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									                                                                   TRANS KALAHARI


To the Safari Traveller, those concerned about Africa’s Wildlife & Cultural

I welcome you to explore a conservation initiative through the “Hokoyo Wildlife Trust
Black Rhino Project, Botswana”. In this proposal I have briefly summarised the “Trans
Kalahari Rhino Expedition”.

We would like to invite you to be part of this journey of learning and help to protect
these last remaining wildlife & cultural vestiges for future generations of the world.
Funds raised go towards the development of a breeding sanctuary for the black rhino on

Yours in Conservation

Julie-Anne Edwards
Founder & Project developer - Hokoyo Wildlife Trust
Plains of Africa Safaris - Licensed Professional Guide – ZW.G#26

                                                                   Rhino Sanctuary


Save the Black Rhino from Extinction! Go to www.hokoyowildlife.org

“The object of creating the ‘Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary’ was simply to try keep some
rhinos safe so that they could breed. It was, and is, an exercise in security and
management, not a scientific experiment.” - Anna Merz ‘Rhino at the Brink of

How will money raised be used?:
 Action:                                     Benefit:
 Employment of caring, professional staff    Black Rhino populations increase
 Rhino fencing                               Eco Tourism
 Security for the sanctuary                  Jobs for people
 Local staff training in rhino management    Education & Training
 Boma construction                           Inspiration to humanity
 Food & Water for rhinos                     Enhancing moral & ethical responsibility
 Sourcing threatened rhinos                  Rhino can live wild & free
 Darting & Translocation
 Breeding/Monitoring of Rhino

          Anna Merz – World Renowned         Translocation of Rhino from           Security - Rhino
             Rhino Conservationist          severe poaching zones to safer        Electrified Fencing
                                              protected areas with good

                                                                     Itinerary of Trans Kalahari
                                                                     Rhino Expedition

Botswana is considered to be one of the top safari destinations in Africa. Its incredible
diverse and abundant wildlife is world famous and not many places on earth will one
experience this true wildlife adventure. About 80% of the country is covered by Kalahari
Sands. The original inhabitants some 2000 years ago were the san Bushmen, these most
ancient of all people. Botswana has a rich mix of African cultures the largest tribal group
being the Batswana forming about 50% of the population.

Botswana can be visited at any time of the year, summers are generally hot and winters
mild with a few cold spells. Seasons: High: July 1 to October 31; Shoulder: March 1 to June
30 & November/December 1 to 31

Summary Itinerary of Trans Kalahari Rhino Expedition - 2010
Date: 21st April to the 8th th April 2010 - 18 night/19 Days
Flight ex Johannesburg to Maun – return
Road transfer – ex Maun to Ghanzi return
Road transfer – ex Maun to Moremi return
4 x nights: Grassland Lodge FB (21st & 22nd April & 4th & 5th May)
12 x nights: Trans Kalahari Horse Trek, Expedition
2 x nights: Santawani Lodge – Moremi, Okavango Delta

                                                                                 Trans Kalahari Rhino

Trans Kalahari Rhino Expedition – Botswana

Start - April 2010; travelling in seriously wild desert lion country – World Renowned Rhino Conservationist Anna
Merz will participate in the expedition with Julie Anne Ride for Rhino Fame and Neeltjie Bower, local Naro
interpreter. 6 paying guests will have a once off experience to travel with these phenomenal people and
experience first hand the Kalahari for themselves.

To raise awareness for the 7 remaining black rhino in Botswana and funds towards the development of the Black
Rhino Sanctuary.

