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									                                              the nashville

                                      MTA CONNECTION
Winter 2006                                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 3

                                                                         Staff Receives Awards at TPTA
   From the CEO’s Desk
                              I once again am amazed at the
                                                                         Annual Conference and Roadeo
                          tremendous work that is taking place               The Davidson Transit Organization, the employment unit
                          at MTA as we continue to make public           of the Nashville MTA, has several staff members who were
                          transit the commuter choice for more           recognized for their achievements during the Tennessee Public
                          people. We have undertaken numerous            Transportation Association Annual Conference and Roadeo held
                          projects this past year, and I deeply          in November in Chattanooga.
                          appreciate everyone’s help. As we
                                                                             Bus operator Mark Johnson took third place in the 35-foot bus
                          look back on 2006, we can reflect on
                          our accomplishments.                           division in the state roadeo competition. Johnson has been driving
     Paul J. Ballard                                                     MTA buses for three years, and he has finished in the top three in
   • Recorded more than 8 million passenger trips this past              the state competition in both years that he has competed. Johnson
   fiscal year, which is an increase of nearly 16 percent;                will compete in the American Public Transportation Association
   • Logged more than 5.6 million miles on MTA vehicles last             International Bus
   fiscal year;                                                           Roadeo next May
   • Received our fourth order of new 40-foot, low-floor Gillig           in Nashville.
   buses, and now have one of the newest bus fleets in the                    Bus operations
   state with 100 new buses;                                             supervisor Cynthia
   • Added six new AccessRide vans and ordered 14 more to
                                                                         Whitehead        was
   accommodate more people with disabilities;
   • Secured funding for the Music City Central transit hub for          named          Urban
   bus passengers;                                                       Support Employee
   • Became the first transit system in the south to provide              of the Year. She
   commuter benefits to state government employees;                       began her DTO
   • Successfully partnered with the Regional Transportation             career as a bus
   Authority to help launch Music City Star, the state’s first            operator in June
   commuter rail service; and                                            1999 and was
   • Consistently exceeded the 95 percent performance goal               promoted to su-
   of phone calls answered in customer service and the 85
                                                                         pervisor in April
   percent goal in AccessRide.
                                                                         2003. Last year, At the TPTA Annual Conference and Roadeo,
      It has been another great year, and I want to thank                                        Mark Johnson placed third in the 35-foot bus
                                                                         DTO           imple- division, and Cynthia Whitehead was named
   each of you for your commitment to our customers and our
                                                                         mented operator Urban Support Employee of the Year.
                                                                         teams, which are                                (continued on page 2)

All Aboard: MTA Providing Bus Service to Music City Star Passengers
    Middle Tennessee has another                                                                    passengers (an average of 750 roundtrip
commuter alternative and passengers                                                                 commuters) by September 2007. As of
are climbing aboard both the Music                                                                  Dec. 1, an average of 536 passenger
City Star trains and Nashville MTA                                                                  trips were being recorded daily.
buses.                                                                                                  Through a partnership with the RTA,
    The Music City Star, the state’s first                                                           the MTA is providing passengers with a
commuter train with service between                                                                 quick and easy transition from train to
Lebanon and downtown Nashville,                                                                     bus to their final destination with two
began operating on Sept. 18, and an                                                                 designated buses that pick up passengers
estimated 784 passenger trips were                                                                  from the downtown Riverfront Station.
recorded the first day of service.                                                                       The 93 West End Shuttle travels
    The      Regional      Transportation     The Music City Star commuter train crosses Donelson
                                                                                                    down Broadway to West End and
Authority, the organization which runs        Pike on its way to Riverfront Station in downtown     the Vanderbilt University Medical
the rail service, has a goal of 1,500 daily   Nashville.                                                                 (continued on page 2)

