Preparing for a .Net Interview

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					                                           Preparing for a .Net Interview
.Net is a very vast subject to prepare. Even if you are good at .Net, you should do well in the interview.It is important that
you refresh your knowledge by going through some material. The second step is practice to give clear and right to the point
answers. Take up some mock interviews and practice the clear and right to the point answer aspect.

Following are some tips that'll help you prepare for the .Net interview.

Brush up your knowledge
Even if you have worked with .Net for a long time there will be areas where your knowledge is rusty. So you should refresh
your knowledge.Experience count much less where .Net interviews are concerned compared to Java, C, C++ or other
programming languages.

Divide the whole thing and study
Since .net is a vast subject so you should divide it and study so that it gets easy for you.

Syntax / Language Level:
This is concerned with basic syntaxes of the .Net - This can be further divided in to following three parts. You should focus on
them in sequence.

C#: It's the nuts and bolts of a .Net programmer. Most of the programming in .Net is done using the C#. This is the first thing
you should focus on. is the next important part. This is especially important for web developers but a must for all .Net

SQL Server: It is a DBMS commonly used with .Net applications. You must be familiar with and able to write complex queries
as well as be aware of different versions of SQL server and their differences. This is used to communicate with the database and is also a must.

Make notes and study:
Making notes while studying will help you in future references and refreshing your memory before interview. The notes
should be short and understandable.

Show your work experience:
As it's very difficult to have knowledge of all areas covered by .Net, focus on the works you have done and parts of .Net you
are familiar with.

When answering the questions
Remember that only some peoplecan answer to all the questions. If you do not know the answer to a question, say so and
do not beat around the bush. Try to focus on your experiences and stay positive. Do not answer in monosyllables. Don't
deviate from the subject but otherwise give multi statement answers that show your understanding and depth of
knowledge. It can help you greatly to have some knowledge about the company, its mission statement, major products and
services, competitors, its role in the market, future plans etc.

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