We are indebted to ... THE FRIENDS of Harding College who are

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					  We are indebted to ...

                     THE FRIENDS of Harding College who

  are listed on the following pages. We give our thanks to those

  who have contributed so much to making our college days

  worthwhile by offering just those goods and services that we

  needed. We of the business staff encourage you to patronize

  our PETIT JEAN advertisers.

                        H A RDI NG CO LLEGE
                         SEA RCY , ARKANSAS


Within a few days after you receive your' 54 PETIT JEAN you
will become alumni of Harding College. The Alumni As sociation
will then be your association and the Alumni office a nd officers
are eager to help you in every way possible.

Remember, too, that the Alumni Association needs your assist-
ance. All of us are vitally interested in the continued growth
and development of our Alma Mater. By working together we
can help Harding College realize its aims of "giving students an
education of high quality which will lead to an understanding and
a philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals."

                                         Respectfully yours,

                                         Joseph E. Pryor, President
                                         The Alumni Association

          College Bookstore
This place may be referred to as the nerve center of our campus. After
all, who can go to class without books? A favorite tradition is browsing
through the books-with or without the intention of buying. Mary is
being waited on in the typical friendly fashion.


                    Mayfair I-Iotel
    These members of the L. C. Social Club, with their dates, recognize the
    superior food and service which the MAYFAIR offers to its patrons.
    When planning a party or banquet for your club, be sure to call us for
                         Mrs. R. H. Branch, Manager

         Searcy Bank

Weldon is one of many Hardingites
who take advantage of the capable
service rendered by this bank.
SEARCY BANK is dedicated to
serving you as an investor. Stu-
dents' accounts are welcome .


    Bradley's Barber Shop                                    Bill's Grill
                                               Bax and Burl are ordering from our wide
Harding students are always at home at         selection of regular meals and short orders.
BRADLEY'S. Friendlin ess and good work         Harding students are always welcome.
are the characteristics of this shop.

      The Rendezvous Cafe
    We genuinely appreciate the nice patronage we have received from
Harding College. We know that you know we serve good food.
    Remember to call us for bus schedules and fares - we're the Missouri
Pacific Bus Depot.


We hope that 1953 -      a year of Harding achieve-

ment -   will be remembered as the year in which

WHBQ-TV was translated from a vision into a reality.

    Your Harding College stations are proud to be a

part of the continually expanding service which Hard-

ing College is providing to the national community.

       WH B Q
                  Hotel Chisca
                 Memphis, Tenn.

Situated in Searcy's new
shopping district, we are
the home of better auto-
mobile sales and service.

     Highway 67-E

     PHONE 1000

     White County Motor Company

    Coca -Cola Bottling Co.                          Burr's Department Store
Babs is a believer in the "Pause that re-         Charles is sure to find just the jacket he
freshes." With such machines around the           wants from the nice selection at BURR'S.
campus, cokes are always handy.

          Smith· Vaughan                                 Baker's Friendly Shoes
          Mercantile Co.                             As the name says, Bob is getting friendly
Being one of Searcy's oldest business estab-         service and the highest quality in those
lishments, SMITH-VAUGHAN is certain to               JARMAN SHOES.
supply Max's needs in the home supply line.

  Searcy Drugmaster

As Searcy's newest drugstore, we
want to invite you to become a part
of our family of satisfied cus-
tomers. Jess seems to be having
trouble deciding which of the fine
records he wants.






  Lion Oil COmPAnY,ElDorado, Arkansas
  Makers 01 Naturalube Motor Oil Kni, ·Knoa and Ethyl
  'asolines Heat Resistin, lubricant,


              Yarnell's                                              Kroh's
At the Inn and in the Cafeteria, YARNELL'S"         While the manikins display the latest styles
supplies us with that fine Angel Food Ice           to the passer-by, Mary Etta makes her pur-
Cream. It's mighty fine on an outing, too.          chase from Kroh's wide selection.

                                                              Headlee's Drug Stores

                                                              With two convenient and modern
                                                              locations to serve its customers,
                                                              HEADLEE'S is one of Searcy's
                                                              best known institutions. For cos-
                                                              metics, sundries, and reI i a b I e
                                                              drugs, you just can't beat HEAD-
                                                              LEE'S. Paul is looking over one
                                                              of the razors on the well-stocked

 Truman Baker Chevrolet Company
           We are ready to meet all your automotive needs. New cars and trucks
           ... modern service department ... lubrication and washing ... gas and
           oil, U. S. Tires and tubes.
                                       Searcy, Arkansas

     Walker's Men's Store                              Wonder Super Market
                                                   Don't you suppose that Keith and Joanne
My, won't Gerald look nice in those sporty         shop at WONDER SUPER MARKET be-
shorts! The latest styles from WALKER'S
                                                   cause they know about the kind of service
help keep us well dressed.
                                                   which Joe offers?

    M       odern, high-speed equipment, as pictured above in
our pressroom and bindery departments, enable us to give
you a complete printing service.

    Any job -      large or small -   receives the same personal
attention by men who know how to give you the best in

Harding College Press
                                         *    commercial printers
                    Herman West, Manager

                           Manufacturers of fin e          printing
                            serving your religious , educational,
                            industrial, and commercial needs.

                                            MAY your ministry for
                                         Christ and His Church be
                                         long and ever fruitful. We
                                         are always at your com-
                                         mand . and are prepared to
                                         serve you as you serve

                                        "TRUI~TO~THIM.tlU   lITllA'fUU SINCE 1*""
                              ; HE STANDARD PUBUSHING COMPANY'
                         20 L CEH......L 'MKWAY                  CINCINNATI 10, ONIO


                                                                    Gospel Tract Service
                                                                Elza, Elvis, and Evertt Huffard, Owners

                                                                          SEARCY, ARKANSAS

                                                                           Morris & Son
                                                                      MEN'S WEAR AND SHOES

           Allen's Bakery                                          "The Store that Saves You Money"
When your club has an outing or a party,
remember we always have the finest bread.
and pasteries. Jim is purchasing his favorite
cookies.                                                                  SEARCY, ARKANSAS

Gospel Advocate Company
                     NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

                             Publishers of

 Gospel Advocate -       Since 1855
       A 20 page periodical, published each week, and devoted to the truth
       of God. $3.00 a year.

 Gospel Literature
      Uniform Bible Lessons in ten courses, from Kindergarten to Adult
      at low prices - 8c to 18c for each child, each quarter. Guides fOT
      Teachers and additional materials available also.

 The Best In Books
      School and religious books - concordances, commentaries, diction-
      aries, histories, debates, Bible study books, gift books, and, in fact
      everything in reliable books. Send for catalog.

 The Best In Bibles
      In King James, Revised and Modern Translations. We carry
      Cambridge, Collins, Harper, Holman, Nelson, Oxford and World
      Syndicate Bibles and Testaments at reasonable prices, prepaid.
      Send for catalog.

 Church Supplies
      Communion ware - trays, covers, glasses, fillers, and bread plates;
      Communion bread; contribution plates; and baskets-aluminum and
      wicker; hymn boards, Bible school registers, attendance materials,
      gold and silver pins, and many, many, other attractive, helpful,
      economical things. Send for catalog.

 We Can Help You
      In planning ch urch buildings, buying bulletin boards, purchasing
      seats, and hundreds of other things. Write us.

 Christian Hymns Number Two
      452 songs. The hymnal used most among churches of Christ. High
      Quality content, paper, and binding. $1.00 a copy prepaid; $80.00
      a hundred, not prepaid. Many other song books and hymnals at
      very reasonable prices.


                                Exquisite soups rich in flavor
                                 and wholesome goodness
                                                   EXTON'S      recently
                                               S acquired facilities
                                               for the cooking of
                                               soups at Indianapolis
                                               makes possible con-
                                               trolled production in-
                                               suring that extra Sex-
                                               ton goodness.
                                John 540.'0" & Co., S••'on Squor., Chh;qo,lll.

                                                                     Cadillac and Pontiac Cars -     G.M. Trucks
                                                                             Avery Tractors and Equipment
                                                                          Sales -     FRIGIDAIRE -     Service

                                                                 Phone 533 -         534           Wrecker Service


                                                                              Lena· Frances
         Van's Cottages                                                    Flower and Gift Shop
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cralle
When your parents come to Searcy, always
recommend VAN'S COTTAGES. Just like                                               212 West Stephenson
home! Reasonable rates!
                                                                                 HARRISON, ARKANSAS

  Searcy Truck &Tractor CO.                            Park Ave. Grocery
                                               Sis. Ritchie, with plenty of help from Joan
  INTERNATIONAL       OLDSMOBILE               and Betty, does her shoppmg at Park Ave.
        Trucks            Cars                 Hardingite Perry Mason stands by ready to
           JAMES ACLIN, Mgr.                   serve her.
 Searcy, Arkansas            Phone 362

    Eubank's Agency

No matter what his insurance
needs, Bro. Dykes can be sure that
EUBANK'S AGENCY can supply
them.      This friendly agency has
won the good will of its patrons
through its years of superior

   Surrounded by tradition .....

                  The Center of Yearbook Craftsmanship

B. L. Semtner, President
                                           SEM'C O COLOR PRESS, INC
Paul Benn ett, Vice- President ,
In Charge Yearbook Division                     129 North west Third Street

Richard Struck, Production Manager            Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


       We are proud of the service we render to Harding College and the

   community. We are also proud of the fact we have helped twenty-nine

   students a ttend Harding College this year.