              A Newsletter for Employees and Special Friends of the MTA of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
MTA Acquires Property for Music City Central Transit Hub
    The Nashville MTA has purchased the       longer than we expected but the wait was
land for its new Music City Central transit   necessary in moving us closer to making
hub for bus passengers. Having acquired       Music City Central a reality,” MTA CEO
the property needed for the downtown          Paul J. Ballard said. “We believe this
transit center, the project now moves         world-class facility will change the face of
forward to the construction phase. Plans      bus transit in Nashville and will provide
call for construction to begin in the first    superior facilities and top-notch service to
quarter of 2007 and to be complete within     the thousands of our valued bus riders in
18 months.                                    the Nashville area.”
    The MCC site is located between 4th           The above-ground parking lot was
and 5th Avenues North and Charlotte           purchased from Central Parking System
Avenue and Gay Street in Nashville’s          and another underground parking garage,        A computer-generated rendering shows
Central Business District. It is directly     formerly owned by Metro, has been              how the waiting area of Music City Central
adjacent to the Municipal Auditorium.         deeded to the MTA for the two-level            will look.
     “Purchasing the property took a little   facility. Both parking facilities currently    during rush hour and riding on our clean
                                              are open and operating on the MCC site         and safe buses is a lot less stressful than
                                              and will remain open until construction        driving.”
                                              gets underway in 2007. They will then be           MTA worked with the Federal Transit
                                              closed in order to free space to build the     Administration (FTA) to acquire the
                                              multi-story structure.                         Central Parking System property, as the
                                                  “We will keep the parking open as          FTA is providing funding for 80 percent of
                                              long as possible to accommodate the            the total cost of the project. The remaining
                                              individuals who use these facilities,”         20 percent will come from state and local
                                              Ballard said. “However, we do recommend        funds.
                                              that those who currently park in either the        The new Music City Central station will
                                              lot or the garage begin researching other      replace outdoor operations on Deaderick
                                              transportation options such as riding our      Street and will include a climate-controlled
                                              MTA buses into the downtown area for           waiting area, information and ticket sales
A computer-generated rendering shows
how the platform and retail areas of Music    work or parking elsewhere. Many of             outlets, and possible retail businesses such
City Central will look.                       these buses travel to downtown frequently      as a coffee shop or newsstand.

TPTA     (continued from page 1)              MCS      (continued from page 1)

supervised by mid-level supervisors.                                                         Stations can return home via the Route 6
Whitehead’s team reduced attendance                                                          Donelson bus.
occurrences by 14 percent and tardiness                                                          The Music City Star commuter train
occurrences by 30 percent in 2005.                                                           has three trips in the morning and three
    MTA also won the annual Spirit Award                                                     trips in the afternoon Monday through
for having the best cheering team during                                                     Friday. Service has been expanded to
the annual state roadeo competition in                                                       include Game Day Express service for
which Johnson, Veronica Beard and                                                            select Tennessee Titans home games,
Theodore Thompson competed against bus                                                       and a special evening service on most
and van operators from other Tennessee                                                       Thursdays and Fridays during the holiday
transit systems.                                                                             season.
                                              The Music City Star prepares to depart the
                                              Donelson Station.

                                              Center. The 94 Downtown Shuttle takes
                                              passengers through the downtown area.
                                              Riders working in other areas of town take
                                              the bus to the Downtown Transit Mall for
                                              connections to other destinations.
                                                  For those needing to return to Wilson
                                              County earlier than the evening commute,
                                              the Route 95 Midday Shadow Bus offers
                                              an express service to the Mt. Juliet, Martha
                                              and Lebanon Stations. It also has a return     Two Music City Star locomotives sit side-by-
DTO staff braved cold temperatures to cheer   trip to Nashville. Passengers needing to       side on the tracks ready for another day of
on their drivers during the TPTA Roadeo.      return early to the Hermitage or Donelson      getting commuters where they need to go.

page 2
DTO Employees Help Give Foster Children Special Holiday
    Davidson      Transit     Organization     enjoys a bit of the holidays just like others
employees continued their tradition of         in our community.”
giving to those less fortunate this past           A group of more than 100 DTO
Christmas by donating toys, clothes,           employees donated their own funds and
electronic games and other gifts for           made sure that many of these kids had
children who are in the state’s foster care    those special items on their “wish lists” by
system.                                        sponsoring seven foster children through
    There are about 1,200 foster children      the Davidson County Department of
in Davidson County, and like most kids,        Children’s Services office.
many were hoping for a few special gifts           “Many of the children, who are in
on Christmas Day.                              traditional foster homes or group homes,
    “When a child returns to school after      are in our care due to abandonment, neglect      Some of Santa’s helpers take a break
the holiday break, the first question a         or abuse,” Aaron said. “Unfortunately, with      from preparing gifts for the foster children
friend usually asks is ‘What did                       so many children, it is often difficult   sponsored by the generous donations of
you get for Christmas?’” said Carla                                                             DTO employees.
                                                       for us to find enough sponsors. We
Aaron, Tennessee Department of                         appreciate the support, kindness         the seven children. The presents were
Children’s Services Davidson County                    and generous donations from our          distributed on Dec. 20.
Administrator. “Donations of toys,                     friends at the MTA.”                         For nearly 19 years, employees have
MP3 players and other electronic                           DTO employees raised nearly          contributed funds to purchase the gifts that
games and gadgets to our Santa program         $2,000 in cash and gift donations. This          have been provided to various organiza-
helps ensure that every child in foster care   amount was enough to provide gifts to            tions in the Nashville community.

