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A. Match each sentence with its translation in English.

A. Kada ne vježbaš, ne napreduješ.      1.   If you didn’t practise, you wouldn’t make any progress.
B. Ako ne vježbaš, nećeš napredovati. 2.     If you haven’t practised, you won’t make any progress.
C. Ako nisi vježbao, nećeš napredovati. 3.   If you don’t practise, you don’t make any progress.
D. Da ne vježbaš, ne bi napredovao.     4.   If you hadn’t practised, you wouldn’t have made any progress.
E. Da nisi vježbao, ne bi napredovao.   5.   If you don’t practise, you won’t make any progress.

B. Match each sentence with its description.

A.   If you want to get promoted, you will do all the tasks on time.           1.   Zero conditional
B.   If you wanted to be promoted, you would do your best.                     2.   First conditional
C.   You could be boss now, if you had wanted to be promoted.                  3.   Second conditional
D.   You would have been promoted, if you had done all the tasks on time.      4.   Third conditional
E.   If you work hard, you get promoted.                                       5.   Mixed conditional

C. Match each sentence describing the real situation with the wish or unreal time.

A.   You have no real friends.                                1.   I wish you would come.
B.   No one has tried my cakes.                               2.   If only we hadn’t left.
C.   You are not coming to the party.                         3.   I wish you had some.
D.   You are not willing to come to my party.                 4.   It’s time we left.
E.   You didn’t come to my party.                             5.   I wish you had come.
F.   We left the party very early.                            6.   I wish you would have some.
G.   We’ll have to leave very soon.                           7.   I wish you were coming.

1. Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate form. Some verbs are passive or negative.
     a) First or Zero Conditional?
1. If anyone _________ (want) to see me, tell them I’ll be back in ten minutes.

2. If it’s hot, we _________ (go) swimming.

3. Unless you learn to be more polite, you _________ (be allowed to) join the club.

4. If we _________ (go) to visit the grandparents, we always bring some fruit.

5. You’ll miss your plane unless you _________ (take) a taxi.

6. The package _________ (deliver) unless someone signs the receipt.

7. Flowers die unless you _________ (water) them regularly.

8. If she _________ (sign) the application yet, they won’t ask her to come for an interview.

9. If you _________ (eat) raw potatoes, you may get sick.

10. If you go to Brighton, where _________ (you, stay)?
   b) First, Zero or Second Conditional? Sometimes negatives are required.

1. If it _________ (stop) raining we’ll have to cancel the tennis game.

2. If you loved her, you _________ (lie) to her.

3. If you _________ (finish), show me your notebook.

4. I _________ (lend) you any money unless you promise to pay me back before the end of the month.

5. If I _________ (speak) Italian, I would move to Florence.

6. If I _________ (be) you, I would notify them of the changes.

7. If we meet in front of the cinema at ten to eight, we _________ (have) enough time to buy the tickets.

8. She would wear her new dress if it _________ (be) so cold.

9. What _________ (you, do) if he asked you to go to China with him?

10. If I _________ (be) home on Saturday, I clean the flat.

   c) Second or Third Conditional? Sometimes negatives are required.

1. The snow ____________ (clear) if I had had a shovel.

2. I would go skiing more often if we ____________ (live) closer to the ski resorts.

3. If I had a key, I ____________ (let) you inside.

4. If John ____________ (be) in town, he would invite you to this new restaurant.

5. If I ____________ (know) you were coming, I would have thrown a party.

6. If he had given her his e-mail address, she ____________ (send) him the price list.

7. If we ____________ (get) lost, we would have arrived on time.

8. Where would you live if you ____________ (have) this house?

9. If I hadn’t been so busy, I ____________ (go) skating with them.

10. The plants wouldn’t be so lush green if I _______ (add) this fertiliser into the water.

   d) First, Zero, Second, Third, or Mixed Conditional? Sometimes negatives are required.

1. I could repair it myself if I _________(have) the tools.

2. If I had known that you were a vegetarian, I ______________(make) the stew.

3. Unless we ___________(set off) early in the morning, we won’t get there before noon.

4. He always punishes his children if they ___________ (lie) to him.

5. If he went abroad, he _______________ (miss) his family.
6. If he ___________(be) with the company for six months, he must know his job.

