Hosting A Cookie Exchange—How Sweet It Is_ by wuyunyi


									          Hosting A Cookie Exchange—How Sweet It Is!
   (NAPSA)—The holiday season
often means that time is tighter
than ever, making it difficult to
bake a large variety of cookies for
your holiday table. A cookie ex-
change offers a simple solution for
today’s busy bakers.
   A cookie exchange is usually
held at someone’s house, where
the guests bring enough of their
home-baked cookies to share with
the entire group. As a result, par-
ticipants can bring home a wide
variety of cookies with less effort
and time.
   On the invitation, clearly state       Celebrate with style—All-Occasion Cookies are the perfect sweet
the rules of a cookie exchange:        treat for any special event!
   • Make it clear that each guest
will be baking a dozen cookies for         Chopped nuts                    Cooling Rack. Cool completely.
each participant (let them know            Icing                           To decorate cookies after bak-
the number of people you have              Melted chocolate                ing, use icing or melted choco-
invited, including yourself).              Powdered sugar                  late, or sprinkle with pow-
   • Sturdy cookies without icings                                         dered sugar.
tend to survive the transport bet-        1. Preheat oven to 350°F. In              Forming Cookies
ter than softer cookies.               Small Batter Bowl, microwave             Pressed cookies: Fill Cookie
   • Guests should provide enough      2 sticks of butter on High 1        Press, fitted with disk of your
recipe cards to share at the party.    minute or until melted. Slice       choice, with dough. Press
   • Remind guests to bring con-       remaining butter into 1⁄2-inch      dough onto flat baking stone,
tainers so they can take their         pieces; add to melted butter,       1 inch apart. Yield: 8 dozen
goodies home.                          tossing to coat. Let stand 3-5      cookies.
   Schedules fill up fast during the   minutes or until softened.               Cutout cookies: Turn dough
holiday season, so it’s a good idea       2. Meanwhile, in large bowl,     out onto well-floured Cutting
to hold the party at an “off-peak”     combine cake mix and flour;         Board. With floured hands,
time, such as a weekend morning        blend well using Stainless          gently knead dough, adding
or a weeknight. You can also host a    Steel Whisk, breaking up any        up to 1⁄2 cup additional flour as
Pampered Chef cookie show, where       large lumps. Whisk butter until     needed to form a firm dough.
a Kitchen Consultant can demon-        smooth and free of lumps. If        Divide dough into 3 equal por-
strate easy cookie preparation and     necessary, microwave butter         tions. Shape each portion of
decorating techniques for baking       an additional 10-20 seconds or      dough into an 8-inch disk.
delicious cookies with the All-Occa-   until creamy and pourable. Do       Generously flour surface of
sion Cookie Dough recipe. For          not melt completely.                cutting board or countertop.
more information, or to find a            3. Pour butter all at once       Roll one disk of dough out
Kitchen Consultant in your area,       into dry ingredients. Mix until     evenly to 1 ⁄ 8 -inch thickness
visit or          dry ingredients are incorpo-        using Baker ’s Roller. Cut
call 1-800-266-5562.                   rated and dough is smooth. (If      cookie shapes using Bread
                                       dough is too stiff to stir, knead   Tubes; transfer to flat baking
     All-Occasion Cookies              by hand until smooth.)              stone, 1 inch apart. Yield 2 1⁄2
                                          4. Form cookies as desired.      dozen cookies.
  1 package (18.25 oz.) white          To decorate cookies before               Drop cookies: If desired, stir
     cake mix                          baking, brush unbaked cook-           ⁄2 to 1 cup (any combination)
23⁄4 cups all-purpose flour            ies lightly with milk or egg        of the following ingredients
  1 pound (4 sticks) butter or         whites using Pastry Brush and       into the dough: chocolate
     margarine, divided (do not        sprinkle with colored sugar         morsels or miniature candy-
     use vegetable oil spread)         crystals, sprinkles or finely       coated chocolate pieces; toffee
     Milk or beaten egg whites         chopped nuts.                       bits; chopped nuts or candies;
     (optional)                           5. Bake cookies on flat Bak-     or dried fruit. Using Small
                                       ing Stone 15-17 minutes or          Scoop, drop level scoops of
Optional decorations:                  until very light golden brown.      cookie dough onto flat baking
    Colored sugar crystals             Cool 3 minutes on baking            stone, 2 inches apart. Yield: 7
    Sprinkles                          stone; remove to Stackable          dozen cookies.
               Guidelines For Stimulating
             Newborns’ Healthy Development
    (NAPSA)—You’ve just brought
your new baby home from the hos-
pital. In the midst of diaper changes
and midnight feedings you antici-
pate a time in the future when you’ll
be able to play and have fun with
your baby. But did you know that
you don’t have to wait until your
newborn is older to begin engaging
him or her in play? Interactive play
provides the foundation for intel-
lectual, social and physical devel-
opment in children and helps to
strengthen the bond between par-         to any other visual object. Baby is
ent and child and it’s never too early   also fascinated by his own reflec-
to start. The experts at Gymboree        tion, even though he doesn’t yet
Play & Music, the worldwide leader       know that it’s he. Hold a mirror
in parent-child play classes, offer      up so your baby can see his reflec-
the following guidelines and ideas       tion, then point at the baby in the
for developmentally appropriate          mirror and say his name. This will
games you can start playing with         help him learn to visually focus
your newborn right now.                  and track as well as to explore the
    Find Balance: Help develop           social nature of faces.
your child’s sense of balance by             The More The Merrier: Par-
laying baby on your lap and gen-         ticipating in a group class led by a
tly raising and lowering your legs       trained teacher, such as those
or rocking him side to side. Use         offered at Gymboree Play &
music or sing for additional fun         Music, will allow you and baby to
and learning.                            learn new games while exposing
    Touching Moments: To en-             her to a small, social group. Play-
gage baby’s sense of touch, lightly      ing in a setting outside of the
cover her with a scarf and pull it       home can also help eliminate dis-
up and down the length of her            tractions and allow you to further
body. Gently rub baby’s arms, legs       focus your attention solely on your
and head with the scarf. Baby will       baby, which can create some very
look to you for social cues, so keep     personal and emotional moments,
in mind that using your voice and        strengthening the bond between
giving eye contact is important          you and your child.
during play activities.                      Follow Their Lead: Each
    Get Silly: Funny songs, move-        baby is unique and will develop
ments and sounds are all stimulat-       according to his or her own
ing for baby. Remember, what they        timetable. In order to ensure that
are tuning in to most is YOU, so         the games you engage your baby
have fun and don’t be afraid to look     in offer the appropriate amount of
a little silly in the process. Explore   challenge and stimulation, the
making all kinds of sounds with          experts at Gymboree Play & Music
your voice for baby such as animal       recommend that parents progress
sounds, high-pitched nonsense            play based on their child’s learning
sounds or clicking your tongue.          pace, not just his or her age.
Using sound in your play with                F or more d evel op mental l y
baby helps to support social and         appropriate play tips, visit www.
language development.           To sign-up for a
    Mirror, Mirror: Newborns are         free Gymboree Play & Music
more attuned to human faces than         class call 1-800-520-PLAY.
     Shriners Hospital Focuses On Children’s Bone Tumors
      by J. Ivan Krajbich, M.D.                                                 devices is limited because of the
    (NAPSA)—The words “tumor,”                                                  wear and tear imposed by active
“malignant” and “cancer,” when                                                  children.
delivered by a healthcare profes-                                                   The only other option available
sional, can be devastating—even                                                 for a non-artificial joint is a proce-
more so when a child is involved.                                               dure referred to as the modified
    Shriners Hospital for Children                                              Van Nes rotation plasty. In this
in Portland, OR, recently focused                                               kind of reconstruction, the ankle is
a portion of its medical care on                                                used as a substitute for a knee.
children with bone cancer. In                                                   The foot is then fit into a pros-
1994, a partnership was formed                                                  thetic socket; the child, who would
between Shriners Hospital and                                                   otherwise require an above-knee
the department of pediatrics at                                                 amputation, functions as a below-
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital                                                 knee amputee and is able to par-
at Oregon Health Sciences Uni-                                                  ticipate in many athletic activities.
versity. Together, the two facilities      At the Portland Shriners Hospi-          In the majority of patients,
launched a pilot bone tumor pro-        tal, Neal Turner of the orthotics       treatment and rehabilitation have
gram to treat children afflicted        and prosthetics depar tment             been quite successful, with more
with malignant bone tumors.             makes some minor adjustments            than 90 percent of osteosarcoma
    Two of the most common types        on Cheyanne’s new prosthetic leg.       patients and in excess of 80 per-
of bone cancer that strike children                                             cent of the Ewing’s sarcoma
between the ages of 10 and 20 are          For most children, treatment         patients who are alive and
osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sar-           includes two to three months of         presently disease free. Many of the
coma. Osteosarcoma occurs fre-          chemotherapy, followed by a surgi-      children have been disease free for
quently in the knee area, although      cal procedure to remove all the         at least five years since their ini-
it can occur in any bone and can        cancerous tissue, leading to the        tial treatment—a time interval
spread to the lungs. Ewing’s sar-       best function possible for the limb     usually considered evidence of a
coma consists of tumors that can        and several months of chemother-        cure. None of the patients in the
affect any bone in the body. These      apy. The surgical procedures and        program thus far have had reoc-
tumors are very painful and, if left    limb reconstructions can be quite       currence of a local tumor.
untreated, can spread to the lungs      complicated and vary widely,                For more information on
and/or other bones.                     depending on the location of the        Shriners’ network of 22 hospitals
    Once a child has been diagnosed     tumor, involvement of the adja-         that provide free treatment to
with a malignant tumor, the bone        cent joint and the child’s age.         children with orthopaedic prob-
tumor team maps out a treatment            The goal of reconstruction is to     lems, burns and spinal cord
regimen. The multidisciplinary          preserve the child’s major joint        injuries, write to: Shriners Inter-
team consists of an orthopaedic         (e.g., knee or hip) whenever possi-     national Headquarters, Public
surgeon specializing in tumor and       ble. In such cases, bone lost to        Relations Dept., 2900 Rocky Point
limb salvage surgery, a pediatric       tumor can be replaced by a bone         Dr., Tampa FL 33607, or visit the
medical oncologist, team coordina-      transplant, with an expected very       Web site at
tor, physical therapist, occupa-        good functional outcome. Unfortu-           If you know a child Shriners
tional therapist, general surgeon,      nately, in the majority of children     can help, call 1-800-237-5055 in
radiation oncologist, nutritionist,     with osteosarcoma, if the knee          the United States or 1-800-361-
prosthetist, pediatric radiologist,     joint has a tumor, the joint usu-       7256 in Canada. Shriners Hospi-
child life specialist, social worker,   ally has to be removed. As such, a      tals provide free treatment to chil-
and inpatient and outpatient            metal-plastic artificial joint is the   dren under age 18 without regard
nurses familiar with the treatment      most commonly used replacement,         to race, religion or relationship to
of sarcomas.                            although the lifespan of these          a Shriner.
  A Quiz On How To Reduce Eye Strain
    (NAPSA)—Taking this simple
quiz may give you a new view on
ways to reduce eye strain.
    1. Symptoms of eye strain
include a) seeing halos or rain-
bows around lights, b) a drooping
eyelid, c) a burning sensation
when you close your eyes.
    2. Eye strain can be caused by
a) sewing, b) computer work, c)
driving.                                      Anti-reflective coating can
    3. Eye strain can be alleviated       help improve visual comfort by
by a) taking a break every hour or        eliminating distracting reflections
so, b) wearing glasses with an            that contribute to eye strain.
anti-reflective (AR) coating, c)          This is particularly important at
using eye drops.                          night when vision is already com-
    4. AR coating helps drivers by        promised. People who do a lot of
a) letting people see your eyes, not      computer work or reading find
your glasses, b) eliminating dis-         that AR-coated lenses help reduce
tracting reflections and ghost            eye strain and fatigue. The coat-
images, c) increasing the amount          ing reduces glare and discomfort.
of light reaching your eyes.                  As a bonus, the lenses enhance
    5. People who may benefit from        appearance by eliminating dis-
AR-coated lenses include a) dri-          tracting reflections. You see the
vers, b) aircraft pilots, c) computer     wearer ’s eye, not their lenses,
users, d) photographers, e) attor-        improving eye contact for better
neys, f) all of the above.                communication.
                Answers                       4. b, c. Research has demon-
    1. c. Other symptoms of eye           strated that under simulated
strain would include eyes water-          night driving conditions, AR
ing, eyelids twitching or an aching       lenses enable drivers to see things
forehead. Should you experience a         on the road ahead by increasing
drooping eyelid or a burning sen-         the amount of light reaching the
sation when your eyes are closed,         retina and eliminating distracting
consult your eyecare professional         reflections.
immediately.                                  5. f. AR coated lenses are bene-
    2. a, b, c. In fact, just about any   ficial for any person wearing
activity requiring a high amount          glasses as the coating improves
of visual involvement may cause           visual performance and comfort.
eye strain.                                   For a free brochure on anti-
    3. a, b, c. Worn in daylight and      reflective lenses, write: AR Coun-
indoors, most spectacle wearers           cil, 8818 Windsor Terrace, Min-
find AR coating makes objects             neapolis, MN 55443; call toll-free
appear crisper and brighter. In           877-254-4477; e-mail arcouncil@
critical driving situations, more; or visit the Web site at
light means clearer, crisper vision.
  (NAPSA)—Picture this: Spark young imaginations with creative activities, exploration and games. Kids
can discover a magical world of fun and adventure by coloring the picture below.
  Kelly, the little sister of Barbie, and her clubhouse friends help transform youngsters’ everyday environ-
ment into magical places when they arrive in their first interactive adventures in Kelly Club CD-ROM and
Kelly Club: Clubhouse Fun for Game Boy Color. These interactive games transport kids to entirely new
make-believe worlds such as the one seen here.
      Losing Weight: Gaining Confidence
   (NAPSA)—The skinny to losing
weight in a healthful way can be
easier than many people realize.
Here are three top tips from The
American Heart Association:
   • Start slow. Do low to moder-
ate-level activities, especially at
first, then slowly increase the
duration and intensity as you
become more fit.
   • Remember the amount of
total fat and cholesterol that
should be included in your daily
menu (your doctor can help you
                                               Subway’s Jared and his
develop an eating plan). Total fat
                                           friends are all smiles about main-
intake should be no more than 30
percent of your daily calories and         taining a heart healthy lifestyle.
your cholesterol intake should be          Blakeman, a mother of two, who
less than 300 milligrams a day.            boasted a 60-pound weight loss.
   • Choose activities that are                Myra Jackson of Tallahassee,
fun, add variety and surround              Florida, lost 30 pounds with help
yourself with supportive people.           from Subway’s “7 under 6” sand-
   Sticking to healthful eating can        wiches. The restaurant features
be difficult for dieters on the go. Fast   seven different low-fat sandwiches,
food is often tempting. However,           all under six grams of fat each.
that’s not necessarily a bad thing             “I used to get tired just from
for those watching their weight.           walking up the street,” she said.
Many fast food restaurants offer low-      “Now I am able to run miles and
fat choices on their menus—from            enjoy doing it.”
salads to sandwiches.                          Former shoe-company execu-
   One restaurant in particular gar-       tive Kenneth Sanford, of Franklin,
nered national attention for help-         Tennessee, lost 56 pounds and
ing one man lose 245 pounds. Jared         was so inspired by his accomplish-
Fogle became an unofficial poster          ment that he purchased his own
boy for weight loss and a hero among       Subway restaurant.
frustrated dieters. He incorporated            As for Fogle, he still enjoys
Subway’s low-fat sandwiches into           Subway sandwiches and has kept
his meal routine. Pam Blakeman of          his weight at about 190 pounds—
Springfield, Illinois, was one of those    down from 425. More information
people Fogle inspired.                     on healthful eating is available on
   “I’m very determined never to           the Web site at or
get as big as I was before,” said          by calling toll-free 1-800-888-4848.
;;;                                      OF HEALTH
 Knee Replacement Implant Offers More Flexibility
twenty-one million Americans
suffer from osteoarthritis, a
degenerative joint disease that
often follows a history of injury or
overuse of a joint.                                                           t
    Deterioration of the articular                                            l
cartilage in the knees, often the                                             b
result of osteoarthritis, causes
bone to rub against bone. This                                                s
friction causes symptoms such as                                              r
a feeling of stiffness, moderate to                                           c
severe discomfort, debilitating                                               a
pain and eventual loss of motion.
In some cases, total knee replace-
ment is necessary.
    Approximately 266,000 total
knee replacements are per-
formed each year and that num-
ber is increasing, according to           With today’s knee replacement
the American Academy of                options, people with osteoarthri-
Orthopaedic Surgeons.                  tis may find it easier to resume
    “Patients today are expecting      activities they enjoy.
to maintain an active lifestyle
after total knee replacement,” said    standing up again.
Giles R. Scuderi, M.D., an ortho-          The sooner patients report
pedic surgeon at New York’s Insall     their symptoms to doctors, the
Scott Kelly Institute.                 sooner treatment options can be
    Technology is now available        discussed.
that offers a higher range of              “The key to effectively treating
motion, or bending of the knee, for    knee problems is early diagnosis,”
patients with the ability and          said Scuderi. “With early diagno-
desire to perform high flexion         sis and good preoperative flexibil-
activities.                            ity, the Flex Fixed Knee can allow     o
    Scuderi continues, “The LPS-       patients to resume many of the
Flex Fixed Knee from Zimmer            physical activities they have come
Inc., offers a new option for those    to enjoy.”                             c
suffering from osteoarthritis to           Studies show that total knee       r
reclaim aspects of their lives on      replacement patients with good         h
which they place much value.”          preoperative flexibility are more      s
    The implant is the first one       likely to maintain that flexibility.   H
specifically designed to safely            Whether the knee is suitable       w
accommodate deep flexion of up         for an individual patient is based     a
to 155 degrees. Generally, knee        on a number of considerations.
imp lants w e re d e s i g n e d t o       “Such considerations include       d
accommodate flexion up to 125          the person’s activity level, weight,   b
degrees.                               bone quality and if the arthritis is   t
    Hobbies such as gardening          advanced enough for this treat-        s
and golfing require high degrees       ment,” said Michael A. Kelly,          a
of flexion of the knee. In addition,   M.D., a founding orthopedic sur-
cultural activities such as kneel-     geon of the Insall Scott Kelly         b
ing for prayer, sitting cross-         Institute, which helped to develop     h
legged and squatting demand fre-       the knee replacement.                  i
quent high flexion. Many daily             For more information on the        t
activities require this range of       LPS-Flex Fixed Knee, call the toll     t
motion as well, such as climbing       free hotline at 1-877-866-FLEX or
stairs, sitting in a chair and         visit            m
 Improving Men’s Health
   (NAPSA)—Studies show that
today, the average man lives a
longer and healthier life than ever
   Yet doctors say many men are
still unaware of their personal
risk factors for common chronic
conditions, such as heart disease
and type 2 diabetes.

