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            What is a tax file
• You're trying to open a .tax file you've received
  through an email attachment or a file on your
  hard drive, but your computer won't let you
  do it. You get an annoying pop-up window
  that says, "Windows can't open this file".
• The reason why you can't open your .tax file is
  because you don't have the EXACT .TAX
  software to open that EXACT .TAX file
  extension. What could be more frustrating?
          How to open tax file
• When you are open a tax file a dialog box
  come out a message that you cannot open this
• Untill you download the exact .tax file.
• FileViewPro lets you open ALL kinds of files
  quickly and easily, including videos, music,
  photos, documents, and much more.
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Description: when you want to open a tax file then you have first download tax file converter. because without this software your computer will not support you for open the tax file.