     I-Iarding College Laundry
             & Cleaners
                           GREG RHODES, Manager

  Berryhill's Sporting Goods                            White House Cafe
There'll be no stopping Norman when he          Don and Nancy order at one of the favorite
gets on the court in those shoes! See           off-campus eating places. Courtesy and good
BERRYHILL'S for your club jackets, too.         food are the trade-marks of the WHITE
                                                HOUSE CAFE.

                                                             The Security Bank

                                                          Our photographer can deal with
                                                          the SECURITY BANK with con-
                                                          fidence.      Jim is one of several
                                                          students who have experienced the
                                                          friend ly and efficient service of
                                                          th is bank.

Crestview Wholesale Notions & Sweets

               We serve Northwest Florida with the finest
               in the notions line. Distributors of Colgate
               Products, Nifty Paper Products, and Tat
               Our congratulations go to the Harding Col-
               lege class of 1954. You have prepared your-
               selves for h umble service; may this be your
               constant ambition.

     W. B. HUGHES                                   783 Ferdon Avenue
          Owner                                  CRESTVIEW, FLORIDA

     Wood - Freeman Lumber Company
 WOOD-FREEMAN has played a large part in making the Harding "dream-
 campus" a reality. Call on them for valuable assistance on your construc-
 tion problems.


Dan Glenn Studios
        Medical Arts Building
         Florence. Alabama

                                      ., ..,




                                               •                   Guy Thompson Buick
            ,                ,I
                                               ~                        Company
                                                                  With   new    facilities,   the   Guy
                                ,,                                Thompson Buick Co. is ready to
                                                                  serve you. The great new '54
                                                                  Buick is really "a dream on
                                                                  wheels." Come in for a demon-

                    The Ideal Shop                        Abstract and Insurance Co.
Majorie and Betty are looking over some of               When our PETIT JEAN Business Manager
the latest fashions on display at THE IDEAL              takes time to be sure of his own business, he
SHOP. This modern store helps to keep                    can be confident that Mr. Adams can help.
our young ladies looking their best.                     Come in and let us help you too.


                                      Union National
 Family Shoe Store                         Bank
                                 OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS

THE FRIENDLY SERVICE!"                        Member
                               Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

                                             By providing a place for
                                             good food and jus' plain
                                             loafing, THE COLLEGE
                                             INN fills a place of real
                                             service on our campus.
                                             Margaret   returns   this
                                             customers change in the
                                             cheerful way that is so
                                             typical of the COLLEGE

               The College            Inn

                                         Compliments of
      Com pliments

                                        White House
     Riddle Tin                          Grocery
                                      SEARCY, ARKANSAS

                                       Compliments of
      Compliments of

                                  Yingling &Yingling
 James Funeral Home
                                     Attorneys - at - Law

Drs. Garrison &Dacus                Dr. Lee A. Biggs
        Optometrists                    Optometrist

  Dr. Jewel T. Hestir
    505 East Race Street         Hawkins Clinic Hospital

                                  Dr. Kenneth Baines
Porter Rodgers Hospital

                                     Southern Auto
     Dr. T. J. Ford
                                     Smith's Florists