    A new book addresses a variety
of important men’s health issues.

   A new book sheds light on such
conditions and helps more men
reach their optimum levels of
health. American Medical As-
sociation Complete Guide To Men’s
Health (Wiley, $34.95) covers a
wide variety of health issues that
are especially important to men.
   This comprehensive guide ad-
dresses such lifestyle issues as the
building blocks of healthy diets,
the warning signs of disease, and
screening tests men should take
at different stages of life.
   In addition, it covers harmful
behaviors (such as smoking, alco-
hol-and drug-abuse) and gives
information on specific health sys-
tems—from reproductive, to diges-
tive, to the immune system.
   The guide also identifies the
most common male disorders,
their risk factors and symptoms
and discusses effective treatment
   For more information visit
      Tennis Titans Venus and Serena Williams
                  Serve Up Grants
        (NAPSA)—Tennis stars Venus
     and Serena Williams have teamed
     up with Doublemint Gum to
     reward distinctive contributions
     young people make on campus
     and in communities. The grant
     program, called the Doublemint
     Aces for Campus Excellence
     (A.C.E.), puts 18-25-year-old col-
     lege students and student service
     organizations in center court, pro-
     viding them with the opportunity
     to showcase their unique ap-
     proach to making a positive differ-
     ence in their communities.
        “The Doublemint A.C.E. Grant           IT’S ACES—A grant program
     Program is our way of honoring
                                            recognizes and rewards college
     and rewarding college youth who
                                            students who help improve their
     have the motivation and commit-
     ment to improve their campuses         campuses and communities.
     and communities,” said Rory Fin-       WTA tournaments. The Williams
     lay, Senior Marketing Director for     sisters will also personally choose
     Wrigley. “As professional athletes     and then meet with the recipient
     and students themselves, Venus         of the $10,000 grant.
     and Serena’s motivation and com-           “Education has always been
     mitment is evident both on and off     important to me and Serena,” said
     the court—we feel they are the         Venus Williams, who is enrolled in
     perfect partners to encourage and      design courses at the Art Institute
     recognize students who help make       of Fort Lauderdale. “We are looking
y    their campuses and communities         forward to learning about how our
     better places to live and learn.”      collegiate peers are making distinc-
        Applications are available now      tive contributions on their cam-
     at To apply        puses and in their communities.”
     for a grant, applicants must sub-          “It’s a pleasure to be part of the
     mit their information with either      Doublemint A.C.E. Grant Pro-
     an essay or a VHS tape demon-          gram since it recognizes people
     strating their distinctive volun-      who go above and beyond their
     teerism or philanthropy. Up to fifty   role as students,” said Serena,
     $1,000 grants and one $10,000          also a design student. “We know
     grant will be awarded during the       the importance of education and
     2001-2002 grant program.               giving back to the community. We
        Each grant recipient will be eli-   are proud to be able to recognize
     gible to have his or her grant         others with the same dedication.”
     increased by an additional $100            For more information on the
     for each ace served by Venus or        grant program, visit www.double
     Serena during selected matches at

,   Dust Bustin’ Doesn’t Have To Be A Royal Pain
s   The Queen Of Clean® Offers Tips For a Dust-Diminished Home
       (NAPSA)—If dusting and vacu-
t   uming are two of your least
    favorite household chores, let
    Linda Cobb, The Queen of Clean®
    show you how to tackle dust and
    dirt quickly and effectively so you
    can get back to the things you love
    to do.
     Defy Dust And Keep It Away!
       • Shake the dust bunny blues
    with a used dryer sheet. Dust
    your furniture, pictures, lamps
    and light fixtures with a used
    dryer sheet. It picks up and repels
    dust from settling on the surface.
       • Give your glass tabletop a
    twinkle with rubbing alcohol.
    Wipe it down with alcohol and a
    clean, lint-free cloth for a perfect,
    streak-free shine.
       • Repel dust with a homemade         away. It also picks up any loose
    solution of 1 part liquid fabric        fibers that may adhere to furni-
    softener to 4 parts water. Spray on     ture as dust.
    or apply with a soft cloth to              • Change your vacuum cleaner
    blinds, refrigerator shelves, frame     bag as instructed in the owner’s
    and glass-top tables.                   manual, once it becomes half full.
      Give Your Floors The Royal            The fuller the bag, the less effi-
           Treatment—Vacuum!                cient the vacuum cleaner.
       • Place walk-off mats at entry-         To ensure the long-lasting
    ways to collect loose dirt as you       beauty of your carpet—start with
    and guests enter your home. The         a carpet that is durable and soil-
    less tracked in, the less you have      and stain-resistant. The most
    to clean.                               durable carpet fiber is nylon—
       • Frequently vacuum the areas        inherently tough and it repels dirt
    with the most traffic, such as hall-    and liquids that can stain.
    ways, stairs and rooms where            DuPont™ STAINMASTER® carpet
    there is constant wear. Vacuum at       features the Advanced Teflon ®
    least twice a week.                     Repel System, which keeps car-
       • Choose a vacuum with a             pets 40 percent cleaner by
    beater bar and strong suction that      repelling liquids and soil.
    will penetrate the backing of the          F or more i nf ormati on on
    carpet and extract all particles.       carpet cleaning solutions, visit
    The beater bar lifts the dirt and or call
    allows the vacuum to wisk it            1-800-4-DUPONT.
      It’s Not Your Father’s Workplace Anymore, Says New Survey
   (NAPSA)—As the nation’s new-                                                Moreover, they report science lit-
est graduates job hunt, they may                                               eracy is important for them in
find a few surprises in store for        “Whether you call them New            their jobs, even if their jobs are
them, especially when it comes to                                              not science-based.
the skills today’s employers prize        Economy or working smart                “It’s pretty clear that today’s
most in their new hires.                 skills, they’re really plain old      workplace—whether it’s set in a
   A survey by Bayer Corporation                                               retail, manufacturing, agricul-
in cooperation with the National            science literacy skills...         tural or professional environ-
Science Foundation that examines          and in today’s global econ-          ment—is no longer our father’s,”
current workplace issues finds             omy, they’re a necessity.”          explained Lucore.
today’s workers need special skills                                               Just how well equipped are
to manage continuing change in                                                 new employees with these science
the workplace. They need to be                                                 literacy-cum-working smart-cum
flexible and adaptable, able to solve   they’re a necessity.”                  New Economy skills?
unforeseen problems on the job and         In the survey, when asked to           Today’s new graduates prepar-
do their best work in teams.            choose, new employees and man-         ing to pound the pavement would
   Indeed, these so-called New          agers consistently eschewed work-      be wise to take note of what the
Economy skills are increasingly         ing hard skills for working smart      managers have to say. Which is,
becoming the skills of choice in all    ones. For instance, both young peo-    they are not nearly as well
kinds of industries, including Old      ple and managers chose being able      equipped with these skills as they
Economy ones. That’s according to       to “solve unforeseen problems on       think they are. Nor did their edu-
those polled in The Bayer Facts of      the job” over “refer unforeseen        cation prepare them as well for
Science Education VII: The State        problems to others;” “adapt to         today’s workplace as they think it
of America’s New Workforce, who         changes in the work environment”       did. In fact, while the young work-
include both America’s newest           over “cope with a stable work envi-    ers consistently give their pre-col-
employees and the managers who          ronment;” “do their best work in       lege education a “B,” managers
oversee them.                           teams” over “do their best work        give it a solid “C.”
   “The fact that these so-called       independent of others;” and, “con-        “Managers, who have the ad-
New Economy skills are preferred        tinue to expand skills as the com-     vantage of age, understand that
by today’s employers should not         pany changes and/or grows” over        there is no substitute for experi-
surprise anyone on the front lines      “refine and master in more depth       ence,” said Lucore. “Humans learn
of science education reform,” said      the specifics of their present job.”   through doing. We make mistakes
Rebecca Lucore, who oversees               “The survey’s findings that         and go back and do it again, and
Bayer Corporation’s Making Sci-         today’s workplace values problem-      then we get it right. That’s how
ence Make Sense program, a com-         solving, critical-thinking and team    we learn.”
panywide initiative that advances       working reinforces the conclusion         Still, the class of 2001 should
science literacy through hands-on,      that students need to learn sci-       not be disheartened by any of this.
inquiry-based learning, employee        ence in the kind of experiential,      The survey’s message is clear:
volunteerism and public education.      hands-on way that helps develop        young workers should maintain
   “Whether you call them New           these skills,” said Lucore.            their enthusiasm for their jobs
Economy or working smart skills,           The new employees and man-          and careers, but at the same time
they’re really plain old science lit-   agers agree. They believe the most     constantly work to improve their
eracy skills and they’re no longer      effective way for students to learn    skills. That’s an Old Economy
a nicety in today’s global economy,     science is in a hands-on way.          recipe for success.
Tips To Protect & Preserve The Things You Care About
   (NAPSA)—Americans have spilled
the beans—all over clothing and in
every room of the house—according
to a recent poll. When asked about
the substance spilled most often, 70
percent of the respondents cited bev-
erages. Seventy-two percent said
stains land on shirts or blouses more
than other clothing items.
   While no one can prevent peo-
ple from having an occasional case
of the “dropsies,” here are a few
tips to help keep your favorite
items far from the give-away pile:
   • Take it to the table—Avoid            Proper stain protection can
turning the dashboard of the car
                                        help prevent accidents from mak-
into a messy meal tray. Eating on
                                        ing a permanent mess of things.
the run and in stop-and-go traffic
can make you an easy target for         home can create a hazard zone of
spots, spills and stains. It is no      spots and spills with the threat of
surprise that 23 percent of Ameri-      finger foods and beverages land-
cans polled said the car is the         ing on fine upholstery and dressy
most popular place outside of the       clothing. With the new multi-use
home to experience a food stain.        Scotchgard protector for fabric
Whenever possible, schedule time        and upholstery in the red can, you
for sit-down meals at a table           won’t have to cover the couch with
where food and drinks are less          an unsightly slip cover and you
likely to splat, splash and land on     can wear your favorite luxury
clothing.                               items to parties without a second
   • Protect and preserve—              thought. The red can now works
Your favorite foods and beverages       on silk, wool, dry-clean only and
don’t have to become a perma-           other delicate items.
nent part of your clothing or fur-         • Be a super citizen—More
niture. Take proactive steps to         than half of poll respondents said
preserve the things you care            they’ve thrown out clothes be-
about. Using a stain protector,         cause they were stained or soiled.
such as Scotchgard from 3M, pro-        Instead, donate clothing (and fur-
vides a defense against a lot of        niture) to your local charity. It will
those food and drink spills that        help someone in need and give
can ruin your car, clothing, car-       you a tax break.
peting and upholstery.                     • Keep carpets looking
   • Make the kitchen the cen-          good longer—Consider buying
tral eating station—Forty-three         carpets with mill-applied stain
percent of household spills outside     protector, or you can buy a do-it-
of the kitchen occur in the living      yourself formula in a can. In addi-
room and almost 27 percent occur        tion, vacuum regularly, use
in the family room. Set up a “cen-      entrance mats to trap soil before it
tral eating station” by encourag-       can be tracked in your home, blot
ing adults and kids to contain food     up spills immediately, and regu-
and beverages to the kitchen. Fur-      larly have your carpet profession-
niture and flooring in the kitchen      ally cleaned.
are often designed to endure spills        Stains happen, but they don’t
better than other rooms. Preserve       have to ruin your day or your
the rest of the house for neater        favorite things. Taking a few sim-
activities!                             ple precautions will help you keep
   • Dress to stress less—              your clothing, rugs and uphol-
Entertaining and parties in the         stered furniture looking their best.
           Goldsmith Elected VFW Commander-in-Chief
   (NAPSA)—The 102nd national                                                 all aware of the benefits and ser-
convention of the Veterans of For-                                            vices they are entitled to when they
eign Wars of the United States                                                separate from the armed forces.
witnessed a changing of the                                                       Goldsmith served in the U.S.
guard.                                                                        Army from November 1965 to
   James N. Goldsmith of Lapeer,                                              August 1967, with duty in Viet-
Michigan was elected Commander-                                               nam as an engineer from April
in-Chief of the organization on                                               1966 to August 1967.
August 24, 2001. The convention                                                   In 1978, Goldsmith was selected
was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.                                             as Michigan’s “Young Veteran of
   Deeply concerned for the wel-                                              the Year,” and in 1980, became the
fare of our active duty and reserve                                           first Vietnam veteran to be elected
military forces, Goldsmith has                                                Department Junior Vice Comman-
traveled worldwide listening to                                               der. He earned All American status
the needs of U.S. service men and                                             as a Department Commander,
women. As a result of these many                                              1982-1983.
discussions, he lists quality of life                                             He also served as vice-chairman
and defense readiness issues as            James N. Goldsmith, newly          of the POW/MIA Committee and
his top priorities.                     elected Commander-in-Chief of         the National Security and Foreign
   For example, he is particularly      the VFW, lists quality of life and    Affairs Committee. While serving
concerned about the number of           defense readiness issues as his       as Senior Vice Commander-in-
the organization’s members who          top priorities.                       Chief, Goldsmith was selected to
have diabetes.                                                                travel to Vietnam as part of a pres-
   According to Goldsmith, “Our         disease in alarmingly high num-       idential fact-finding committee. He
membership and, in fact, all of our     bers, due to their service there.”    retired from General Motors in
citizens are now threatened by a           He is proposing the VFW estab-     1997 after 35 years of service.
silent, yet deadly enemy—Dia-           lish a number of research grants          For a free brochure about
betes. The war against this insidi-     aimed at defeating the disease.       becoming a member of the VFW
ous killer has taken on an                 Another concern for Goldsmith      write: Veterans of Foreign Wars,
increased urgency since we now          is making sure that members of the    National Headquarters, Member-
know that in-country Vietnam vets       Active Duty forces, National Guard,   ship, Broadway at 34th Street,
are suffering from this dreaded         Reserves and military retirees are    Kansas City, MO 64111.
    Daily Checklist To Healthy Skin
   (NAPSA)—Tired, dull and less
than radiant…signs that your
skin may need some TLC right
   “Skin changes as you age,”
notes leading Beverly Hills der-
matologist Peter L. Kopelson M.D.
“Therefore on a daily basis, you
need to take extra measures in
caring for your skin so it stays
healthy and young-looking.”
   The skin experts at Lubriderm
Skin Renewal offer the following
tips to work into your everyday
routine to help start your skin on
the road to recovery.
   Cleanse: use a gentle, non-
   abrasive cleanser suitable for
   all skin types that can be used
   twice a day.
   Moisturize & Exfoliate: look          Look for a daily moisturizer
   for a daily moisturizer formu-     with a gentle exfoliant, such as
   lated with non-irritating ingre-   Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA).
   dient Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA).
   It does double duty by offering       ties. Also, exercise helps in-
   great moisturization benefits,        crease circulation, which in
   while gently exfoliating to           turn allows more nutrients to
   reveal healthier, younger-look-       get to the skin.
   ing skin. (Hint: Lubriderm            Showers: take warm, short
   Skin Renewal Anti-Wrinkle             showers. Long, hot baths can lead
   Facial Lotion with SPF 15             to dehydrated and dry skin.
   comes in two versions: Regular        Remember to pat, not rub, when
   and Fragrance-Free).                  drying off and moisturize while
   Makeup: bacteria can build up         skin is still damp. Use a body
   on your makeup products,              lotion formulated with non-irri-
   which may cause skin to suffer.       tating PHA that offers three-in-
   Wash brushes, sponges and             one benefits: firms, moisturizes
   applicators once a month, and         and fights signs of aging.
   buy new mascara and founda-           Sleep: often the most overlooked
   tion every three months.              essential beauty tool. Try getting
   Sunscreen: most skin damage           at least 8 hours a night.
   comes from the sun; use a daily       “There are definite steps you
   sunscreen with a minimum of        can take to revive your skin’s
   SPF 15, especially on the face     beauty and youthful appearance,”
   and hands. Try an age-defying      continues Dr. Kopelson. “And
   hand cream with an SPF of 15       remember, you’re never too young
   to even skin tone and protect      to start.”
   against the sun’s rays.               For more information about
   Diet & Exercise: drink at          Lubriderm Skin Renewal and how
   least 8 glasses of water every-    you can have beautiful, ageless
   day to help flush out impuri-      skin, call 800-223-0182.
      The Joy Of Soy
   (NAPSA)—Many women have
discovered the joy of soy—a food
which may be beneficial for
women’s health. Besides being
shown to reduce the risk of heart
disease, soy may also be beneficial
in the fight against cancer, and
serve as a nutritious, low-fat
source of protein for those who are
lactose intolerant.

