MMA in the Land of the Rising Sun by gusryan100


									In a secondary school commerce class I remember being very impressed hearing Ireland was the
worlds 2nd largest peat producing nation. About 30 seconds later this immense sense of national
pride was shattered when it was revealed that the USSR was the leading nation with 98% of global
production. Using this analogy the UFC is the USSR of global MMA today. As its broadcasted in over
100 countries globally I’m guessing UFC shows (live events, Unleashed, Wired and TUF) must be 80-
90% of global TV MMA productions. While monopolies can be prohibitive to competition the UFC is
taking MMA to places other promotions simply can’t and its important for the sport the continue to do

An unfortunate by-product of a monopoly is the re-writing of history and it may be a common
misconception that MMA was created in Denver 1993 at UFC 1. Not so as both Japanese
organaisations Shooto (amateur 1985 and pro 1989) and Pancrase (April 1993 ok it was only 5
months but still) predate the UFC with a brand of MMA not dissimilar to the Unified Rules.

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