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                     .20 APPOINTMENT FOR SPRING 2010

Goals and Objective of Faculty-in-Residence Program
   The goals of Faculty-in-Residence program are to assist the University in development
   of a Strategic Plan for Sustainability and to improve access to sustainability across the
   curriculum by mentoring other faculty in integrating sustainability concepts into their
   courses. The Faculty-in-Residence reports to the Sustainability Director in the Office
   of the President.

   The major responsibilities of the Faculty-in-Residence appointed for the Spring 2010
   academic semester will be twofold: 1) to work with their respective deans and college
   department chairs to develop draft short and long term sustainability strategies for
   undergraduate, graduate, professional degree, and certificate curriculum, and 2) to
   serve as a general resource for their college, the Office of the President, and the
   Academic Senate on sustainability issues related to curriculum, research, and co-
   curricular opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty-in-Residence
   Faculty-in-Residence are required to:
   · Answer questions from faculty related to sustainability;
   · Attend monthly 2-hour Faculty-in-Residence meetings;
   · Provide monthly updates on progress to the Sustainability Director;
   · Prepare and deliver a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation summarizing work
      completed at the end of the Spring 2010 semester;
   · Prepare a written 8-10 page document summarizing the sustainability strategy for
      their college. This may include identifying new curriculum development
      opportunities and promoting existing sustainability courses, degree, and certificate
      programs; increasing co-curricular opportunities; or planning for faculty hires;
   · Attend a conference or workshop on sustainability during the Spring 2010
      semester and integrate lessons learned from the conference into the college
      sustainability strategy (conference to be paid for by the Office of the President);
   · Develop and deliver an hour-long workshop during the Spring 2010 semester
      focused on assisting faculty in their college incorporate sustainability into their
      courses and research.
Application Procedure
  The application packet must include the following items:
  · A letter explaining why the applicant is interested in the position and the
      contributions she or he hopes to make in fulfilling the Faculty-in-Residence duties
      and responsibilities
  · A current CV
  · A brief letter of recommendation from the applicant’s department chair stating why
      the faculty member should be selected

Selection Process and Criteria
   The Sustainability Director and the respective college dean will jointly select a Faculty-
   in-Residence for each college for one semester at 0.20 reassigned time. All faculty in the
   Colleges of Applied Sciences and the Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Humanities
   and the Arts, Science, and Social Sciences may apply.

   The Office of Sustainability will provide you with support as you develop your training
   materials. We will also hold a workshop on strategic planning. The most important
   skills and interests we are looking for are a strong commitment to fulfill the duties and
   responsibilities of Faculty-in-Residence position; interest in and/or experience working
   on sustainability issues, and enthusiasm. Experience working across departments and
   colleges on curriculum and experience developing planning documents is a plus, but not
   a requirement, for applicants.

Applications Deadline
   The application deadline is noon Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Candidates will be
   notified via phone and email by January 5th.

   Application packets should be submitted, either electronically or in hard copy to:
                     Katherine Cushing
                     Special Assistant to the President & Sustainability Director
                     Office of the President
                     Tower Hall, Room 207
                     San José State University
                     San José, CA 95192-0002

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