   Fresh, nutritious soy milk to
froth up for a latte or serve up as
a shake can be made in about 18
   An easy way to incorporate soy
into your diet is to use Salton’s
Nutritionist Soy Food Center. The
Soy Food Center makes fresh soy
milk and ground soy which can be
added to a variety of foods.
   Sales of this appliance may also
be good for people’s health, since
all of the profits go to the Breast
Cancer Research Foundation.
   Here’s a recipe for a flavorful
Garlicky Soy Sprinkle, which can
be used to garnish foods. You can
add salt, herbs or Parmesan

    Garlicky Soy Sprinkle

  1 cup ground, cooked
    soybeans (left over from
    making soy milk)
  1 tablespoon olive oil
  1 large clove garlic, crushed

   Spread thin layer of soy-
beans in large nonstick skillet
over high heat. Cook until liq-
uid evaporates and mixture
begins to stick to pan and
brown, 2-4 minutes. Transfer
to plate.
   Heat oil in same skillet. Add
garlic. Cook, stirring con-
stantly, until garlic turns
golden, 5-10 seconds. Imme-
diately remove from heat and
stir in toasted soy crumbs.
   Store in tightly sealed con-
tainer in refrigerator for up to
1 week or freeze up to 3
   Makes 2⁄3 cup.
   To learn about the Soy Food
Center or other Salton products,
      Hearty Meals To Keep Away The Chill
       (NAPSA)—What could be more
    comforting than arriving home on
e   a crisp evening to a hot, hearty
d   meal? On those chilly evenings,
r   potatoes have always been a
g   favorite. A new cookbook, “A Taste
t   of Idaho,” offers a variety of cre-
l   ative recipes that showcase the
d   versatility of potatoes from break-
t   fast dishes and tasty scones to
e   main course dinners.
       This delicious Southwestern
    Skillet Supper is filled with
    ground beef, onions, tomatoes,
    baked beans and corn, then
    topped with IDAHOAN Complete™
    mashed potatoes. Rich in protein
    and carbohydrates, the meal pro-
    vides a great one-two punch to
    combat chilly weather. Moist and       SOUTHWESTERN SKILLET
    flaky Potato Buttermilk Biscuits                  SUPPER
    serve as the skillet supper’s per-      1 packet IDAHOAN Complete™
o   fect companion.                            potato flakes with
s                                              seasoning pouch
8      POTATO BUTTERMILK                    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
            BISCUITS                        1 pound ground beef or
y     1 cup IDAHOAN Complete™               1 medium onion, diced
s        mashed potatoes                    2 teaspoons chili powder
e     2 cups all purpose flour             3
                                            ⁄4 teaspoon salt
y     2 teaspoons baking                    1 16-ounce can diced tomatoes
e        powder                             1 16-ounce can baked beans
      2 teaspoons baking soda               1 11-ounce can corn, drained
o    1
      ⁄2 teaspoon salt                     1
                                            ⁄2 cup shredded cheddar
e    1
      ⁄4 cup butter or margarine,              cheese
t        melted                            1
                                            ⁄4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
      ⁄4 cup buttermilk
l                                            Heat oil in a 12-inch skillet
n      Prepare potatoes as directed       over medium-high heat. Add
n   on package, set aside. In a large     ground beef and onion and
n   bowl, combine flour, baking           cook until brown, stirring occa-
    powder, baking soda and salt.         sionally. Stir in chili powder
    With pastry blender, or two           and salt; cook 1 minute longer.
    knives used scissors-fashion,         Stir in tomatoes with their liq-
    cut in butter until mixture           uid, baked beans and corn; cook
    resembles coarse crumbs. Stir         over high heat until bubbling.
    in mashed potatoes and butter-        Reduce heat to low; cover and
    milk until mixture comes              simmer for 10 minutes.
    together. Shape into a ball.             Meanwhile, prepare pota-
       On lightly floured surface,        toes as package directs for 4
    knead dough 30 seconds. Pat           servings. Stir in cheddar
-   dough into a 3 ⁄4 -inch thick         cheese and cilantro.
t   piece. With 1⁄2 -inch round              Top meat mixture with 1⁄4
-   cookie cutter, cut out circles,       cupful of potatoes and serve.
e   (including scraps) to make 12            Makes: 5 servings.
d   rounds.                                  To receive a free copy of the
r      Place on greased cookie            cookbook, send two Idahoan UPC
    sheet, about 1 inch apart. Bake       codes to: Idahoan Free Recipe
d   in a 350˚ F. oven for 10 to 12        Book, c/o Advon, 640 South State
-   minutes, until golden and             Street, Shelly, ID 83274. Please
s   puffed. Remove to wire racks          include name, address, and day-
-   to cool slightly. Serve warm.         time telephone number on a 3 x 5''
d      Makes: 12 servings.                card. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
   Help Save “Harry Potter’s” Owl                                              g
    (NAPSA)—As fans of Harry                                                   s
Potter well know, Hedwig is an
owl—a snowy owl. She is not just                                               t
any owl, of course, as she carries                                             1
messages for wizards.                                                          m
    Hedwig’s talents aside, snowy
owls are special creatures in
their own right, with gleaming                                                 C
yellow eyes, pure white feathers                                               v
and razor-sharp talons. As their
name implies, these owls are at
home in cold weather climates
such as Alaska and the Canadian
Arctic, where their thick feathers
keep them warm during the win-
ter and provide camouflage from
    Unfortunately, snowy owls are
threatened by the encroachment
of humans in their territory, often
colliding with automobiles or util-      their habitat.
ity lines. Their habitat is also at         You can learn more about snowy
risk from oil drilling. Currently,       owls or make a contribution online
America’s greatest wildlife sanctu-      by going to,
ary, the Arctic National Wildlife           You can also write to Defenders
Refuge, is under consideration for       of Wildlife, 1101 Fourteenth
oil exploration. The impact of such      Street, NW, Suite 1400, Washing-
drilling would harm snowy owls,          ton, D.C., 20005-5605, and include
as well as wolves, polar bears,          a note saying your gift is to help
countless migratory birds and            save the snowy owl, or call 1-800-
other wildlife.                          385-9712. Defenders of Wildlife
    Although the oil industry is         also hopes that, like Hedwig, you
spending millions of dollars to          will help by passing this message
open this pristine sanctuary,            along to a friend.
Defenders of Wildlife, a national           Defenders of Wildlife is a lead-
conservation organization, is            ing nonprofit conservation organi-
working to protect it and its            zation recognized as one of the
wildlife. You can help with a tax-       nation’s more progressive advo-
deductible donation. For $25             cates for wildlife and its habitat.
($ 35 if o u ts id e t h e U n i t e d   With almost 500,000 supporters,
States), you’ll receive a plush          Defenders of Wildlife is an effec-
stuffed toy owl and a year’s sub-        tive leader on endangered species
scription to Defenders magazine          issues.
to keep you informed of the wide            To learn more, visit www.
range of threats to wildlife and
  Simple Steps To Improve Reproductive Health
   (NAPSA)—If you’re looking for-
ward to the patter of little feet,
one of your first steps may be to
learn more about issues like child-
birth, parenting and prenatal
health care.
   Many couples are aware of the
importance of prenatal health
care to a successful pregnancy and
a healthy baby.
   But, even before pregnancy,
there are healthy lifestyle changes
both prospective parents can
make to improve their overall
health, as well as their likelihood
of conceiving. These include eating
                                             Thinking about having a
a healthy diet, regular exercise
and reducing stress, among others.        baby? Baby talk may start with
   The lifestyle changes a man            talking about important issues.
makes can be as important as              tubs, wearing boxer shorts, and
those made by the woman.                  taking antioxidants (vitamins C
Though many men are reluctant             and E) are not always helpful.
to discuss the issues surrounding             A promising alternative is a
conception, they can still take           nutritional supplement, such as
action, discreetly, to improve their      Proxeed ™. This supplement has
reproductive health and support           been clinically proven to support
their partner’s efforts.                  male reproductive health.
   “In half of infertile couples, a          The citrus-flavored, powder
male factor is identified. There-         supplement, which can be mixed
fore, it’s imperative that you and        in a cold beverage, applesauce or
your doctor include the man’s sys-        yogurt, supports male reproduc-
tems in the reproductive equa-            tive health by providing the nutri-
tion,” said Pamela Madsen, execu-         ents needed for developing sperm.
tive director of the American                Manufactured by Sigma-Tau,
Infertility Association. “While the       an internationally recognized
advances in diagnosing and treat-         pharmaceutical company, Prox-
ing male factors have been and            eed’s ingredients have been the
continue to be breathtaking for           subject of over 30 years of re-
many, male issues are still an            search and have been safely used
afterthought and aren’t addressed         by millions worldwide.
as promptly as they should be.”              For additional information on
   Unfortunately, the most com-           Proxeed, visit
monly advocated measures, such            or call toll-free 1-888-PROXEED
as avoiding hot baths and hot             (776-9333).

   Note to Editors: October 17th through the 23rd is National Infertility Week.
This article is especially relevant during that time, but is evergreen and can be
used throughout the year.
Learning About Music
    (NAPSA)—A new generation of
home-computer peripherals may
strike just the right note with par-
ents, providing children with fun,
safe, experiences in music compo-
sition, radio production and musi-
cal instrument technology.

  A new audio mixing console
gives children the chance to
make their own brand of music.
   This family of interactive learn-
ing toys includes WavDJ, a color-
ful, audio-visual plaything with a
dedicated link to the Internet. It
takes its cue from real-life disc
jockeys and music producers by
encouraging home-audio produc-
tion on a sophisticated but afford-
able multi-media learning console.
   “WavDJ enables children to
experiment with their musical
creativity by becoming a radio DJ,
composer, singer and producer,”
said Steve Jackson, executive vice
president of Oregon Scientific.
   The product takes its name
from “.wav” files, the existing des-
ignation for PC sound files. Pro-
ductions created by children on
WavDJ can be e-mailed to family
and friends in this file format. The
console links to a home PC and
can connect with external CD and
MP3 players to import music sam-
ples and sound effects. There’s
even a dedicated Web site—
www.wavDJ. com—where budding
music producers can post their
compositions for others to hear.
   To learn more, call 1-800-853-
8883 or visit the Web site at
Test Sheds New Light On Breast Cancer Risk
   (NAPSA)—One of Pat Doty’s
biggest fears is to join the esti-
mated 190,000 women in the
United States annually who will
learn they have breast cancer.
Already at high risk for the dis-
ease, because of family history,
Pat’s anxiety had been com-
pounded by the discovery of two
benign cysts. Recognizing Pat’s
concerns, her doctor suggested
that she undergo ductal lavage,
an innovative method of collecting
fluid from inside the breast milk
ducts. The fluid is then analyzed
to search for abnormal cells.
   Doctors have known for years
that the presence of atypical          to provide women like Pat and
(abnormal) cells in the breast milk    their doctors with more informa-
ducts increase a woman’s breast        tion about their risk for breast
cancer risk. In fact, studies have     cancer.
shown that for women who have             The results of Pat’s procedure
atypical cells, their breast cancer    indicated that she had atypical
risk increases 4-5 times, and even     cells. After consulting with her
higher for women who also have a       doctor, Pat decided to discontinue
family history of breast cancer.       hormone replacement therapy
   “Most women are terrified of        (HRT) and began taking a drug
being told they have breast cancer.    called tamoxifen to help reduce
Women at higher risk naturally         her risk for developing breast can-
want to know as much as they           cer. Pat says she felt a pinching
can about their chances of devel-      sensation during ductal lavage,
oping the disease,” said Dr.           which, like other women, she
Katherine Lee, an associate pro-       ch a ra cteri z es a s momentary,
fessor and breast specialist at the    minor discomfort. She’s a firm
Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland,         believer that the information she
Ohio. “Ductal lavage provides          gained was invaluable. “Ductal
women with unique and personal         lavage gave me very useful infor-
information about their breast         mation about my risk level, and
health, which can help them            helped me make decisions about
make important decisions about         what I should do to reduce my
pursuing closer follow-up and risk     risk,” said Pat who plans a
reduction options.”                    recheck in six months.
   Performed in the doctor’s office,      High-risk women of any age
ductal lavage involves slipping a      may be good candidates for ductal
tiny, flexible tube called a           lavage, which must be used in
“catheter” into the milk duct, and     conjunction with standard surveil-
washing (“lavaging”) it with saline    lance techniques such as mam-
to collect the cells. The cells are    mography, clinical exams and
then analyzed under a microscope       breast self-exams. Additional
to determine whether they are          information can be found at
normal or atypical. Doctors   or by
nationwide are using this method       calling toll-free 1-866-4-INDUCT.

       Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?
   (NAPSA)—When looking to
protect your home against outside
elements, it’s a good idea to start
at the top. That’s because your
roof is your home’s first line of
defense against the high winds,
heavy rains, sleet and snow that
occur in winter. Roofing contrac-
tors offer these suggestions:
   • To avoid serious damage, and
unnecessary expenses, it’s a good
idea to inspect your roof before
and after winter. Roof inspections
can catch potential problems
                                          ROOFING REPAIRS can be
before they can lead to extensive
                                       lowered when an effective main-
damage. Once water starts mov-
ing beyond your roof you will most     tenance program is in place.
likely need more than roof repairs     secured and sealed to the roof.
to recover from the damage.            Inspect and clean gutters, leaders,
   • To help prevent leaks, mois-      window wells, and drains of all
ture seepage, and decay problems,      leaves and debris, and make sure
check the “weak” points of your        gutters are firmly secured to the
roof. Look for holes, tears or buck-   house. Direct downspouts away
ling in the flashings (pieces of       from the house foundation and
metal used to seal any penetration)    clean them of any debris.
around roof stacks, vents, sky-           A home is a major investment,
lights, chimneys, and any other        and so is the roof. At approxi-
roof penetrations. Contractors esti-   mately 10 percent to 30 percent of
mate that more than 90 percent of      the cost of a new roof, an effective
roofing leaks occur in these areas.    maintenance program done by a
   • Next, visually inspect your       professional roofing contractor
roof for any damaged, loose or         will save you costly repairs and
missing shingles, or any blistering    prolong the useful life of the roof
or buckling of the shingles.           system. A free service that helps
   • Finally, check the roof edge      homeowners find a qualified roof-
where it is more susceptible to        ing contractor is available through
wind, driving rain and ice dams        GAF Materials Corporation,
(when water freezes and backs up       North America’s largest roofing
under the roofing system), and         manufacturer. Simply call 1-888-
make sure shingles are firmly          LEAK-SOS or visit
Frightfully Fun Decorated Desserts
    (NAPSA)—A tasteful way to
make Halloween more fun than
ever for the whole family is with
candies and desserts in festive col-
ors and creepy designs. Kids of all
ages enjoy decorating the treats.
With a little imagination, plus an
assortment of Halloween candies in
a variety of sizes, licorice whips, rec-
tangular vanilla sandwich cookies,
whipped topping, food coloring and
black decorating icing, almost any
design can be created. Consider
these frightfully fun suggestions:             For Halloween fun, eat a spi-
    Start by preparing a Jell-O No ®       der—made of candy and weaving
Bake Dessert according to pack-            its web on a no-bake cake.
age instructions. Fruit-topped             mix a few drops of yellow and red
desserts are not recommended for           food coloring to the whipped top-
decorating.                                ping for the desired shade of
    Spider Web Design: Using               orange. To create marshmallow
black decorating icing, create spi-        ghosts, stack two marshmallows
der web.                                   and use icing to create eyes.
    Spider: Use black licorice or              Graveyard Design: Write on
black gumdrops as the body and             assorted rectangular cookies with
attach 3” segments of black licorice       black decorating icing (“Boo” and
whips as the legs. Eyes can be             “RIP” are favorites) to make tomb-
made from small colored candies            stones. Press tombstones (stand-
and affixed with a dot of the black        ing up) into top of dessert to cre-
icing. Or, the body of the spider can      ate graveyard. Place candy corn
be made by cutting a marshmallow           and candy pumpkins to make a
in half and placing half (flat side        pumpkin patch in the graveyard.
down) on the dessert and icing it              Individual “Boo Cups”: Pre-
with black icing. Use licorice whips       pare dessert in individual cups.
as legs and small candies as eyes.         Drop whipped topping by spoon-
    Color: A cheesecake can be             fuls onto each individual dessert
made more festive by adding a few          to create ghosts. Use small can-
drops of yellow and red food color-        dies or any color of decorating
ing to the mixture in the bowl for         icing to create eyes.
the desired shade of orange.                   Additional Suggestions: Press
    Ghost Design: Drop whipped             gummy worms or assorted gummy
topping by spoonfuls on top of pre-        candies into the top of the dessert.
pared dessert to create ghosts.                Once you know these tricks for
Decorate with small candies or             decorating Halloween treats, you
any color of decorating icing to           and your youngsters can enjoy a
create eyes. For orange ghosts,            holiday party that’s “spook-tacular.”
         Pocket-Sized Mini Cars Are Setting Youngsters’ Hearts Racing
   (NAPSA)—Parents in a spin
about what to get their son,
daughter, niece or nephew are giv-
ing the green flag to a new fun
line of speedy mini-vehicles that
may help get their thought-
engines working.
   • Called Blazin’ Key Cars!,
these speedy mini vehicles car
race, spin, and jump across gaps
in the road.
   • The mini-cars got their name
because a key gets inserted into
the back of the car, loading a
spring with over 72 joules of
power, sending the mini car 20
feet on any relatively flat surface.
   • Each of the collectable
pocket-sized mini-vehicles have a
sturdy chassis, super-wide racing
wheels and awesomely distinctive          START YOUR ENGINES—Awesome street rods that race, jump and
styling. Each comes with its own       spin get their name because a key can be inserted into the back of
custom key and a plastic carrying      the car that creates enough energy to propel the car forward.
case with belt clip and key storage.
   • The mini cars were created
by Irwin Toy Limited, a global toy
company celebrating its 75th
anniversary. The line includes
models from world class auto com-
panies such as General Motors,
Ford and DaimlerChrysler.
   The Blazin’ Key Cars! line
includes an array of favorites from
popular muscle cars such as the
’69 Camaro to the most current
models of Chevrolet Corvettes,
Ford Mustangs, Dodge Vipers and
Chrysler PT Cruisers, Chrysler                                            great for taking along to a friend’s
Prowlers plus a selection of con-                                         house. There is also a Blast Zone,
cept cars like the Pontiac GTO,                                           Flip Zone and a large track BKC
Cavalier Pro Stock and the                                                Bridge Challenge Track Set.
Chevrolet SSR, in addition to                                                More information about the
models designed by Irwin Toy.                                             new mini-vehicle line is available
   The toy cars also come with         the Blazin’ Key Cars! Jump Zone    at the Irwin Toy Web site at
transportable play sets, including     with its adjustable double ramp,
 No Tricks, Just Tips for Great
   Halloween Celebrations
   (NAPSA)—The traditions of
choosing costumes, buying candy
and carving pumpkins make Hal-
loween a favorite holiday for many
—children and adults alike.
   According to Hallmark, October
31 is the third largest party day in
the United States, behind New
Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sun-
day. More than 50 million Ameri-
cans—about 90 percent of families
with children up to age 12—partic-
ipate in Halloween, many by host-
ing or attending parties.
   “Whether you’re planning a
party for children at school, co-
workers at the office, or family
and friends at home, getting into
the Halloween spirit is easy,” says
Sheneka Winston, Hallmark Hal-          treats, decorative tea-light and
loween expert. “You don’t have to       votive candle holders, metal cut-
think up a theme, the colors are        outs for doors or windows, and
decided, it’s simple to scare up a      talking plush items.
menu, and goblins of all ages can          The mailbox also gets its share
join in the fun.                        of attention in October. Halloween
   “Choose paper party products to      is the eighth largest card-sending
make the clean up just as easy,”        holiday with around 24 million
Winston says. “Invitations and          cards exchanged each year, and
accessories should fit the mood of      more than 80 percent of those are
the party and ages of the guests.”      mailed.
Hallmark offers festive partyware          “Sending a card with photos of
designs such as Pumpkin Patch           the kids in costume is a wonderful
and Spooky Scooby-Doo, as well as       way to include grandparents and
coordinating solid colors and           other family members who live too
favors. “Placing snacks such as         far away for trick or treating,”
popcorn, chips and candy in Hal-        Winston says. “Halloween is a
loween dishes or gift bags around       great time to send a card to keep
the room will encourage guests to       in touch with friends, too.”
mingle during the party,” she adds.        Hallmark has 13 new glow-in-
   Indoor and outdoor decorating        the-dark Halloween cards with
for Halloween is growing with           frightful, funny and friendly
more people using decorations           designs. Also new this year are
that can stay up throughout the         Harry Potter cards featuring the
fall. The Halloween Association         adventures of Harry and friends—
reports that about 85 percent of        great for Hogwarts fans. Hal-
Americans decorate their homes          loween Warm Wishes cards,
for the holiday.                        priced at 99 cents, and Shoebox
    “Even those who don’t dress up      humorous cards may make it sim-
in costumes want to dress up their      ple to find just the right Hal-
homes or offices, just for the fun of   loween greeting.
the season,” Winston says.                 These and more Halloween
   Hallmark has more to offer this      products are available nationwide
Halloween in home décor and gifts       at Hallmark Gold Crown stores
than ever before, including enam-       and other locations where Hall-
elware containers for holding           mark is sold.
  Amazing Spiced SweetPotato Mini Loaves
          You’ll Have Two To Share And One To Spare
   (NAPSA)—“Sweetpotatoes are
amazingly versatile when it comes
to holiday baking,” notes Sue John-
son-Langdon, executive director of
the North Carolina SweetPotato
Commission. She adds, “They can
be substituted in almost any recipe
that uses potatoes, apples or
squash. And, they’ll kick the nutri-
tional value of any recipe up more
than just a few notches.” The
amazing news about North Car-
olina sweetpotatoes is that they
are available year round, so they
can be enjoyed any time.
   Still think the only way to pre-
pare sweetpotatoes is swimming
in butter and smothered by
marshmallows? Think again. This
low-fat recipe won’t compromise
your waistline. Even better—it
makes enough for you to share.
Scratch a name or two off your
holiday gift list!                        Aside from its fantastic flavor, the amazing thing about this moist
   For more recipes, visit             quick bread is that it uses only 11⁄2 tablespoons of oil in the whole Or            recipe. Low-fat baking never tasted so good!
send a business-size SASE to
North Carolina SweetPotato Com-          2    cups all-purpose flour       into three greased mini loaf
mission, P.O. Box 575, Dept. MR2,        1    teaspoon baking soda         pans, approximately 3 x 6-
Selma, NC 27576.                        1
                                         ⁄2   teaspoon baking powder       inch. Bake on lowest rack for
                                         ⁄2   cup chopped walnuts          60 minutes or until a wooden
Amazing Spiced SweetPotato                                                 pick inserted into center
       Mini Loaves                        Preheat oven to 325°F. In a      comes out clean. Cool in pans
                                       large saucepan, combine first       for 10 minutes. Remove from
  ⁄2 cup cooked sweetpotatoes,         nine ingredients. Bring to a        pans and cool on wire rack.
     peeled and puréed                 boil over high heat. Lower          Makes three mini loaves or 18
  1 cup brown sugar, packed            heat and simmer for 2 min-          servings.
  1 cup apple juice                    utes. Set aside to cool.               Note: If baked in a 9 x 5 x 3-
  ⁄4 cup raisins                          Sift together dry ingredi-       inch loaf pan, increase baking
11⁄2 tablespoons vegetable oil         ents. Add to the cooled sweet-      powder by 1⁄2 teaspoon and
  2 teaspoons pumpkin pie              potato mixture; stir well.          increase baking time by 30
     spice                             Fold in walnuts. Spoon batter       minutes.
   (NAPSA)—For some men, the “5 o’clock shadow” could have a
better sense of timing. When Gillette MACH3 asked 1,000 men the
time their “5 o’clock shadow” actually appears, 5 p.m. was not at the
top of the list. In fact, the majority of men see their “5 o’clock shadow”
after 5 p.m., while only 16 percent see it before.
  America’s Tragedy And Kids: What Parents Should Say—And Look For
   (NAPSA)—To help parents                                                      8. Be aware of physical symp-
with the after-effects of the Sep-                                           toms of anxiety that children may
tember 11 terror attack and all                                              demonstrate. They may be a sign
that followed, the national chil-                                            that a child, although not directly
dren’s crisis charity KidsPeace                                              discussing the tragedy, is very
has compiled some tips for talking                                           troubled by the events. Talk more
to children about the tragedy.                                               directly to children who exhibit
   KidsPeace president and CEO                                               these signs:
C.T. O’Donnell II and the clinical                                              • Headaches
experts at KidsPeace, suggest the                                               • Stomach aches
following guidelines for helping                                                • Back aches
your children:                                                                  • Trouble sleeping or eating
   1. Listen to children. Allow                                                 • Nightmares
them to express their concerns                                                  • Withdrawal
and fears.                                                                      • Excessive worry
   2. Regardless of age, the most                                               • Increased arguing
important issue is to reassure                                                  • Irritability
children of safety and security.                                                • Loss of concentration
