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									 TheAMmmmtMmt&wiM —ThmntU^n, Jmmumry 10, lt$l                                                                                                                                                 IT
                  > to California          There were hairpia turns and        backcountry permits warned us of
        (TIM ideal s a d there*!)       steep climbs, ctiSfs and beaches to    bears layering up for hibernation:
    The situation was ideal. We the west,rockficesKnd lush farm-               "Whan bears start messing with
 found a trail to the beach and set land to the east, blue wavtis below.       people, we have to kill bears, even
 up ramp feet awayfromthe ocean. The van, in spite ofits unfortunate           though ifs usuaUy the people's
 There was plenty of driftwood run-in with a Redwood tree a few                fault. We don't want to kill any
 nearby and the bonfire was roar- miles back, ran like a well-tuned            bears." He looked at us accusingly,
 ing within minutes. We had bar- racing machine, a benevolent                  and suggested we spend our first
 becued chicken, fresh pineapple, bucket of bolts;                             night at Little Yosemite Valley,
 musk on the radio, waves pouring          Mark sad I, after'much awe-         where there were anti-bear food
 in, and a warm night                   inspired pondering, came to the        boxes.
    What could go wrong?                conclusion that a properly-placed         But by the tima we ate, loaded
    At first it was little more than a and madh/-designed highway can          our packs, and found our way past
 drusle. Mark set up a lean-to by indeed be good for the soul.                 the tourist shops and satellite dish-
 tying a big tarp to the cliff behind                 Berkeley                 equipped WinnebagoB tc the ac-
 us and weighingitdown with rocks          We stopped by to visit Jonathon     tual hiking trail, the sun wad al-
"on the sand. The sprinkles were SintoninBerkeley.afriendofmine                ready setting and we had four miles
 actualh/ welcomed, with our fire from years back. Since the days              to go.
 biasing away like a furnace.           when we used to explore the Me-           We passed a huge, cement'
     Then it began to pour: a tumul- dusa forests together, Jonathon           "Water Storage Facility," near the
 tuous, crashing grizzly bear of a has graduated from Harvard,                 river. "Wait a second," Mark said.
 storm. We hid beneath the tarp. traveled through Tibet and Nepal,             "Let's check out the top of this
 Gradualb/, the sand became mud taught English and gotten mar-                 thing, see if we can aleep up there.
 and high winds blew water drop- ried in China, and moved to Cali-             It'll be nice and flat, and we won't
 lets into our shelter. Small rocks fornia for graduate school. He's            have to worry about bears."
 from the wall we had used to se- studying energy resource man-                    Chalk up another good idea for
 cure the tarp began to fall inter- agement at Berkeley; of all the             Mark. We climbed the ladder to
 mittently, bonking one groggy subjects to study in this country,               the top, hauled our packs up with
  head or another. I had visions of that seems to me to be the most             rope, and set up camp,, nothing
  mudslide, being buried under vital and timely.                                between us and the stars but jets
 earth and muck in a claustropho-          Jon introduced us to Telegraph       pouring people in and out of the
 bic death trap.                        Avenue, a hip-hopping little            bay area.
     The sand fleas sought shelter in stretch of liveliness that reminded          Thencametheearthquake. This
 the only logical hiding place me of Jackson Square in New Or-                  rumbling noise approached, like a
  around: under our tarp. They found leans, minus the southern accents,         train roaring up the valley, and
  their way into our hair and our or Harvard Square in Cambridge,               the cement thing we were perched
. sleepihgbags.ICimandReneehad with a lot more transient street                 on started to move. It trembled
  had enough. They simply left — people. There were jazz musicians              gently, enough so I could hear the
  walked back to the car to turn on playing' for change on the street           water beneath lis roll about. Dont
  the heater and change clothes, and shops good and bad, and an                panic. Horrific images raced
  leaving their sleeping bags, extra eclectic mix of students, panhan-          through my mind: a crumbling
  clothes, radio, and spare shoes out dlers, skateboardmgpunkrockers,           water tower, a ragingflood,tons of
  in the rain.                           businesspeople, and of course hip-   . concrete collapsing, along with
     Mark and I were left cursing the pies (some ofwhom were busy pro-          Mark and me.
  climate gods and swatting the sand motingWavy Gravy, ofWoodstock                 "Did you feel thatr
  fleas.                                 fame, for city council).                  "Yeah — that was pretty wild."           Paradise   River, a typical mountain stream in the Northwett.