                                                        News & Notes
      New Bus Display                              services. MTA was represented at                well as educating everyone on the
         The new MTA bus display                   the Mayor’s Annual Celebrating                  benefits of public transportation.
      made its debut during the annual             Neighborhoods Conference and
      All About Women show at                      DTO employees participated in                   Solar Shelters
      the Convention Center. Staff                 a series of benefit fairs for Metro                   Four shelters now have solar
      working the booth received rave              government employees.                           lit advertising panels. The shelters
      reviews from other exhibitors and                                                            are located at Murfreesboro
      many of the people in attendance.            Coalition Video                                 Road and Plus Park inbound;
      The bus display was made by                      The Nashville MTA complet-                  Murfreesboro Road and Dell
      the Gillig Corporation, which                ed a 12-minute video detailing                  inbound; Murfreesboro Road and
      also constructs MTA buses. The               how public transportation has                   Ransom inbound; and Charlotte
      display is an actual front of a              changed the lives of people in our              and 42nd inbound. Also, the
      bus.                                         community. The video project,                   shelters have an interior light that
                                                   made possible in part by a $4,000               works off of the solar panels.
      Community Events                             Local Transit Coalition Grant
         At the request of organizers,             received from the American                      APTA Conference
      DTO staff participated in several            Public Transportation Association                  MTA is hosting the 2007
      community events this fall to                last fall, also includes a brochure             American Public Transportation
      promote MTA transportation                   detailing the benefits of public                 Association Bus and Paratransit
      services. Employees worked the               transit. The video is currently                 Conference and International
      Vanderbilt University Employee               airing on Metro 3.                              Bus Roadeo next May. The
      Benefits Fair and received a                      MTA partnered with the                      conference
      significant number of positive                Accessible           Transportation             will    be
      comments and inquiries from                  Alliance, AccessRide Policy                     held May
      Vanderbilt employees. DTO staff              Advisory Committee and Partners                 6-9 at the
      worked at the Senior Expo and                in Transit on the promotional                   Renais-
      Boomers event at the fairgrounds.            video. The information is being                 s a n c e
      One of our new Gillig buses and              distributed to community leaders,               Hotel in
      a new AccessRide van were on                 elected officials, and other                     downtown
      display, and the staff answered              stakeholders in hopes of gaining                Nashville.
      many questions about our                     additional funding for the MTA as

                                                                                                                                      page 3
                         Nashville MTA Roadeo & Employee Day
     The annual Nashville MTA Roadeo competition took place Oct. 28 in the employee parking lot behind the main office at
 130 Nestor St. In conjunction with the roadeo, an employee family day also was held.
     Bus and van operators competed for first-, second- and third-place plaques, cash prizes and a chance to represent MTA
 in the state competition in Chattanooga in November.
     Mechanics competed for the first time in recent years in team and individual events, including a written test, vehicle
 inspection, and testing and diagnosing defects. The winners of the team competition will advance to compete in a roadeo
 in Jacksonville, Fla., March 3-4, 2007. They also will participate in the International Roadeo Competition, which will be held
 in Nashville next May. Additionally, a bus cleaning competition took place.

