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									Sydney is the city that catches the fancy of a lot of holiday-makers. Its highlights leave
them speechless when they have a close encounter with them.

Let’s take to the air to the mesmerizing city of Sydney, shall we? Are you really on the edge
of taking up a vacation in Sydney? Wow! Words would not be enough to express ourselves.
Sydney, the name is enough to leave you knocked for six. Many start jumping with joy in the
air the instant they come to know that they are going to one of the most cherished
destinations of the world. Sydney needs no introduction. If truth be told, it is one of the
most happening cities on the planet which when explored take the passionate hitchhikers
on the ride of their lifetime that they would treasure perpetually. Why waste time when you
can take flights to Sydney from london for a never ending fun?

If we were to ask you a question about why only Sydney, odds would be you are not
acquainted with the various facets of the city that attract a lot of tourists flying from varied
parts of the globe. This hypnotic Australian city is filled with an almost variety of activities
and highlights that never come to a cease. You can grab a tour of the infamous harbour or
come face-to-face with the country’s diverse wildlife. If you’re an art aficionado, then make
your way to the art galleries and find yourself behind the scenes.

Have you ever heard about the Sydney Opera House? Your trip to the city would not be
considered complete if you don’t visit the Sydney Opera House. It in fact is one of the most
recognisable images of the contemporary world. It represents the country other being the
most photographed image. You would run into so many people around the Sydney Opera
House and taking its pictures as it leaves them awestruck. It is the busiest performing arts
centre of the world. It has also been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in

We are sure with what has been mentioned above about the city would persuade you to
book cheap flights to Sydney from Heathrow. And, why wouldn’t it? Sydney is really rocking
when it comes to bestowing the tourists with several sightseeing spots. If you want to unveil
the roots of the history, what can be better than paying a visit to the museum? The city is
loaded with a wide array of museums such as the Australian Museum, the Powerhouse
Museum and many more.

You can cover other attractions such as Sydney Harbour Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Luna
Park, Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Darling Harbour and many more.

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