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Bradford _ Airedale PCT


									                                      BRADFORD & AIREDALE PCT

                 AIREDALE PCT?

On the 1st April 2011 NHS BRADFORD & AIREDALE PCT will begin the process of transferring its provider
functions to other organisations. This will mean you may need to invoice;

    1)   NHS Bradford & Airedale PCT; the commissioning organisation.
    2)   Bradford District Care NHS Trust
    3)   Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    4)   Airedale Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Your company has been identified as a supplier currently used by NHS Bradford & Airedale PCT which will
mean that from the 1st April you will need to bill either NHS Bradford & Airedale PCT or one of the other NHS
organisations dependant on which service you are invoicing.

 Please see Appendix A which gives an overview of the four organisations and their areas of responsibility to help
you decide who you need to invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: these changes should only be implemented for invoices raised for goods and
services received after the 1st April 2011.

All invoices for goods and services up to 31st March 2011 should be invoiced as previously.

Would you please pass this letter to the appropriate people within your organisation and ask them to use the new
billing procedures with effect from 1st April 2011. I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation with
this process.

Should you be unsure of which organisation to invoice please ascertain the correct entity before invoicing by
contacting the person who originally ordered the goods or services.
If you are still in doubt please contact via E-mail:        Or      by telephone 01274 237736

For Invoice/Payment Queries relating to invoices contact the NHS Shared Business Services Payables
Helpdesk on:

                                 0303 123 1177
Any enquiries regarding orders or deliveries should continue to be addressed to the relevant local site.
Appendix A

 NHS Bradford & Airedale PCT (5NY)                   Airedale Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
 Organisation Type: Commissioner                     Organisation Type: Provider Services
 Billing Address (unchanged):                        Billing Address:
 Bradford & AIREDALE PCT                             Airedale Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
 5NY Payables C435                                   Finance Department
 Phoenix House                                       Airedale General Hospital
 Topcliffe Lane                                      Skipton Road, Steeton,
 Wakefield                                           Keighley
 WF3 1WE                                             BD20 6TD

 Responsible for:                                    Responsible for:
 Purchasing Healthcare from Provider Organisations   Neurological Rehab
 (NHS and Non NHS);                                  Airedale Community Support team
 Primary Care Services;                              Cardiovascular Rehab Nurse (Other)
 Health Centre Premises;                             Nursing Diabetes/Xpert
 Continuing care;                                    British Heart Foundation (Other)
 Free Nursing Care;
 Nursing Home payments;
 Non Contract Activity
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation          Bradford District Care Trust
Organisation Type: Provider                         Organisation Type: Provider Services
Billing Address:                                    Billing Address:
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation          Bradford District Care Trust
Trust                                               TAD Payables 4395
RAE Payables 4405                                   Phoenix House
Phoenix House                                       Topcliffe Lane
Topcliffe Lane                                      Wakefield
Wakefield                                           WF3 1WE

Responsible for:                                    Responsible for:
Community Hospitals (Eccleshill, Westbourne         District Nursing & Health Visiting
Green, Westwood Park, St Lukes Ward F3)             School Nursing & specialist team
Paediatrics Continuing Care & Specialist Children   Youth offending & looked after children teams
services                                            Adult continence
CASH Services                                       Dental
Chlamydia Screening
                                                    Speech & Language
Cardiovascular Rehab Nurse (Queensbury Health       Mental health
Centre, Carlisle Business Centre, Eccleshill DTC)   Substance Misuse
Nursing Diabetes/Xpert                              Palliative Care
British Heart Foundation (Queensbury Health         Tissue Viability
Centre)                                             Falls prevention
Haemoglobin                                         Community matrons & case managers
Community support teams (Bradford North, South      Community support teams
& City)                                             Neurological Rehab
                                                    Airedale Community Support team
Purchase Order NumbersPlease note invoices to       Cardiovascular Rehab Nurse (Other)
Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation          Nursing Diabetes/Xpert
Trust (BTHFT) must include a valid BTHFT            British Heart Foundation (Other)
Purchase Order Number (PO).
This will be a new PO number issued after 31st
March 2011. The BTHFT PO number will be 8
digits long and will be always start with “34”.

You will be provided with a new PO number by
the Foundation Trust when the order is made.
Invoices without a valid BTHFT PO starting with
“34” will not be processed for payment.

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