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					Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Questions With Greg Loughran

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10 Questions With Greg Loughran (by Darrick Patrick)

Greg "The Hitman" Loughran is a professional mixed martial artist who has appeared in organizations
such as Bellator Fighting Championships, Art Of Fighting, Cage Gladiators, Ultimate Fighting
Revolution, Pain and Glory, Cage Warriors Fighting Championships, Strike and Submit, Cage Rage,
Sportfight Scotland, Ultimate Combat, Goshin Ryu MMA Championships, Ring Of Truth, Angrrr
Management, Rings Ireland, Shooto, Extreme Combat, Ultimate Fight Night, Cage Wars, and Ultimate
Zone International. At the time of this interview, his next scheduled match is against Edson Berto in
Art Of Fighting at AOF 7: Pay Day on April 3rd, 2010.

Darrick: What was the road that led you to professional mixed martial arts competition?

Greg: What got me into MMA was that I broke my leg at school and I ended up getting really fat. My
workmate at the time had started mixed martial arts and he invited me along to check it out.
Everything fell into place from then.

Darrick: Your next scheduled fight is against Edson Berto on April 3rd. What are your thoughts about
this upcoming match?

Greg: Edson is a tough, well-rounded opponent. I'm training hard for this fight and I'm going to give it
my all. I'm grateful to God that I'm fit enough to compete in this sport at this level.

Darrick: Who are a few of the people in the sport that you highly respect?

Greg: There are a lot of people I respect within the sport, but mainly my coach David Patterson who
has pushed me to this level and has been a great friend to me. Also, Cage Warriors management
Tommy Gleeson and Ian Dean for having faith in me and being good friends as well.

Darrick: What brings you the most fulfillment out of martial arts?

Greg: Being able to travel and compete in different countries is the most fulfilling part of the sport for
me. I get the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people and experience different cultures.

Darrick: Do you have any words of advice for other individuals looking to compete in MMA?

Greg: If you are just in the sport to wear a TapouT or Cage Fighter t-shirt, then stop. You are only
trashing the image of mixed martial arts and the hard work that we put into it. True martial arts is
about discipline and respect.

Darrick: Who are some of the people that greatly influenced you while growing up?

Greg: The people who have had the most influence for me have to be my mum and dad. They have
given me a good upbringing and I'm fit to go anywhere in the world right now and mix in.

Darrick: Outside of MMA, what are your other interests?

Greg: My other interests are sports of all kind. I can relate to the dedication and discipline that other
athletes have. I've been to a few Orlando Magic games since I've been in Orlando and I'm beginning
to like basketball a lot.

Darrick: What is your oldest memory?

Greg: I remember my first day at school. I cried so much and also attempted to walk home.

Darrick: Tell us something about you that most people don't know.
Greg: I love to drink Guinness when I'm not getting ready for a fight. The drink of champions!

Darrick: If you had superpowers, what would they be?

Greg: My power would to be able to eat whatever you want and not gain weight. That way I could
fight every weekend. (Laughs)

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Greg Loughran Interview

by fightie » Thu May 20, 2010 9:11 pm

Greg Loughran is a professional MMA fighter and part of the EFR fight team, he is managed by Ian
Dean from Warrior Promotions and is regarded by many as the cream of Irish MMA and the most
promising prospect this country currently has to offer. Greg talks to

Hi Greg, your spending quite a bit of time in the states at the minute, tell us about it?

ive been out in states getting ready for last fight against edson berto at gracie barra orlando,ive made
alot o good friends there and the stantard of wresting and jiu jitsu is top level.

What are your future MMA aims?

my aim now in mma is to enjoy top level competition while im healthy,ive lost my last few fights
against top level guys but i feel im still improving as a fighter.

What is a typical days training for you?

i dont have any particular training plan,i try to do something at least once a day,6 weeks beore a fight
id step things up to 2 times a day plus cant train flat out all the time,its just not healthy for
your mind or body

What is your favourite striking technique?

my favourite striking technique has to be roundhouses,these slow up your opponent if they land right!

What is your favourite grappling technique?

i like working side control alot,i feel comfortable in this position plus theres alot of subs available
without putting yourself in danger.

Where do you see Irish MMA going in the next couple of years?

id like to move into coaching in a few years,pass on my experience,id also like to work with kids that
get in trouble,use mma to teach them discipline,show them that you need discipline and sacrafice to
achieve anything in this world.

Who are your MMA role models?

role models firstly has to be my coach davy patterson,he always had faith in me to push this far plus
hes a good friend also,hes done alot for mma in ireland plus rodney rodney moore of imma
ballymena,hes been similar to davy and pushed me alot!