                                                      MTA Roadeo Results
                                                       Bus Operators (40-foot )
                                                             1. Mark Johnson
                                                             2. Danny Pursley
                                                             3. Jean Leveque

                                                       Bus Operators (35-foot)
                                                             1. Veronica Beard
                                                              2. Marco Duran
                                                              3. Paula Morgan
    Mark Johnson won the 40-foot bus division
    at the MTA Roadeo and finished third in
    the 35-foot division at the state roadeo. He
                                                            AccessRide Van
    will also compete at the APTA International            1. Theodore Thompson                          Charlie Patterson, Mike Davenport
    Roadeo in the spring of 2007.                             2. Deloris Roberts                         and Roger Ketron work on
                                                                                                         diagnosing defects with the air
                                                     Mechanics Class A (Team)                            conditioning unit of a bus.
                                                     1. Mike Davenport, Roger Ketron
                                                         and Charlie Patterson
                                                      2. Steven Brewer, Joel Roberts
                      Veronica Beard                         and Wade Scott
                      placed first in
                      the 35-foot bus                      Mechanics Class B
                      division at the                         (Individual)
                      MTA Roadeo.                            1. Ronald Rhoads

                                                              Bus Cleaners
                                                              1. Gloria Ewing
                                                               2. Diane Hill

                                                                                                              Steve Brewer, Wade Scott
                                                                                                              and Joel Roberts investigate
                                                                                                              problems with the engine
                                                                                                              transmission of this bus.

                                                                 Ronald Rhoads studies the air board
                                                                 in order to determine what sort of
                                                                 brake malfunction has occurred.

                                                                                 Gloria Ewing and Diane
                          Bob Baulsir (right) presents a                         Hill show off the plaques
                          plaque to Theodore Thompson                            they won in the Bus
                          for winning the AccessRide                             Cleaning competition.
                          van competition.

page 4
                         Nashville MTA Roadeo & Employee Day

                                                                          Children enjoyed dressing up
                                                                            for the costume contest.

    MTA Youth Liaisons Hannah Cornfield
     and Eric Harvey helped out with the
   face-painting for Carlos Wyatt (center).

Ed Oliphant, with the assistance of MTA Youth
                                                          A contestant ponders which bag of many prizes to
Liaison Eric Harvey, announces one of the many
                                                          chose from during a game of "Deal or No Deal" as
raffle prize winners that were drawn throughout
                                                          host Judy Shelton and her three assistants watch.
the day as part of a fundraiser for the MECCC.

                                                                               Former Safety and Security
                                                                         Manager Tommy Boshers and his
                                                                           wife Maria pose with plaques of
     The karaoke competition was just one of several                    appreciation presented to them for
     fun activities that took place throughout the day.                their many years of service to MTA.

                                                                                                     page 5
    Dear MTA ...
        I started my first internship in the Polk building downtown     while never missing a beat at professional driving. Who are
    in the Office of Research and Education Accountability. I           they trying to kid, everyone knows Government workers are
    have been riding the North State Shuttle for 4 weeks now           among the worst? I feel better as soon as I see she is my
    and your employees are bugging me!                                 driver that morning!
        I know what I am talking about when it comes to driving.           I hesitate to tell this knowing scheduling and business
    I was a Professional Driver for 20 years prior to entering         and such, but can I tell what immense respect and emotion I
    college to change career direction. I currently hold a CDL         feel when I am halfway between my car and the shuttle stop
    license with an H/T endorsement. I also spent 12 of those          on a bad leg from Vietnam, unable to ever run again and
    years in city delivery of freight from a semi-tractor trailer. I   any of your drivers stop in the middle of the block to allow
    never had an accident.                                             me entry. I have been abused by dispatchers demanding
        Your cadres of drivers are awesome. They are professional      you stick to a schedule, but the compassion and caring for
    to a fault, extremely well mannered, compassionate, and            their customers is outstanding and that act of kindness and
    great drivers. How dare they start my day off each morning         respect makes me just humble to be alive for the rest of the
    with kindness, safety and professional behavior in a world         day.
    where such a thing does not happen, especially from                    In short, they are bugging me to death. They are a role
    “Government” Drivers?                                              model in my face of how I should conduct myself in the
        The men are quiet generally and very expert drivers.           new world I have educated myself too! I know for a fact
    I see vehicles just plain stop in the middle of the road in        that I could never come up to their standards of conduct
    front of them, lock them into narrow spaces and they never         day in—day out as they have already exhibited. Who do they
    once get upset or angry, but instead handle the situation in       think they are fooling? They probably all go home and kick
    a quiet responsive and professional manner that never even         their cats or something. I can’t believe they are actually that
    alerts most of the riders that there was a potential problem       professional, caring, and competent.
    at all. Always with quiet manners! (Yes sir, thank you sir,            Someone in your human resources or training or hiring
    etc).                                                              department is a genius for personnel. My thanks to them
        The women are a little more extroverted and one in             all; just don’t stop bugging me!
    particular greets everyone with a smile, tells them something
    positive and just generally gives uplift to the entire morning        --Rodney Crumpton