Tell children that you, their             Regardless of age, kids must          • Refusal to go to school
schools, their friends and their       hear about your efforts to pro-          • Clinging behavior
communities are all focused on         tect them.                               9. Frequently reassure chil-
their safety.                                                                dren that they are loved. Words
   3. When discussing the events       too difficult for most of them to     expressing love combined with
with younger children, the amount      process. Personal discussions are     deeds demonstrating love (for
of information shared should be        the best way to share information     example, walks in the park or
limited to basic facts. Use words      with this group. Also, plan to dis-   attending a community sporting
meaningful to them (not words like     cuss this many times over the         event) can provide the most com-
terrorist, retribution, etc.). Share   coming weeks. Ongoing reassur-        fort to children and teens.
with them that some bad people         ance is critical to children.            10. If you are concerned about
have used violence to hurt inno-          6. When discussing the events      your children or their reaction to
cent people in the United States.      with preteens and teens, more         this or any tragedy, talk directly
Discuss that we don’t know exactly     detail is appropriate, and many       with their school counselor, family
by whom or why this was done, but      will already have seen news           doctor, or have your older children
violence has occurred. Do not go       broadcasts. Do not let them focus     visit the KidsPeace teen-help Web
into specific details.                 too much on graphic details.          site,, which
   4. School-aged children will        Rather, elicit their feelings and     provides anonymous and clini-
ask, “Can this happen here, or to      concerns and focus your discus-       cally-screened help and resources
me?” Do not lie to children. Share     sions on what they share with you.    for teen problems before they
that it is unlikely that anything      Be careful of how much media          become overwhelming.
like this will happen to them or in    they are exposed to. Talk directly       KidsPeace is a 119-year-old
their community. Then reiterate        with them about the tragedy and       charity dedicated to helping give
how safe and protected they are        answer their questions truthfully.    kids the confidence, skills and
by all those around them.                 7. Although this group is more     resources to overcome crisis, includ-
   5. Parents, caregivers and          mature, do not forget to reassure     ing traumas, depression and the
teachers should be cautious of per-    them of their safety and your         stresses of modern life. For infor-
mitting young children to watch        efforts to protect them. Regard-      mation, visit
news or listen to radio that is dis-   less of age, kids must hear this      For information for teens, visit
cussing or showing carnage. It is      message.                    
               Stress Free Cooking
   (NAPSA)—With today’s busy
lifestyles, many families who
want to share quality time
together think they don’t have
time to cook. Fortunately, in From
Storebought to Homemade (QVC
Publishing, $19.95), Emyl Jenk-
ins, author and southern hostess
extraordinaire, shares her top
secret collection of fast, fabulous
recipes which contradicts the
notion that preparing good, whole-
some food is time-consuming or
intimidating. She helps today’s
busy cooks mix pre-packaged food
with just the right additions to
make it look and taste like they
slaved over a hot stove all day.
   A cornucopia of recipes and           You too can create fabulous
tips, the book provides:
                                      food in minutes with the help of a
   • Over 200 easy dishes, most of
                                      clever new cookbook.
which can be made in less than an
hour; many in just 15 minutes.              individual packages
   • Special menus for brunches,         ⁄4 cup olive oil
dinner parties and holiday get-         2 (14 ounce) cans Italian-
togethers.                                  flavored tomatoes
   • Handy tips on easy, yet            8 already grilled chicken
impressive entertaining, including          breasts
unique table-settings and food              salt, pepper
presentation ideas. Among these:            dried oregano to taste
   - When buying raisins for bak-         Sauté the garlic, pepper,
ing, try to find the kind in the      onion and mushrooms in the
cylindrical container with the        olive oil until the vegetables
plastic top. This keeps the fruit     are lightly browned. Add the
inside moist and fresh longer.        Italian-flavored tomatoes and
   - Buy stew beef already cut into   simmer on medium-low heat to
small cubes, which tend to be more    blend the flavors, approxi-
tender than large stew beef pieces.   mately five minutes. Add the
   • Recipes for every course, from   already-grilled chicken breasts
soups and salads to bread and         and continue to simmer for 10
dessert, even one-dish dinners,       to 15 minutes. Adjust the sea-
such as this:                         soning with additional salt,
                                      pepper and oregano if desired.
     Pepper and Mushroom                  Prep time, 10 minutes. Total
        Chicken Delight               time, 25 minutes.
                                          Serve the chicken over rice or
  ⁄2 to 1 teaspoon prepared           noodles or with a side of potatoes.
     garlic (or 2 to 3 cloves         Add a simple green salad and din-
     minced)                          ner is complete.
  1 cup frozen red pepper,                The book is available at book-
     onion and mushroom               stores and on the Web at
     combo (found in frozen  or by calling 1-800-
     food case), or use               345-1515.
           Kids Dress for Their Future Success
   (NAPSA)—“What are you going
to be for Halloween?” For kids it’s         The right costume may help a child get a feel for a particular profession.
the perennial October dilemma.
And for parents, it’s the challenge
                                         Costume                                             Profession
of actually finding or making the        Khaki shorts, binoculars, spade and map             Archaeologist, safari guide, naturalist
   This year elementary schools
                                         Microphone, clip board, pointer                     Newscaster, meteorologist, talk show host
across the country are making the        Snorkel, fins and bathing suit, jar for specimens   Marine biologist, deep-sea diver
costume decision easier. Instead of
the usual ghosts and goblins, stu-
                                         Camera, newspaper, notepad and pen                  Photographer, photojournalist
dents will be dressing up as an          Sunglasses, compass, parachute, survival/           Aviator, astronaut, military specialist
adult leader or professional they        camping gear
admire as part of the What I Want
to Be When I Grow Up initiative.         T-square, drafting pencil & paper,                  Architect, engineer, contractor
This will give kids the opportunity      measuring tape
to think about their future and          First-aid kit, thermometer, road map                Emergency medical technician or ambulance
choose an occupation for their
Halloween costume.                                                                           driver
   Of course, the question remains:      Baking pan, apron, whisk or rolling pin             Pastry chef, chef or caterer
what’s the costume? Last year, a
child who dressed as Oprah took          Laptop computer, computer instruction               Web designer, graphic artist,
down names for prospective inter-        manual, art supplies                                computer programmer
views; a future lawyer handed out        Fabric, sewing chalk, pins and sketchpad            Interior or fashion designer, or costumer
business cards to his classmates
and teacher.
   Now parents can talk with kids       Burkheiser, founder of the Louisi-                   been widely distributed to teach-
about their dream job and try to        ana program, “Parents and teach-                     ers and principals across the
find simple household items to use      ers have enthusiastically sup-                       United States.
as props. For example, briefcases,      ported it because it’s a way to                         What I Want to Be When I
hard hats, badges, and first aid        celebrate Halloween that’s fun,                      Grow Up is a program of the
kits can easily transform a child       but also safe and educational.”                      National Job Shadow Day Coali-
into a businessperson, construc-           To find out whether your child’s                  tion, sponsored by America’s
tion worker, police officer or doctor   school is involved, call your child’s                Promise—The Alliance for Youth,
for a day.                              teacher or principal’s office.                       Junior Achievement, the National
   What I Want to Be When I                You can find out more about                       School-to-Work Opportunities
Grow Up was first pioneered in          the program at the Job Shadow                        Office, the Society for Human
Louisiana in 1998 by the Cajun          Day Web site,                     Resource Management, with sup-
Heartland School-to-Work part-             The site includes a teacher’s                     port from the National Association
nership. According to Debbie            guide and a poster, which have                       of Elementary School Principals.
  Three Easy Steps For Removing Wallpaper
   (NAPSA)—Love the look of new
wallpaper but dread the thought
of removing the old? If you’ve ever
tried stripping wallpaper using a
homemade vinegar and water
solution—or a heavy commercial
steamer—you know what a
tedious, unpleasant and time-con-
suming task it can be.
   But wallpaper removal doesn’t
have to be a chore if you use the
right tools and learn a few tricks
from the professionals. Here’s
some advice from the experts at
Wm. Zinsser & Company that can
make removing old wallpaper           with a sponge, brush or roller. Or,
quicker and easier than you ever      spray it on with new DIF GEL in a
dreamed possible—even if you’ve       32 oz. spray. Wait 15 to 20 min-
never stripped wallpaper before:      utes. The fast acting enzyme for-
   • Step #1: Score the Wallpa-       mula dissolves even hard-to-
per. Since most wallpaper has a       remove glue, like clay-based
washable, waterproof surface, it’s    adhesive.
necessary to score it first to           • Step #3: Scrape off the
ensure that the wallpaper stripper    loose wallpaper. Zinsser’s Paper
is able to reach and loosen the       Scraper™ helps get the wallpaper
glue underneath. Zinsser’s Paper-     off without hard work or surface
Tiger ® , a palm-held tool with       damage. If any glue remains, sim-
small cutting wheels that perfo-      ply reapply the stripper to the
rate the wallpaper without dam-       area, wait 15 to 20 minutes,
aging the wall, is designed specif-   remove with Paper Scraper or a
ically for safe, fast and easy        sponge and rinse with clean
scoring.                              water. It’s that simple.
   • Step #2: Apply a liquid or          For more information about
gel wallpaper stripper to the         removing old wallpaper, call
surface. Zinsser’s DIF® Wallpaper     Zinsser at 732-469-8100. Or visit
Stripper is available in a liquid for more helpful
concentrate, gel or spray gel. Sim-   home improvement tips. Enjoy
ply apply the wallpaper stripper      your new wallpaper.
 New OSHA Requirements Help Protect Healthcare
  Workers From Dangerous Needlestick Injuries
   (NAPSA)—With 5.6 million           Infection Control Program at Cali-
healthcare workers impacted by        fornia Pacific Medical Center in
the Occupational Safety and           San Francisco, California. “Hospi-
Health Administration (OSHA)          tals and other healthcare facilities
regulations, these individuals are    now need to do their jobs and pro-
inherently at risk for needle-        vide safer needles that will reduce
sticks that may lead to poten-        the risk of needlesticks in their
tially chronic or fatal diseases,     workers.”
including hepatitis B, hepatitis C       When a healthcare employee
and HIV. Approximately 800,000        is stuck by a needle, the cost of
needlesticks occur annually, with     prevention, diagnosis and treat-
approximately 47 percent of hos-      ment per worker can range any-
pital injuries affecting nurses, 13   where from $500 to $3,000 annu-
percent physicians and 24 per-        ally. The General Accounting
cent other healthcare workers         Office estimates that healthcare
such as technicians and atten-        facilities can save up to $173 mil-
dants. These injuries can be          lion yearly by helping to prevent
avoided by eliminating the            needlesticks.
unnecessary use of needles, using        The good news is that the U.S.
devices with safety features, and     Food and Drug Administration
promoting education and safe          recently approved GlaxoSmith
work practices for handling nee-      Kline’s Safety Tip-Lok™: prefilled
dles and related systems.             Tip-Lok® syringes packaged with
   That is why OSHA recently          BD SafetyGlide™ Needles for pedi-
revised its bloodborne pathogens      atric doses of Havrix® (Hepatitis A
standard, effective April 18, 2001    Vaccine, Inactivated) and Engerix-
and enforced beginning July 17,       B® [Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombi-
2001, mandating that all health-      nant)]. Havrix and Engerix-B are
care facilities provide safer med-    the first and only pediatric vac-
ical devices, including needles, as   cines available with Safety Tip-
they become available, and docu-      Lok, an all-in-one delivery system,
ment all injuries incurred from       which meets OSHA’s newly revised
contaminated needles, not just        bloodborne pathogens standard.
those that lead to illness. If           As of July 17, hospitals and
healthcare facilities do not use      medical offices across the nation
safer medical devices, they must      are required to exercise compli-
explain why in their annual expo-     ance or face hefty fines and cita-
sure control plans or risk fines of   tions. Employers must take
up to $70,000.                        responsibility to make sure that
   “As a nurse, I know first-hand     employees have access to safe nee-
that needlestick injuries can cause   dle devices—after all, it’s the law.
serious physical, emotional and          For more information about
financial damage to healthcare        needlestick safety and preven-
workers and their families,” said     tion, visit or
Barbara DeBaun, Director of the
 Beware Workplace E-Mail,
      Survey Says
   (NAPSA)—“Smoking gun” e-
mail is so common in workplace
lawsuits that almost 10 percent of
companies have been subpoenaed
to produce employee e-mail. And
eight percent have battled sexual
harassment and/or discrimination
claims stemming from e-mail and
Internet abuse.