          STUDENT DIRECTORY                                             Burt. Richard (S) - 107 Dalton St., Bastrop, La.
                                                                        Burton, Mary (J) - Hillsboro Rd., Nashville, Tenn.
                                                                        Bush, Kaye ( F ) - 328 E. Walnut, Santa Ana, Calif.
                                                                        Bush, Muriel (S ) - 21605 Bon Heur, St. Clare Shores, Mich.
                                  A                                     Bush, Reid (J ) - 328 E. Walnut, Santa Ana, Calif.
    Achuck, Warren Wong (F) - 246 Mason Street, San Francisco,          Butler, Ada (J) - Box 337, Bald Knob, Ark .
           Calif.                                                       Butler. Charles (G) - Clinton, Ark.
    Adams, June (Sr) - Carryville, Ark.                                 Byerley, Rodney (S) -12 Phillips La., Darien, Conn.
,   Ahn, Yang Kee (F) - Office of the President. Seoul, Korea
    Alexander, Cecil B. (F) - 4671 Jacskon, Dearborn, Mich.
                                                                        Byrd, Richard (F) - Pleasant Plains, Ark.
    Al exander, Herman C. (F) - Box 14, Casa, Ark.                                                    C
    Al exander, Leroy (J) -102 Drilling Street, Morrilton, Ark.         Caldwell, Finis Jay (F) - 904 Wayne, Kennett, Mo.
    Alexander, Wallace (F) - Delight, Ark.                              Callahan, Dorothy (F) - 902 Brahan St., Huntsville, Ala.
    Allen, Benton (F, - Rt. 1, Appleton, Ark.                           Campbell, Wilma (S) - Busy, Ky.
    Allen, Martha (Sr) - 217 E. Maple, Jeffersonville, Ind.             Cannon, Joseph (G) -18 Ridea u Ave., Toronto, Canada
    Almand , Troy (F) - 5031,6 N. Cross, Searcy. Ark.                   Canon, Rosa (J) - 302 N. Cross, Sea rcy, Ark.
    Amos, Gwendolyn (F) - Box 18, Angleton, Tex .                       Carnes, Kyle (Sr) - 713 Oak Ridge Dr., Neosho, Mo.
    Anderson, Camille (J) - Swifton, Ark .                              Carrington, Fay (F) - 1494 20th St., Detroit 16, Mich.
    Anderson, John ( J) - 303 Shepard, Nashville, Ark.                  Cato, Carol (S) - 1523 Barber, Little Rock, Ark.
    Anderson, Robert (G) - 67575 May St., Chicago 21, m.                Chandler, James ( F ) - 302 E. Market, Searcy, Ark .
    Anderson. Ruby (F) - Rt. 2, West Plains, Mo.                        Cheek, Alta (J ) - 502 Church, Atkins, Ark.
    Argo, June (8) - Box 241. Grady, Ark .                              Chesshir, J ordine (J) - Rt. 4, Nashville, Ark .
    Armstrong, Ortell (Sd - Mayfield, Kans.                             Childs, J a mes B. (J) - Rt. 3, Box 224, Minden, La.
    Arnold, Cathleen (S) - 6612 Rockdale, Dearborn, Mich.               Clanton, Doris (F) - Rt . 9, Box 415, Springfield, Mo.
    Arnold, Peggy ( F) - 3046 Horton St., Rockford 2, Ill.              Clark, Alyce Belinda (F) -1624 Glacier Ave., Juneau, Alaska
    Ault. Patricia I F ) - Rt . 2, Farmersburg, Ind.                    Clark, Frank ( F ) - Box 84, Waldo, Ark .
    Austin, Mar.garet (S ) - 165 S. Third , Piggott. Ark.               Clark, Jo Ann (F) - Grant, Okla.
                                                                        Clark, Neil (J) - Deer Creek, Okla.
                                  B                                     Clark, Paul Thomas (F) - Box 84, Waldo, Ark.
    Bailes. Bonnie ( F ) - 7002 S. Yakima, Tacoma, Wash.                Clark, Robert D. (F) - Grant. Okla.
    Bail ey, Eugene ( F) - 498 Josephine St., Memphis 11, Tenn.         Claunch, Robert (F) - 1521 Shelley Dr., Dayton 6, Ohio
    Baker, Edward (F) - 89 First Ave., Nyack, N.Y.                      Claxton, Mary Jane (S) - Grovespring, Mo.
    Baker, Marion (J) - Rt. 1. Lake City, Ark.                          Clayton, Grace (F) - Carlisle, Ark .
    Baker, Virginia (F) - 802 N.E. First St., Walnut Ridge, Ark.        Clayton, Martha (J) - 409 S . Division, Morrilton, Ark.
    BAldwin, Charlotte (F) - 7722 Floyd , Overland Park, Kans.          Coble, Ronald (S) - Rt. 1, Gosport 3. Ind.
    Baldwin, Maurice (F) - Box 646 Harding College, Searcy, Ark.        Coburn, Lois (S) - 5455 Ross Road, Sebastopol, Calif.
    Baldwin . Rita Jo (S) - Cordell. Okla.                              Coburn, Robert (Sr) 5455 Ross Road , Sebastopol, Calif.
    Ballard, Max (S) - Rt. 3, Box 185, Dunson, Okla.                    Coker, Robert (S) - Rt. I , Box 135, Hoxie, Ark .
    Bankston, Jeanne (S) - 514 N. Tacoma, Tulsa 6, Okla.                Coldiron, Bobby (Sr) - 28 Lake, Hazlehurst, Miss.
    Barnes, Jerome (S) - 905 E. Weatherford, Ft. Worth, TeX.            Cole, Betty Jo (J) 359 Adams Ave., N.E., Camden, Ark.
    Barrentine. Shirley (S) - 23 S. Auburndale, Memphis, Tenn.          Collins, J. W. (F) - Tuckerman, Ark.
    Bateman, Frances Merle (J) - Rt. 2, Quitman, Ark.                   Cooper, Ann Etta (F) - 3324 Macon, Memphis 12, Tenn.
    Bates, Max (F) - Box ]62, Summerfield, Ohio                         Cooper, Lucretia (F) - Rt . 2, Box 606, Newport, Ark.
    Bawcom, Norman Jean (F) - 1421 South Wash., Bastrop, La .           Cope, Don (F) - 410 Oak, West Plains, Mo.
    Beasley, Huey Porter ( F) - 209 S. Pine, Searcy, Ark.               Covey, Sara J ean (Sr) - 2210 Portland, Louisville 12, Ky.
    Bedford, Ellis Ray (S) - 1129 Providence Rd., Springfield, Pa.      Covington, Jerry (F ) - Rt. I, Hughes Springs, Tex.
    Bedford, Henry Martin (8) - 1129 Providence Rd. , Springfield,      Cox, C. L. (S) - Box 912, Harding College, Searcy, Ark.
            Pa.                                           .             Cradock, William Lewis (F) - South Point, Ohio
    Bell, William (J ) - 21 N. Pearl, Buffalo, N.Y.                     Craig, Patsy Sue (F) - Box 697, J o nesboro, Ark .
    Bell, Jo)o (S) - 441 Clifton, Camden, Ark.                          Crawford, Lawrence ( J ) Rt. 1, Williford, Ark.
    Bennett, Carrol (F ) - Box 61, Dubach , La .                        Creed, Ralph Edward (F) - 249 N. Cane, Opelousas, La.
    Be nson, Bradley (F) - Rt. I, Greenway, Ark .                       Criner, Tommy (F) - 4616 Club Rd ., Little Rock, Ark.
    Benson, Ginger (S ) - 1701 Beech St., Texarkana, Ark.               Cropper, Billy (F) - Thom asville, Mo.
    Bentley, Wesley Andrew (F) - Boles Home, Quinlan, Tex.              Crosby, Norma (J) - Pangburn, Ark.
    Berry, Betty (S) - 2217 Brighton, Kansas City, Mo .                 Cross, Robert (J) - 4128 S. 37 W. Ave., Tulsa 7, Okla.
    Be rry, O'Neal ( J) - Box 181, Beedeville, Ark .                    Cross, Tyson (F) - 4128 S. 37 W . Ave., Tulsa 7, Okla.
    Bever, Ronald ( J ) - Box 177, Granada, Colo.                       Cuellar, Joe ( F ) - 620 S . Purdum, Kokomo, Ind .
    Birdsall. Shirley Anne (Sd - 238 Citrus Rd. , New Orleans 23,       Curry, William, Jr . (G) - Rt. 4, Minden , La.
            La.                                                         Cutting, Shirley (S) - Homewood , Manitoba, Canada
    Bishop, Kenneth (J) - Rt. 1, Pittston, Pa.
    Blake, Bob (F) - 3728 W. Park, Oklahoma City, Okla.                                                D
    Blake, Shirley Ann (F) - Sherrill, Ark.                             Dalton, Jean (F) - 9740 Midland, Overland 14, Mo.
    Blanchard , Carl (F) - Powersville, Mo.                             Daniels, Bebe (J) - 315 17th Ave., East Moline, Ill.
    Boggs, Harry (S) - Box 215, Hazen, Ark.                             Danley, Claude (S) - Rt. 3, Florence, Ala.
    Boggs, J ohn (J) - Box 215, Haxen, Ark.                             Danley, Earl Douglas (F) - Rt. 3, Flore nce, Ala.
    Border, Doyle (S) - Box 582, Knoebel, Ark.                          Darrah , Joe William (F) - 730 4th St .. Marietta , Ohio
    Bradke, Anne (J) - Rt. 3, Kellogg, Little Rock, Ark.                Davis, Bobby Rex (J ) - Box 241, Pocahontas, Ark.
    Bradke, Mollie ( F) - Rt. 3, Kellogg, Little Rock , Ark.            Davis, Yvonne (J) -1007 E. Hillsboro, EI Dorado. Ark.
    Brink, Arlen e ( F ) - Rt. 9, Springfield, Mo.                      Davis, Delbert IF) - 261 Groton Rd .. Sebastopol , Calif.
    Bristow, Be nny (S) - 3672 Folsom Ave., St. Louis, Mo.              Davis. Dorothy (S) - 809 Illinois, Weslaco, Tex.
    Brittain, James (Sd - 1416 Sui Ross, Houston, Tex.                  Day, Judith (S) - 1007 N. Lincoln, Urbana, Ill .
    Broderick, Jerry (F) - Box 641 , Wordell, Mo.                       Dean, Ann Laura (Sd - J asper, Tex.
    Brown, Carldene Williams ( J) Harding College, Searcy, Ark.         Dean, Herbert Prentice (G) - 4543 N. Meade, Chicago, Ill.
    Brown, Be rnard (8) -1302 E. No. Line, Searcy, Ark.                 Denman, Harry Lee (S) - 605 S. Jerrerson, Farmington, Mo.
    Brown, Danny (Sr) - 403 N. St., Orange, Tex .                       Dial , Pat (J) 4219 Olive Ave., Long Beach 7, Calif.
    Brown, David (S) - 1302 E. N. Line, Searcy, Ark .                   Dixon, Billie Louise (J ) 2824 Ave. J , Ft. Worth 5, Tex.
    Brown, Dewey Morgan (F ) - 646 15th St., Port Arthur, Tex.          Dorsey. Pat (J ) - Rt. 2, Terrell. Tex.
    Brown, J a mes Donald (J) - 424 N. Grand, Searcy, Ark.              Dougherty, Sut (F) - 14231 Strathmoor. Detroit 27, Mich.
    Brown, Johnny (G) - Harding College, Searcy, Ark.                   Dykes,"Norman (F) - 714 E. Center. Searcy, Ark.
    Brown. Robert ( J) - Box 59, Spring Hill, Tenn.                     Dykes, Virginia (S ) - 501 E. Rogers, Valdosta, Ga.
    Brown, Robert Steven (J) 389 E. Main, At1anta , Tex.
    Browning, Delmer (J) 2166 N. Summitt, Springfield 2, Mo.                                           E
    Brumitt, Jane (J) - Calico Rock, Ark.                               Eades. Carroll (S) - 419 W. 6th, Kennett , Mo.
    Bryant, Susie (F) - Rt. 4, Box 180, Camden. Ark.                    Eades, Lola (F) - 4163 Louisi a na, San Diego, Calif.
    Buchanan, Margaret (S) - Rt. 2, Box 52, DeRidder, La .              Eades, Mae Ruth (F) - 419 W . 6th, Kennett , Mo.
    Buck, Lucille (F) - Rt. 2, Leachville, Ark.                         Edrington , Joann (F) - Rt . I, Beech Grove, Ark.
    Burbridge. Jack (F) - 507 Benjamin, Ann Arbor , Mich .              Edwards. Lois Joan (F) Beedeville, Ark.
    Burford. Alwin (F) - Rt. 5, Glasgow, Ky.                            Eggers , J oyce ( J) - Dolores, Colo.
    Burgess, Glenn (J) - Rt. 6, Box 270, Florence, Ala .                Elkins, Betty Sue (F) - Attica, Ark.
    Burkett, Lavera (F) - 802 E. Center St., Searcy, Ark .              England , Donald (S) -113 Anderson St. , Sparta, Tenn.
    Burks. J oe (J) - Rt. 4, Lubbock , Tex.                             Eubanks. Helen (S) - Rt. 2. Paragould, Ark .
    Burns. Martha Ann (S ) - 403 W . 7th St., Columbia, Tenn.           Eubanks, Robert (J) - 930 E. Center, Searcy, Ark .
    Burrough, Joe (J ) - Box 456, Caraway, Ark.                         Evins, Paul (F) - Amagon, Ark.
    Burt, Wally (Sd - 923 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.                       Ewing. J. D. (S) - Harding Coll ege. Searcy, Ark.

                                                                 2 12
                                                                    Hazlet, Jcanetta M. (Sp) - Rt. 1, Box 29, Hudson, Colo.
                              F                                     Hazlet, Venice (F) - Rt. I, Box 29, Hudson, Colo.
Feagin, Ransom (F) - Bradford, Ark.                                 Hearn James Lewis (S) - Judsonia, Ark.
Ferren, Sherman (3d - Rt. I, Judsonia, Ark.                         Heidb;eder, Janet (Sr) - Piggott, Ark.
Figgins, Johnny (J) 1110 Grand Ave., Caruthersville, Mo.            Helm. Betty Sue (J) - 601 Okanogan Ave., Wenatchee, Wash.
Finley, Gene (8) - Rt. 1, Box US-A, Star City, Ark.                 Belms, W. Doyle (S) - Tuckerman, Ark.
Fisk, Shirley (F) - 1659 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio             Henderson, Roy G. (F ) - 306 S.E. Monroe, Idabel, Okla.
Fletcher, Joan (F) - Box 542, Williford, Ark.                       Herren, Mary Ruth (S) - 632 W. Thompson. Paragould, Ark.
Floyd, Betty Ann (F) - 1010 N. Main St., Nashville. Ark.            Heydenreich, J ames (S) - Deer, Ark.
Floyd, Estelle (Sd - Rt. 3, Se.arcy, Ark.                           Hickingbottom, Mildred (F) - Poplar Grove, Ark.
Floyd, Harvey (G) - 625 Walthall, Greenville, Miss.                 Hickingbottom, Shirley Ann (F) - Poplar Grove, Ark.
Fogarty, Pat (Sd -1028 E. Locust, Davenport. Iowa                   Hickman, Darrell David (S) - Center St .• Searcy, Ark.
Fong, Eric (8) - 719 Nathan Rd., Hong Kong, China                   Hickman, James Harry (Sr) - 308 E. Market, Searcy. Ark.
Ford, Leo (F) - 302 N. 6th St., Pocahontas, Ark.                    Hill, Mary Ethel (F) - Southern Christian Home ,Morrilton,
Franks, Hubert (Sr) - Star Rt., Box 55, Merryville, La.                     Ark.
French, Kenny (8) - Box 503, Harding College, Searcy, Ark.          Hill, Sam P. (J) - Rt. 1, Quitman, Ark.
French, Myrna (8) - Box 503, Harding College, Searcy, Ark.          Hill. Vennie V. (S) - Rt. 3, Corinth, Miss.
Fritz, Margie (S) - Rt. 1, Senath, Mo.                              Hill, Virginia Lynn (F) - Berclair Ave., Memphis 12, Tenn.
Fry, Dla Grace (S) - Rt. 3, Lake City, Ark.                         Hillis, John G. (Sr) - 810 E. Park Ave., Searcy, Ark.
Fuchs, Aquilla (Sr) - Grimes, Oklfl.                                Hixson, Nelda (S) - 517 Border Dr., Bogalusa, La.
Fulks, Billy (G) - 1640 12th Ave., Huntington, W.Va.                Hodges, Brenda Gale (F) - Box 593, Junction, Tex.
Fullerton, Helen (S) - Damascus, Ark.                               Hogins, James ' Burl (F) - Scottsville, Ark.
Fullerton, Olen Ray (F) - 701 N. Oak St., Morrilton, Ark.           Holcomb, Charlene (Sr) - Rt. 1, Box 247, Jackson, Miss.
Futrell, Edwin Byron (F) - Box 371, Pocahontas, Ark.                Holcomb. Robert R. Jr. (J) Rt. I, Box 247, Jackson, Miss.