Kudos ...
    I just wanted to say what a joy it is       up. Within a few minutes an MTA SUV            driver. … Not only did I have a positive
riding with Tommy Allen on the 4:45 p.m.        came by. When we got in to the car, Kym        experience dealing with Mr. Bomar, but
from downtown to Hermitage and with             (Zerfoss), the supervisor, stated that she     also he went out of his way to facilitate the
Sheri Gray on the 6:36 leaving Hermitage        was very sorry for the mix up and would        return of my wallet. I want to take the time
in the morning for downtown. These two          take us anywhere we needed to go! She          to let you know how much I appreciate
people are the best.                            apologized to us all the way to Lebanon.       him, and I hope you do, too.
   --Heather Potts                                  After work on the following Monday, I         --Delcinia C. Costa
                                                was on the bus going to the train and was
    My daughter and I were waiting at the       telling another passenger about what had          Richard Kiefer and David Imlay
Riverfront Station for the shadow bus to        happened and about the great customer          recently passed an Automotive Service
Lebanon. The Orange County Choppers             service. The bus driver looked back at me      Excellence (ASE) Heavy Duty Truck
(OCC) were at Riverfront that day, and          and stated "you’re the one everyone was        Diesel Engine Test. Also, Sam Madzia
the shadow bus never arrived. After             running around trying to take care of?"        and Tim Vick passed the ASE Tests for
about 15 minutes of waiting, I called the       Apparently, a lot of people at MTA were        Transit Bus Brakes and Electrical. This
customer service telephone number listed        very concerned with making sure that I         gives MTA five of the 405 technicians
on the ticket vending machine. A person         was taken care of. I want to thank Velda       nationwide who hold these certifications.
named "Zelda" (Velda Hayes) stayed with         and Kym for taking care of my daughter         Congratulations to all.
me on the telephone for about 15 minutes.       and me! I want to thank you for providing
She occasionally came back on the line          great customer service!
and gave me updates about the problem.             --Melinda S. Crutchfield
It was determined that the bus could not
get to us because of the OCC. The last              During the bus ride from the state                NASHVILLE MTA/DTO
time Velda came on line she told me that        parking lot to Deaderick Street, while                IS A DRUG-FREE
everything had been taken care of and           leaving the bus, I slipped on the steps and           WORKPLACE.
that a supervisor was coming to pick me         fell down. Mr. Lester Bomar #469 was the