   The 2001 Electronic Policies
and Practices Survey from
the American Management
Association, U.S. News & World
Report, and The ePolicy Institute, shows
employers are aware of dangers in
workplace computer use and are
acting to reduce electronic liabili-
ties. Of 435 employers surveyed:
   • 62 percent monitor e-mail
and Internet use.
   • 68 percent cite legal liability
as the reason to monitor.
   • 87 percent have an e-mail
policy, 83 percent Internet policy,
68 percent software policy.
   • 51 percent have disciplined/
terminated staff for violating
   • 36 percent have disciplined
employees for visiting porn sites.
   • 35 percent have retention/
deletion policies.
   • 10 percent have had e-mail
   • 8 percent have faced e-
related sexual harassment/dis-
crimination claims.
   “Reduce electronic liabilities
and lawsuits by managing
employees’ online behavior,” says
Nancy Flynn, author of The ePol-
icy Handbook, co-author of Writ-
ing Effective E-Mail, and execu-
tive director of The ePolicy
Institute. “Written ePolicies and
monitoring software are indis-
pensable business tools in the age
of e-mail and the Internet.”
   View full survey results at
                      Finding The Light

       An innovative new flashlight, which emits a red light every four
s    seconds, can help people in emergencies.
 t       (NAPSA)—In emergency situa-              Second in importance after
d    tions, owning a flashlight can            finding a flashlight when you
 ,   make all the difference in the            need it most is the brightness of
s    world—but only if you can find it.        the beam it shines. The Find Me
n        Imagine waking up in the mid-         light’s unique features, including
e    dle of the night to the sounds of a       a krypton bulb, allow the light to
 -   smoke alarm. You smell smoke              shine twice as bright as other
     and the electricity is out, but you       flashlights.
 l   can’t find your flashlight. Is it            In addition, the new light
     under the bed? In the closet?             meets the additional needs con-
y        Fortunately, there’s a bright new     sumers look for most when pur-
     way to shine light on some danger-        chasing a flashlight—reliability
 l   ous situations. A new flashlight called   and durability. The light comes
 ,   the “Energizer Find Me” light emits       with batteries already in place
     a red signal every four seconds. Its      and its durable plastic and
/    “be seen” clear lens ring glows and       ergonomic design make it easy to
g    is illuminated by a red light emit-       carry.
     ting diode (LED) that flashes for up         The company was the first to
d    to five years, making it easy for you     invent flashlights over 100 years
     to find your flashlight in emergency      ago. In the beginning, flashlights
 /   situations.                               were used as novelty items and
         “We know that flashlights are a       got their name from the fact that
 l   source of comfort for people. Adults      the power source could only pro-
     and children are often reaching for       vide a flash of light. Today, flash-
 -   a flashlight when they feel most vul-     lights are a part of everyday life
 -   nerable or scared,” says Danielle         and are found in nearly every
     Kyriakos of Energizer. “The flash-        home in America.
s    ing light on our flashlight makes it         For more information, visit
g    easier to find.”                
 New Halloween Treats Actually Good For Teeth
   (NAPSA)—Parents across the
country are getting ready for one of
the scarier parts of Halloween: con-
templating all the cavities their
youngsters are courting with those
bags full of candy.
   This year, parents can combat
the problem by giving out tooth-
brushes to youngsters as Hal-
loween treats, instead of (or at
least in addition to) the usual
candy. Oral care companies are
making it much easier to do this.
REACH®, for instance, offers a full
range of brushes that feature kids’
favorite characters from Scooby
Doo to Arthur.                           Halloween-treats tooth trouble
   Parents are also stocking up        gets the brush-off from parents
on a new, tasty bubble-gum fla-        and some famous faces.
vored toothpaste from R EACH ® .
Just in time for Halloween and         six and eight years of age to
the release of the Harry Potter        ensure a thorough cleaning and
movie, the company has launched        minimal swallowing.
a Harry Potter-themed tooth-               • Never miss bedtime brush-
paste and a toothbrush to enable       ing. If you do, bacteria that feeds
kids to become wizards at caring       off sugar and causes cavities will
for their teeth. They’ll both be       have all night to do harm.
available beginning October 1,             • Teach children to jiggle the
2001 at drugstores and mass            bristles of the toothbrush in a cir-
merchandisers.                         cular motion very gently to re-
   These two products can help         move any plaque growing under
parents follow the advice of Lana      the gum line.
Rozenberg D.D.S.: “The main                • Choose a brush that is espe-
objective in proper oral hygiene       cially designed to fit a child’s grip.
for young children is making it        For instance, all of the brushes in
fun by using games and other fun       the R EACH ® Kids collection are
activities.”                           sized smaller to allow a child to
   Here are more ways parents can      have more control.
make brushing fun and effective            • Be sure kids brush both sides
for their youngsters:                  of the teeth and the tongue.
   • Keep toothpaste usage mini-           • Never let children drink juice
mal. Young children tend to swal-      or milk after brushing teeth at
low most of the toothpaste which       bedtime.
can cause permanent spots on               Keep these tips in mind and
their teeth, a condition called den-   you may find you can keep health-
tal fluorosis.                         ier teeth in your youngsters’ heads
   • Children need supervision         long after Halloween is just a
and help until they are between        sweet memory.
               Smart Tips For New Car Buyers
   (NAPSA)—When it’s new car                                                particular used car you are inter-
buying season, millions of Ameri-                                           ested in. Consumer Reports (con
cans plan to spend $10,000 to                                      offers a “CR
$70,000 for a new pair of wheels.                                           Good Bets” list of the safest and
The good news is because of the                                             most reliable used cars. Before
slowing economy and excess                                                  you sign on the dotted line, check
inventory, manufacturers and                                                out Carfax (
dealers are under increased pres-                                           which contains over 1.3 billion
sure to make the sale. So before                                            used car records. This site can
you head over to the dealership,                                            provide you with background
make a pit stop along the informa-                                          information and unearth “hidden
tion superhighway where you can                                             problems” in a car’s past that may
count on such reliable resources                                            affect its resale value and safety.
as and AOL’s                                                    4. Retro is in. Want to know
Auto Channel to help you make                                               the latest trends in auto buying?
informed decisions about your            To drive a good bargain, begin     Check out the Consumer Reports
next car. Here are some other         your car shopping on the Internet.    Auto Hub on the AOL Auto Chan-
helpful tips to keep in mind:         guide, which helps you determine      nel and you’ll find that the fastest
   1. Don’t be afraid to shop         which car is right for you. Most of   growing car sales in the United
around. The Web offers con-           the individual automobile compa-      States are wagons. A cross be-
sumers a wealth of information        nies have their own Web sites.        tween the old station wagon style
on buying new and used cars.          For example, you can go to            and SUV, the new wagons are
More and more, the Internet is to custom          attracting buyers who want the
used as a source for basic car        build your own GM vehicle and get     flexible interior space of an SUV
buying information, configuring a     a quote. If you’re the no-nonsense    along with the handling, perfor-
budget, researching different         type who hates haggling with car      mance, ride comfort, and better
makes and models, comparing           salespeople, check out CarsDi         fuel efficiency of a sedan.
safety features and even purchas-, which buys cars from           5. Let your mouse be your
ing. The Internet has become one      dealers and sells them to con-        guide. Use the Internet to arm
of the most effective ways to arm     sumers at a fixed price quoted on     yourself with the greatest amount
consumers with accurate infor-        the Web site. If you’re looking to    of information before you head to
mation about cost, options and        find it all in one place, visit the   the dealership. When you finally
availability before they head to      AOL Auto Channel which offers         sit down at the negotiating table,
the dealership.                       just about everything for the auto-   feel confident that you have the
   2. Go to names you trust. On       mobile enthusiast: Information on     most accurate data on pricing,
the Web, accessing information        all makes and models, car book        options and financing for your
about dealer costs, safety stats,     values, financing assistance, a       specific make and model. Don’t be
dealer inventory, car financing,      local dealer locator and car chats    afraid to tell your salesperson that
auto repairs, trade-in value infor-   along with much more.                 you did your homework; it may
mation and more is just a click          3. To buy used or not to buy       save you the time and energy of
away. Sites such as    used. There are certainly a lot of    haggling with the dealership.
offer more than 1.5 million           advantages to buying a used car,         Keep these tips in mind and
searchable car listings updated       and the Internet is a crucial stop    you may find yourself on the road
daily as well as a handy decision     for gaining information about the     to new car happiness.
  Perfect Popcorn Ideas For The Holidays
   (NAPSA)—Creating holiday
fun can be as easy as popping pop-
corn. Throughout fall and winter
holiday celebrations, you can
always turn to popcorn for fun
snacking. It’s quick, easy, versatile
and sure to be a hit with guests.
   The following suggestions are
fun and creative ways to make
any occasion special with popcorn:
   • Popcorn balls are a popular
favorite. Color them to match the
holiday by wrapping them in
brightly colored plastic wrap for
festive fun. Visit
for super-easy popcorn ball recipes
as well as other terrific ideas for
edible popcorn creations.                  Celebrate with lots of popcorn,
   • Take a popcorn break. If the       a festive, low-calorie snack.
holidays have you harried, take
comfort with a bowl of freshly          spices, dried fruit, dry dressing
popped corn and hot apple cider.        mixes, nuts, candies and more, and
   • As you gear up for the play-       let your guests go wild creating
offs, create your own “Popcorn          their own pop-a-rific concoctions.
Bowl.” Combine your own special            • The holidays mean parties,
mix of spices, nuts, cheese and, of     so don’t forget your hosts—sur-
course, delicious popcorn for a         prise them with popcorn. They’ll
unique treat the entire gang will       appreciate the gesture and will
gobble up. For added convenience,       enjoy this treat long after the par-
mix your masterpiece in advance         ties are over.
and store in a resealable bag for          • After the holidays have
instant game-time snacking.             passed, turn to nutritious, deli-
   • Need a perfectly portable gift?    cious popcorn as you head into the
Try popcorn. Out-of-town gift recip-    New Year. One cup of air-popped
ients will enjoy popcorn kernels,       popcorn contains just 31 calories,
microwave popcorn, seasonings           only a trace of fat and is truly sat-
and perhaps a special popcorn           isfying. Healthy snacking with
bowl for the entire family to enjoy.    popcorn is a resolution that’s easy
   • Looking for an easy holiday        to keep.
entertaining idea for young and old        For free popcorn ideas and
alike? Create your own popcorn          recipes for holiday fun from the
bar. Offer large bowls of popped        Popcorn Board, visit www.pop
popcorn along with small bowls of or call 1-877-POP-A-LOT.
     The World’s Fascination with Fancy Colored Diamonds
    (NAPSA)—If you love the spar-                                               that are light yellow and brown in
kle and brilliance of a diamond,                                                color. Yellow and brown diamonds
and are dazzled by the alluring                                                 that fall out of the D through Z
hues of colored gemstones like                                                  color range, as well as diamonds of
rubies, emeralds, and sapphires,                                                other colors, such as blue, pink, or
then maybe it’s time for you to con-                                            green are categorized by GIA as
sider a growing trend in the world                                              colored diamonds or, as many peo-
of jewelry—colored diamonds.                                                    ple in the jewelry trade refer to
    Historically, celebrities, royalty                                          them, “Fancy Colors.”
and other aristocrats have worn                                                    The grading of colored dia-
these unique gemstones, but                                                     monds is conducted by a team of
times are changing and these rare                                               highly specialized GIA gemolo-
gifts from nature are rapidly gain-                                             gists who examine the diamonds
ing popularity among today’s jew-                                               utilizing comparison masters.
elry lovers as well.                                                            GIA’s nine-tiered rating system
    Deep blues, rich reds, and glo-         More people are taking a            for color ranges from Faint to
rious greens are just a few of the       shine to diamonds that sparkle         Fancy Vivid.
colors that make up the rainbow                                                    Among the most famous col-
                                         with light and color.
of what are often called “fancy col-                                            ored diamonds are the Hope, a
ored diamonds.”                          sudden spiral in popularity.           45.52-carat blue diamond at the
    The increased popularity in col-     Whoopi Goldberg wore yellow dia-       Smithsonian Institution—graded
ored diamonds can be illustrated         monds to the 1999 Academy              as Fancy Deep gray blue on the
by the surge of requests for grad-       Awards, Heather Locklear wore          GIA scale—and the 41-carat Dres-
ing of these gemstones at the            pink diamonds to the 2000 Golden       den Green Diamond, both fabled
Gemological Institute of America         Globes, and, at last year’s Academy    in their cultural history.
(GIA), the world’s foremost              Awards, presenter Selma Hayak             Naturally occurring colored
authority in gemology.                   wore a 6.17-carat, fancy-intense       diamonds, such as the Hope and
    GIA has experienced a 102 per-       pink diamond ring, while actress       Dresden, are very rare and there-
cent increase in demand for col-         Julianne Moore wore a 7.52-carat,      fore command top prices; dia-
ored diamond services since 1999,        fancy-vivid yellow diamond.            monds that have been color-
according to Tom Yonelunas, chief           In 1953, GIA created the Inter-     altered by laboratory treatment
executive officer of the GIA Gem         national Diamond Grading Sys-          are less rare, and therefore less
Trade Laboratory.                        tem recognized today worldwide         valuable.
    “Although colored diamonds           by virtually every professional           The “origin of color” of a colored
have been around for decades,”           jeweler in the industry.               diamond (that is, whether its color
Yonelunas said, “the dramatic               The system rates diamonds           is natural or laboratory treated) is
increase in their place in the con-      based on the 4 Cs—color, clarity,      disclosed on a GIA Grading Report.
sumer market in the last two to          cut and carat weight. The GIA             To learn more about fancy col-
three years is unprecedented.”           color scale ranges from D, which       ored diamonds, visit the Gemolog-
    Celebrity fascination with           is absolutely colorless, all the way   ical Institute of America (GIA)
fancy colors may account for the         to Z, which includes diamonds          Web site at
Hotline Helps Moviegoers Choose Wisely
   (NAPSA)—For movie fans, it
can sometimes be a challenge to
find films that express their view
of the world. The search is often
more difficult for people who want
to see movies that are entertain-
ing, but not offensive.
   Fortunately, parents and oth-
ers who want to make informed
and responsible film-going choices
can now get help from a reliable
source—a movie review service
that offers weekly reviews of lead-
ing box office attractions.
   The service—accessible via the
Internet or a toll-free telephone
number—features reviews from
the U.S. Conference of Catholic
Bishops (USCCB) that include
concise storyline summaries, along
with an analysis of each movie’s
moral values.
   Films are also rated for age-
appropriateness according to a
classification system developed by
the USCCB Office for Film &
Broadcasting more than 30 years
ago. The reviews are updated
every Friday and always include a
recommended “Family Video of              An alternative rating system
the Week,” for those times when        makes it easier for movie fans to
family-friendly fare can’t be found    preview a movie’s moral content.
in theaters.
   Just because a movie earns an          To make it easier to remember
“A-I” rating, making it appropriate    the phone number (1-800-311-4222)
for all ages, it doesn’t necessarily   and Web site ( for
mean that the film is recommended      the movie review service, the
by the USCCB reviewers. For            Catholic Communication Cam-
example, one recent flick, though      paign is offering free magnets
classified as A-I, was found to be     which list that information along
just “mildly pleasant,” with a “pre-   with a legend for the USCCB movie
fab quality” that even a good cast     classifications.
couldn’t overcome.                        To request a free magnet, call
   In addition to the new reviews      202-541-3204 or write to: Movie
posted weekly, film buffs can search   Magnet, Catholic Communications
through hundreds of archived           Campaign, 3211 Fourth Street,
reviews on the USCCB Web site.         NE, Washington, DC 20017.
    Cell Phone Scrutiny
   (NAPSA)—Not all cell phones
are created equal. Some provide
better sound quality or longer bat-
tery life, while others come
equipped with a large array of fea-                                            J
tures or sport a sleek, compact
style. With all the wireless phones                                            s
to choose from, how can you be                                                 t
sure the phone you pick not only                                               f
offers the latest features you                                                 i
crave, but also is top quality? One                                            t
wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless,                                            i
has taken your concerns into
account and devised a selection
process to ensure only the high-
est-quality phones receive the
company’s “seal of approval.” Veri-
zon Wireless has its selection
process down to a science, ulti-
mately selling just the models
that pass muster.
   Phones submitted by the man-            If the prototype phone passes
ufacturers must pass rigorous lab       the lab tests, it graduates to the
and field-testing to make certain       next phase: some “real life” tests
that each phone functions flaw-         by the company’s cadre of field
lessly and, more important, gives       technicians around the country.
consumers the quality communi-          Calls are placed to and received
cations experience the company’s        from all over the company’s coast-
wireless network was built to           to-coast network, ensuring call
deliver.                                quality in different geography and     M
   Under the direction of Louis         topography, from the high eleva-       w
LaMedica, an 11-year veteran of         tions in Denver to the Iowa plains,    a
the company, a group of 15 lab          from the great outdoors to inside
engineers at the state-of-the-art       buildings and tunnels.                 s
testing lab in Bedminster, New             With more than 111 million          w
Jersey, put wi re l e s s p h o n e s   wireless users in the U.S. alone,      L
through their initial paces.            people are bound to have all types
LaMedica, known among his peers         of accidents with their phones. In     G
as the “Handset Guru” and his           an effort to predict some of these     L
team test for everything, from          common mishaps, the field testers      T
technical specifications to the         also check to see what happens to      c
mundane—such as dropped calls,          a handset after it has been            w
limited battery life, keys that         dropped or thrown a number of          c
have a propensity to stick and          feet; had a drink spilled on it; and
phone display screens that are too      testers have even been known to        i
dim, to name a few.                     give it to their young children for    d
   The lab also is home to “Mr.         an hour to test the phone’s sur-       m
Head,” a mannequin with custom-         vival skills.                          w
made silicon ears. The man-                Whether you need a phone for        t
nequin’s ears, which replicate, as      traditional calling, access to the     w
close as possible, the sound-           wireless World Wide Web or for         n
absorbing and reflecting qualities      text messaging, LaMedica’s team        t
of the human ear, help determine        has you covered. Rest assured,
if the handset meets technical          only the best phones receive the       v
specifications for sound quality.       Handset Guru’s “seal of approval.”     L
Join The Crowd!
   (NAPSA)—In an age of non-
stop stress, everyone needs play
time, and there’s nothing like a
first-class “excursion” on an
indoor/outdoor model train, one of
the fastest growing family hobbies
in the world.