Futrell, Peggy (8) - 619 Tennessee, Walnut Ridge, Ark.              Holland, Benny Joseph (Sr) - 914 E. Washington, Harlingen,
                             G                                      Holloway, Betty Jo (F) - Bragg qty, Mo.
Ganus, Joy Carleen (F) - 24 Swan St .• New Orleans 24, La.          Holloway. Geraldine (Sr) - Bragg City, Mo.
Garner, Henry (J) - 210 8. Oak, Searcy, Ark.                        Hanke, Marjorie Yiolet (F) - 121 Dagmar, Winnipeg, Man.,
Garrett, Cecil (J) - Box 713, Harding College. Searcy, Ark.                 Canada
Garrett, Marilyn (F) - 14 S. Addinsell, Phillips. Tex.              Hopwood. Sherman Lester (F) - Star Rt. I, Ozark, Ark.
Gatlin, Larry (8) - Rt. 4, Paragould, Ark.                          Horn, Larry (F) - Black Rock, Ark.
Gay, Marion Richard (F) - McRae, Ark.                               Hoskins, Gordon B. (F) - Pangburn. Ark.
Gee, Richard (F) - 2623 James, Shreveport, La.                      Hoskins. Janice Irene (F) - Rt. I, Leachville, Ark.
Gilfilen, James (S) - 218 S. 29th, Belleville, Ill.                 Housley, Lindell Eugene (S) - 102 Drilling, Morrilton, Ark.
Gilfilen, Walter (F) - 218 S. 29th, Belleville, Ill.                Howard, Grace Anne (F) - 243 Buena Vista, Memphis 12, Tenn.
Giliespie, Kay (F) - Rt. 2, Marianna, Ark.                          Howell, Billy Forrest (J) - Morrilton, Ark.
Gilliam, Bob (Sr) - 3430 Strong St., Ft. Worth, Tex.                Howell, George B. (F) - Rt. 1. Pollard, Ark.
Girdley, James (G) - Rt. 3, Box 337 A, Osceola, Ark.                Hueter, Oralee (S) - Leachville, Ark.
Girdley, Leonard (F) - Rt. 3, Box 337 A, Osceola, Ark.              Hughes, James Edsel (F) - P.O. Box 409, Crestview, Fla.
Givens, Glena R. (J) - Box 653, Hawkins, Tex.                       Hughes, Ralph Eugene (F) - Rt. 1, Terre Haute, Ind.
Gleason, Leon (Sr) - Box 467, Sta. A, Searcy, Ark.                  Hughes. W. Norman (Sr) - P.O. Box 409, Crestview, Fla.
Glover, Barbara Jean (F) - 2754 Hermitage, St. Louis, Mo.           Hunt. Ann Elizabeth (F) - 3315 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Glover, Joe (F) - 207 S. Lucy, Searcy, Ark.                         Hutchison, Jackie (F) - Searcy, Ark.
Goins, Mary D. (F) - Beech Grove, Ark.                              Hyatt, Marjorie Jane (S) - 2610 Quincy, Kansas City 27, Mo.
Goldsmith, Lahoma (Sr) - Rt. 1, Monett, Mo.                         Hylbert, William H. (Sr) 4911 Camden Ave., Parkersburg, W.Va.
Golzer, Anneliese (J) - 15 Steinhausenstr, Frankfurt A.M.,
        Germany                                                                                     I
Goodheer, Wit C. (J) - 25 Madisonville Rd., Basking Ridge, N.J.     Ingells, John H. (F ) - Rt. I, Box 286, DeRidder, La.
Gower, Jean Rae (F) - Rt. I, Bradford. Ark.
Grady, Mary Etta (J) - Beedeville, Ark.                                                            J
Grady, Roselene (F) - Rt. 2, Leachville. Ark.                       Jacobson, David R. (F) - Como Ave., Park Rapids. Minn.
Green, Marvin W. (S) - 923 E. Market, Searcy. Ark.                  James. Nadine (S) - Rt. 4, Searcy, Ark.
Gregg, George Willis (Sr) -1220 N. Market St .• Cordell, Okla.      Jarrard, Carole June (F) - 540 E. Cleveland, West Plains, Mo.
Griffith, James Otis (J) - Rt. 3, Box 44, Vilonia, Ark.             Jarrell, Samuel Raymond (S) - 527 Chautauque, Dexter, Mo.
Grisham, Bill M. (F) - Rt. I, Box 126, Mesquite, Tex.               Johns, Billy J. (Sr) 302 N. Cross, Searcy. Ark.
Gross, Peggy Lea (F) - Rt. 1. Nashville. Ark.                       Johnson, Barbara Ann (S) - Rt. 2, Campbell, Mo.
Grubbs, Charles Edward (S) - 1336 Brooklyn Ave., Cambridge,         Johnson, Joanne Ina (J) - 47 Evesard St., Worcester, Mass.
        Ohio                                                        Johnson, Mary E. (S) - 323 W. 3rd, Booneville, Ark.
Guffin, C. John (F) - 1416 Armstrong, Bartlesville, Okla.           Johnson, Mary Lou (Sr) -1215 Kingsley, Stockton, Calif.
Gurganus, Geo. P. (G) - 50 W. 108 Pl., Chicago, Ill.                Johnston. Donald C. (J) - 409 S. New Orleans, Brinkley, Ark.
Gurganus, Irene L. (Sp) 50 W. 108 Pl., Chicago, Ill.                Jordan, Charles E. (Sp) - Rt. 3, Smithville, Miss.
Gurganus, James W. CF) - 16832 Wood, Hazelcrest, Ill.               Joyner, Jimmie CF) - Blanton, Searcy, Ark.
Gurganus, L. T. (F) - Rt.1, Box 17. Cordova, Ala.
Gwin, Wanda L. (F) - S. Moss. Searcy, Ark.                                                          K
                                                                    Katagiri, Atsue (F) - 13 Shigashi, Kuromon-cho, Daito-Ku.
                              H                                             Tokyo, Japan
Hacker, William Joe (S) - 2125 Garland, Muskogee, Okla.             Keathley, Jesse N. (F) - Box 536, Biloxi, Miss.
Haddock, Opal Juanita (Sr) - Arbyrd, Mo.                            Kee, Jeanette (J) - Rt. 3, Bowie, Tex.
Hale, Billy C. (S) -163 Glenora, Rt. 5, Little Rock, Ark.           Kee, Norman (J) - Rt. 3, Bowie, Tex.
Hall, Claude (F) - 106 N. Moss, Searcy. Ark.                        Keller, George (J) - Box 59. Spring Hill, Tenn.
Hall, Dennie (F) - Melbourne, Ark.                                  Kendrick. W. Gerald (G) - 510 W. 82nd, Shreveport, La.
Hall, Lehman (Sr) - 106 N. Moss, Searcy, Ark.                       Kennedy, Jimmy Ray (F) - N. 3rd. Nashville, Ark.
Hall, Leonard (Sr) -106 N. Moss, Searcy, Ark.                       Kieffer, George (S) - 806 8. National, Springfield 4, Mo.
Hanes, Olan (J) - 802 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.                       Kie!. Cleone J. (S) - Blanchardville, Wis.
Hardin, N. Lucille (F) - Rt. I, Knobel, Ark.                        Kiihnl. Dewitt T. (Sd - Enid, Miss.
Hare, John Charles (F) - 127 S. Main, Conroe, Tex.                  Kilgo. Lurabeth (F) - Best. Ark.
Harger, Arthur Glenn (J) -1302 Edgewood, Ann Arbor, Mich.           King, Jackie (S) - 406 E. Center, Searcy. Ark.
Harmon, Betty Jo (S) - Tipton Home, Tiptoll, Okla.                  King. Martha C. CF) - 6417 W. 81st. Overland Park, Kans.
Harmon, Thelma Jean (Sr) - 3639 N. Claremont, Chicago 18,           King, Sara Jo Anne (S) - 707 McLemore. Brownsville, Tenn.
       Ill.                                                         Kitazawa, Hatsuyo (J) - 69 Moto-Machi, Naka-Ku, Yokahama,
Harness. Mack (Sr) - Rt. 7, Crestwood, Helena, Ark.                         Japan
Harpp.r, Billy Ray (F) -1824 N. 22nd St., St. Louis 1, Mo.          Knight, Ralph A. (Sd - Rt. 2. Salem. Ill.
Harris. Claudette (F) - 520 East 3rd, Walnut Ridge, Ark.            Knod, Norma Faye (F) - 3103 Spradling. Ft. Smith, Ark.
Harris, Kenneth (F) - Rt. 5, Prescott, Ark.                         Knoebel, Edgar Erwin (G) - Senckenberg, Anlage 17-17,
Hart, N. Sue (J) - Rt. 1, Athens, Tenn.                                     Frankfort A.M., Germany
Hartman, Laura Joanne (S) - 67 Highview Ave., Bernardsville.
       N.J.                                                                                         L
Hartman, Ralph Dale (J) - N. Star Rt., Sayre, Okla.                 La Ferney, Preston E. (F) - Griffithville, Ark.
Harvey, Nina (F) - Norfork. Ark.                                    Landrum. Milton W. (F) - Box 792, Harding College, Searcy,
Harvey, Shirley Ann (F) - Rt. 1. Box 268, Camden. Ark.                    Ark.
Hatcher. Weldon (J) -1990 Watkins Lake Rd., Pontiac. Mich.          Lane. Mennie Lee (S) - Tipton Home, Tipton, Okla.
Hayes. James M. (F) - Decatur. Ark.                                 Langdon, Iva Lou (S) - 170 E. Merchant, Kankakee. Ill.
Haynes. Sam F. (J) - Box 403, Kerman, Calif.                        Larwin. Gloria E. (F) - 6401 S. Salina St., Nedrow 5, N.Y.