page 6
                                                                                        Contract Approved
                           Staff Promotions                                                The Davidson Transit Organization
Employee            Position                                                 Date       (DTO) and the Amalgamated Transit
Yamani Smith        From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        7/16/06    Union (Local 1235) agreed on a new
Shunta Johnson      From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        7/16/06    labor contract in early October. The
Gabrielle Burgess   From Vehicle Operator to Oper. Supervisor/Dispatcher     8/20/06    DTO Board of Directors has approved
Bruce Bryant        From Vehicle Operator to Oper. Supervisor/Dispatcher     8/20/06    the contract, which will be in effect
Emanuel Edwards     From Vehicle Operator to Oper. Supervisor/Dispatcher     8/20/06    until June 30, 2009.
Evon Heath          From Vehicle Operator to Customer Service Rep.           10/2/06
KeKe Ewing          From Customer Service Representative to Laborer          10/9/06    Some components of the new contract
Jonathan Haralson   From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        10/22/06   include:
Jean Legrand        From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        11/17/06      • A 1.25 percent pay increase every
David Hill          From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        11/17/06      six months for the next three years,
Obrad Radic         From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        11/17/06      for a total of 7.5 percent.
David Harris        From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        12/1/06       • Faster progression to the top pay
Brian Vaughn        From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        12/1/06       scale for bus operators.
Joyce Banks         From Vehicle Operator Trainee to Vehicle Operator        12/1/06       • A modest premium increase of
                                                                                           only $5 per month for a major
                                                                                           medical plan.
                               New Employees                                               • Increased life insurance from
                                                                                           $30,000 to $35,000, provided at no
As the MTA continues to grow, we would like to welcome our new employees.                  cost to employees.
                                                                                           • Increased uniform allowance.
Employee                  Position                                           Date          • Increased bereavement leave.
Jethro Ellerbe            Part-time Vehicle Operator Trainee                 7/25/06
Charles Glenn             Part-time Vehicle Operator Trainee                 7/25/06
Donna Rogers              Part-time Vehicle Operator Trainee                 7/26/06    Employees Raise
John Scott Martin         General Helper                                     8/1/06     Money for MECCC
Traci Phillips            Part-time Vehicle Operator Trainee                 8/28/06
                                                                                            MTA raised nearly $12,659 for
Warren Williams           Part-time Vehicle Operator Trainee                 8/28/06
                                                                                        the Metro Employees Consolidated
Chris Hughes              Operator Supervisor/Dispatcher                     8/28/06
                                                                                        Charities Campaign through a raffle
Mildred Gilbert           Laborer                                            9/5/06
                                                                                        and a pancake breakfast and pizza
Xiomara Reina             Bi-lingual Customer Service Representative         9/18/06
                                                                                        party. This total is a 19.4 percent
Rochelle Robinson         AccessRide Eligibility Specialist                  9/25/06
                                                                                        increase over MTA’s goal set by Metro
James Searcy              Laborer                                            9/25/06
                                                                                        of $10,599.78.
John Curatolo             Safety and Security Manager                        10/2/06
                                                                                            All of the contributions go to
Jim McAteer               Director of Planning                               10/9/06
                                                                                        help benefit more than 230 charities
Ray Alegria               Information Tech Specialist                        10/9/06
                                                                                        including Community Health Chari-
Jeremy Flick              Temporary Clerk – Planning Department              10/16/06
                                                                                        ties, Community Shares and the
Christine Lowe            Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/25/06
                                                                                        United Way of Metro Nashville.
Steven Fields             Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/25/06
                                                                                        Congratulations to Jessica Taylor
Charity Jones             Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/30/06
                                                                                        (administrative),   Joel      Recinto
Daud Jama                 Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/30/06
                                                                                        (maintenance) and Jeffery Beaty and
David Pierre-Paul         Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/30/06
                                                                                        William Godwin (operations) for
Loretta Sammons           Vehicle Operator Trainee                           10/30/06
                                                                                        winning the MECCC “Day off with
Nancy Barton              Vehicle Operator Trainee                           11/27/06
Tammy Conwell             Vehicle Operator Trainee                           11/27/06
Benny Ricketts            Vehicle Operator Trainee                           11/27/06
Vince Baker               Vehicle Operator Trainee                           11/27/06
Tyge Sutton               Vehicle Operator Trainee                           11/27/06

                    Gone Fishing: MTA Retirees
The following employees have recently retired from the MTA. They are going to be
missed, and we would like to extend them our best wishes.

