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                  The Outsiders – An Extension of the Bookmark Assignment (aka Reading Response)

From your bookmarks, you must use one of each of the three reading strategies: a connection, visualization, and
question/inference to elaborate on and then use it for your Transformed Thought. (That means you have to do a deep
connection, a deep visualization, and a deep question.) This assignment is to be done once a week; therefore at the end
of the novel study, you have completed four bookmark extensions (or reading responses).

On each page, you should have

   o   The date, the chapter and page number(s) that the quote came from (please underline this), and your name
   o   The strategy (connection (and what kind : T-S, T-T, T-W) , visualization, question)
   o   What Happened section: your quote
   o   My Thinking section: your connection, your visualization (you can draw a picture, but you also need a paragraph
       explaining your picture as well), your question/inference. Make sure you explain how this connection,
       visualization, question/inference helped you understand the book better. Be sure to elaborate fully in your
       responses and use evidence from the novel whenever it is possible. Make sure to check COPS before handing it
   o   My Transformed Thought: How have your prior thinking/opinions been changed because of what you have just

(Please see the examples to make sure you’re doing this correctly).
                                                                       Bookmark Etc. Marking Rubric
            Not Yet Meeting Expectations       Minimally Meeting Expectations                     Meets                   Fully Meeting Expectations               Exceeding Expectations

                 Is not yet able to make           Is beginning to                      Is learning how to make              Understands the strategy of            Fully understands the
                  (or requires support               understand how                        connections with the text             connecting to text, and is              strategy of connecting to
                  when making)                       connections can help                  he/she is reading in order            easily able to make                     text and how to use these
                  connections to story               enhance understanding of              to make better sense of               connections to the story                connections to enhance
                  he/she is reading in               the story; can make a                 the story                             he/she is reading to                    understanding of what
T-S               order to understand the            connection when                      Connection/explanation is             enhance his/her                         he/she is reading
T-T               text better                        prompted, but it is not               simple and needs to be                understanding                          Connection/explanation is
T-W              Connection/explanation             always meaningful to the              more elaborate                       Connection/explanation is               meaningful, very clear and
                  is illogical                       story                                                                       clear and descriptive                   descriptive
                                                    Connection/explanation is
                                                     very simple and can be
                 Does not create a                 Is beginning to explain              Is showing a partial                 Is able to use explain                 Can easily and naturally
                  visualization (drawn               “picture in the mind” and             understanding of how to               “picture in the mind” clearly           create mental images while
                  picture or written                 demonstrates a beginning              explain “picture in the               and descriptively through               reading (as demonstrated
                  explanation) or                    understanding of the                  mind” by drawn pictures               drawn pictures and written              in his/;her drawn and
                  visualization does not             strategy (by using drawn              and written words                     words                                   written explanation)
                  make sense                         pictures and written                 Is able to use more than             Uses at least 3 of five                Explanation is vivid and
                                                     words)                                one of the five senses                senses and points of                    complete and uses
                                                    Is not able to use more              Explanation needs to be               reference                               powerful descriptive
                                                     than one of the five                  more elaborate                                                                language
                                                     senses                                                                                                             Uses at least 3-4 of five
                                                                                                                                                                         senses and points of
                 Is not yet able to ask            Is learning to ask                   Is learning the strategy of          Is able to ask deep thinking           Is able to ask thoughtful
                  him/herself questions              him/herself quick thinking            asking deep and quick                 questions during the                    and thought-provoking
                  about story while                  questions about the story             thinking questions while              reading process and                     questions (deep thinking
                  reading and does not               and demonstrates                      reading and is                        understands how the                     questions) during the
Infer             show how this strategy             minimal understanding of              demonstrating a                       process of asking and                   reading process, and
                  helps him/her                      how this strategy can be              beginning understanding               answering questions while               understands fully and
                  understand the text                used to help him/her                  of how answers to these               reading can help him/her                explain well how these
                  better                             understand the text better            questions can help                    better understand the text              questions, whether
                 Questions and/or                  Questions and/or answers              enhance understanding of             Questions and/or answers                answered or not, can lead
                  answers are illogical              can be illogical                      the text                              are more inferential than               to greater understanding of
                                                                                          Questions and/or answers              literal (i.e. deep vs. quick)           the text
                 Has difficulty telling the        Demonstrates a beginning              are more literal than
                  difference between a               understanding of what an              inferential (i.e. quick vs.          Understands the difference             Demonstrates complete
                  fact and an inference,             inference is and with                 deep)                                 between a fact and an                   understanding of the
                                                                                                                                 inference; while reading, is            difference between a fact
                  and is not yet able to             support, is learning to look
                                                                                          Is beginning to                       able to look for clues in text          and inference. While
                  make inferences                    for clues within the text                                                   and pictures and is learning            reading, is competent in
                                                                                           demonstrate an
                  independently                      and pictures to help                                                        to infer meaning from them              looking for clues within the
                                                                                           understanding of the
                                                     him/her make these                                                          by responding with “I                   text and pictures, and
                                                                                           difference between a fact
                                                     inferences                                                                  think..” or “Maybe…”                    combines these clues with
                                                                                           and an inference, and is                                                      his/her background
                                                                                           learning how to look for                                                      knowledge to help “fill in”
                                                                                           clues in both pictures and                                                    and interpret the text
                                                                                           text that will help him/her
                                                                                           to make these inferences
                                                                                           and make better sense of
                                                                                           the text

            - Is not able to explain “What     - needs support to explain “What     - Is starting to be able to explain   - Is able to fully explain “What         - Is able to meaningfully explain,
                    difference has the text          difference has the text                “What difference has the              difference has the text                  “What difference has the
                    made to me?” or “Has             made to me?” or “Has                   text made to me?” or “Has             made to me?” or “Has                     text made to me?” or “Has
                    anything in me changed           anything in me changed                 anything in me changed                anything in me changed                   anything in me changed
Transform           because of what I have           because of what I have                 because of what I have                because of what I have just              because of what I have just
                    just read?”                      just read?”                            just read?”                           read?”                                   read?”
            - is not able to describe the      - needs support to describe the      - Is starting to be able to           - Is able to fully describe the things   - Is able to describe meaningfully
                    things in the text that          things in the text that                describe the things in the            in the text that matter to               the things in the text that
                    matter to them                   matter to them                         text that matter to them              them                                     matter to them

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