Air pollution

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					                     Air pollution
     As students, we can reduce our ecological footprint
by trying to cut down air pollution. Air pollution is a very
serious problem that needs to be addressed. Air
pollution can lead to acid rain, higher disease rates, and
very bad weather.
     Higher disease rates are also an outcome of air
pollution. According Acid rain is one outcome of air
pollution. Acid rain is not what you see in the movies
when everything deteriorates sizzling from the rain. Acid
rain is really rain that is polluted before it hits the
ground. The way this happens is the rain falls though air
that has high amounts of chemicals. Acid rain is a
problem here because of industry in the surrounding
     According to studies people are more likely to get air
related diseases in air polluted areas, which is a no-
brainer. And we wonder why there are bigger hospitals in
big cities. But really diseases are no joke; do you think
the victims and the victims’ families are laughing? And
with cities surrounding us (Atlantic City, Philadelphia,
New York, etc.) air related diseases are a problems in our
    Hurricanes, droughts, heat waves are all going to
problems if our pollution levels keep up. Those disasters
can send a strong community into a tail-spin. They can
damage property, create chaos, and take lives.
    Air pollution can lead to acid rain, higher disease
rates, and very bad weather. You may think it’s not a big
deal, but air pollution is. So go to a website and find out
what you can do to stop air pollution today.

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