              Highway One                  As we walked across campus we.           Aswasthesftershodt r thesame
 ' The nomadic life ia not an easy heard what sounded like a tribal             thing again but leas violent. Mark,
  lift. There are endle—pouibilitiet ritual off in the distance. That's          a California native, slept as soon    —solid, unfprgivinglypitched rock       quest was complete and we were
  far disaster and money ie a prob- pretty much what it was. People              as the quake ended. I sat up and      dropping to certain death.              up top, above hills, valleys, and
  lem that can never be adequately were pounding on congas, banging              wondered how much structural             The grip tightens and the legs       forests, with brillisntsunshine and
, solved. Still, motion hoe it* re- on bongoes, breathing into flutes            damage our home had suffered...       immobilize; you reach that ter-         a mild breeze in the air, healthy,
  wards.                               . and saxophones, dancing about,                       Half Dome                rible point where you are too           happy, and free, I decided that the
     We drove south past redwoods playing frisbee and skateboarding                The wall was steep and smooth,      frightened to go up, too jittery to     land ia as good a reward as any.
 and eucalyptus trees and made in time with the rhythm.                         with maybe one solid foothold ev-      go down, and too nervous to stay
 bur way to Highway One: thedrive          They do this every Sunday.af-        ery 75 feet Some lunatic had nailed    where you are.                             Theauthor, aformerRmmrprise
 to: top all drives, the most beauti- ternoon," Jon told us. It's one of        a wire cable into the rock face. The      Doni look behind you.                staff writer and a graduate of
 ful .cruise in the Continental the traditions here."                           technique was simple in theory:           The climb required concentra-        OuUderland High and the Univer-
 U.S.A., more majestic than Colo-          You might call it a spritely al-     Hold the cable tightly with both       tion, control, and confidence, as do    sity of Virginia, is currently work-
 rado 24 West or the Blue Ridge ternative to lounging in front of               hands and walk slowly, matching        most things at all worth doing.
                                                                                each stride with a hand-over-hand                                              ing on a book tentatively titled
 Parkway througKCarolina, or even . the tube and watching football.                                                    Many .times during the ascent I
                                                                                extension. But when you look to        questioned my choice tbclimb Half       Onward: Sound BUm from the
 the back route from- Missoula,                  Yoaemito Surprise
                                            The ranger who issued us            the rear yoU see a pernicious sight    Dome with Mark, but when the            American Road.
 Montana to Glacier National Park,

 ACT's production Lion in Winter, a winter 'blunder' land
            By Carol King              Holy Land, and the woman who            to be expected because he is still       of his purple robes. There is lit- palace — wonderfully schema-
     The Lion In Winter, t h e         greatly advanced women to a             young, an immature 16-year-              tle majesty in this Philip Au- tic, perfectly suited to intrigue
 award-winning.play by James           position of increasing influ-           old in 1183. Richard Coeur de            gustus.                            and fierce comedy.
 Goldman, brings history to life.      ence in society. Kestenbaum's           Lion, however, will become                  The set designed by Dennis       "The Lion in Winter," by
  Imaginatively capsulized, the        performance presents all that.          king in less than six years.             Diefendorf, who also directed Jamcfi Goldman, directed by
  text relates what might have,           David T. Howard as John,             Matthew Sckalor's Richard is             the play, is efficiently manipu- Dennis Diefendorf at Albany
 happened one Christmastide in         Henry and Eleanor's youngest            merely surly and offers no               lated by Mary Connery, George Civic Theater, 235 2nd Ave.,
  1183 during a reunion of the         son, reminds us that kings              indication of the man who wrote          Dunbrook, Davin Logerroos, Fri, 8 p.m., Sat. 5 & 9 p.m.,
 family of Henry Plantagenet           were, once boys. Howard offers          lyrics in French and who be-             Michael Mayotte, and Scott Sunday at 3 p.m.,- through Jan.