What advice would you give to any youngsters wanting to take up MMA?

advice i give to any youngster starting mma,number 1,leave your ego at the door,martial arts is all
about respect,you wont get far in this sport with a bad attitude and no discipline,seen it time and time
again,the so called cage fighters,if come to a gym willing to learn and push yourself then you will go
Greg Loughran vs. Edson Berto Confirmed

General Content Add comments Feb 182010Press Release:

Greg Loughran vs. Edson Berto Confirmed For Art Of Fighting In Florida On April 3rd

Greg “The Hitman” Loughran (21-12-0) returns to the Sunshine State on April 3rd,, as he travels
across the Atlantic to take on the former RFC Champion and EliteXC veteran Edson “Little Tiger”
Berto (17-8-1) at Art Of Fighting 7: Payday, which takes place at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL,

Greg “The Hitman” Loughran is one of the UK MMA scene’s top Lightweight contenders and is
currently ranked 8th in the UK 155 lbs rankings. A veteran of Cage Warriors, Cage Rage, Cage
Gladiators and several other top European promotions, this likeable 26 year old from the EFR Fight
Team in Ireland has been fighting professionally since he was 16 years old. During this time he has
faced some of the toughest Lightweights in the UK scene and despite a slow start, Loughran soon
showed his potential and currently holds wins over the likes of the UFC TUF 9 runner-up Andre
Winner, the current BAMMA Lightweight Champion Rob Sinclair, former Cage Rage British Champion
Francis Heagney and the current Strike and Submit European Champion Peter Irving.

Known for his all-round skills and powerful striking; Loughran is no stranger to the US market and will
be making his forth appearance on US Soil, having previously fought at Cage Warriors USA, Bellator
FC and Art of Fighting inside the State of Florida. However since defeating the now WEC and
Bellator FC veteran Jonathan Brookins on his US debut back in March 2008, Loughran has found the
step-up in class to be a testing experience. Despite two domestic wins, Loughran has dropped his
last two US bouts against quality opposition such as the Bellator FC Champion Eddie Alvarez and
most recently against Eric Reynolds at Art Of Fighting 4 last year

Loughran now returns to the USA and is determined to get back not only to winning ways, but also to
show why he is one of Europe’s best unsigned talents in a stacked 70.3 kg / 155 lbs division.

When asked for his thoughts on the bout Loughran told “I’m looking forward to
getting back in action again, Edson is a tough fighter and I’m looking forward to the fight. My last two
fights have been on short notice and I didn’t get enough time to prepare, but this time I’ll be better
prepared, and hopefully I will come home with a win”. Loughran also said “I want to thank Tommy
Gleeson and Warrior Promotions for getting me the fight, plus Pat Scullion and Oakleaf Contracts for
sponsoring me.”

Bellator presents chance of a lifetime for Ireland's Loughran

By Brian Elliott on Mar 25, 09 12:06 PM in Other News

Saturday night brings a near Rocky story opportunity for Northern Ireland's Greg Loughran, as he
steps into the ring with top Lightweight Eddie Alvarez for the debuting Bellator Fighting
Championships in Florida.

Bellator is a new organisation designed to test the waters of the Hispanic MMA market, and the
company has a good chance of succeeding on a small scale due to their television deal with ESPN
Desportes, the Spanish language version of sports network ESPN.

Loughran - currently the Irish Lightweight Champion - is 20-10, but that's a deceiving statistic given
that he's only lost one bout in his last 11. Still, the challenge of Alvarez - who had a sensational 2008
in winning the DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix - is a mountainous one, and undoubtedly the greatest
challenge of Loughran's career.

In fact, this is the biggest challenge that any Irish fighter has ever faced, with its only rival for that title
Stevie Lynch's ultimately unsuccessful encounter with to Dustin Hazelett at UFC 72. Ringside wishes
Greg the very best of luck.
   I read you took up fighting after putting on weight when you broke your leg, which martial arts did
    you take up or was it straight to MMA?

   You’re one of the pioneers of MMA. What was the early MMA scene like? What is the biggest
    difference from then and now?

   How is the MMA scene in Ireland? What do you think the future holds for Irish MMA?

   You’ve recently returned from fighting in the US, any plans to head back stateside?

   Did you consider trying out for the Ultimate Fighter this season as its focusing on lightweights?

   You’ve fought some big names in the Lightweight division what was you favourite fight? Biggest
    fight? The one you learned the most from?

    When you rocked Eddie Alvarez with the left hook early in the 1 , what was going through your

   How long do you plan on fighting for?

   How important is having a good support structure – coach, training partners, facilities -for an MMA

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