Latner, William LeRoy (F) -1404 Dewey Ave., Newport, Ark.               Numajiri Saturo (Sd -     2005 Atago, Mito, Ibaraki, Japan
Latterner, Ernestine (F) - Rt. 9, Box 595, Springfield, Mo.
Layman, Charles E. (F) - 2622 Jackson, Kansas City 1, Mo.                                               o
                                                                        Odom, Ralph L. (S) - 410 S. G St., Oxnard, Calif.
Leake, Herma n E. (F) - Rt. 4, Greenville , Tex .
Lee, Norma Cornelia (J) - Ridgley, Tenn.                                Olbricht, Gl enn Calvin (G) - 300 N. Cross, Searcy, Ark.
Lemmons, Barbara Sue (F) - 1005 S. Walnut, Sherman, Tex.                Olbricht, Owen D. (Sd - 300 N. Cross, Searcy, Ark.
Lemmons, Coletta (Sr) - Rt. 4, Paragould, Ark.                          Oliver, Lora An n(F) -102 Drilling, Morrilton, Ark.
Lenington, David E. ( F) - 311 Matthew, Marietta, Ohio                  Oliver, Margaret F. (S) - 513 S. Walnut, Hope 3, Ark.
Leopard. Betty J . (F) - 389 Greenrield Rd., Memphis, Tenn.             Organ, Glenn E. ( F ) - 2836 Merele, Shreveport, La.
Lester, Mary Sue (F) - Mudsand Rt., Soper, Okla.                        Otey, Dick (S) - 1700 S. Pierce, Little Rock, Ark.
Lewis, Joe Emery (8) - 5211 Juniper Dr., Mission, Kans.                 Ouzts, Eugene T. (S) - R.F.D. 5, Thomasville. Ga.
Lily, Joane (Sr) - 3508 E. Boardway. North Little Rock, Ark.            Owens, Marion D. (Sr) - Wardell, Mo.
Lingo. J erieJ R. (F) - 1517 St. Louis St., Hot Springs, Ark.                                            p
Lloyd, Ivan Victor ( F) - 10 Royton PL, Johannesburg, South
        Afri ca                                                         Palmer, Donald L. (F) - 543 Green, Wichita 6, Kans.
Loggains, Wanda Lee (F) - Rt. 4, Batesville, Ark.                       Parish, Tommy Lee (J) - Box 948, Keiser, Ark.
Long, Ruth (S) - 905 E. Oakwood, Altus, Okla.                           Parker, Claude E. (Sr) - Searcy, Ark.
Luker. Johnnie N. (Sr) - Redding, Calif.                                Park€'r, Willamae ( F) - Box 176, Palestine, Ark.
Lydic, Margaret J. (Sr) - 2772 Bolton Dr., Akron 19, Ohio               Pate, Nadine H. (F) - Rt. 5, Florence, Al a.
Lyons, Jimmy L. (S) - 1103 E. River, Searcy, Ark.                       Payne , Cora M. ( F ) - Rt. 2, Wewoka, Okla.
                                                                        Pearce, Jane (F) - 2011 Bauder. Selma, Calif.
                              Me                                        Pearson, Billy (Sd - Rt. 1, Black Oak, Ark.
McAdams, Bonnie Dell (J) - Judsonia , Ark .                             Pearson, Glen (F) - 600 E. Park, Searcy, Ark.
McAul ey, James A. (Sr ) - '.699 Kendale, Memphis, Tenn.                Pearson. Jerry (F) - Star Rt., Hamburg, Ark.
McBride, Dolores (S) - Havana , Ark.                                    Perrin, Kenneth ( J ) - 502 Pine, Pocahontas, Ark.
McCalister, Don (S) - 612 N. 13th St. , Santa Paula , Cali£.            Petree, E. Ann (S) - 412 Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Ala.
McCampbell, Duanne (F) - 2813 lh S. Youngs, Oklahoma City,              Petree, John Robert (S) - 412 Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Ala.
       Okla.                                                            Petrich , Alfred ( J ) - 537 E. 81st St., New York 28, N.Y.
McCartney, Shirley Gale (F) - Rt. 3, Newport, Ark.                      Pflaum, Richard Edgar (J ) - N. Maple, New Gretna 1, N.J.
McCu llough , Paul V. (J) - 449 Ogden , East Liverpool, Ohio            Phillips, Billy (G ) -100 Moss St., Searcy, Ark.
McCurry, Ronnie (F) - Rt. 1, Candler, N.C.                              Phillips, Bonny (G) - 100 Moss St., Searcy, Ark.
McDaniel. Nancy E. (Sd - 2911 Hogan Rd., East Point, Ga.                Phillips, Buddy E. (F) - Rt. 1, Walnut Ridge, Ark .
McDowell, Janice (S) - 926 Kirkwood La ne, Nashville, Tenn.             Philpott, Rosemary ( F ) - 111 Roseland Dr., Vicksburg, Miss.
McGaughey, Don H. ( G) - 1318 N.E. 36, Oklahoma City, Okla.             Pittman, Charles (Sr) - 3236 Douglass, Memphis 11, Tenn.
McGinnis, Marjorie Nell (S) - Rt. 3, Osceola, Ark .                     Plachy, Frank Bennett ( F ) - Rt. 1, Box 74, Beeville, Tex.
McKee, James H. (F) - Rt. I, Tanner, Ala .                              Ponder, Benny Ann ( F ) - Rt. 2. Nashville, Ark.
McMill a n , Edna May (F) - Dolores, Colo.                              Porter, David (Sr) - 3633 Mason , Memphis, Tenn.
McNalty, Russell (S) - Rt. 4, Meaford, Ontario, Canada                  Porterfield, Coy Dale (S) --'- 1725 N. Sanders. Poplar Bluff, Mo.
McNutt, Jack W. (S) - Box 5431, Norphlet, Ark.                          Poteete, Alfred T. (Sr) - 115 3rd Ave., Franklin, Tenn.
McRay, Harold G. (G) - Box 677, Harding College, Searcy, Ark.           Potter, Tommie Ann (S) - 1526 Bodenger Blvd., New Orleans
McReynolds, Glenn B. (F) - 2456 Seminary Ave., Oakland 5                        14, La.
       Calif.                                                '          Powell, Mary Ann e (F) - Box 494, Thayer , Mo.
McReynolds, Grace Elaine (Sr) - Rt. 3, Box 102, DeRidder, La.           Presley, Glen Travis (S ) - Pan gburn , Ark.
                                                                        Prevett, Patsy Ann (S) - Rt. 3, Okmulgee, Okla.
                              M                                         Price, Alta Grace (F) - 1721 Park Ave., Littl e Rock, Ark.
Maddox, Ruth V. (S) - 5031 Curtis, Dearborn, Mich .                     Privett, Kathryn (J) - Damascus, Ark .
Magee, Paul Ross (J) - Piggott, Ark.                                    Purdom , Bobby Dean (S) - Rt. 1, Mon ett, Mo .
Magee , Peggy Louise (Sr) - Shirley, Ark.
Mahaffy, J a mes A. (S) - 69-75 Park Dr. , E. Kew Gdn. Hills,                                            R
        New York 67, N.Y.                                               Rainey, Gene Edward ( J) - Pinehurst, Tex.
Mahaffey, Paul Gene (F) - Rt. 10, Box 321, Ft. Worth, Tex.              Ramsey, Esther Marie ( F) - Southern Christian Home, Morril-
Majors, Jennie L. (J) - 7689 S. Crawford, Reedley, Calif.                       ton , Ark.
Mallernee, Kenneth R. (S) - 543 Grant St., Cadiz, Ohio                  Rawlings, Marian Evelyn (S) - Box 563. Tulia , Tex.
Martin, J erry D. (F) - 407 S. Montgomery, Sherman, Tex.                Ransom, Gerald (F) - Rt. I, Box 56, Bra dford, Ark.
Martin. John Gillis (F) - Moss St., Searcy, Ark.                        Ray, Clifford Earl (Sr) - 708 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.
Matlock. Johnnie M. (F) - Augusta, Ark.                                 Reed, Norma Arlene (Sr) ....a...- Box 774, Sta. A, Searcy, Ark.
Matthews, Mary Alice (F) - Box 763, Harding College Searcy              Reed , William Daniel (Sr) - Box 774. Sta. A, Searcy, Ark.
        Ark.                                            '     ,         Reeves, Janet (F) - Bradford, Ark.
Mattox, Billy Joe (J) - 928 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.                     Redwine, Janis (F) - 406 N. W est, Cordell, Okla.
Maxwell, James (J) - 2751 Allers Lane, Evansville, Ind.                 Reinhardt, Cleo Ann (F) -172 W . MacArthur Oakland 11
May, Cecil R. (Sr) - 2076 Vinton, Memphis 4, Tenn.                             Calif.                                       '       .   ,
Maynard, Hollis B. (J) - Box 234, Canyon, Tex.                          Reinhardt. Wm. Charles ( F) - 172 W . MacArthur Oakland 11
Meredith. Jack (F) - Courtland, Miss.                                          Calif.                                           "
Miller, Bobby Lee (Sd - R.F.D., Newalla Okla.                           Rhodes, Darleene (S) - 304 E. Jefferson, Roswell, N. Mex.
Milligan, Hilda Mae (F) - Portia, Ark. '                                Rhodes, David Ray (F) - 609 E. Market , Searcy, Ark.
Moore, Mike G. (J) - Batesville, Ark.                                   Rhodes, Paul Kent (S) - 1940 Palisade, Wichita, Kans.
Moore, R. Ralph (Sr) - Hornersville, Mo.                                Rhodes, Virginia Louise (S) - Box 66, Meeker, Okla.
Moore, Wendel Lavern (G) - Rt. 3, Coldwater, Miss.                      Rich, Charles Ray (F) - 862 Woodcastle, Dallas, Tex.
Moreland , Marjorie (F) - 3009 N.W. 16, Oklahoma City, Okla.            Richards, Barbara E. (J) - 270 17th St., Cleveland, Tenn.
Morgan , Franklin C. (F) - Rt. 2, Box 58, Spiro, Okla.                  Richards, David W. (F) - Rt. 1. Box 81C, Hatfield, Ark.
Morga~, Rob~rt E. (F) - 10120 Lebanon, Cupertino, Calif.                R~chardson, Morgan (Sd - 3825 Gladys Ave. , Bellwood, Ill.
Morph~s , Eddie P. (F) - Box 32, Tehachapi, Calif.                      Richardson , Sue (F) - Rt. 1, Box 118 Knox City Tex.
MorphiS, Owen (F) - Box 32, Tehachapi, Calif.                           Richesin, Maxine (Sr) - Omaha, Ark'.                  '
Morris, Rosco Theodore (Sr) - Rt. I, Carlisle, Ark.                     Riemer, Fred H. (F) - Rt. 1, Spring Grove, Ill.
Moser, Anna Bell (J) - Rt. I, Marked Tree Ark .                         Riley, Kenneth W . (J) - Rt. I, Box 75 , Orlando, Fla.
Moser, William Kay (Sr) - Wiseman, Ark:                                 Risner, Mary Sue (F) - Box 541, Th ayer, Mo.
Moss, <::haries. F. (F) - 2719 Regent St., Shreveport, La.              Ritchie, Andy Thomas (F) - 306 E. Park Ave. , Searcy, Ark.
MountJOy, Keith (Sr) - Apt. 206, Foshee. 359 Destin Ave.,               Roberts, Iva In ez (Sr) - 928 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.
        Juneau, Alaska                                                  Roberts 1 Clyde Larry (F) - 7825 Hacienda, EI Paso, Tex.
Mullica n. Don L. (Sr) -1318 S. 18th St., Chickasha, Okla.              Roberts, Nancy Anne ( J ) - 28 Locust, Erlanger, Ky.
Murphy, Bobbie Joan (Sr) - Rt. 4, Florence, Ala.                        Robertson, PhyUis (F) - Rt. 3, Box 149 North L:ttle Rock Ark
Murphy, Don (F) - Box 76, Nelson Butte Co .. Calif.                     Robinson, Kenneth Gene (G) - Ha rding College, Searcy, Ark. .
Myer, Buddy (G) - 1010 N. 2nd., McGehee, Ark.                           Roe, Bob (G) - Newcomerstown , Ohio
                                                                        Roe, J. C. (G) - Bradford, Ark.
                              N                                         Rogers, George L. (G) - Rt. 1, Jeffersonville, Ky.
Nance, E. Joan (J) - 302 Main, Newport, Ark.                  , Oliver L. (G) - Rt. I , Jeffersonville, Ky.
Neel, Barbara Jane (F) - 3304 Chipco, Tampa, Fla.                       Romme, Harold Floyd (Sr) - Rt. 5, Osage City, Kans.
N?ims, Walter L. (Sd - 407 W. Arch, Searcy, Ark.                        Roper, Harold Dean (Sd - Viola, Ark.
Nichols, Robert P. (F) - 1451 S. 2nd, Louisville, Ky.                   Ross, Lena Gail (F) - Box 1177, Moses Lake, Wash.
Noble, Beverly Ann (F) - Rt. 1. Brookland, Ark.                         Rowe, Patricia Ann (Sr) - 3925 35th Ave., North Birmingham,
Noble. Marvin A. (Sr) - Rt. 2, Port Angeles, Wash.                             Ala.                        .
Noland. Ken H. (J) - 407 W. Bennett, Morrilton, Ark.                    Rowland, Robert (G) - Mad era, Calif.
Norris. Jack B. (J) - Box 884, Searcy, Ark.                             Ruby, Betty Jean (S) - 7606 Ha lldale, Los Angeles 47, Calif.
Nossaman, Bob J . (J) - Isabel , Kans.                                  Ruby, Robbie Jean (S ) - Atkins, Ark .

