Writing from Room 13

I have a T-Rex mouth. I have a rabbits tail. My body is like a crocodile,
long and skinny. I have T-Rex legs, they are strong like rocks.
                                                                                                              Thursday, 23 August 2012
On my animal I have an ugly gorilla face and a lot more that I will tell      Salut (French), Namaste (Indian), Hallo (Netherlands), A’yubowan (Sri Lanka) and
you about. For my nose I have a kiwi beak. My legs are centipedes             Muli shani (Zambia) completes the DPS family of nations.
ones. I have a very skinny tail, it is a fish tail. My bum is a scruffy       PRIDE…Our PRIDE values, introduced in October 2005, have successfully
pheasants bum. My body is a camel. On top of my back I have a                 permeated every aspect of DPS life. They are an important part of our learning &
sharks fin. I have a pigs snout.                                              behaviour programmes, the backbone of the thinking toolkit, the framework for
Edith                                                                         our sports programmes & teams, give structure to everyday relationships & form
                                                                              the basis of many conversations with kids. After 7 years they are firmly ingrained
My animal has sharp lizard feet. It has a frogs tongue that curls up in       with DPS being well known as the PRIDE school. The values have worked their
your mouth. At the back of the animal it has a curly pigs tail. My            way into many homes through the kids talking about them, llving & breathing them
                                                                              & driving parents nuts with them. All great stuff. After Dare to Dream &
animal has a lions mane. I have a striped togers head. It has cheetahs
                                                                              Excellence we pop back this week to PEACEFUL which looks like:
legs. My animal has a giant elephants body. I have got a spotty long
                                                                                Inside, choosing to listen & work in a way that doesn’t interrupt others
giraffes neck.                                                                      learning
Lily                                                                            Quiet noise levels & allowing others to learn
                                                                                Outside, Helping others
I have a moose’s head with big antlers. My body is like a kiwi, little          Co-operating & having fun together
and rough. I have one hundred legs like a caterpillar.                         These values have worked together to form very peaceful classrooms &
Charles                                                                        playground where students are thriving in their learning & play.
                                                                               BENEFITS OF HARD WORK…The NZ olympic rowers claim 17 000 strokes in
I have a ducks tail and it is blue like the sea. Next I have a pigs nose.      training for every stroke of their medal rows at Eton Dorney. While that is the
It is pink like a crayon. Third I have a giraffes neck and it has brown        amazing feat of elite athletes, it does highlight that work benefits over talent &
and white spots. Forth I have nine million legs like a centipede and I         that hard work brings reward. That is why we praise kids hard work, effort,
                                                                               attempts & endeavours. They soon learn that the way ahead is not through
have bunny ears. They are pink in the middle and white on the front. I
                                                                               ability, talent or being clever & smart on their own, but realising that through hard
have a zebra body and a fish tail. My tail goes everywhere. I think it
would be ok.                                                                   Brendon O’Carroll was a relatively unknown writer & actor who came from
Katie                                                                          nowhere to be an overnight success with the TV sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys. That is
                                                                               after leaving school at 12 years old he honed his writing, acting & comedy skills
The bunny eared killer fish! Eeek! What is that creature with snakes           over 45 years to become a roaring success. Shows the value of hard work, never
fearsome fangs? It has a big bulging muscles as strong as rocks. The           give up & persistence.
scales of a croc, a tiny little goldfish tail hanging off its bum. Its ears    Talking of persistence – set up a place in Pownall or Essex or Kummer or lower
are for bunnies bit it has them.                                               Cole Sts to pick up your child after school, wet or fine. Helps keep kids safe &
Jago                                                                           prevent parents being ticketed for crazy driving actions!                  PRIDE
PRIDE Expectation for Week 6                                                    Artsplash…This year the DPS choir will be performing at the Wellington
Excellence in doing your best to achieve!                                       Artsplash Festival at 5:30 pm Monday 10th September at the Michael
PRIDE Big Question: How can we solve the problem of scooters lying              Fowler Centre, Wellington. If you would like to take your family, tickets
around the school?                                                              cost just $5 and can be purchased from our office. If you would like to
                                                                                know more, see Nicolle in Room 9 or Miss Owen in the Tui Room.
PRIDE Honours Board for week ended 17th August 2012
GREEN 10 point draw -                                                           Netball... Come down and support the DPS teams playing in the finals
Paris Rm 10         Ben Rm 11           Brooke Rm 15                            this Saturday. The games will be played at 9am at the Colombo Road
Ashlee Rm 14        Bailey Rm 8         Alex Rm 14
                                                                                courts. We would love to see you there to support our kids!
GOLD 25 point draw –
Kayla Rm 5          George Rm 8         David Rm 15
                                                                                Grace Yeats Trust…The DPS Councillors raised $500 for their coin trail
         SchoolGen Solar Panels: Power Generated last 7 days:                   and bucket collection. Many thanks for to all who dug deep and donated
         29kWh        Tonnes of CO2 saved: .006                                 to this worthy cause.

FoDPS (Friends of DPS)…                                                         Wairarapa Schools Photo Awards…
   • There are only 5 spaces available for the family portrait fundraiser       Please email: nicolleburnskeane@douglaspark.school.nz to receive an invitation
                                                                                to upload your photo entry to this exciting competition.
     on Saturday 15th September.       Return your form and don’t be
                                                                                Entries close on Friday 7th September
   • Next meeting at 7:00 pm Tuesday September 11th in the                      Piri Weepu…will be at Paper Plus Friday 31st August from 3:45 pm – 4:00 pm
     staffroom. We look forward to seeing you here.                             to promote and sign his new book: “Piri Straight Up”. Call into Paper Plus to
                                                                                reserve your personalised copy now.
Reading Together…Please return your slip to school tomorrow if you
wish to join the workshops for our next series. 5:15 pm Monday is
                                                                                        28th Aug         BOT meeting
looking to be the most popular time. Confirmation will come out in a
                                                                                        6th Sept         Cultural evening
note tomorrow. There are still some spaces available. Please let us                     11th Sept        FoDPS meeting
know if you want to attend. Childcare available if needed. Parents                      18th-19th Sept   Learning Conferences
involved in the first series found these workshops to be very helpful and               28th Sept        Last day of Term 3
informative. Don’t miss out.                                                            15th Oct         First day of Term 4
                                                                                        13th December    Final Celebration Time-Wairarapa College
Book Exchange…Thank you to the people who have sent along some                                           Last day of Term 4 Finish 12:30 pm
books for our book exchange. Book exchange, next door to Room 8,                        2013
open tomorrow after school. Come along to swap a book from home.                        February 4   First day of Term 1
                                                                                        Uniform shop is open Wednesdays in term time
We will look to have the book exchange open each day after school.
                                                                                        8:30 am – 9:30 am and 2:15 pm-3:00 pm

Cultural Evening…7:00 pm 6th September in School Hall
Performances include: Junior and Senior kapahaka, Indian cultural dance,                  “A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.”
Jump Jam & Choir. All welcome.     Gold coin entry                                                                                                  Jesse Owens
                                                                                    Naku noa na
Term 3 Learning Conferences…18th & 19th September                                   Dick Brown
For learners reaching the end of their first, second or third year at school.
Bookings becoming available soon.                                               Check here for extra news: http://www.facebook.com/DouglasParkSchool