  Rail fun from TOYTRAIN ® —
Model railroading is one of the
world’s fastest growing hobbies—
appealing to young and old alike.
   Specialty toy stores and hobby
stores make it easy to get started
with Fast-Setup Starter Sets by
LGB of America.
   Start the kids with TOYTRAIN,
G-scale model railroads by LGB.
Larger than most model trains,
TOYTRAIN is painstakingly
crafted—a just-right fit for kids
with thicker walls for sturdy
   These trains can be used both
indoors in room den designs, chil-
dren’s bedrooms, patios, and base-
ments, and outdoors on terraces
with well-mounted suspended
tracks and layouts that include
waterfalls gently flowing over
native stone, Japanese gardens or
trains circling the pool.
   Owning your own railroad is a
very cool thing. Where to begin?
LGB’s Santa Fe Freight Starter
Set with all the excitement of the
Old West, or the world’s first See-
Thru F7A Diesel Loco, Collector’s
Edition that lets you see the inner
workings of the model? Or, how
about the TOYTRAIN Christmas
Starter Set and the Everyone
Loves Dinosaurs Dino Car?
   For a free color catalog, and infor-
mation, call toll-free 1-800-669-0607.
Visit LGB and TOYTRAIN on the
Web at
     Lessen Holiday Entertaining Stress
        (NAPSA)—As the season’s glis-
    tening colors and rich aromas
    beckon, with them comes the
    chaos of the holiday rush. ’Tis the
!   season to entertain, but that does-
    n’t need to be an overwhelming
-   task. The following tips, mixed
y   with the right blend of prepara-
a   tion and a dose of holiday cheer,
n   can help anyone put together a
f   quick, yet memorable holiday
s   event.                                 fork, and is a convenient solution
        Advance preparation is key to      for last-minute meal planning,
    ensuring a relaxed and lively host-    while adding a touch of elegance
    ess. Whether serving a buffet or       to the evening. Cook’s Ham comes
    sit-down dinner, set the table a day   complete with a glaze packet that
    ahead so that only the food is miss-   takes just minutes to prepare.
    ing. Coordinate place settings, but    When presented with rolls and
    remember that they don’t have to       condiments, a centerpiece entrée
    match exactly—in fact, eclectic set-   such as Cook’s Spiral Sliced Ham
    tings can bring just the right touch   clinches best hostess nominations
    to a festive table. Skip the elabo-    in a way that snack mix never
    rate centerpiece and instead scat-     could.
    ter pinecones and holly sprigs                  Workable Menu
    around the table.                          Look for ease of preparation in
         Avoid the Baking Frenzy           all menu items. Instead of hot side
        Holiday baking, while fun in       dishes and hors d’oeuvres, choose
    theory, is also labor-intensive        dips and cut-up veggies, or side
—   work. Avoid time-crunches by           dishes such as wild rice or polenta
e   making and freezing cookies and        that are made in advance and
    quick breads up to a month in          served at room temperature. Take
    advance. Plan a family baking          advantage of backyard snowbanks
    weekend to produce such seasonal       to quickly chill bottles or cans,
y   favorites as shortbreads and gin-      being careful that they don’t
d   gersnaps—then enjoy the holidays       freeze.
y   with honest home-baked good-               Without Julia Child’s expertise
    ness, and without the time strain.     or Martha Stewart’s panache, hol-
,          Last-Minute RSVP’s              iday entertaining can be daunt-
.       In a moment of questionable        ing. But by incorporating a few
,   good sense, Aunt Edna decides to       tips and using a little imagina-
y   bring her Bingo partners to the        tion, clueless cooks and culinary
s   party. To change a cocktail menu       connoisseurs alike can avoid the
y   into something more substantial,       stress of holiday entertaining. For
    pick up a Cook’s Spiral Sliced         assorted holiday ham and glaze
h   Ham from the grocery store. Per-       recipes, order a free, limited-edi-
-   fectly pre-sliced, serving spiral      tion Cook’s Recipe Book. Call 312-
-   sliced ham is as easy as using a       616-2622 for details.
Acts That Make The World A Kinder Place                                     L
   (NAPSA)—What does it take to                                             m
make the world a kinder place?                                              V
   In observation of the seventh                                            W
annual Random Acts of Kindness
Week (Nov. 11 to 17), sponsored by
the Random Acts of Kindness
Foundation, people around the
country find a variety of ways to
be kind to each other.
   This year ’s activities will
   • In Terre Haute, Indiana, resi-
dents will hold a Kindness
Parade, sing a Kindness song, lis-
ten to the town symphony and
pass out information about being
kind to everyone in the city.            Kindness events are planned
   • Children in Huntsville,          in over 5,000 communities and 35
Alabama, will make bookmarks,
door hangers and other items
reminding people to be kind. They     roses as an act of kindness.
will be distributed to libraries,        • Middle school students in
veteran groups, schools and the       Mahopac, N.Y., will be “Secret
television stations. Soda can tabs    Acts of Kindness Ambassadors.”
will also be saved for one week       They will be challenged to see how
and the proceeds from the recy-       many “Secret Acts” they can
cling will go to a local charity.     accomplish during Random Acts of
   • Charleston, Indiana students     Kindness Week. The teachers will
will work with teachers to empha-     dress as detectives on kick-off day
size Random Acts of Kindness          and will be looking for school-wide
while trying to accumulate            kindness gestures.
1,000,000 Acts of Kindness. The          Each year the Random Acts of
movie, Pay It Forward, will be        Kindness Foundation helps thou-
shown and students will be            sands of people celebrate Random
encouraged to pass on two acts for    Acts of Kindness Week by provid-
every one act received. This pro-     ing ideas, materials and support
ject will culminate in November       to inspire kind acts and kindness
with a Sharing and Caring Talent      projects worldwide.
Show.                                    For more information about
   • For the second year, family-     Random Acts of Kindness events,
owned floral shops, Country           or about getting involved, call the
Greenery in Moorhead, Minn., and      foundation at 1-800-660-2811 or
Fargo, N.D., will encourage people    visit the Web site at www.acts
in both communities to give away
 Find the Right Health Care For Your
 Furry, Feathered and Scaly Friends
   Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet
   (NAPSA)—Nearly 95 percent             • Does the hospital have labo-
of pet owners know that regular       ratory equipment?
veterinary checkups are a key            • Does it offer 24-hour emer-
way to ensure their pet’s quality     gency care or access to such care
of life, according to the American    at another facility?
Animal Hospital Association              • Does the hospital have conve-
(AAHA). Because a veterinarian        nient office hours and payment
oversees all of your pet’s health     plans?
care needs throughout its life,          One way to make sure all of the
make sure you choose the right        above conditions and more are
veterinarian. You can use the fol-    met is to choose a hospital accred-
lowing guidelines recommended         ited by the American Animal Hos-
by AAHA.                              pital Association. AAHA regulates
   One of the best ways to begin      standards among 3,100 veterinary
researching veterinarians and         hospitals in North America and is
veterinary hospitals is to get rec-   the only organization to manage a
ommendations from family,             voluntary accreditation program
friends and neighbors. Once you       for companion animal hospitals.
have a couple of referrals, you       Each AAHA hospital undergoes a
are ready to begin your more          detailed evaluation of its services
detailed research. It is important    and equipment by a trained prac-
to make sure your veterinarian        tice consultant who inspects the
will meet your expectations and       facility. In order to receive accredi-
that you and your pet feels com-      tation, hospitals must meet more
fortable around the doctor. You       than 300 individual standards in
also should feel at ease talking      areas including emergency ser-
with your veterinarian about          vice, surgery and anesthesia, radi-
treatment options and payment         ology, nursing care, examination
plans.                                facilities, dentistry and medical
   “Even if the doctor is extremely   records.
qualified, if you don’t connect on       “Most pet owners consider their
certain issues regarding your pet’s   pets to be full-fledged members of
health care, you may need to con-     the family,” says Dr. Thomas. “By
tinue your search,” says Dr.          carefully researching your selection
Michael Thomas, AAHA president.       of a veterinarian, you can help
   It is also important that your     ensure the long-term health and
veterinary hospital meet a high       well-being of your beloved pets.”
standard of pet health care. Ask if      The American Animal Hospital
you can tour the facility and meet    Association is an international
some of the veterinarians on          organization of more than 22,000
staff—be sure to get a brochure       veterinary care providers who
that explains hospital policies and   treat companion animals. Estab-
procedures before leaving. The        lished in 1933, the association is
American Animal Hospital Associ-      well known among veterinarians
ation recommends asking yourself      for its high standards for hospitals
the following important questions     and pet health care. For pet care
of any facility that eventually may   information or a referral to an
care for your pet:                    AAHA hospital, pet owners can
   • Does the hospital look and       visit the AAHA website at
smell clean?                 or call 800-
   • Is it well-lit?                  883-6301.
Luxury Electrical: Stylish, Energy-Saving Products
   (NAPSA)—Today’s homeowners
demand more from their homes’
electrical systems. Whether con-
sumers are planning on building a
new home or are making upgrades
to an existing one, they are all
expressing the need to accommo-
date more and more electronic
equipment/conveniences in their
hom es. I n o r d e r t o d o t h i s ,
changes or upgrades need to be
made to the home’s electrical
wiring system.
   To meet this demand, one man-
ufacturer has developed a com-
plete line of luxury electrical prod-
ucts. Not only do these products
make homes look better, they
make homes work better by incor-
porating such key benefits as
safety, convenience, increased aes-
thetics and energy efficiency.               Luxury electrical products
   In terms of safety, a home video       make homes more energy-effi-
monitoring system allows parents          cient—and more stylish.
to check in on the baby in the crib
or children playing outside in the        add to convenience.
yard. When a camera is installed             Sophisticated styling makes
at the front door, it’s easy to see       Pass & Seymour/Legrand’s devices
who’s there from any networked            pleasing to look at and a pleasure
TV in the house.                          to operate. They are designed to fit
   Other luxury electrical devices        every décor, every application—and
that increase safety are tamper-          many save energy while doing so.
resistant outlets for children’s          For example, motion-activated
rooms, pathway lighting for stair-        switches automatically turn lights
ways and halls, 911 Locator               on and/or off. Dimmers allow
switches that cause outdoor lights        adjustment of lighting levels to
to flash on and off continuously—         complement the mood while saving
helping emergency personnel               energy. Wall box timers, with
quickly locate your residence, and        energy-saving time delay/off set-
the momentary-contact disposal            tings, feature whisper-quiet opera-
switch, which must be held in the         tion as well as attractive aesthetics.
“on” position for operation, elimi-          Luxury electrical brings an
nating accidental injury.                 impressive array of practical ben-
   Properly setting up a home             efits to anyone’s home. Compared
office, complete with phone, fax          to the cost of other luxuries, it is
and Internet links is now easier          relatively inexpensive and repre-
than ever. Homeowners can link            sents a remarkable value. Lastly,
multiple computers and peripher-          luxury electrical provides home-
als such as scanners and printers,        owners maximum home resale
and quickly reassign phone lines          value.
to different locations throughout            For more information about
the house if necessary. Also avail-       Pass & Seymour/Legrand luxury
able are in-floor receptacles to          electrical products, visit the Web
power desktop devices, which also         site at
 Software Used To Nab
  Cheating Spouses
   (NAPSA)—A software program
originally designed to help par-
ents monitor their children’s
online activity is now being used
by wives and husbands who sus-
pect their mates of cheating on
them via the Internet.

   A new software program moni-
tors all computer activity—for
both children and adults.

    The program, called Spector,
acts like a hidden video camera for
the computer monitor. Once in-
stalled, it takes snapshots of what-
ever is on the screen and saves
them away on the computer for
later viewing. The software re-
cords chat conversations, instant
messages, e-mails, Web sites vis-
ited and keystrokes typed.
    “With Spector, people usually
find out within 24 hours whether
their spouse is cheating,” states
Doug Fowler, president of Spector-
Soft. One SpectorSoft customer
believed that his wife was having
an affair. Within a few days of
using Spector, he not only con-
firmed his suspicions, but also dis-
covered that his wife and her boy-
friend were plotting to murder
    “We’ve heard a lot of stories
about what people have found out
using Spector, but this is certainly
the most chilling one,” says
    “The Internet has made it very
easy for people to chat and meet
online,” he adds. “Unfortunately,
it is also too easy for married peo-
ple to sex-chat, which leads to
phone-chat, and eventually to
meeting in person.”
    Whether you want to be a
more informed parent, employer
or see what your spouse is doing
online, Spector can be an easy
an d effec t i v e s ol u t i on . M or e
information on Spector is avail-
able at or
call 1-888-621-1143.
   (NAPSA)—What do you need to
start a healthy walking routine?
Just a good pair of sneakers or
walking shoes...and some friends.
   That’s the message behind The
Avon Walking Club, a new booklet
available free from Avon Products,
Inc. especially for today’s busy
women who are trying to find time
for fitness in their lives. The book-
let provides realistic tips on how
women can form their own “Avon
walking club” with “members”
who will support each other on the
road to fitness.
   The booklet includes practical
tips for getting started and stay-
ing motivated, as well as a walk-
ing schedule and a pull-out log for
convenient posting to track the
club’s progress.
   “Many women realize that the
trick to staying with any exercise
routine is to make it a simple part
of their daily lives and sharing it
with a friend,” said Kathrine
Switzer, Program Director of Avon
Walking and Running, an interna-
tional fitness program for women.
“Walking doesn’t require a great
amount of time or financial com-
mitment. And a simple walking
routine can reduce the risk of
heart disease, which is the num-
ber one killer of women.”                 Walking with friends can make
   Switzer notes that walking           getting fit even more fun and
every day, even a little, raises        keep women on track.
your metabolism, which is the
rate at which your body burns           to: Avon Walking & Running, 1345
calories. Plus it tones muscles,        Avenue of the Americas, 26th
puts you in a good mood and helps       floor, New York, NY 10105. An
you beat heart disease. She offers      electronic version can be found at
these tips to help women form  or can be
their own walking clubs:                requested by e-mail at avonrun
   • Form a group of two to three, or by calling 1-
women who will share your goal          800-748-1047, ext. 5350.
and determine a convenient                  A fun and useful gift is avail-
schedule.                               able to the first 100 people who
   • Name your club and have            request the booklet—the Avon
some fun. It’s a great way to build     Wellness Digital Talking Pedome-
team spirit and motivation.             ter, a clip-on pedometer that acts
   • Choose two to three times a        as a virtual personal trainer help-
week that work for everyone.            ing to set goals for any workout,
Stick to your schedule through          measuring distance and calories
rain or shine.                          burned. It also provides melodies
   • Stay with it. It’s not speed       to work out to. For those who are
that counts but walking regularly.      not among the first 100, the Avon
   • Begin slowly and remember          Wellness Pedometer is available
to stretch before and after you         for only $12.99 from Avon Repre-
walk.                                   sentatives or
   The Avon Walking Club booklet            So what are you waiting for?
is available at no cost by writing      Grab a buddy and go.
 Avoid Halloween Hazards
  With A Few Safety Tips
   (NAPSA)—Halloween can be a          remove choking hazards such as
lot less scary—for parents—if they     gum, peanuts, hard candies or
and their children heed a few          small toys.
safety tips:                              Decorate Your Home Safely...
   Dressed in Disguise...                 • Since children will likely be
   • Make sure mask eyeholes are       running through your yard,
large enough for children to see       remember to remove anything
through.                               that can cause them to fall—gar-
   • Before applying make-up to a      den hoses, toys, bikes and lawn
child’s face, test the product on a    ornaments.
small patch of skin on the child’s        • When carving pumpkins, be
arm to avoid possible allergic         sure to use flat surfaces with good
reactions.                             lighting to avoid injuries. Pump-
   • Make sure all costumes fit        kin-carving kits designed espe-
properly. Oversized pants, skirts      cially for children are available.
and shoes can cause a child to fall       • To avoid fire hazards, lit
and get injured.                       pumpkins should be placed away
   Tricks for Trick-or-Treating...     from curtains and other flamma-
   • Safety accessories such as        ble objects. Never leave lit pump-
reflective tape, clip-on flashers or   kins unattended.
reflective armbands can help              • Use bulb-lit or fiber-optic
increase visibility in the dark.       pumpkins and light sets to illumi-
   • Before those frightening little   nate doorways for trick-or-treaters.
monsters head out the door, dis-          With all the excitement that
cuss a pre-planned route.              Halloween brings, children can
   • Encourage children to walk        sometimes forget about the pre-
slowly on sidewalks and drive-         cautions. “Safety innovations in
ways and to cross streets at street    costume accessories and home
corners and crosswalks.                decorations can help parents
   • All trick-or-treaters should      reduce the risks of Halloween-
carry flashlights.                     related accidents and injuries,”
   • Children should visit only        says Andy Bailen, executive vice
well lit homes and accept treats in    president of marketing and mer-
doorways only.                         chandising for Party City Corpo-
   • Remind children to wait until     ration (NASDAQ: PCTY), Amer-
they get home before eating any        ica’s largest party goods chain.
candy.                                    For more information on Hal-
   • Parents should check all          loween safety items, decorations,
treats for signs of tampering. For     costumes and accessories call 1-
younger children, parents should       800-477-4841.
 October is National Car Care Month
    (NAPSA)—October is National
Car Care Month and a perfect
time to think about how you treat
your car. It may surprise you to
know how everyday driving can
take a major toll on your vehicle.
In fact, most people who think
they are “normal” drivers are
actually considered “severe” dri-
vers, according to the definitions
of their vehicle manufacturers.
    Both normal and severe driving
classifications relate directly to
your total driving habits—how,        3,000 miles to protect your engine.
when and where you drive. It is       Your manual will also contain
important to know how auto mak-       information about other critical
ers look at normal vs. severe dri-    components of servicing and pre-
ving since the maintenance sched-     ventive maintenance, such as your
ule recommendations will most-        oil and air filters, engine cooling
likely differ between the two. Here   system, and other vital fluids.
are some examples of severe dri-          Be aware of your driving
ving conditions:                                   conditions
    Short Trips: Frequent use for         Some minor changes in your
short periods of time, such as dri-   driving—a few cold mornings or
ving to the supermarket.              some stop-and-go driving—can
    Cold Starts: Leaving your         put you in the severe driving cate-
garage or driveway on a cooler        gory. By monitoring the change in
morning without sufficient warm-      types of traveling, destinations,
up time.                              weather and other conditions, you
    Stop and Go: Driving in traffic   can help to ensure you are servic-
with many taps of the brake or        ing your car at the right time to
long idling periods.                  avoid a costly breakdown.
    Towing and Heavy Loads:                      Ask an expert
Hitching a trailer; packing the car       If you still have questions, you
for a family vacation or a move.      can ask preventive maintenance
    Extreme Temperatures: Driving     experts at a quick-oil change ser-
in heat or those areas with tem-      vice station, like a Jiffy Lube. As
peratures dipping below freezing.     part of its overall vehicle mainte-
    Regional Factors: Traveling in    nance service, Jiffy Lube techni-
coastal areas, dusty and muddy        cians will have access to informa-
conditions, or locations that may     tion provided by your vehicle’s
require road salt.                    manufacturer and can provide you
    If it seems that your driving     with those recommendations
conditions fall into one or more of   based on your driving conditions,
the categories above, you are not     as well as your local environmen-
alone. In fact, nowadays, the aver-   tal or seasonal conditions.
age driver is much more likely to         As the weather gets cooler in
be considered a severe driver than    most parts of the country, October
ever before. To make sure that you    is the perfect time for National Car
are using the proper service inter-   Care Month. With temperatures
vals recommended by your auto         changing, traffic once again heavier
manufacturer, try the following:      with school-bound traffic, and a
  Check your owner’s manual           variety of after-school activities
    It will let you know the proper   turning your vehicle into the family
service intervals for your model      taxi, take an extra moment to think
based on your driving conditions.     about the needs of your car. And if
Your oil will break down more         you just happen to be a severe dri-
quickly if you are a severe driver,   ver, it takes only a little extra care
so the majority of owners’ manu-      to ensure your car will keep you on
als recommend changing oil every      the road year after year.
  Connoisseur 101
   (NAPSA)—Now here’s some-
thing you can sink your teeth into:
tasty tips from a master choco-
latier on how to identify and savor
high-quality chocolate. Belgian
chocolate-maker Thierry Muret
suggests these tasting techniques.

