Kitchen Appliances to the Countryside Is the Key to Business Survival

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					Kitchen Appliances to the Countryside Is the Key to Business Survival - Kitchen

Recently, the State Council issued "The State Council General Office on invigorating the flow of
expanding consumer view", clearly from February 1, 2009 from across the country " Home Appliances
Countryside "work, air conditioning, water heaters, computers and other products are officially listed
as" home appliances to the countryside "policy areas the government subsidies. Subsequently, China
Hardware Products Association held in Beijing immediately on the development of gas water heater to
the countryside policies and evaluation criteria of the forum. Macro, 10000, and, cherry snow, etc. 7
Kitchen Enterprises to participate in the meeting to discuss the development of the countryside
standard. We all know, in 2008 the world economic situation are enormous, home appliances to the
countryside is undoubtedly the introduction of this policy to the Chinese consumer electronics market
injected a tonic. The implementation of this policy, will bring kitchen and what impact the industry? How
will companies respond? With many problems, the reporter interviewed the countryside just finished
appliances forum on Inse Group Deputy General Manager Miss Chen Su. Reporter: President Chen, gas
water heaters included in the areas of home appliances to the countryside, which has brought
opportunities to the enterprise, the enterprise What are requirements? Chen elements: water heater
into the areas of home appliances to the countryside, as we bring new development and responsibilities.
Enterprises in the country must have a dense network and perfect after-sales service system, products
must meet the product quality, safe and practical requirements. That is, through government subsidies,
so that the big brands to the regular price of the most affordable, highest quality products, efficient
appliances to reduce the use of farmers and economic burden of the cost to get rid of counterfeit
products can not stand the test of the real to rural consumers affordable, used for a long time, is the real
benefit. Reporter: Snow Sakura now has become the industry leader in kitchen and bathroom. I ask,
cherry snow will tie in with the work of home appliances to the countryside? Chen Su: Over the years,
Cherry has been working real snow kitchen to meet consumer demand for product development.
Appliances to the countryside policy announcement, cherry snow home appliances to the countryside
meeting held immediately set up a dedicated R & D, production, testing, distribution, after-sales service
team, to prepare for the implementation of home appliances to the countryside. Appliances to rural
areas to help improve the purchasing power of rural consumers, but businesses can not rely solely on
state subsidies, is more important is to strengthen the Management, Optimizing the structure and
reduce costs. Sakura Snow in business philosophy, the quality is always a business survival. This year's
cherry snow through the ERP standard management, reduce operating costs, to home appliances to the
countryside as an opportunity to develop and produce more Energy Environmental protection, Safe,
durable and benefit farmers, agricultural benefits. Reporter: countryside standard appliances, the more
crucial part of the service is, does the cherry snow how to improve the existing after-sales team? Chen
Su: 2008, Snow Sakura overcome these difficulties, Sell Ensure 29% growth. Years of accumulation and
growth to cherry snow with good credit and reputation.

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