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Consent to Investigative Consumer Report by pellcity27


The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates the use of information on a consumer's personal and financial condition. The most typical transaction which this Act would cover would be where a person applies for a personal loan or other consumer credit. Consumer credit is credit for personal, family, or household use, and not for business or commercial transactions. Also, this Act can apply when a person applies for a job or even a policy of insurance when certain investigations are made of the applicant. Investigative Consumer Reports are special types of consumer report not commonly used by credit and collection professionals. This report differs from the typical report used for the extension of consumer credit because it is can include information regarding a consumer's character, general reputation, and personal characteristics obtained through interviews with neighbors, friends, business associates, etc.

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									                      Consent to Investigative Consumer Report

I hereby give consent for an investigative consumer report to be done on me for tenant
purposes. I hereby authorize, without reservation, any law enforcement agency,
administrator, state agency, state repository, former employer, corporation, credit
agency, educational institution, city, state, federal court, military institution, information
service bureau, employer or insurance company contacted by (Name) to furnish any
and all information required. I do understand the investigation will include information
from law enforcement agencies, state agencies and public records information, such as
credit, social security, criminal, motor vehicle and workers' compensation in accordance
with the American Disability Act. This releases the aforesaid parties from any liability
and responsibility for collecting the above information at any time.

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