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					                                        Asian Institute of Technology

... localizing MDGs, empowering people putting goals into actions ...

                                      Goals by 2015
                                      The UN Millennium Declaration of 2000 set
                                      forth a series of quantified and time-bound
                                      goals to reduce extreme poverty, disease
                                      and deprivation by 2015. The 8 Millennium
                                      Development Goals (MDGs) represent real
                                      global needs and international commitments
                                      to tackle and reduce poverty, hunger,
                                      ill-health, gender inequality, lack of educa-
                                      tion, lack of clean water, and environmental

                                      The Challenge
                                      for ASEAN
                                      In order to meet the 2015 MDG targets, a
                                      strong focus on education, training and
                                      dissemination in the ASEAN region is

                    GOAL 1                                              GOAL 3
                    ERADICATION OF                                      GENDER EQUALITY
                    EXTREME                                             AND WOMEN’S
                    POVERTY AND                                         EMPOWERMENT

    ARCMDG’s mission is to catalyze the achievements of the MDGs
    in the ASEAN region through capacity building, education and
    applied research programs, coupled with consulting and advising
    services, networking and partnership building activities.

    ARCMDG works in close collaboration with national, regional
    and international organizations, inclusive of civil society and
    non-governmental organizations.

    GOAL 7                                                            GOAL 8
    ENVIRONMENTAL                                                     GLOBAL
    SUSTAINABILITY                                                    PARTNERSHIP FOR
The Asian Regional Center of Excellence on Millennium Devel-
opment Goals (ARCMDG) is a no-profit making               outreach
programme of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). ARCMDG
works with its partners to enhance the knowledge management
and implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in
ASEAN and elsewhere.

In 2008, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) was designated
by the United Nations as the site of the world’s first Regional
Center of Excellence for Millennium Development Goals. The
ARCMDG at AIT is dedicated to the promotion and achievement
of the MDGs in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
(ASEAN) through evaluation and training. The ARCMDG at AIT
focuses on four MDGs, namely Goals 1, 3, 7 and 8. The Center
avails of the considerable intellectual strengths of AIT’s world-
class faculty and its extensive international partners.
                                         ... localizing MDGs, empowering
                                        people, putting goals into actions ...

1. To optimize the knowledge
   management on all aspects of
   MDG in ASEAN and elsewhere.

2. To facilitate the identification,
   development, sharing, imple-
   mentation of good practices in
   MDG governance and in MDG
   programme execution.

3. To facilitate and institutionalize
   trend analysis and transparent
   monitoring of MDG achievements
   and failures.

                                          AIT is endowed with:
                                          • 193   International partners, sponsors and clients
                                          • 135   Faculty members and researchers
                                          • 23    Laboratories
                                          • 22    Internationally recognized Centers of Excellence
                                          • 32    Fields of study and applied research
The creation of the ASEAN Regional Center of
Excellence on MDGs (ARCMDG) took place
during the ASEAN Region Roundtable titled
“ECOSOC’s       Promotion     and Achievement         of
Millennium Development Goals through Education
and Outreach” in March 2008 at the Asian Institute
of Technology. The high-level event was co-
organized by the NGO section of the United
Nations Department of Economic and Social
Affairs (UNDESA), the United Nations Institute for
Training and Research (UNITAR), UN-ECOSOC,
and AIT.

United     Nations   Secretary-General      H.E.    Ban
Ki-moon welcomed the creation of the world’s first
regional center of excellence on MDGs in an audio-
visual remark to the international stakeholders
meeting in Thailand. He said: “The new Centre and
its local and regional affiliates will provide continuity
for your initiatives. They will also serve as key MDG
hubs promoting development activities throughout
the region.”

                                                            H.E. Ban Ki-moon
                  recognized by ASEAN

                  The joint declaration of the Heads of the State at the 14th
                  Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
                  (ASEAN) held from 26 February to 1 March 2009 at Hua
                  Hin, Thailand, reaffirmed ASEAN’s regional commitment for
                  attaining the Millennium Development Goals. The joint
                  declaration said the MDGs could be realized by sharing
                  information, experiences and best practices among the
                  member states through relevant ASEAN bodies as well as
                  through the ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on
                  MDGs at the Asian Institute of Technology and other
                  regional institutions.