Rucker, Thomas Larimore (F) - Rt. 2, Box 450, West Chicago.                Towell, Joe (F) - Rt. 2, Walnut Ridge, Ark .
       Ill.                                                                Trigg, Pat E. (F) -101 W. 2nd, Corning, Ark.
Ruiz, Gary (F) - 7009 Pennsylvania, St. Louis 11. Mo.                      Troutt, Alfred H. (F) - Box 674, Sta. A, Searcy, Ark.
Russell, Carl Ray (F) - Marked Tree, Ark.                                  Troy. Daphren (FJ - Magness, Ark.               .
Russell, E. Jane ( S) - Rt. 2, Somerville, Ala.                            Truex , Milton Harold (Sd - 611 W. Jackson. PIggott, Ark .
Russell, Jimmy C, (F) - 557 Longham St., Beaumont, La.                     Truitt, Gil (S) - Harding College, Searcy, Ark.
Russell, Myrla (Sr) - Rt. 2, Somerville, Ala.                              Turley. Lyman (F) - 3A22 Mersington, Kansas City, Mo.
                                                                           Turner , Gary Edmond ( F) - 2928 Bailey, Lincoln Park 25,
                               S                                                  Mich.
Salmon, Richard Farley (S ) - 44 Highview Ave ., Bernardsville,            Tuttleton, James Wesley (J) - Rt. 2, Box 143-A, North Little
       N.J.                                                                        Rock, Ark.
Sampson, Kathryn L. ( F ) - Rt. 2, Box 178, Sciotoville, Ohio
Sanders, Benny (S) - Sitka, Ark.                                                                          U
Sanders, lIa (F) - Sitka, Ark.                                             Underwood, Donald (S) -    1727 Idaho , Chickasha, Okla.
Sanderson, Alma L. (Sd - Box 121, Canton, Okla.
Sanderson, Leon (Sr) - 203 E. Portland, Springfield, Mo.
Saunders, Peggy Nell (S) - Rt. 4, Lillie, La.                              Vandermolen, James M. (S) - Ravia, Okla.
Schoolfield, J ennie (S) -- 2226 Piedmont Pl., Wichita Falls, Tex.         Vanderpool. Guy R. (8) - Grand Ave., Searcy, Ark ..
Scott, Robert L. (Sr) - 2253 S. Rolinda, Fresno, Calif.                    Van Sickle, Charles (F) - 825 Sylvan, Ann Arbor, MIch.
Seawel, Clifford (Sr) - 305 N. Main, Tuscumbia, Ala.                       Vanwinkle, Nancy L. (Sr) - Box 81, Bay, Ark.
Seay, Jo Ann (S) - 2510 Faufax Ave. , Nashville, Tenn.                     Vaughan, Nedra A. (Sr) - Rt. 4, Searcy, Ark.
See, Donald (J) - Sanders, Ky.                                             Vineyard, Mary O. (J) - Shirley, Ark.
Segraves, Joe T. (F) - Box 403, Walnut Ridge, Ark.                         Voss. David (F) - 801 East Cleveland, Ponca City, Okla.
Session, Billy Carroll (8) - Box 746, Harding College, Searcy,             Voyles, Pauline (J) - 302 N. Cress, Searcy, Ark.
       Ark.                                                                                              W
Sewell. Kathleen Marie (S) - 2939 Ashby. Overland 14, Mo.                  Waggoner, Robert Lee (Sr) - Box 85, Henri etta. Tex.
Shaw, Charles V. (S) - 92 Broadway. Hillsdale, N.J.                        Waites, William Huey (S ) - Ringgold, La.
Sherrill, Bill (Sr) - Newport, Ark.                                        Waites, Pete (F) - Ringgold, La.
Shepherd, L. Jane (F) - Rt. 1, Box 56, Little Rock, Ark.                   Walker, William Baxter (F) - 3415 Redding, Chattanooga,
Shewmaker, Allene (F) - Rt. 1. Beech Grove, Ark.                                   Tenn.
Shewmaker, James Stanford (F) - Namianga Mission, Kalomo,                  Walston, Edna S. (F) - Rt. 1, Searcy, Ark.
       N. Rhodesia, South Africa                                           Walton. Barbara Ann (F) - Rt. 1, Box 64, Auvergne, Ark.
Shewmaker, Kenneth E. (Sd - Rt. 4, Paragould. Ark.                         Ward Doyle Gl en ( S) - Clinton. Ark.
Shults, Louise Irene (S) - Williford, Ark.                                 Ward. Juanita (S) - c/o A. C. Miles, Clarkwood, Tex.
Simmons, Hank ( F ) - Chesnut, La.                                         Ward Merlen K. (F) -Rt. 1, DeRidder, L a.
Slatton, Joseph T. (J) - 1006 W. Center, Searcy, Ark .                     Warfel, Betty Lou (F) - Rt. 1, Tolono, Ill.
Slatton. Ruth E. (S) - Searcy, Ark.                                        Warr, Ann (S) - 1617 W. 15th , Little Rock, Ark.
Smith, Alton (S) - 6409 Beacon, Little Rock, Ark.                          W aters, Clara Nell (F) - Alachua . Fla.
Smith, Frances Marguerite (S) - 118 Walnut, Rogers, Ark.                   Watley, Frances (F) - 4020 Bellefontaine, Kansas City, Mo.
Smith, Jimmy G. (8) - Clinton, Ark.                                        Weare, Virgil (S) - DeValls Bluff, Ark.
Smith, Lloyd (F) - 323 North Rd., Porterville, Calif.                      West, B. Joreta (Sr) - Charleston, Miss.
Smith, Patsy Ann (F) - Edward St., Rt. 2, East St. Louis, Ill.             West, Peggy J. (J) - 538 Sizeier, New Orleans 21, La.
Smith, Ronald G. (F) - 2646 W. Pratt, Chicago 45, Ill.                     Whitaker, Mary Ann (Sr) -1351 Snowden, Memphis, Tenn .
Smith, Thomas F. (F) - 519 N. Main, Wetumka, Okla.                         Wilburn. James Ray (S) - 1157 N. Boston, Tulsa 6, Okla.
Smith, Thurston J ack (F) - Box 893, Sta. A, Searcy, Ark.                  Wilkerson, Donald G. (8) - Box 336, Roswell, N. Mex.
Smith, Vada Imogene (F) - Rt. 5, Searcy, Ark.                              Wilkerson, Wayland T. (J) - 1200 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.
Smyth, Dixie (G) - Harding College. Searcy, Ark.                           Williams, Betty Carolyn (F) - 1028 N. Quopah, Oklahoma City,
Snow Beverly E. (F) - 3420 Rodenburg Ave., Evansville, Ind.                        Okla.
Snyder, Ken W. (Sr) - 540 Wilkinson, Shreveport, La.                       Williams. Bill E. (G) - 927 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.
Sparks, David (F) - 5219 W. Maryland, Little Rock, Ark.                    Willis, Margaret Elaine (Sd - 602 Howell, Florence, Ala.
Srygiey, Sarah (F) - 1815 S. Greenwood, Ft. Smith, Ark.                    Wilson. Charlcs Dean (F) - Corning, Ark.
Starling, Elta J ewel (F) -Imboden. Ark.                                   Wilson. Richard Lee (F) - South Haven 3, Kans.
Starling, Harvey (Sr) - Imboden, Ark.                                      Wilson, Talmadge Roy (F) - Minturn, Ark.
Starling, Herman (8) - Pocahontas, Ark.                                    Windsor, Paula A. (F) - 604 N. Locust, 8earcy, Ark.
Stephens, Louis (F) - North Kenoga, Ohio                                   Wirth. Bobbie Jean (S) - 1122 N. Reagon, San Benito, Tex.
Stephens, Marion Hazel ( J ) - Rt. 3, Box 45, Trumann, Ark.                WoodrufC, William L. (S) - 306 Cotton St., Searcy, Ark.
Stevens, Carol (J) - Judsonia, Ark.                                        Woods. June Ann (S) - Rt. 2, Longview, Tex.
Stewart, Lewis Moore (F) - 210 N. 8th St., Columbus, Miss.                 Wornock, Vernelle (Sr) - 301 N. Jackson, Little Rock, Ark.
Stine, Patricia Mae (F) - 3714 Sullivan Rd., Sebastopol, Calif.            Wright, Winfred Odell (S) - Greenway, Ark.
Stine, Terry E. (S) - 3714 Sullivan Rd .. Sebastopol, Calif.               Wyatt, Wilma (8) - 403 Franklin , Kennett, Mo.
Stinson, Ben (F) - 3116 Ivy St., Los Angeles 34, Calif.                    Wylie, Mary (F) - Rt . 3, Matth ews, Mo .
Stogsdill, Catherine Lucille (F) - 102 Drilling St., Morrilton.
        Ark.                                                                                              Y
Stokes, Della L. (F) - 2637 Hoyer St., Bossier City, La.                   Yale, Charles (S) - Box 4563, Los Angeles 24. Calif.
Stotts. Edwin Keith (J) - Quaker City, Ohio                                Yamada, Kyoko (J) - 206 Wakebayashuho , Senazakyu-Ken,
Stout, Sam G. (J ) - Rt. 3, San Benito, Tex.                                      Tokyo, Japan
Stowers, Nancy (F) - 2114 N. Arthur, Little Rock, Ark. •                   Yamaguchi, Ikuo (Sr) - Saruhashi, Kitatsuru-Gun, Yamanashi-
Strong, Loudean (F) - Wilburn, Ky.                                                Ken , Japan
Stroud. Hazel Lois (J) - South Cherokee. Morrilton , Ark.                  Young, Johnice Ann (S) - 302 S. Line, Searcy, Ark.
Stroup, Donna Mary (F) - 680 23rd S.E. St., Paris, Tex.                    Young. Patricia Sue (F) - 302 S. Line, Searcy, Ark.
Sullivan, Sue (8) - Rt. 4, Nashville, Ark.                                 Younger, Robert K. (F) - Harding College. Searcy, Ark.
Sullivan, William Arnold (F) - 621 W. Sheppard St., Nashville.             Yue, George 8. ( S ) - 12 Wan Ta u Kok , Mok Yuen, Tai Po
        Ark.                                                                      MKT, Hong Kong, China
Summitt, Paul C, (S) - 200 Grand Ave., Searcy, Ark.
Summitt, Knox (8) - 200 Grand Ave., Sear cy, Ark.
Sutherlin, Elizabeth Jane ( J ) - 106 N. 4th, Searcy, Ark.                 Zini , Donald Louis (F) - 4454 N. Hermitage, Chicago 40, Ill.
Swan , Ina Mae (J> - Fugua St., Donelson. Tenn.                            Zink. James Keith (Sd - 2108 S . Marion , Tulsa 5, Okla.
Sykes, Jerald Dean (F J - 907 Curtis, Paris, Tenn.                         Zinser, Donna Grace (S) - 938 Bruno St. , Novato, Calif.

