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									Visions and values
 “No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.
         The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.” – Emma Goldman

                                   Sun glasses to see the world differently

Paving the way together for a life full of learning
        Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries are one of the longest established nurseries in Dubai, established,
inspired and run by Isabelle Amatoury who has had over 31 years’ experience in Early Years Education. Her
philosophy centres on the belief that each child is unique and deserves to be given the opportunity to
experience the best possible start to his or her education.

Both Nursery Schools follow the British Curriculum (EYFS), accepting children from 9 months to the
Foundation Stage 1 level (children who have turned 3 by 31st of August.)

Our Nursery Schools provide a safe and nurturing environment where children are gently encouraged to
build self-awareness, social skills and personal development through diverse learning opportunities,
engaging activities and play within a relaxed and caring atmosphere.
Our team is committed to offering a balanced and holistic approach, where the foundations for positive
attitudes (‘I Can’) are established in a warm and nurturing learning environment which is the culmination of
years of carefully informed resourcing.

        Parents are children’s first and most profound educators and as such are valued as partners to our
Nursery practice. All parents are made to feel welcome; their input encouraged through a range of
opportunities for collaboration. Transitioning into a nursery environment is a special time for children and
their parents and we provide support and peace of mind to our families.

Kid's Island and Cocoon Nursery Schools are located in the Jumeirah 3 area of Dubai, in two different
campuses which are a few minutes walking distance from each other.

We provide flexibility to parents by offering attendance options of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week depending on
the child’s age group. All our classes have a qualified and experienced teacher who is supported by one or
two teacher’s assistants depending on the class age group.

We extend an invitation to you. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to view our facilities and
understand our vision and aims for early childhood education. We would also be happy to answer all your
questions. We hope to see you soon at Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nursery Schools.

The Team
        Living in Dubai offers the privilege of interacting with a plethora of cultures and nationalities. Our
international team reflects this vibrant multicultural diversity.

                               We recognise that our staff is our greatest asset.

        Trust is established when parents see a professional, motivated, happy and caring team providing the
best possible care for their children. Learning is a continuous, life-long process and we therefore invest
significantly in the development of our staff and believe in promoting from within. Our teachers deliver the
Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) which is the legislated curriculum followed in the United
Kingdom. Within this framework, they strive to provide opportunities for learning through play and
exploration, using all the senses and catering for all learning styles – visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. Play-
based learning is an essential vehicle for active learning. It promotes positive attitudes of self-motivation,
self-confidence and reinforces the importance of cooperation and group values.
Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries are centrally located in the heart of Jumeirah 3/Umm Suqiem. The
Nurseries are easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road leading to and from Dubai through Al Wasl Road
or Jumeirah Beach Road.
Our Nurseries are located 300 metres from each other and have been designed around children’s needs
comprising a large yet aesthetic Early Childhood Education Centre.


              Group game in process                               Show and Tell Activity
All of our classrooms are bright and spacious. Careful consideration was given when choosing classroom
furniture so that it is child-sized and comfortable for children and adults.
Class sizes vary with a high adult-child ratio which maximizes individual attention.
Classrooms are amply stocked with age appropriate educational resources, puzzles, books and other

Days and Timing
Dubai observes an official school week from Sunday to Thursday. At Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries,
our weekend is Friday and Saturday.

-   Regular Hours               Sunday to Thursday 8.00am to 12.30pm
-   Early Drop Off Facility     Sunday to Thursday 7.30am to 8.00am (optional)
-   Late Pick Up Facility       Sunday to Thursday 12.30pm to 1:45pm (optional)
-   Extended Pick Up Facility   Sunday to Thursday 12.30pm to 2.15pm (optional)

                                               Free Painting

Holiday Camps
Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries hold holiday Camps during the spring and summer vacation periods.
Camps provide a happy and constructive alternative to children and their parents who remain in Dubai
during school breaks. They are structured and organised around themes that are fun, exciting and relevant
for children aged 12 months and older. All camps follow normal Nursery routines and are led by our
Nursery teachers. Camps for 2012 are scheduled as follows:
Spring Camp 2012:
2 weeks Spring Camp starting 08-04-12 to 19-04-12 inclusive.

Summer Camp 2012:
9 weeks Summer Camp starting 01-07-12 to 30-08-12 inclusive.

Note: Final Camp dates are subject to confirmation.

Reflecting on Quality Accreditation Scheme
                          This is to certify that

                          Kids Island Nursery

is participating in the Pre-school Learning Alliance's quality improvement
 scheme and is committed to the continuous improvement of services for
                    children, families, and the community.

        By achieving the ‘Reflecting on Quality’ accreditation, Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries
demonstrate to parents, professionals and the wider community that the service and practice offered is of a
consistently high standard and adheres to the values and requirements of the EYFS as monitored and
certified by the Pre-School Learning Alliance of the UK .

We observe the Alliance’s core principles and beliefs that:

      Parents are children’s most important teachers and as such, practitioners should aim to work with
      Children learn through play and by becoming involved in activities.
      Learning occurs and improves within a social context and thus the Nursery environment is a wider
       learning community for children and families.

The scheme supports:

      Involvement of parents and children in the quality improvement process.
      The Practitioner’s on-going, active work.
      Communication that encourages practitioners to share new learning about effective practice.

The endeavour for continuous Improvement:
The Nurseries support the “observe, reflect, improve, and review” process, which involves the following
aspects of continuous quality improvement:

      Incorporating parents and children’s views in the evaluative process.
      Enhance what is done to promote the best outcome for children.
      Developing a clear vision and sense of purpose.
      Adopting a whole setting approach.
      Sharing knowledge and the development of a wider learning culture.
      Commitment to continuous professional development.
      Reflection and self-evaluation as a continuous process.
      Identification of strengths and the prioritisation of areas for development.
      Sharing and celebrating effective practice within and between the settings.

    Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries’ standards of quality are accredited and
              certified by the Pre-School Learning Alliance of the UK.
From our establishment over 20 years ago until today, our main aim has been to work closely with the
families within our community, to nurture, support and develop the children of our pre-school/nursery in a
stimulating, positive and constructive way.

Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries have developed their FS1 (Foundation Stage 1) unit in a very unique
way where children bloom and the focus is on readiness for their next step, to join FS2 in the various Prep
Schools in Dubai.

Our work is our passion. Our children and parents come first and it brings us great satisfaction and pride to
provide the highest degree of quality in nursery education to the Dubai community.

                                         "Parents are our priority."

We take the time to show our parents, who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We guide them in their
steps as parents and by building a strong relationship between nursery and home environment; we can
support your child’s journey toward development, maturity and self-esteem.

We extend an invitation to you. Please browse through our site to find more about the way we work at our
Nurseries located in Jumeirah/Umm Suqiem. You will learn about our philosophy, the EYFS (Early Years
Foundation Stage in the British Curriculum), our activities and how we work in partnership with parents to
create an environment where children and parents feel part of the Kid’s Island and Cocoon Nurseries family.

Yours truly,

Isabelle Amatoury

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