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					Fighter Profile
Name: Myles Price
Club: Straight Blast Gym, Drimnagh, Dublin and Kilkenny Top Pro, Irishtown, Kilkenny
Fighting Weight: Lightweight
Success at an early age can sometimes be the ruin of the modern athlete. Not so for 22 year old Myles Price.
Winning his first championship belt in July merely confirmed what he’d thought since taking up MMA, that he
had what it takes to succeed.
His first moral victory came at 9 years old convincing his parents to allow him take up kickboxing in his home
town of Kilkenny. Having excelled at the Kilkenny Top Pro gym, one of Irelands the premier kickboxing
academy’s, Price thought it natural to transition to MMA taking his first amateur fight at 16 and turning pro at
18. With a successful record of 9 wins and 2 losses he has rededicated his life to achieving the highest level
in MMA by fighting in the UFC. "I'll get there some day, I know I will" said Price.
Price is incredibly confident in his ability, which isn't surprising for someone looking to make it to MMA's
premier league. The confidence stems as much from his ability as it does from his belief in the excellent
coaching teams he now has. At Kilkenny Top Pro under Paul Cummins, a former professional world
kickboxing champion, Price sharpens his striking game. Then at the Straight Blast Gym (SBG) in Dublin
under John Kavanagh, Irelands first Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Price works to sharpen his ground game.
“Really, I’ve the best of both worlds” said Price of his two camps.
Interestingly it was a loss to Norman Parke in the Cage Contenders Featherweight tournament in February
2010 that prompted an offer from John Kavanagh to come train at SBG. Price had felt his submissions and
wrestling needed some work and Kavanagh obviously felt there was massive potential in his new student.
The refined skill set was paid dividends almost immediately as Price got his hand raised as the new Cage
Contenders Lightweight Champion in July 2010. The win came early in the 2 round by submission, a rear
naked choke.
What’s evident from Price is an incredible willingness to learn. Some fighters can create a bubble by staying
firmly in their comfort zone in training, which can be devastating if the bubble is burst in ring. Price demands
a tough training partner so he can learn new skills in the gym that he’ll repeat in the ring.
Price has always worked hard on his game. As an 18 year old he spent 3 months training at MODCOM MMA,
an SBG facility in California, USA and more recently 2 months training in Phuket, Thailand at Tiger Muay
Thai in 2009. While in the States he had the opportunity to fight for the Art of War promotion that has
featured MMA notables such as Jeff Monson and Pedro Rizzo, but unfortunately the fight fell through.
Price knows his life is different to most 22 year olds. He trains 7 days a week, 5 to 6 hours a day. His last pint
was 6 weeks ago and before that he can’t even remember. He’s quick to acknowledge it’s a tough existence
but realises that sacrifices have to be made, like dropping out of his Law Degree course after a year, “it
wasn’t really for me” Price said. He plans to return to studies after fighting but something with a sporting slant.
Price does it “for the love of the sport, simple as that” but also acknowledges the massive encouragement he
gets from his coaches, Cummins and Kavanagh. He also receives invaluable support from Kilkenny Active
Fitness Club for the use of their gym, his sponsor Colin Ryan at and his manager John
Ferguson of Price clearly loves the sport as he’s also the brains behind his own shows, Tuff Nut
Promotions. He’s working towards his next event in Waterford Institute of Technology on Saturday the 27th
The Ultimate Fighter TV reality series is something that is on Price’s radar and could play a crucial role in
getting to the UFC. Having fights booked already during this year he was unable to make the auditions for
the most recent series of TUF that featured lightweights. Price feels he would have been competitive
amongst the cast and would relish the chance should lightweights feature on the show again in the future.
In the meantime Price wants to remain active, taking more fights in the UK and hopefully the US. Next up is a
December 4 bout against an undefeated English fighter, Mike Wilkinson, on the Olympian MMA
Championship card. He also has an eye on rematching Norman Parke and would like to do it as his first
defense of his Cage Contenders belt. With time on his side and experience already in the bag its unlikely that
Myles Price will be distracted by any success when it comes his way in the future.
Fergus Ryan, October 2010

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