  (from 1154 Henry II of Eng-          a performance which never re-           came the hero of hundreds of             Trunkett. These "castle rats" 20. Information 462-1297.
  land) . and       Eleanor      of    lies completely on petulance or         romantic legends. .                     make quick and mercifully en-
                                       whines. Though those two                   Matturro, as Henry II, flat-
  Aquitaine. The dialogue is
  brilliant, as might be expected      manifestations of youth are             tens the luster of any scene he is
                                                                                                                       tertaining work of the nine
                                                                                                                       scene changes on ACT's tiny             Correction
  of lofty historical figures such     easily played and often over-           in, and there are a lot of those.       stage..                               The state Department .ef
  as Henry, Eleanor, the soon-to:      played, the actor avoids them           He »-- supposedly the "Lion" of                                             Agriculture and Markets didn't
  be Richard I (Richard the Lion-      and portrays a capricious, en-          the title. But when Matturro ad-           Jenniver Sparano designed
                                                                                                                       the costumes, which were appro-     dip chicks in color dyes, as
  hearted), and the later-to-be        ergetic, and thoroughly whim-           vises young King Philip of
  King John, signer of the Magna       sical young adolescent.                 France: "When I bellow, bellow          priately period and, for the most reported in last week's
                                                                               back," or boasts to Alais, "I am        part, appropriately unobtrusive. Emphasis article. Ag &
                                         Mychelle Lee Vedder as                the greatest power in a thousand           Michael Noonon's lighting Markets forbade the practice,
     As offered by Albany Civic        Alais, Henry's         youthful                                                 design portrays a clear visual      which had. been used by some,
 .Theater; however, therepresen-                                               years," there is a strong sense                                             sellers of baby chicks.
                                       paramour, displays a robust             that he is uttering the lines be-       impression of a castle — not a
  tation of the text.falls short of    dignity. She just might be ca-          cause they were written for him,                                      COUPON . — _ . — _ _ _ — .
  brilliance. The production is, to    pable of turning the King's at-
  say the very least; listless. And                                            not because he means them.
  that is especially unfortunate,
                                       tention away from his assertive
                                       and sexy queen. The aching                 Doug Krehbiel as Geoffery,                                                                                       i
  for the play includes several        sweetness of the character, seen        Henry's illegitimate but ac-
                                                                               knowledged son, is thoughtful
                                                                                                                       i        One Hour                                                           I
  stand-out performances. •
     Jean Kestenbaum,j?ho_plays
                                      —in so many^ other productions of
                                                                              — too thoughtful perhaps —ajid           i                                                                           I
                                       the play, is absent in Vedder's
   the dynamic Eleanor of
  Aquitaine, marks her debut on
   the ACT stage with a richly-tex-
   tured characterization. Her
                                       Alais. Her performance cap-
                                       tures another more full-bodied
                                       facet of the woman, a new and
                                                                               sullen. The rebellious prelate
                                                                              he was to become is not evident
                                                                              on the ACT stago.
                                                                                 Rounding out the-cast is Marc
                                                                                                                       i    Flash                                Foto                              I
   Eleanor is the romantic beauty,
                                       refreshing view,.and.leads us to
                                                                              "Astafarras Philip II of France.         i                                                                           I
. the powerful monarch, the
   shrewd manipulator of kings
                                       wonder if she might not, after
                                       all, be a match for the aging          Astafan plays the 19-year-old
                                                                              warrior king with great cock-            i                      $3.00 of f                                           I
   and commoners, who has
                                       and still potent Henry.
                                                                              ings of his brows and swirlings
                                                                                                                                                        air.                                       I
   earned historical tribute. In         Contrasting her performance
                                       and , Kestenbaum's          with                                                            free Second Set                                                 I
   Kestenbaum's performance, an
   audience sees the girl who be-      Richard Matturro's sing-song                    f     PASTER
                                                                                       CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE
                                                                                                                       i                   (C-4i OrfgliMl Ralls Only)                              I

   came queen of France at 15, the
                                       vocal delivery of Henry II
                                       shows the unfortunate failure of                                                i     Location: In Star Supermarket                                         i
   queen, who divorced a French        the production as a whole. The                FREE     KMsVftd wptftH
                                                                                                                       i                                                                           i
   King to marry a future king of
   England (Henry). One enjoys
                                       kings, or kings-to-be, in this                          i«KanwrM. (M. tM)                    Gulldorland, N.Y.                                              i
   the wife who accompanied her
                                       representation lack grandeur.
                                       In the case of John, thi« lack is       **•+**"                                 i
   husband on a crusade to the

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