   Chocolate experts say to look
for two things when tasting fine
chocolates: flavor and texture.

     • Look for chocolate with a
consistent color, a satiny sheen
and a high degree of craftsman-
ship in shapes and designs.
     • Take in the aroma—it should
be fresh and not overly perfumed
or sugary.
     • Let the chocolate melt
against the roof of your mouth to
feel the texture—it should be
velvety smooth without any
     • Roll the chocolate over your
tongue, allowing the flavors to
permeate your mouth. The ini-
t i a l t a s t e s h o u l d b e a n u t t y,
roasted chocolate flavor, followed
by sweetness and other flavor
     • Lastly, fine chocolates tend to
have a pleasant aftertaste that
lingers on the palate.
     Muret just created five indul-
gent new confections for leading
super-premium chocolatier, Godiva,
which are inspired by the com-
pany’s Belgian heritage of chocolate
     Consumers can find Godiva’s
decadent new chocolates in Gold
Ballotin assortments available at
Godiva boutiques, finer depart-
ment stores and specialty shops,
or by calling 1-800-9-GODIVA or
logging onto
 Workers Can Benefit From A Career In Roofing
   (NAPSA)—Trades that offered
good pay and benefits once pro-
vided many workers a path to the
middle class that did not require a
college degree.
   In recent years, with the shift
toward an information-based
service economy, the number of
these kinds of jobs has dropped
   One trade, however, where lots
of good jobs are still available is
the roofing industry. Due to the
fact that much of the roofing indus-
try is focused on repair work, the
demand for roofing workers in the
recent past has been constant.
That’s why there always seems to
be a need for new workers with the
necessary aptitude and interest.          A recent survey of union and
   Entry-level roofing workers can     non-union roofing contractors
receive training, gain experience      indicates that journeyman roofing
and earn money while they are          workers earn an average of $17
learning the trade.                    per hour.
   Some roofing contractors offer
approved apprenticeship pro-           sponded offer group health insur-
grams. New workers can also            ance plans to employees and 88
enter approved union training pro-     percent allow paid vacation days.
grams to develop their skills.            Other benefits offered by 78
   According to a recent survey of     percent of the survey respondents
union and non-union contractors        are educational assistance, guar-
conducted by the National Roofing      antees of pay for 40 hours of work
Contractors Association (NRCA),        a week, vehicle use, and em-
journeyman workers who have            ployer-paid uniforms. Moreover,
some training earn an average of       approximately 75 percent of those
$17 per hour. Managerial employ-       responding offer employee retire-
ees who supervise several projects     ment plans.
simultaneously earn on average            To learn more, call a 24-hour,
$22 per hour.                          bilingual—Spanish and English—
   In addition to training and         toll-free job information hotline at
good wages, workers in the roofing     1-888-ROOF-321. Ask for a free
industry benefit in other ways.        brochure and a list of roofing con-
The NRCA survey reports that 88        tractors in your area with job
percent of the employers who re-       openings.
Loyalty Abounds As Catalog Celebrates 70th Year
       Catalog Keeps Going Through The Generations
    (NAPSA)—Today loyalty pro-
grams are popping up everywhere.
Travelers collect miles good for
free travel from their airplane
flight, car rental and hotel stay.
Points—redeemable for every-
thing from electronics to travel—
are collected by clicking through
advertiser’s sites on the Internet
and coffee houses often give their
customers a free beverage after
purchasing ten.
    Some programs have staying
power but others disappear before
consumers can ever actually use
their points. One program, the
Betty Crocker catalog, has with-
stood the test of time and is still
going strong. Since 1931, the cata-
log has offered quality merchan-      was issued in 1962. By 1987 it had
dise at less-than-retail prices to    expanded to a full sized catalog
consumers who redeem points           containing 32 pages of merchan-
found on General Mills products.      dise. Today’s catalog fills 72 pages
    Using Betty Crocker catalog       with name brand merchandise like
points, homemakers across the         Oneida, Lenox, Fiesta and Pfaltz-
country have been stocking their      graff dinnerware, T-FAL and com-
silverware drawers with Oneida        plete lines of bakeware & cook-
patterns like Patrick Henry and       ware products. Today’s catalog has
Queen Bess for seventy years.         something for everyone including
You r moth er or gran d moth er       Betty Crocker Kitchen tested
may have furnished her flatware       housewares.
drawer with the help of her              The catalog has become an
kitchen cupboard.                     established tradition in many
    What started as a small promo-    homes like this consumer’s, “Now
tion—a single teaspoon offer          my daughter is soon to set up
tucked into bags of Gold Medal        housekeeping and over the last
flour and Wheaties cereal boxes—      few years we have been sending
is now one of the longest-running     for baking products, flatware and
loyalty programs in America. The      dishes for her from your catalog.
response to the teaspoon was so       When her birthday or Christmas
tremendous that the offer was         rolls around, she looks for that
extended to an entire set of flat-    gift that contains her stash of
ware a year later.                    coupons that I have been collect-
    Millions of orders have been      ing over the year.”
placed since that first promotion.       Today budget-conscious shop-
The merchandise is constantly         pers can find Betty Crocker Cata-
updated with some items, like the     log Points on more than 200 Gen-
flatware, remaining constant.         eral Mills products.
After 70 years Oneida flatware           The Betty Crocker catalog can
remains the most popular product      be obtained on Betty’s Web site
in the Betty Crocker catalog. or by calling
    The first full-fledged catalog    800-328-8360.
     “Cover the Bases & Strike Out Fire”
   (NAPSA)—“Cover the Bases &
Strike Out Fire” is an exciting,
new public safety campaign com-
bining America’s favorite pastime
with important fire safety mes-
sages to teach families how to
“cover the bases” to “strike out”
preventable cooking, heating and
electrical fires—which account for
half of all home fires.
   NFPA (National Fire Protection
Association) urges kids of all ages
across North America to “Cover
the Bases & Strike Out Fire” this
year during Fire Prevention Week
(FPW), October 7-13 and all year-
round. NFPA has been the official
sponsor of FPW for nearly 80
                                            Fire Prevention Week 2001
                                          urges families to “Cover the
   Pitching in to drive home fire
safety messages is three-time             Bases & Strike Out Fire.”
American League Baseball “Fire-           with their children to stay safe by
man of the Year,” Dennis Eckers-          identifying and correcting any fire
ley, who is serving as this year’s        hazards in their home,” says Meri-
honorary FPW chair.                       K Appy, NFPA vice president for
   Using a baseball diamond as a          public education.
visual cue, FPW 2001 puts home                Major funding for FPW 2001 is
hazards on base, positioning              provided by FEMA and the U.S
cooking safety on first base, heat-       Fire Administration, with gener-
ing safety on second and electri-         ous support from KIDDE and con-
cal safety on third. Home plate           tributions from Underwriters Lab-
serves as a reminder to test              oratories Inc. (UL), and USAA.
smoke alarms and to practice fire                   History of FPW
drills.                                       On the 40th anniversary of the
   The cornerstone of this year’s         Great Chicago Fire of October
campaign, a home fire safety              1871, fire marshals advocated an
checklist, rallies families around a      annual observation to keep the
specific call to action: conducting a     public informed about fire preven-
home fire inspection. NFPA en-            tion. In 1920, President Woodrow
courages kids and families to hunt        Wilson issued the first National
for and eliminate potential cook-         Fire Prevention Day proclama-
ing, heating and electrical home          tion, and since 1922, FPW has
hazards by using the checklist as a       been observed with NFPA as the
guide. To download a free copy of         official sponsor.
the checklist, visit          NFPA has been a worldwide
   “Just like baseball, fire preven-      leader in providing fire, electrical,
tion is a team effort, and we             and life safety information to the
encourage parents to work closely         public since 1896.

   Note to Editors: Though this article can be run at any time, it is particularly
appropriate for publication during Fire Prevention Week, October 7 to 13.
Dealing With Head Lice
  (NAPSA)—Doctors say it’s
important for parents of school-
aged children to learn the facts
about head lice.

  Lice is something that can
happen to anyone.
   Head lice live on the scalp and
lay small white eggs (nits) on the
hair shaft. The nits are most easily
found on the nape of the neck or
behind the ears.
   Lice can show up at any time,
but they are most often seen when
kids return to school, prompting
the National Pediculosis Associ-
ation to consider September the
kick-off month for the season for
raising head lice awareness.
   If your child has lice, doctors
say you should wash anything
that has come in contact with his
or her head or neck—including
headgear, scarfs, coats and bed
linens—in hot water. Then dry the
items in a dryer on the hot set-
ting, for at least 20 minutes.
Combs and brushes should be dis-
infected in hot water and you
should thoroughly vacuum the
floors and furniture in your house.
   Lice treatment kits are avail-
able that can help you remove lice
from your child and house. For
example, Nix® makes a lice treat-
ment rinse and lice control spray.
With a single application, the
rinse can kill lice and their eggs
and prevent reinfestation for 14
days. The spray is meant for bed-
ding and furniture. When used in
conjunction, such products can
help keep children—and their
homes—lice free.
   For more information, visit or call 888-
LICELINE (542-3546).
  Contest Calls For Creativity And Dried Plums
   (NAPSA)—In a large bowl,
combine 3 cups creativity with 1
cup dried plums. Mix well until
blended. Prep time: 30 minutes.
Yields $1,000, if your recipe beats
the competition’s at the first
annual Creative Cooking with
Dried Plums Contest.
   The California Dried Plum
Board is sponsoring the contest
where participants can submit one
simple, plum-good recipe that
includes dried plums and up to six
additional ingredients. Recipes,
which can vary from on-the-go
snacks to decadent desserts to             A plum of an idea: A recipe
divine dinners, must also be pre-     contest that spotlights the versa-
pared and cooked in 30 minutes or     tility of dried plums.
less.                                 magnesium, potassium, fiber and
   “The Creative Cooking with         iron. They are also cholesterol-,
Dried Plums Contest is designed       sodium- and fat-free, and high in
to get America thinking about and     antioxidant power.
engaged in cooking with dried              Participants can submit their
plums,” Peggy Castaldi, Director      unpublished, original recipes at
of Marketing, said. “People are
beginning to recognize the versa-     and, at the same time, become eli-
tility that dried plums have in       gible to win daily online give-
cooking. Whether enjoyed as a         aways. Entries can also be mailed
snack or in a recipe, they add        and must be postmarked by
essential nutrients and new fla-      November 30, 2001, to the Califor-
vors to your favorite, everyday       nia Dried Plum Board, P.O. Box
foods. We hope this competition       2370 San Francisco, CA 94126-
will open America’s eyes to all the   2370. Mail-in entries are not eligi-
delicious possibilities.”             ble for the online giveaways. The
   With the trend moving              contest winner will receive a
towards healthier eating, incor-      $1,000 cash grand prize and ten
porating nutritious ingredients       winners will win a plum purple
into meals is often an easy way to    Sharp® Half-Pint Microwave. All
stay fit, maintain a healthy          winning recipes will be featured
lifestyle, and get your recom-        on the Web site.
mended five servings of fruits             For more complete contest
and vegetables a day. Dried           rules, information about dried
plums are packed with a variety       plums, or the Creative Cooking
of important vitamins and miner-      with Dried Plums Contest, visit
als such as vitamin A, copper,
  A Frighteningly Tasty Treat For Halloween
   (NAPSA)—If you want to scare
up some delicious trick-or-treats
for your child’s Halloween party,
consider making some bewitch-
ingly easy Walnut Moon cookies.
   These melt-in-your mouth
cookies are easy to bake because
they call for Shedd’s Spread Coun-
try Crock ® Spreadable Sticks,
which blend easily straight from
the refrigerator.
   Besides being handy for cook-
ing, baking and easy spreading on
toast or bread, the sticks add
fresh country flavor to whatever
recipe they are used in. Country       These tasty cookies make a
Crock also comes in tubs and a       wholesome treat for your little
convenient squeeze bottle.
                                     ghosts and goblins.
   The cookies make a wholesome
addition to any witching hour and    utes. Beat in vanilla. Gradu-
after you finish using the Country   ally beat in flour until
Crock three-pound tub, you can       blended. Stir in walnuts. Turn
give it to your little ghosts and    dough onto plastic wrap and
goblins to go trick-or-treating      shape into flat circle. Cover
with.                                and refrigerate 1 hour.
                                        Preheat oven to 350°. Divide
       Walnut Moons                  dough into 8 pie-shaped
   about 21⁄2 dozen cookies          wedges. On lightly floured sur-
                                     face, roll each wedge into 1⁄2-
  1 cup (2 sticks) Shedd’s           inch log, 12 inches long; cut
     Spread Country Crock®           each log into 4 equal pieces.
     Spreadable Sticks               Shape into crescents and
  ⁄2 cup confectioners sugar         arrange on ungreased baking
  1 tsp. vanilla extract             sheets.
13⁄4 cups all-purpose flour             Bake 15 minutes or until
  ⁄2 cup finely chopped              edges are lightly golden. On
     walnuts                         wire rack, let stand 2 minutes;
                                     remove from sheets and sprin-
   In large bowl, with electric      kle generously with addi-
mixer, beat Shedd’s Spread           tional confectioners sugar
Country Crock and sugar until        while still warm. On wire
light and fluffy, about 3 min-       rack, cool completely.
   (NAPSA)—If you would like to      ANSWERS:
bone up on celebrities and their        Animal Planet’s new “Holly-
pets, this quick quiz might help.    wood Unleashed” series features
                                     these pets, their owners and other
                                     interesting celebrities pet facts.
                                     The celebrities featured left are: 1.
                                     Kathy Najimy, “Veronica’s Closet.”
                                     2. Frankie Muniz, “Malcolm in the
                                     Middle.” 3. Edie Falco, “The Sopra-
                                     nos.” “Hollywood Unleashed” takes
                                     an inside look at the path of some
                                     of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.
                                     The show goes home with such
   1. What Sister Act and sitcom     stars as Megan Mullally (“Will &
co-star is in the habit of keeping   Grace”), singer K.D. Lang, Mimi
                                     Kennedy (“Dharma & Greg”), and
the company of dogs?
                                     former Clinton secretary Betty
                                     Currie (caretaker of Socks, the for-
                                     mer “First Cat”, who gives his first
                                     post-White House interview).
                                        Each episode reveals how even
                                     the kings and queens of Hollywood
                                     let down their guard around their
                                     pets, turning into sentimental suck-
                                     ers for their lucky little friends.
                                        “Hollywood Unleashed” makes
                                     its world television debut as a
   2. This sitcom star is always     one-hour special on Animal Planet
                                     on Tuesday, October 2, from 9-10
“in the middle” of things with his
                                     PM (ET/PT). The first of 15 world
playful pooch.
                                     television premiere episodes will
                                     air Friday, October 5, from 10-
                                     10:30 PM (ET/PT), with subse-
                                     quent premieres on Fridays from
                                     10-10:30 PM (ET/PT).
                                        Launched in October 1996, and
                                     now available in over 74 million
                                     homes, Animal Planet offers a wide
                                     range of television entertainment
                                     including dramatic reality-based
                                     series, talk shows, original fictional
                                     programming, high-quality chil-
   3. An adorable canine is one
                                     dren’s shows, documentaries, and
of this actress’s “mob of devoted    more. Visit Animal Planet on the
fans.”                               Web at

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