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Charging by Induction
       Conceptual Physics
  Text Correlation: Section 32.6
               Question 1
• Why are the             • Answer: The charges
  charges not               would be uniformly
                            distributed if they
  uniformly distributed
                            weren't influence by the
  over the spheres          oppositely charged
  after being charged?      sphere still in the
                            vicinity. The greater the
                            separation of spheres,
                            the more nearly uniform
                            is the distribution on
                            each sphere.
              Question 2
• What is the           • Answer: None,
  evidence that the       unless a test charge
  spheres are charged     is brought near each
  oppositely?             for inspection!
              Question 3
• Do both spheres     • Answer: Yes! The net
  have exactly the      charge before the
                        charged rod was
  same but opposite
                        introduced was zero,
  charge in this        and the net charge of
  demo?                 both spheres after is
                        still zero. Charge has
                        simply been transferred
                        from one sphere to the
                        other. Charge is never
                        created or destroyed!

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