; Cage Warriors 39 ADaly prefight
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Cage Warriors 39 ADaly prefight


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									Aisling Daly looks to rebound from her August loss at Bellator 25 to tough American Lisa Ward, when she
takes on Molly Helsel in the Cage Warriors 39 “The Uprising” in Neptune Stadium in Cork this Saturday

Speaking en route to the weight-ins Daly described her mood as “incredibly positive all things considered”
referring to the fact that she hadn’t eaten or drank anything since midday the previous day to make the
contracted weight for the fight of 125lbs. The weigh-in wasn’t till 3.00pm in the afternoon. While this
smacks of unspeakable cruelty to you or I, Daly reckons it’s 100 times easier than the previous weight cut
where she fought at 115lbs in the Bellator Women’s Tournament.

Speaking about prefight jitters Daly said she had “healthy nerves, there’d be something wrong if I wasn’t a
little nervous but I feel good, I feel sharp and I’m stayin focused on my fight plan.”

Sporting an 8-10 record Helsel will offer a stern test for Daly. “She’s well rounded and extremely
experienced opponent. I’m expecting her to be strong and maybe a little heavier than me by fight time”
said Daly.

But Daly isn’t concerning herself with what Helsel might do or not do just yet, “I’ll stick to my strengths and
I feel I’m a more technical fighter in every area”. Daly’s confidence is justified as her words have been
backed up by the deeds with a 9-1 record and world ranking of #5 in her weight class.

Also fighting on “”The Uprising” card is Rosi Sexton who is ranked #4, one place higher than Daly in the
women’s 125lbs division. It will be interesting to see if there is any change to the divisional balance of
power after both fights on Saturday night.

Update: Aisling Daly weighed in at 125.6lbs within the allowable 1lbs margin of error for the 125lbs weigh
class. Molly Helsel weighed in at 125.7lbs.

Some tickets are still available from The Boxing Clinic (Cork) and any Cummins Sports Store (Cork).

€25 for Balcony seats

€30 for Floor Seats

€35 for Bleachers Seats

€45 for Ringside Seats

Fergus Ryan, November 2010

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