                                T                                                 ACADEMY                     DIRECTORY
Takata. M. Dr. (G) - 1498 Yoyogi-Tomigayo , Shibuya-Ku,
        Tokyo, Japan                                                       Adkins, James Robert (S) - 1826 Brown, Memphis, Tenn.
Talbott, Harry L. (S) - 2334 Cardenas Dr. N.E., Albuquerque,               Alexander, Shirley Ann (Sr) - 621 Eva, Memphis, Tenn.
      N. Mex.                                                              Allen, Mickey (J) - Rt. 3, Coldwater, Miss.
Thacker. Leonard Char les (F) - Granite, Okla.                             Armstrong, Richard (S) - Tiptonville, Tenn.
Thorn, Mer edith (STl - 2745 Marshall, Rockford, Ill.                      Baldwin, Mavis (S) - Box 646, Harding College. Searcy, Ark.
Thompson, George W. (Sr) - Rt. 5, Searcy, Ark.                             Beeson. Richard (S) - Rt. 2, Box 447, Parkin , Ark.
Thompson, Justyne (J) - 914 E. Race, Searcy, Ark.                          Berry, Faye (S) - 2217 Brighton, Kansas City, Mo.
Thompson, Ramona Ann (S) - Laings, Ohio                                    Berryhill , John Elvin ( S ) - Harding College, Searcy, Ark.
Till. John Farrell (J) - Wardell, Mo.                                      Bowman. Ann-Ruth (8) - 1033 Harri,s, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Todd. Steve (Sr) - 120 Edgeworth, Robertson, Mo.                           Brown, Roger (F) - Estancia, N. Mex.
Tomlinson , Dempsy Maurice ( S) - Harding College, Searcy,                 Bryant, Nyla Sue (Sd - 616 North Topeka, Wichita . Kans.
        Ark .                                                              Bryant. Shelby Jean (J) - Rt. 1, Box 22, Searcy, Ark.
Tonkery, Mary Ann (8Tl - Fairmont, W.Va.                                   Burden, Barbara Ann (F) - Box 226, Jeanette, La.