7. Janet would have flown to Sidney last Friday if the airport _________(close).

8. If we had attended the classes, we _____________ (pass) the exam.

9. He wouldn’t smile at you if he _________ (like) you.

10. If you like figs, why _________ (we, buy) some more?

11. If you don’t understand the task, I _________ (ask) the others in the group to explain it to you.

12. The flowers would look better if you ____________ (water) them.

13. She could have walked faster if she ______________ (have) on that long skirt.

14. My sister would have baked a cake if you __________ (tell) us you were coming.

15. If I __________ (be) rich, I would buy that yacht.

16. You wouldn’t have so much work to do today if you __________ (sort) out those files yesterday.

17. If she __________ (come) with us, there is nothing you can do to make her change her mind.

18. If you __________ (be) so kind to help me, we could have our lunch break together.

19. He __________ (be) so angry with us now, if we had done some research before we signed the contract.

20. If they _________ (arrive) yet, we’ll start without them.

2. Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

1. If you want to put on weight, you ____________ more regularly.
   a) should have eaten
   b) should eat
   c) would have eaten
   d) would eat

2. We hope that we ____________the way.
   a) will find
   b) find
   c) would find
   d) found

3. We hoped that we _____________ the way when we got lost in the subway.
   a) will find
   b) would find
   c) would have found
   d) shall find

4. If she _____________ you, she would be much stricter.
   a) was
   b) were
   c) am
   d) had been
5. If she _____________ longer, tell me in advance.
   a) staying
   b) stayed
   c) stay
   d) is staying

6. If you ____________ rehearsing, I'll call the audience in.
   a) will finish
   b) finished
   c) have finished
   d) had finished
7. If we _________ in a big city, we would visit the theatre more often.
   a) live
   b) have lived
   c) have been living
   d) lived
8. If they ___________ to cheat during the exam, they would be expelled from school.
   a) try
   b) have tried
   c) tried
   d) had tried
9. If they __________ to cheat during the exam, they would have been expelled from school.
    a) try
    b) have tried
    c) tried
    d) had tried
10. If they __________ to cheat during the exam, they will be expelled from school.
    a) try
    b) will try
    c) tried
    d) had tried

11. I wish I _________ more politely.
    a) will behave
    b) behave
    c) had behaved
    d) behaved

12. Unless you _________ an invitation you wouldn't enter the cinema.
    a) have
    b) has
    c) had
    d) had had

13. She will miss the opportunity unless she ___________ him now.
    a) will call
    b) calls
    c) doesn’t call
    d) hasn’t called

14. If you had a flat in the centre of town, you _________ with a lot of noise.
    a) will have to put up
    b) will put up
    c) would have to put up
    d) would have put up
15. If I were you, I ________ him for a favour.
    a) will ask
    b) can ask
    c) would ask
    d) would have asked

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate tense. Sometimes negatives are required.

1. I don’t think you should insist on talking to her. If I _____________ (be) you, I _____________ (leave)

   her alone.

2. I had my apartment painted last week and it cost me a fortune. If I _____________ (have) a ladder, I

   _____________ (do) it myself.

3. Can you check how many eggs there are in the fridge? If there _____________ (be) more than a dozen, I

   _____________ (make) a cake right after lunch.

4. I am afraid I can’t help you. If you _____________ (listen) to me when I told you about them, you

   _____________ (be) in trouble now.

5. Mary suffers from claustrophobia. If she _____________ (spend) a few minutes in an elevator, she

   _____________ (start) gasping for air.

6. We didn’t have enough money to take a taxi. If we _____________ (take) a taxi, we _____________

   (be) there even earlier.

7. The weather forecast predicts showers for the morning. If it _____________ (rain), we _____________

   (play) beach volleyball.

8. What _____________ (you, do) if you _____________ (see) an alien?

9. Let’s move into the shade. I _____________ (stay) longer in the sun if I _____________ (have) such

   sensitive complexion.

10. Please stop writing in five minutes. If you _____________ (already, finish), _____________ (put) your

   pencils down and _____________ (wait) for the others.

11. Why did you give him my number? If you _____________ (do) that, I _____________ (have to) meet

   him tomorrow.

