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									Etiquette for Guests
During Tea
The standard number of guests for a
small meeting is between 4-5. Guests
have certain roles during the ceremony.

Shokyaku is the guest of honor, Jikyaku
is the second guest, the rest are Kyaku
and the last guest is called Tsume.
   The Tsume
have a special
      rank and
seating in the
The Shokyaku, or the guest of honor , is
the primary person to communicate with
the Teishu.

The Shokyaku asks the
Teishu questions about
the tea utensils such as
their origin.
 The Shokyayu
 should always
ask politely and
   thank the
To be eaten only
after the Teishu
has already
warmed the
Chawan with hot
water from the
Kama and has
disposed of the
waste water.
• Get the tea bowl or chawan
• Bow
• Prepare to drink the tea
• Clean the rim

The Shokyaku asks the guests if
 they want more tea. If not, they
 will request the Teishu to clean
       up and end the ceremony.

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