 To popularize the MDGs, by spreading, disseminating, and propagating
 information on MDGs, starting with 4 Goals: Goal 1, Eradication of
 Extreme Poverty and Hunger; Goal 3, Promotion of Gender Equality
 and Empowerment of Women; Goal 7, Ensuring Environmental Sustain-
 ability; and Goal 8, Global Partnership for Development, throughout the
 ASEAN Region.

 To develop and offer pedagogical modules, educational materials and
 tools for MDGs training in government and academic institutions, civil
 society, NGOs and the private sector, complementing similar initiatives by
 other Centers of Excellence on MDGs operating elsewhere in the world.

 To help establish National Centers of Excellence, starting with the
 ASEAN Region and to exchange information and competencies on
 MDGs between the Centers of Excellence.

 To stress the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of
 women as a cross-cutting issue of all MDGs, viewed within the human
 rights perspective and linked to the MDGs.

 To establish a bank of trainers and of networks of experts in MDGs and
 to train the trainers and professionals involved with MDGs.

 To conduct research of psycho-pedagogical impact for the spread of

 To collaborate and cooperate with internal units of AIT and external
 institutions, countries and regional organizations,
 including UN, NGOs, and civil societies
 engaged in MDGs focused activities.

 To document research on related
 themes of the MDGs and to
 disseminate the impacts of MDGs.
Key Resource Persons
Goal 1: Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger        Goal 7: Environmental Sustainability
Prof. J. K. Routray                                      Dr. Thammarat Kootatep
Regional and Rural Development Planning                  Environmental Engineering and Management                               

Goal 3: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment            Goal 8: Global Partnership for Development
Dr. Philippe Doneys                                      Dr. Mokbul Morshed Ahmad
Gender and Development Studies                           Regional and Rural Development Planning                              

Advisory Board Members                                      AIT Steering Committee
Mr. Apichai Sunchindah                                      Dr. Sandro Calvani
German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)                          Director, ARCMDG, AIT

Dato’ Dr. Ahamed bin Sipon                                  Prof. J. K. Routray
Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation         Regional and Rural Development Planning
Bangkok                                                     School of Environment, Resources and
                                                            Development, AIT
Dr. Donald Tambunan
Head of Social Welfare, Women, Migrant and Labour           Dr. Babel Mukand Singh, Associate Professor
Workers division (SWWMLW)                                   Water Engineering and Management
The ASEAN Secretariat                                       School of Engineering and Technology, AIT

Dr. Francois Loriot                                         Dr. Oleg V. Shipin, Associate Professor
International Association of MDGs Trainers (AIFOMD)         Environmental Engineering and Management
New York                                                    School of Environment, Resources and
                                                            Development, AIT
Dr. Gothom Arya
National Economic and Social Advisory Council, Bangkok      Dr. Bernadette P. Resurreccion, Associate
Dr. Hanifa Mezoui
                                                            Gender and Development Studies
Permanent Representative to the United Nations and
                                                            School of Environment, Resources and
                                                            Development, AIT
Dr. Jean D’Cunha
                                                            Dr. Winai Wongsurawat, Assistant Professor
UNIFEM East and SouthEast Asia Regional Office,
                                                            School of Management, AIT
                                                            Dr. Pritam K. Shrestha
Mr. Minar Pimple
                                                            Head, External Relations and Communications
United Nations Millennium Campaign, ASIA, Bangkok
                                                            Office, AIT
                                                            Mr. Voravate Chonlasin
Mr. Nico Barito
                                                            Head CMM, AIT Extension
UNITAR, Jakarta

Dr. Piniti Ratananukul
ASEAN University Network, Bangkok

   ... localizing MDGs,      ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on MDGs
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