendez is veteran of World Extreme Cagefighting, Rumble on the
                  Strikeforce Lightweight Champion    Rock, Shooto, PRIDE and Strikeforce. Chances are he won’t be
                  19-2                                waiting long to make his UFC debut. He has avenged the only 2
                                                      losses on his record. With Edgar-Maynard still to be sorted out for
                                                      the UFC title and Anthony Pettis (the last WEC lightweight
                                                      champion) waiting in the wings, Strikeforce lightweight champion
                                                      Melendez is guaranteed quality opposition for the foreseeable
10                Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz       As the 3 time WEC bantamweight champion, Cruz became the UFC
                  UFC Bantamweight Champion           champion and will make his first defence against the only man to
                  Record: 17-1                        beat him, Urijah Faber. This was four years ago when Faber was at
                                                      the peak of his powers and a weight division higher. Undefeated in
                                                      eight his lightning fast reactions and maniacal footwork have made
                                                      hard for opponents to work out.
Fergus Ryan, April 2011

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