To traverse a part of the Central Kalahari as the initial fundrasier for the development of the sanctuary. In 2010,
Hokoyo Wildife Trust, invite 6 people to join the Trans Kalahari Rhino Expedition - this will be a unique
experience to travel on horseback for 12 days with an additional 4 days of luxury lodge accommodation in the
Central Kalahari & 2 days in the Okavango Delta. You will visit real bushman hunting camps, eat some of their
food and journey with world renowned rhino conservationist Anna Merz, be accompanied by two Naro Bushman,
Julie Anne Edwards a Zimbabwe Professional Guide, one of the original Rhino Girls having cycled across Africa
for the rhino, raising one million dollars for Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley Rhino, . Neeltjie Bower/ Degraaf, a
highly experienced Botswana Professional Guide and Naro interpreter who grew up with the Bushman. This is a
fundraiser for the rhino sanctuary and a once off opportunity to encounter all the Kalahari game including
desert lion. Money raised will go directly towards setting up the rhino breeding sanctuary. There will be a
backup support team lead by Willie & Annatjie Degraaf. Willie having lead cattle trails across the Central
Kalahari - everything will be provided for the rider, but this is not a tourist trip, but a real Kalahari experience.
It will be a tough adventure and rifles will be taken along in case of lion at night around the horses and camp.
This expediton is not a hectic gallop across the Kalahari but more a journey of oberservation and learning,
walking, easy trot mostly. However people will be expected to be able to handle themselves on their respective
mounts and also be prepared to face encoutners with lions either on the trail or at night around the campfire
and on the trek. Safety briefs with a plan of action for the day. The camping will be under bivvey’s, mozi nets
around the campfire sleeping in canvass matressed bedrolls. The entire expedition is geared towards a
“cowboy/bushman/ style set up – a cook and camp manager is being appointed, simple good food will be
provided with a couple of sundowners in the evening around the campfire to make you all sleep! The team will
ride as a group and travel in convoy from start to finish. Water for washing will be limited to a bowl at night for
personal hygene. Toilet - will be long drop style – shovel in the bushvelt. This is not for the faint hearted and its
not for the adrenelene junky heros either but a journey of learning, understanding, experiencing the Bushmen
of the Kalahari and helping the Rhino project.


 Participants is limited to 6 so those interested are to contact
   Julie Anne Edwards e mail : jame@plainsofafrica.com .


Day 1
21st April          Arrive JNB International Airport M eet Julie Anne Edwards & Anna M erz
                    Flight ex JNB to M aun
                    M eet Neeltjie Bower & Road Transfer ex M aun to Ganzi, Botswana
                    Over night: Grasslands Lodge FB – Welcome & Introduction

Day 2
22nd April          Grasslands Lodge FB
                    Horse mounts & equipment
                    Introduction & presentation on the rhino and sanctuary project

Day 3
23rd April          Horse trek - Grassland to Letiahau Valley

Day 4
24th April          40mile pans

Day 5
25th April          40 mile pans

Day 6, 7, 8, 9
26th - 29th April Travel the cutline

Day 10, 11
30th April to 1st M ay Tsau Hills

Day 12
2nd M ay            Rooibrak Valley

Day 13
3rd M ay            Rooibrak Valley – Bushman Villages

Day 14
4th M ay            Grassland Lodge FB

Day 15
5th M ay            Grassland Lodge FB

Day 16
6th M ay            Road Transfer ex Ganzi to M aun
                    Road Transfer ex M aun to M oremi Game reserve
                    Overnight lodge – Sankuyo Tshwaragano M anagement Trust Community Based Organisation!
                    SANTAWANI LODGE - Okavango Delta

Day 17
7th M ay            Overnight SANTAWANI LODGE - Okavango Delta

Day 18
8th M ay            Road Transfer ex Okavango Delta to M aun
                    Air Botswana ex M aun to Johannesburg

                                                                                  END OF TRANS KALAHARI EXPEDITION



Map - Trans Kalahari Rhino Expedition

                                        ‘Far in the bushveldt take a walk with the animals,
                                          you will certainly feel you are in the Africa of old’

                                                                  Central Kalahari


Central Kalahari
This is the second largest Game Reserve in the world covering an area of
52,800 sq km. The entire region consists of vast plains, ancient riverbeds
and saltpans. Wildlife to be found in this area include: large herds of
springbok, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, hartebeest and the largest of all
antelope, the eland. The Central Kalahari is famous for its black mane
lions, which can withstand and survive this harsh environment without
water for several months of the year. Nature has evolved in this
environment with certain instinctive adoptions. Adjacent to the reserve
you will be able to interact with the Bushmen of the Kalahari They are
renowned for their ancient culture and their unique ways. Bushman
ancestors are the first inhabitants of the continent and Africa’s oldest

Game Viewing
Interesting desert species, including the famous black mane lions and
brown hyena. Other predators include: wild dogs, cheetah, spotted hyena
and leopard. Good birding opportunities to spot those more unusual
Kalahari species.

