Tips To Cleaning Efficiently

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					                   Timeless House Cleaning Methods

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Household chores might seem like a drag, but trying out new tricks that can
effectively make your home clean can be fun.

Here are some tips on how to do effective cleaning in your home:

• If you are tired of harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning, mix up some
baking soda, vinegar, and scented oil instead. Not only will it smell better, but it is
good to the environment too.

• Use extra hot water to get rid of wine smudges on a white table cloth. This will
                make it easier to remove compared to scrubbing. You can save on
                bleaching with this technique, too.

                   • Turn housecleaning fun for the young ones by telling them they
                   have to finish within an allotted time. This makes house cleaning
                   more fun and also speedier.

• For the sake of easier washing, the people in the house should tie a shirt up if it
has been stained so that come laundry time, you will know which ones need more

• Use a vacuum cleaner first before you proceed to dusting. All expert
housekeepers have discovered that it is more effective this way.

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• Opt for a vacuum cleaner with specific features like the Hoover Steam Vac. You
                       can check the quality of the equipment by reading
                       through forums, such as Hoover Steam Vac review.

                        • A good quality vacuum cleaner will keep the dust from
                        flying around all over the place.

                        • Put those ragged socks to good use by turning them
                        into a furniture duster. Slip it on like a glove and glide
                        through the areas easily.

• Do not use strong detergents on greasy stains as these can harm the cloth. The
trick is to use dish soap because it can remove the oil the same way it does on the

• For a quick fix on a soiled mattress, this is the common way to clean it up. With
a towel, sop up the wet stuff, then pour a
thick mixture of baking soda and water
onto the stain, after that you soak that up
with one more dry towel. Apply cornstarch
to that area, concentrating on the wet
parts. Get rid of the cornstarch with the
help of a vacuum cleaner and you are

• The most effective way to keep a mattress fresh is still to let it get plenty of
sunshine - it is free and all natural. It gives it a fresh smell afterwards, too.

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Description: Household chores might seem like a drag, but trying out new tricks that can effectively make your home clean can be fun.