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									                5 Things to Remember before attending a Java interview

A java developer is responsible for designing and developing user interfaces to internet or intranet applications by
setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle. Also he is responsible for
completing programming using languages and software products along with designing and conducting tests.
There are few things you need to remember before attending a java interview:

    1. Be honest while attending technical questions even if you are not expected to remember everything. It’s
       sure that you have no control over what type of questions they have asked, but you have the control over
       what answer you want to get across to the interviewer. This is done mainly through open-ended
       questions like “tell us about your contribution in your recent project, and also give us reason why you
       took that particular option rather than selecting the other available options”. Prepare yourself for such
       open-ended questions. Also research the organization, review their requirements, review your CV and
       evaluate how you can reach or fit for their requirements.

    2. Being a little nervous before attending an interview is natural and quite normal. But if you are too
       nervous, there’s a good technique which you can adapt. This is by preparing yourself, treating each
       interview as free technical training course. Attend each interview with a positive attitude - Even if you are
       not going to get the job, you are going to learn something good out of it. Move forward like this, so that
       this could boost up your confidence and your knowledge. Moreover, you can learn a lot from previous
       interviews. Never think that you have to answer all the questions correctly. What you are going to learn is
       the combination of building your knowledge, experience, soft skills and attitude.

    3. It’s time to explain and demonstrate how you will apply your skills in the major areas like concepts,
       designs, transactional issues, performance issues, memory issues etc along with your interpersonal and
       business skills. Raise the questions at the right time and answer to those questions to prove your strength
       in key areas, interpersonal and business skills.

    4. By asking open-ended questions, the interviewer will be mainly looking forward for these four qualities:
               Passion.
               Ability to understand the potential weakness.
               Ability to see things at the high level.
               Ability to think dynamically.

    5. Discussing about the latest java article that you’ve read, also about your views in latest emerging
       technologies etc.

   If you follow the above steps, you can easily ace an interview. We wish you all the best!

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