12. I think I’ll find some time to visit her tomorrow. Provided I _____________ (see) her, I _____________

   (show) her the photographs.
13. Ray had been drinking even before he came to the party. If she _____________ (know) it, she

   _____________ (let) him drive and they _____________ (have) an accident.

14. Life was different in the village when her grandfather was a child. If it _____________ (snow), he

   _____________ (go) to school.

15. I am glad the two of you co-operated. But tell me, _____________ (you, agree) to work with him, if he

   _____________ (change) his attitude?

16. Guy is not very good at biology. ____________(be) he good at sciences he____________(become) a

   doctor like his father.

17. Whoops! I’ve broken another test tube. I wish I ____________(not be) so clumsy.

18. When he asked her to go out with him she was so angry that she refused. Now, she wishes she

   ____________(accept) his invitation.

19. She made you finish all the work and she didn’t pay you extra hours! Really! It’s time you

   ____________(change) your job.

20. Emma said she’d drop by. I hope she ____________(come).

21. I always have to tidy up after my sister. I wish she ____________(start) doing it herself.

22. She is not very clever but she talks as though she ____________(know) everything.

23. I am so proud of you. If only your father ____________(can be) here to see you now.

24. The party was so boring. I wish I ____________(stay) at home.

25. He was sitting on the bench and watching the match, but he behaves now as if he ____________(score)

   all the goals himself.

4. Read the text below and complete each gap with only one word.
   E.g. If only you (0) would listen to me !
I was typing some letters when Cindy rushed into the office. If 1 _______ she had telephoned before she

came. Carol just looked at us with a smirk and continued to stare at the screen. I wish we 2 _______ have to

share an office. She behaves 3 _________if she owns the place.

Cindy asked me to have lunch with her but I told her she 4 _________have to wait. It’s always the same. If I

decide to leave the office early, my boss calls me after I 5 ________ left.

Anyway, I met Cindy later in the diner and she told me some terrible things about Mike.
Don’t tell me, I know what you’re thinking. She 6 _______have left him years ago. She said he had started

drinking heavily again and made some gambling debts. I’d 7 ________ she hadn’t told me. I know he’s my

brother, but he never listens to me.

She asked me for some money again and I just 8 ________ say “No”. 9 _________ she pays the phone bill

tomorrow, their phone will be cut off. I 10 ________ she pays me back some day.


I would have come earlier today if it wasn’t 1 ________ the rain. I wish I 2 ________ my own car. It was

pouring down when I left the office. Ann was so kind to give me a lift, but I had to wait for her to send the

mail. I like Ann a lot. A terrible thing happened to her the other day. She was mugged in front of her house.

She called the police immediately and the muggers were caught. She’s so brave. I would have 3 ________

terrified if it had happened to me.

Here, have some peanuts. I’d rather you 1 ________ smoke.

Where’s Daniel? What time did he come home last night? I 2 _________ he wouldn’t stay out so late. It’s 3

_________ time we had a proper talk about his responsibilities. I 4 __________wish he would concentrate

more on his studies.

Are you listening to me? I wish you 5 _________ switch off the TV. Oh, I’m so tired. It’s time we 6

_______ off to bed. I’ll oversleep in the morning 7 ________ I stay up any longer. I’m going to bed now.

Aren’t you going to give me a kiss?

5. Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate form. Sometimes negatives are required.

Dear Jane,

I’ve just heard that you are back from Spain. I thought you were arriving on Tuesday. If I 1

___________(know) you were coming I 2 ________(meet) you at the airport. I wish you 3

_____________(call) me earlier. There was a great party at Bob’s on Friday. I’m sure Bob 4 __________

(invite) you if he 5 ___________ (know) you were in London. If only you 6 __________(come) we

7___________ (have) a lovely time.

I must admit that I’ve been feeling rather miserable lately. Richard and I had a fight just after the party and I

haven’t seen him since then. If only he 8 _________(call) me. There are so many things we must discuss.

You know that I was offered that position in Manchester but I never had a real opportunity to talk about it
with Richard. I was afraid of what he would say. If he 9 _________(ask) me to stay with him, I 10

_________ (refuse) the job. On the other hand, I’ve been studying so hard and now there is an opportunity to

do what I really like. If it 11 __________(be) for your support, I 12 _________ (give) up years ago. If I

13___________(refuse) the job I 14 __________(feel) I’ve let you down too. I have to reply by Friday. If I

15 __________(make up) my mind by then, it 16 _________(be) too late. Tell me, what 17________(you,

do) if you 18_________ (be) in my shoes? If you 19 _________ (happen) to see Richard, could you talk to

him to see what his true feelings are? I wish I 20 _________(know) what to do.

