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					    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Contribution Proposal for BallBusters
   A 1st for Irish radio! There is a niche to become the leading Irish radio station for MMA
    commentary and discussion, garnering new listeners for the programme (and station) from
    the growth in popularity MMA in Ireland
   Getting in at the grass roots! Martial Arts and MMA clubs are growing in popularity in
    Ireland. There is also a burgeoning causal fan base watching MMA events on free to air TV.
    The market for this type of programme is only going to grow
       o “The Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization continues to
         underline its status as the most popular combat sport in the world with a rapid-fire
         sell-out of the brand new O2 arena in Dublin, Ireland. In the UFC’s fastest sell-out
         thus far in Europe, over 6,000 tickets were sold within a week of going on sale on
         October 20 (2008) and, less than two weeks later, all 10,000 tickets for the fully-
         scaled O2 were gone.”
   (I believe) It’s a perfect fit for the BallBusters demographic! In the US 50% of the UFC
    audience is between males 21-34 years old.
   This is a global trend! MMA, mainly the UFC, is the fastest growing sport in the US (and
    possibly the world) based on TV coverage. It is shown in over 100 countries and 20
    languages. It regularly out sells boxing and WWE in US Pay-Per-View (PPV).
       o    Top 10 PPV buy rates, 2009
       1.   UFC 100: Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir, July 11, 1.6 million
       2.   Boxing: Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto, Nov. 14, 1.25 million
       3.   Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez, Sept. 19, 1.05 millon
       4.   UFC 94: Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn, Jan. 31, 920,000 buys
       5.   UFC 101: Penn vs. Florian / Silva vs. Griffin, Aug. 8, 850,000
           “After the collapse of Setanta in the UK the UFC made ESPN its British home.
            However due to the rushed entry of ESPN into the UK sports broadcasting market,
            only now have we started to get any information about how the UFC is doing ratings
            wise. And from the first three weeks we can see that UFC is very valuable
            programming to ESPN with UFC always having at least one show in the station’s
            top ten most watched shows.”
   What am I offering you? Material for 4 x 10 minute slots for airing each weekend in
    August on MMA/UFC, which I am willing to research, script and present, centring on the 3
    UFC events in August. Slot summary below
1. 7th August – Intro MMA/UFC. Battle for credibility. The fighting Irish
           A whistle stop history tour of MMA and the UFC, the struggle to get mainstream
            approval, how it almost became extinct in 2001, debunk some of the common
            misconceptions and briefly outline of the octagon rules
           Intro and review of “UFC Live on Versus 2: Jones vs Matyushenko” that took place
            1st August outlining the significance of the event.
           Mention some Irish clubs for anyone interested in learning MMA,BJJ etc. eg BJJ
            Revolution Dublin and upcoming Irish fighters in action –their club, the venue and
            their records to date.
           Clip of the week – Google/YouTube “key words”
2. 14th August – Event Review and Preview. The ways to win. The fighting Irish
           Breakdown “UFC Live on Versus 2” fights and how they were won. Highlight the
            variety of disciplines a fighter will need to train in wrestling, boxing, mauy Thai,
    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Contribution Proposal for BallBusters
           Brazilian jiu jitsu among others. And describe some of the ways to win – ground and
           pound, submission, decision – and discuss “intelligently defending”
          Preview UFC 117 event and the featured fight between Silva (possibly the best
           pound for pound fighter but can be erratic eg vs Leites, Maia) vs Sonnen
           (journeyman fighter, estate agent and part time politician). Also preview Strikeforce
           27, smaller US promotion with large TV audiences thanks to CBS.
          Fighting Irish plug
          Clip of the week – Google/YouTube “key words”
3. 21st August - Event Review/Preview. Money. Profile Fighters. Plug for fighting Irish
          Review UFC 117, again, looking at the way the fights were won to and the
           techniques used (ground and pound, submissions, KO’s).
          Highlight the remuneration for fighting (appearance/win bonus, KO/Sub/Fight of the
           night bonuses)
          Review UFC 118, Lightweight Championship rematch (UFC 112) between Edgar
           (champ) and Penn (MMA legend). Profile some fighters on the card eg Penn’s
           colourful history, Couture v Toney (former pro boxer) - both men are in their 40’s.
           Highlight GAA shirt wearing Marcus “The Irish Handgrenade” Davis
          Fighting Irish plug
          Clip of the week – Google/YouTube “key words”
4. 28th August - Event Review/Preview. The Ultimate Fighter. Info dump.
          Review UFC 118 and the implications for the careers for Penn, Couture, Toney,
           Rivera, Baroni who could be on the way out and Diaz, Florian, Winer, Osipczk who
           are possibly the next generation of fighters for the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter
           (TUF) reality show graduates
          Preview UFC Fight Night 22 and UFC 119 taking place in September. Fight Night
           events are the launch events for TUF reality shows now in their 12th series, discuss
           the success of this spin off show.
          Also preview DREAM 16 (A light heavyweight Gran Prix) in Japan
          Where people can keep up to date with the sport
          Fighting Irish plug
          Clip of the week – Google/YouTube “key words”
   Breakout potential from the slot is limitless! Encourage listeners to e-mail questions, their
    favourite fighter/fights. Interview some Irish people active in the sport. Twitter account for
    event tweets or a blog to cover events. Webpage content, future UFC event tickets
   I am the right person for the job! I know where to source info and footage. I have
    connections in the Irish MMA scene and have trained with some fighters. I have been an
    avid passionate fan for 5-6 years and have been voracious in building a back catalogue of
    knowledge stretching back to the beginning of the sport in the early 1990’s. I have a
    background and over 10 years experience in presenting on other topics.

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