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									                  How Parents Can Save Money On Childcare?

Parents want to give their children the best they deserve but they are often struggling to make
ends meet. Childcare does not come cheap and it can really take a lot on the salary. It is
actually estimated that wage earners spend 10% to 25% of their salary to childcare. For single
parents, they spend twice more. The costs are increasing every year and it’s getting more and
more difficult to pay for it, but then again you don’t want to put your child’s health safety on the

Here are some tips to save money childcare.

      Ask help from your family and friends- often times, parents are hesitant to ask their
       grandparent or friends to watch over their kids, especially if it has to be on a regular
       basis. For some people, this may not be a good alternative, but then again, it is worth
       considering. You’ll save so much from this and you can always offer something else that
       will serve as payment, just to make things work on both sides. Relatives are often happy
       to help out, also, the grandparents would find the little tikes hard to resist even if you
       have no cash to give them.

      Work out your schedule- this may be the reason why you’re spending a lot on child
       care. But always try to balance your work schedule so that you’ll have time for your
       children. This might not seem so easy but you will benefit from this too. A well manage
       schedule will help you give yourself time to rest, and although your job can’t afford this,
       you might want to try considering this for the sake of your kids.

      Join a club- babysitting clubs are very common nowadays because it really is a big help
       for parents. The good thing about it is that your kids will also have time to interact with
       other people, like they would in a daycare facility minus the expensive fees. These clubs
       can even agree to pay for small dues such as gas, entertainment plan and other basic
       costs for the kids.

      Take advantage for the federal tax credit- if you are a qualifying tax payer in the US,
       you can claim up to $ 3,000 for each parent who require childcare expenses. You can
       also check into other government programs too, because some of them offer subsidy
       programs to cover the daycare costs, but of course you have to qualify for it. There are
       certain requirements for this so check into it as early as possible. And even if you’re not
       within the low income bracket, you can still check if you’re qualified for this.

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