                                                                  Grasslands Safari Lodge x 4

Grasslands Safari Lodge

The Safari Lodge (Central Kalahari GR, Botswana) is a little world of wonders...See
a wide variety of Kalahari animals and bird species on 4WD game drives, on
horseback, or simply gaze out at the numerous species attracted to our own
waterhole in front of the lodge. Enjoy memorable moments in the company of the
area’s endemic San bushmen. Learn how they hunt for food including meat,
vegetables and nuts; make medicines; traditional dances and ceremonies; build
their homes and even how they play games together. Enjoy a safe and leisurely
horse ride inside our large concession, with rides lasting anywhere from one hour to
three days. Learn of our rescue work with lions, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs in
the Kalahari region’s farmlands. See first hand how rogue and orphaned animals are
saved from almost certain death, before being moved to more suitable locations,
thereby protecting them and conserving the future of their species. And you’ll find
our eight stylish double chalets are luxurious, relaxing and comfortable.

At the lodge and beyond There's never a dull moment at Grassland Lodge! Guests
are free to take life at their own pace and soak up the unique atmosphere of the
lodge, but you'll always find there's something different to do. Because of the
lodge's unusual location, many of the activities offered are either exclusively
available at Grassland or will be sufficiently different from anywhere else, to make
the experience truly memorable. * Cultural actvities, with the local bush men *
Predator Protection Project * Horse Riding & Horse Safaris* Game Viewing

                                                                 Moremi Game Reserve -
                                                                 Okavango Delta
                                                                 x 2 Nights

Santawani Lodge

Santawani Lodge is located in a private concession area on the very southern boundary of
the famous Moremi Game Reserve (which is not fenced). The area has been used by local
lodge owners for more than 30 years. It is a pristine area and abundant in wildlife and
birds. They have the African Wild Dog breeding in the area and we have had Lion research
professionals in the area also for many years. Very near to the lodge is the Gomoti River
which is also home to an abundant variation of Mammal and bird species.
 Accommodation consists of thatched and brick, ensuite, twin bedded chalets that all have
a view of our watering hole. The lodge has recently been upgraded and hence the facilities
are still relatively new. All the rooms are spotless and well furnished. Each chalet has its
own shower and toilet, and all have ceiling fans. There are a total of 6 chalets
accommodating 12 people at a time.

Professional guides show you the area with great passion and pride. Half day and full day
trips in the area as well as full day trips into the Moremi Game Reserve are also on offer.

                                                                   Riding Ability/ General

Riding Ability
A Minimum riding ability required is mastery of the basic aids, ability to post to the trot for
stretches of 10 minutes at a time, to be comfortable at all paces and to be able to gallop
Howeevr when confronting lion the safety brief will be to dismount and face the lions and
not run. It is a great advantage if you are a fit and a proficient rider.

Type of Horse
Boerpad horses from the Ghanzi district, generally have an even temperament.

Length of the Ride
Between 4-6 hours in the saddle a day. This is broken by refreshment stops - picnic
breakfast or lunch and a 10-minute walk for every two hours spent in the saddle. (This
eases up the rider using different muscles, and helps the horse from constant pressure of
the rider’s weight).

The land is mostly flat, deep aeolian Kalahari sand deposits, which may be as deep as 150 –
200 metres. Altitude is approximately 1070 metres above sea level.

Rainfall on average for the Ghanzi area is approximately 500 mm per annum, falling mainly
in the months from November onwards, tailing off by April. Because of the high regional
rainfall during the 2008/2009 rainy season, as well as some late rains in June (± 25 mm),
the Ghanzi area was still relatively ‘green’ during late July 2003.

Soils and Vegetation are described as deep, unstructured fine grained regosols. There are
some clays and silts in drainage lines and calcrete deposits in fossil lake basins.

Wildlife includes: Eland, Gemsbok,Giraffe, Ostrich, Kudu, Cheetah, Springbok, Leopard,
Zebra, Impala, Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest, lion, leopard and wild-dog.

                                                                   Expedition General

Weight limit
Maximum weight is 200 lbs for a novice rider and 210 lbs for an advanced rider (15 stone or
95 kg).