Employee                  Position                                           Date       Dawn Distler, Tim Sanderson, Ellen
Thomas Sloss              Vehicle Operator (18.5 years of service)           10/1/06    Davis, Ed Oliphant and Jim McAteer
Tommy Boshers             Safety and Security Manager                        10/4/06    help make pancakes for David Love and
                                                                                        Paul Ballard.
                                                                                                                        page 7
                                      State of Tennessee Offering Commuter Benefits
                                          The Nashville MTA has become the first          3,400 state employees had signed up for “Smart
                                      transit system in the south to provide commuter    Cards”. An estimated 250 state employees rode
                                      benefits to state government employees. In          the bus during the weekday period prior to the
                                      a partnership that began on Oct. 1, state of       launch of the program.
                                      Tennessee employees who live in the Nashville          “I have ridden the route 96 bus from LaVergne
 130 Nestor Street
                                      area and work downtown can ride to work on         for nine years, and I am always recruiting new
 Nashville, TN 37210-2124             MTA fixed-route buses and have their employer       riders,” Bailey said. “Several times over the
                                      pay the fare.                                      years, I have written to the Governor and asked
 Phone 615-862-5969
 Fax 615-862-6208                         “Having the transit card is saving me $90      why we state employees couldn’t have our
                                      a month in the fare alone,” said Cindy Bailey,     commute subsidized.”
         ADA Inquiry and
         Customer Service             who works for the Department of Children’s             The state’s desire to combat its decreasing
         862-5950                     Services in the Cordell Hull Building in           parking availability led to the interest in the
         880-3286 (TTY)               downtown Nashville “My old 1991 Eagle              program. The state’s goal is to free some 2,000
 Check our Web site at                Premier should last a long time since I only       downtown parking spaces by offering the Easy                 have to drive it about 5 miles a day even though   Ride option.
 Bill Purcell                         my office is 25 miles from home.”                       State workers in the Nashville area can
 Mayor                                    The state joins other organizations such as    apply for a “Smart Card” by going to the state
 Paul J. Ballard                      Vanderbilt University and Belmont University       Intranet for an application or by picking up an
 Chief Executive Officer               to offer commuter transportation options to        application from the Tennessee Department
                                      employees. Metro Nashville                                            of General Services. The
 Board of Directors
                                      is expected to offer a similar                                        department is coordinating the
 Lewis Lavine                         program next year.                                                    card issuance with MTA.
                                          During the first month,                                                The state pays MTA $1.15
 Gail Carr Williams                   more than 4,300 passenger                                             for each ride logged on the
 Vice Chair                           trips were recorded. By the                                           cards, which are free unless a
 William L. Barnes                    end of October, approximately                                         replacement card is necessary.
 E.L. Collins
                                      Planning Director, Safety and Security Manager Hired
 Marian T. Ott
 Member                                   Jim McAteer has been hired as Director of           McAteer received both his undergraduate
                                      Planning for the Davidson Transit Organization,     and graduate degrees from Towson University in
 Newsletter Editorial Staff           and John Curatolo has been hired as Safety and      Baltimore, Maryland, and he attained a Masters
 Editor-in-Chief/Writer               Security Manager for the DTO. The two began         of Arts in Geography and Environmental
   Patricia Harris-Morehead           work in October.                                    Planning with a specialization on Transportation
                                          McAteer is responsible for all planning         Planning in 2002. He is a member of the
 Managing Editor/Writer               processes,     including    system     analysis,    American Institute of Certified Planners.
  Wendy Smith
                                      service     development,                                Curatolo is a former member of the Ithaca,
 Contributing Writer                  scheduling, and data                                New York, Police Department where he
   Paul J. Ballard                    collection.    Prior     to                         worked for 21 years before retiring at the rank
 Graphic Designer                     joining the MTA, he                                 of Deputy Police Chief. He has extensive law
   Janice Truszkowski                 spent four years at                                 enforcement training and experience. Prior to
                                      the     Nashville Area                              working in management, his expertise was in
 Editorial Assistance
   Ellen Davis                        Metropolitan Planning                               traffic enforcement and accident reconstruction.
   Dawn Distler                       Organization as a project                           Curatolo has attended accident reconstruction
   Bill Farquar                       manager on a wide range                             training courses through Northwestern
   Lee Jackson                        of transportation projects.    Jim McAteer          University Traffic Institute and the New York
   Rob McElhaney                      He also has worked for       Planning Director      State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
   Ed Oliphant                        the Nashville Planning                                  He      also      has
   Janice Truszkowski
                                      Department in the Geographic Information            investigated numerous
 Photography/Artwork                  Systems (GIS) division.                             serious injury and fatal
  Everton Oglesby Architects              Projects under McAteer’s direction include      motor vehicle accidents.
   Kathryn Deising                    the 2006-2008 Transportation Improvement            Curatolo has testified in a
   Dawn Distler
                                      Program, the Nashville Area Sidewalks and           number of New York State
   Janice Truszkowski
   Regional Transportation            Bikeways Plan as well as a major transit            Courts as an “accident
    Authority                         investment study called the Southeast Corridor      reconstructionist”    and
                                      High-Performance Transit study. He also was a       expert witness as it            John Curatolo
 If you have suggestions for future
 articles, please submit them to      member of the team that put together the 2030       pertains to motor vehicle Safety and Security
 the MTA communications office.        Long Range Transportation Plan.                     accidents.                         Manager
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