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					Letter on Documentation

Good morning staff, Hope your day is going well. First of all, I really appreciate the work that you. Often times with so much involvement with direct care we forget to document─ written and electronic─ in a timely a manner. However, I know in the human service industry or any organization, if it is not documented it did not happen. Given the currently economic conditions more are more organizations are finding ways to cut cost. This means renegotiating contracts and auditing vendors who are contracted by them. This is the economic environment and is necessary for businesses to stay viable. The current economic condition has affected ABC Clinic remuneration and our service delivery. As you know we are transitioning from a per diem (daily flat) rate to a fee based (face-to-face contact) rate for all our patients. Therefore we are going to get paid only for patients whom we see. At the end of the month we submit an invoice for billing, however a HMO or any one of our providers can dispute the invoice due to improper of lack of documentation. HMOs can audit us to see if contacts are being made. If they do not see any record of contacts with a patient they can refuse payment. If they have discrepancies they can request a copy of the contact sheets. If our contacts are not documented─ written and electronic ─then a HMO will not pay us. If we are not paid, then we have no money which to pay staff. This means no job for me and you. We must do our part to ensure that this does not happen; therefore we all must hold each other accountable and ourselves accountable for documentation just as management will hold you and me accountable. Remember, Tuesdays are our office days to get documentation done. My management style is not to micro manage; so I have not been as vigilant on in this area as I should. I have not excuse. Now with this new system I have to micromanage this area of ABC Clinic meticulously.

Effective immediately this is how we will conduct our business in regards to documentation: Submit your signed contact sheets no later than Tuesday each week at 6pm. The clerk will check documentation on Wednesday. If documentation is missing then you will receive · A letter of counsel

If this is ongoing then you will receive · a written reprimand

If this continues then you will receive · A recommendation for suspension or further disciplinary action

If this continues then you will receive · A recommendation for termination of employment

As much as you will be held accountable I will accountable. This means I will be written up and disciplined or removed from my supervisory position for my staff’s lack of documentation. It’s not personal and please don’t take it that way. It’s a part of effective service delivery. I see you everyday staying late hours and going beyond the call of duty. I greatly appreciate that. What we have to do is work smarter not harder. We must continue with effective service delivery and not forget to input our notes. Remember you can be the best worker and have successful outcomes with your patients however if it is not documented; it did not happen.


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