The ride will be lead by qualified professional guide. A rifle is carried on all the rides. A
demonstration will be given at the beginning of the expedition with a talk on how to handle
big game situations.

The expedition ride is being lead by qualified professional guide. A keen interest is taken in
birds as well as fauna & flora.

Tack is English Style

Size of the Rides
Maximum of 6 guests to accompany the Trans Kalahari Expedition

See our clothes list. Laundry can be done in camp. Light Aircraft transfers have a weight
restriction of 12 - 15kg. Any extra luggage can be left with our office at Grasslands. Luggage
for light Aircraft should be soft holdall type. Riding clothes should be in neutral, khaki of
bush colours, no red or white if possible.

Recommended that all guests must have adequate medical Insurance.

Information we require
Drinks preferred. Any specialised diet or allergies. Please complete our Booking Form.

Guests will be asked to sign an indemnity prior to arriving in Africa and again with
Grasslands Lodge in camp before they ride.

                                                                                Expedition Cost


Total Cost of Expedition:
US$17’000.00 per person sharing basis 18 night/ 19 Day

Expedition Includes:
Flights ex Johannesburg return; Road Transfer ex Maun to Ghanzi return; 4 nights Grasslands Bushman lodge,
accommodation Full board, Safari Activities @ Grasslands; 2 nights Okavango Delta camp; accommodation Full
board, Safari Activities; All meals & drinks on expedition; Horse mounts & tack; Services of Professional
Guides; Bushman translators & trackers; Expedition Camp Manager & Support Truck; Cocktails @ sundowner
time on expedition; Rhino Information & presentations; Official Expedition kit bag, bedroll, shirt, hat and
signed copy of “Hokoyo, Silent Spoors & Parting Blades” by Julie Anne Edwards.

Expedition Excludes:
Any other extra/ optional activities; Champagnes, cellar wines and spirits. Tips and gratuities for
guides/drivers and lodge/camp staff; Airport taxes and security fees (unless mentioned specifically,
taxes/fees must be paid direct at airport); international departure and arrival flights, visas and phone calls.

Benefits to Black Rhino Project:
Horse Expedition is x 12 day @ US$ 1000.00 per day
Total US$ 12’ 000.00 goes directly for securing and upgrading fencing for the development of the Black Rhino
Sanctuary at Grasslands where the rhinos will be taken care of and breed through the support of the Hokoyo
Wildlife Trust and Grasslands management team.

Daily rate: $ 895.00

Budget for Expedition:
Accommodation : $ 2 800.00
Food:$ 400
Transfers: $ 750.00 .
Flight Tickets: $ 530.00
Equipment: expedition canvass bedroll, zipped canvass kit bag & Embroidered expedition shirt, hat & warm
jacket – $ 300.00
Unexpected items: i.e. Horse feed & incidentals for expedition – $ 100.00
Administration: $ 100.00
Hokoyo Book: $ 20.00
Hokoyo Trust Black Rhino Project: 12 day on horse expedition @ $1000 per day = US$ 12 000.00

                                                                             Contact Information


Contact Information & Important Note:

Particpants will be required to be interviewed directly by Julie Anne
Edwards the Founder & Co Ordinator of the expedition via SKYPE
so that the logistics are well understood, as this is not a luxury
tourist safari but a ground breaking fundraiser expedition to save the black

CC REG # 088007 / 23
Contact: Julie Anne Edwards Expedition Founder / Co ordinator
E mail: info@plainsofafrica.com / jame@plainsofafrica.com
Mobile: +27 (0) 73 338 0476
Office: + 27 (0) 31716 8859
Skype: julie.anne.edwards
Postal Address: Cluster Box 6937
                 Le Domaine 3626, Hillcrest
                  Kwa Zulu Natal
                  South Africa

Copyright: Plains of Africa Safaris 2009
Copyright and database rights protection exists in this publication and all rights are
reserved. This information is intended only for the person or entity to which it is
addressed and may contain private, confidential, proprietary and/or privileged material
and may be subject to confidentiality agreement(s). Any review, retransmission,
dissemination or any other use of or taking of any action in reliance upon this
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whether in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Plains of Africa
Safaris – Hokoyo Wildlife Trust.


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