I hope I 21 _________ (see) you soon. I am free on Wednesday and Thursday after 5 o’clock. If you 22

__________(have) time to drop by, 23 __________(leave) me a message or 24 ___________(send) an e-

mail. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Spain.


6. Rewrite the sentences starting with the word written in bold letters.
1.   I can't walk fast when I am tired.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

2.   I think you are late. Why don't you take the bus?

If ______________________________________________________________________________

3.   I don't know whether they bought a house yesterday. They might show it to us today.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

4.   You mustn't enter this building if you don't work here.

Unless ________________________

5.   When I am not saving for my holidays, I spend a lot of money on clothes.

Unless ________________________

6.   You don't speak German very well, because you don't even try to learn anything.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

7.   They don't go to the cinema, so they don't know anything about new movies and actors.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

8.      I can't take that exam, because I didn't have enough time to revise.

If ______________________________________________________________________________
9.    We won't see you because we are not in Zagreb.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

10. Jane: «Somebody has broken into my house. Do you think I should call the police?»

Jake: « If________________________________________________________________________

11. It was so cold that we turned the central heating on.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

12. I could afford travelling around the world, because I had inherited a lot of money.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

13. She overslept. She missed the plane. She didn't get a job.

If ______________________________________________________________________________


14. The teacher didn't catch him cheating, so he passed the exam.

If ______________________________________________________________________________

15. Call me immediately, if you see him.

Should _________________________________________________________________________

16. My job is very stressful, but I earn a lot of money. That’s why I am not going to quit.

Were ___________________________________________________________________________

17. Are you buying this book? Lend it to me when you have finished reading.

If you happen ___________________________________________________________________

18. Give him a chance if he gives you one, too.

Don’t __________________________________________________________________________

19. If we try hard, we can finish it in a week.

Provided ________________________________________________________________________

20. We might finish it in a week and we might win the contest.

Supposing ______________________________________________________________________

21. You must bid now, or you won't get that vase.

It’s time ________________________________________________________________________

22.     I like your job very much. I would like to be in your shoes.

I wish __________________________________________________________________________
23. You have to go home.

It’s high time ____________________________________________________________________

24. I'm sorry I can't be there with you.

I wish __________________________________________________________________________

25. It is not polite that he is not coming with us. He never comes with us.

It’s high time ____________________________________________________________________

26. I'm sorry I lost your bag.

I wish __________________________________________________________________________

27. We don't know what to do.

If only __________________________________________________________________________

28. They go on trips despite the rain.

Even if _________________________________________________________________________

29. If I hadn't seen this painting, I wouldn't have known what to talk about.

____________________________________ otherwise ___________________________________

30. It's a pity she drinks.

If only __________________________________________________________________________

7. Translate the sentences into English.

1.   Ako ideš u školu, ne ostaješ dugo vani.


2.   Da ideš u školu, ne bi dugo ostajao vani.


3.   Da si išao u školu, ne bi dugo ostao vani.


4.   Da sam na tvom mjestu, pozvao bih je na koncert.


5.   Idemo bez njih, osim ako se ne pojave u roku od 15 minuta.


6.   Da nisam zatvorila prozore, oluja bi ih razbila.

7.   Što će ona učiniti, ako on ne stigne?


8.   Da misliš na druge, ne bi to radio.


9.   Ako želiš kolač, mogu ga donijeti iz trgovine.


10. Da sam samo više učio.


11. Krajnje je vrijeme da se počneš ozbiljnije shvaćati svoje obveze.


12. Ako si to znao, zašto to nisi napravio?


13. Da sam čula da si još u Rimu, javila bih ti se.


14. Željela bih imati više slobodnog vremena.


15. Da ih pitaš da ti posude 1000 dolara, što bi oni rekli?


16. Da smo barem ranije shvatili što se događa.


17. Ako bi ona nazvala, reci joj da sam na sastanku.


18. Vrijeme je da učinim nešto za sebe.


19. Da nisi potrošila džeparac, sada bi si mogla kupiti sladoled.


20. Ako biste htjeli pogledati stan, bit će mi drago da Vam pokažem.


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