Burgess, Wanda (F) - 211 South 5th, Henrye~ta. Okla.          .         Oram, J ames Richard (F) - Belton, Mo.
Burkhalter. William David (Sr) - 68 South Highland, Memphis,            Oram, Kenneth Charles (S) - Belton, Mo.
                                                                        Path, Bill (Sd - 16 Harriett St., St. Clair, Mich.
Campbell, Joseph Frank (S) - 155-01 90th Ave., Jamaica, N.Y.            Pearson, Amanda Jean (Sr) - Rt. I, Box 331, Black. Oak, Ark.
Casey, Gerald Wayne (F) - 912 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.                   Powell, Barbara (S) -·6618 15th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.
Causey, Sue Ann (Sr) - Box 216, WeldoD, Ark.                            Pruett, Raymond (S) - 913 College St., Kennett, Mo.
Clirt, Sam Roe (Sr) - 5622 E. Douglas, Wichita, Kans.
Coppinger, Glenda Jo (J) - Canyon Dam Store, Canyon Dam,                Redding, Gloria (F) - 1311 E. Race, Searcy, Ark.
        Calif.                                                          Reed. Dorothy (Sr) - Rt. 3, Searcy, Ark.
Crews, lIa Verne (J) - Keiser, Ark.                                     Reggio, Phyllis (S) - 31 N. Third. Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Curington, Eulice William (J) -1939 S. 2nd Ave., Arcadia,               Reid, Jack (Sr) - 1720 Southmore, Houston, Tex.
        Calif.                                                          Rhodes, Annette Marie (S) --407 Arch, Searcy, Ark.
                                                                        Rhodes. Billie Sue (F) - 407 Arch, Searcy, Ark.
Day, Charles ~S) - 1007 N. Lincoln, Urbana, Ill.                        Rhodes, Jack Wayne (F) - 415 N. Grand, Searcy, Ark.
DuBois, Claudette (S) - 361 Frederica Ave., Ja ckson, Miss.             Rhodes Mike (J) - 609 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.
DuBois, Lucia (Sr) - 361 Frederica Ave., Jackson, Miss.                 Ridgew~y, Wanda (Sd - :2922 N.W. 17th, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Durham, Gloria Jean (F) -1701 East Race, Searcy, Ark.                   Ritchie, Edward (J) - 306 E. Park Ave .• Searcy, Ark.
Dwyer, Thomas David (S) - 3853 Faxon, Memphis, Tenn.                    Robbins Pat (Sr) - 2420 Washington, Parsons. Kans.
Ellis, James Wayne (Sr) - 43790 North Ave., Mt. Clemens,                Roberts~n, Peggy Ann (J) - Rt. 3, Box 149, North Little Rock,
        Mich.                                                                   Ark.
Elmore, Jo Ann (F) - 204 W. Madison, Henryetta, Okla.                   Robinson, Wayne (J) - Wynona. Okla.
Ervin, Sidney (F) - Rt. 1, Box 10B-C, Vicksburg, Miss.                  Rockett. Joe Davis (J) - nos Maria. Memphis. Tenn.
Evins, Paul Jerome (Sr) - Amagon, Ark.                                  Roper, Della Jane (Sr) - 203 Maple St. Morrilton, Ark.
Falls, Otis (J) - 300 N. Cross, Searcy, Ark.                            Roten, Deanna (S) - 708 Hayes, Searcy, Ark.
Falls, Verda (F) - 300 N. Cross, Searcy, Ark.                           Sands, Melba (Sr) - 505 Warwood, Wheeling, W.Va.
Feagin, Ransom (Sr) - Bradford, Ark.                                    Shepherd, Bobby Loyd (F) - Rt. 1. Box 56, Little Rock, Ark.
French, Martha (S) - Harding College, Searcy, Ark.                      Shipley, JoAnn (Sd - 3525 S. Stultz, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Gayler, Patricia (S) - 2331 N. Arkansas, Wichita, Kans.                 Shoptaw, Vana Gail (Sr) - 227 N. Locust, Fayetteville, Ark.
Goodwin. Dorothy (Sd - 1221 Monroe, Vicksburg, Miss.                    Simmons, Layman (Sr) - Chestnut, La.
Gray, Nita Belle (Sr) - 503 N. Cross, Searcy, Ark.                      Simpson, Madeline (J) - 807 E. Race, Searcy, Ark.
Gregory, Barry Eugene (S) -1007 California, Urbana, Ill.                Slover Charles Coy (F) - 402 Jerome. Texarkana, Tex.
Gwin, Gerald (Sr) - South Moss St., Searcy, Ark.                        Smith, Barbara (S) - Box 179, Alamorgordo, N. Mex.
Halk. Janie Wade (J) - Cherry Valley, Ark.                              Smith, Charles Dwight (J) -1303 Bristol Dr., Sweetwater, Tex.
Hamill, Reggie Eugene (S) - 973 Maria, Memphis, Tenn.                   Smith, Ira Lloyd (Sr) - 323 North Rd., Porterville, Calif.
Hancock. Richard (J) - 519 Calhoun, Wichita, Kans.                      Smith, Mona Jeanene (J) -1725 N. 5th, Abilene, Tex.
Harris, Glenna (S) - Rt. 1, Santo, Tex.                                 Southerland. Carlon (Sr) - 907 E. Race, Searcy, Ark.
Harwell, Modena (F) - 172 Auditorium Circle, Oakland, Calif.            Sparks Meldona Ann (S) - Rt. 1, Sallisaw, Okla.
Haskell. Harold Martin (S) - 2121 Gaines, Little Rock, Ark.             Spence~, Bettye Sue (F) - 4211 S. Pennsylvania, Englewood,
Highers, Alan (J) - 620 Clifton Court, Ft. Smith, Ark.                         Colo.
Hilburn, Donald Clark (J) - 1509 Tulip Drive, Searcy, Ark.              Spencer, Nils Edwin (J) - 2609 N.W. 12th, Oklahoma City,
Hooker. lIa Jeanette (Sr) - 641 Pine Blvd., Poplar Bluff, Mo.                  Okla.
House, Robert Mack (S) - 610 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.                    Stamps, Freida Louise {Sd - Box 308 c/ o 2nd Horst Ranch,
Huffard, Loreta (J) - 305 E. Vine, Searcy, Ark.                                Wheatland, Calif.
Hutchison, Ruthie (F) - 1312 Market, Searcy, Ark.                       Stanford, Jamie Louise (J) - Opelousas, La.
                                                                        Stapleton, Glen Dewey (J) - 904 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.
Jackson, Cecilia (Sr) - Eminence, Ind.                                  Street, Zena Loulse (Sr) - 208 S. Cross, Searcy, Ark.
Johnson, Patricia (Sd - Harding College, Searcy, Ark.
Jones, Jacqueline (Sr) - 1014 Beech, Little Rock, Ark.                  Taylor, Robert Jay (Sd - Box 156, Lindale, Tex.
Jones, Barbara (Sr) - Box 417, Channelview, Tex.                        Timmerman, Garrett (Sd - Rt. 5, Searcy, Ark.
Joyner, Jimmy (F) - 1552 Tutwiler, Memphis, Tenn.                       Todd, Edwin (Sr) - 500 E. Center, Searcy, Ark.
Judy, Wilma Jean (Sr) - Floydada, Tex.                                  Torres, Mary Madeline (J) - 216 E. 114 St., New York 29, N.Y.
                                                                        Trammell, Shirla Mae (Sr) - Concord. Ark.
Kenan, Gary Dean (F) - R.F.D., Dexter, Iowa                             Turley, Patricia Joy (J) - 3422 Me.rsington, Kansas City, Mo.
Key, Bobbye Marilyn (Sd - 523 Leath, Memphis, Tenn.                     Turman, Mary Frances (J) - Hardmg College. Searcy, Ark.
Kissire, Nita Dean (S) - 504 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.                    Vanderpool, Harold (Sr) - 205 N. Grand, Searcy, Ark.
Lacy, Bobby Allen (F) - Serria Highway, Palmdale, Calif.                Vanderpool, John (Sr) - 205 N. Grand, Searcy, Ark.
Lawrence, Sue Carolyn (Sd - 218 Wheeler, Warren, Ark.                   Vanderpool, Roy (S) - 205 N. Grand. Searcy, Ark.
                                                                        VanEaten, Charles (Sr) - 3511 Macon Rd., Memphis, Tenn.
McGinnis, Dorothy (J) - Rt. 3, Osceola, Ark.                            Vanwinkle, John (J) - Box 81, Bay, Ark.
McHand, Guy Ellis, Jr. (J) - 319 Wisconsin, Memphis. Tenn .
Manderscheid, Ivanna (Sr) - 204 S. Cross, Searcy, Ark.                  Wallace, Robert (S) - 826 Cherry. Jonesboro, Ark.
Martin, Charles Jerome (F) - 212 Moss St., Searcy, Ark.                 Whetsell, Ann (S) - 4717 S.E. 24th, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Mason, Perry Shipley, Jr. (J) - 1309 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.            Whistle, Winifred (Sd - 425 N. Grand, Searcy. Ark.
Massey, Freddy (J) - Pontotoc, Miss.                                    Whitaker, Lynn (S) - 402 W. Third, Corning, Ark.
May, Andrew Dick (Sr ) - Rt. 2, Prosser, Wash.                          White. Marion (Sr) - Box 154. Meaford, Ontario, Canada
May, Warren Zane (S) - Rt. 2, Prosser, Wash.                            Weibel, John (Sr) - Box 93, Edmond, Okla.
Moon, Delores (F) - 8222 Wiggens, Houston, Tex.                         Wicker. Carol Ann (J) - 3516 Leopard St., Corpus Christi, Tex.
Montgomery, Carrie (F) - 741 N.E. 69th, Oklahoma City, Okla.            Williams. Ernest Earl (F) - 1207 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.
                                                                        Williams, Jimmy Raymond (S) - 800 N. Willett, Memphis,
Norris, Elsie Frances (S) - 804 E. Center, Searcy. Ark.                        Tenn.
Norton, Richard (Sr) - 422 Pierce, San Francisco, Calif.                Williams, Lolita Marie (Sd - 1207 E. Market, Searcy, Ark.

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